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EDUCATION EDITION - Bronx Seventh-day Adventist Church


									                                                                                                                The Clarion
                   Let’s Find Out About Our Graduates

      Listed are the favorite songs, singers, colors, sports, hobby, movie/TV programs, and even
                                    nicknames of the CLASS of 2008.
             See how many you can match up. If you need help, check with the graduates.
                                                                                                                           Bronx Seventh-Day Adventist Church Newsletter

       SONG            SINGER         MOVIE/TV          BIBLE  FAVORITE            HOBBY         Name the                        EDUCATION EDITION
                                      Program          CHARAC-   PLACE                           GRADU-
                                                         TER                                                Summer, 2008                                               Vol. 2   Ed. 2.1

“Secret   Place”                                         Various      Bahamas       Singing

“Forever”           Donnie          Miracle Run        Queen Esther Paris        Writing poems
                    McClurkin                                                    and stories

“Nobody”            Keith Sweat     Meet the Browns    Moses        Church       Writing

“Bye Bye”           Alicia Keys     Fresh Prince of    JESUS                     Piano
                                    Bel Air

“Faithful is Our                    Titanic                          Boston      Hanging with
God”                                                                             friends

“This Little Light Unk.             Wil’n Out          Daniel       Grandfather’s Watching TV
of Mine”                                                            house

“I’m Under the      Kirk Franklin   Invader Zim        Moses        Church       Watching TV

N/A                 Lil Wayne       Ten Command-       Jesus        NYC          Basketball

“We Made it”        Donnie          PTI                David        Woodstown,   Writing
                    McClurkin                                       NJ
“I Need You         Yolanda Ad-     The Color Purple   Lydia        Santa Cruz   Shopping
Now”                ams
  Lydia Roberts                                                    The Bronx Church Graduates
                                                                                                          CLASS of 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Blessing Igbinomwanhia
                                                                                                                                                         Dominique Johnson
                                                                  Renee’ Cardoza
           GRADUATE          PARENT or GUARDIAN                      FROM                      To WHERE              CAREER GOALS               INFLUENCER (S)             My Advice to Younger People...               Life’s LESSONS learned...

Jayvor Anthony Balcarran    Michael & Sylvette Balcarran   5th Grade - PS 182           Bronx School for Maths      Baseball Player         Mom, Dad & Grandmother        Believe in yourself & listen to            Patience & independence
                                                                                                                                                                          your parents
Elliott Tall                Cheryl & Ronald Odle           5th Grade - PS 176           Linden SDA School           NBA Player              Mommy                         Stay in school and behave                  To respect my elders

Aaron Breon Brown           Michelle Brown                 8th Grade - The Learning     Bronx Leadership Academy Marine Biologist           Mom (She’s always working) Education is the door that leads to the       Some people will try to drag you
                                                           Tree                                                                                                        best future                                   down..

Tiffani Carol Hinds         Gwen Hall                      8th Grade - RT Hudson        Northeastern Academy        Lawyer                  My mom                        Never back down                            Never look back, look to the future.

David Johnson               David & Wanda Johnson          8th Grade - RT Hudson        Undecided                   NBA Player              My parents                    Believe in yourself & don’t let people That life is not easy.
                                                                                                                                                                          put doubt in your mind.

Renece McLean               Jeffrey & Angelina McLean      8th Grade - Longfellow Mid- Thornton High School
                                                           dle School

Krystal Rivera              Carlos & Carol Ramos           8th Grade - School for Aca- Graphics Communications      Veterinarian            God (He pushed me to strive Rely on God and He will pull you             To go after your dreams and hopes
                                                           demic Achievement & Excell. & Arts HS                                            on)                         through

Awele Shanquie Thomas       Asbuty & Lucille Thomas        8th Grade - RT Hudson        Northeastern Academy        Journalist              No one in particular          Not to let people come before your         That you should appreciate what you
                                                                                                                                                                          education.                                 have while you have it.
Renee’ Deidra Cardoza       Evelyn Dawes (grandmother)     12th Grade - Woodlands HS    Marymount Manhattan         Psychology              My cousin, Isis               Live life to the fullest but you have to   Everything is not what it seems.
                                                                                        College                                                                           put God first.

Desiree Shontell Higgins    Beulah Higgins (grandmother) 12th Grade - Northeastern      Southern Adventist Univer- Public Relations         My grandmother (she be-       Never give up & remember your hard         No matter what you go through, God
                                                           Academy                      sity                                                lieves in me)                 times are what makes you strong.           can see you through.

Dominique Johnson           Derick & Hyacinth Johnson      12th Gr. Pelham Preparatory Syracuse University          Hospitality Mgmt.       My Cousins                    Don’t let life’s obstacles get you         To be content with who God made
                                                           Academy                                                                                                        down. Winners never quit...                me to be.
Lydia Olivia Roberts        Marvin & Karma Roberts         12th Grade - Blue Mountain   Florida Hospital College    Occupational Therapy    Family & Friends              Make the best of everything & study        There is always something that is
                                                           Academy                                                                                                        hard.                                      going to happen that you are not
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ready for and sometimes wish it never
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     happened. But you must face it and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     move on.
Belinda A. Torres           Carlos & Carol Ramos           12th Grade - High School of Monroe College               Teacher                 My Mom                        Never doubt yourself and believe in        Work hard and never give up.
                                                           Graphics, Communication &                                                                                      yourself.
Ijeoma Nwannunu             Nwadinkpa Nwannunu             B.A - Mercy College          Undecided                   Principal               My mother and Tammie          Don’t play around with college, go         Not to procrastinate
                                                           Health Sciences                                                                  Rodriquez                     right into it and finish right away.
Blessing E. Igbinomwanhia   Ed & Dorah Igbinomwanhia       MBA - Univ. of Phoenix       Undecided                   Phd. - Computer Tech.   My mother                     To always do your best in every situa- To trust God more and more; because
                                                           Business Administration                                                                                        tion                                   He is my strength, faith, courage and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 my all in all.
    Some Information for the Future                                                    Some More Information for the Future

                                                                                                                 Fastest Growing Occupations 2004 – 2014
    Here are the top 30 fastest-growing occupations, 2004 to 2014, and typical                                        The website listed 10, we’ve included the top four in some detail..

                      educational level according to the Bureau:                 Computer and healthcare jobs will be the hot ticket for the next several years. In fact, out of the top 10 fastest-growing jobs in
                                                                                 the country, half are in healthcare and half are in computers. Rapid growth will continue to increase demand for workers in
    Home health aides, on-the-job training                                      the computer and healthcare industries.
    Network systems and data communications analyst, bachelor’s degree          Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts - Ranking: #1               Average Salary Range: $46,480 - $78,060
    Medical assistants, on-the-job training                                     Demand continues for network systems and data communication analysts. Within the next decade, the demand for more complex tech-
                                                                                 nologies will grow. And that means up to a 54 percent increase in growth. That makes this our no. 1 hot job. Network systems and data
    Physician assistants, bachelor’s degree                                     communications analysts design, test and evaluate systems such as:
                                                                                                   Local area networks (LANs)
    Computer software engineers/applications, bachelor’s degree                                   Wide area networks (WANs)
    Physical therapy assistants, associate degree                                                 The Internet and intranets
                                                                                                   Other data communications systems
    Dental hygienists, associate degree                                         Network systems and data communications analysts also research hardware and software products. Drawing from this research, they
                                                                                 make necessary recommendations. A Bachelor's degree is a prerequisite for many jobs. Relevant work experience is also very impor-
    Computer software engineers/systems software, bachelor’s degree             tant. For more technically complex jobs, employers prefer candidates with graduate degrees.omputer and healthcare industries.
    Dental assistants, on-the-job training
    Personal and home care aides, on-the-job training                           Medical Assistants                         Ranking: #2                    Average Salary Range: $20,650 - $28,930 a year
                                                                                 Because of growth in the healthcare industry, the field of medical assisting continues to grow. In fact, the need for medical assistants
    Network and computer systems administrators, bachelor’s degree              will increase by an expected 52 percent in the next 10 years. Medical assistants perform administrative and clinical tasks to keep the
                                                                                 offices of physicians and other health practitioners running smoothly. Medical assistants handle both administrative and clinical duties.
    Database administrators, bachelor’s degree                                  They report directly to an office manager or physician. Most employers prefer graduates of formal programs in medical assisting.
    Physical therapists, master’s degree                                        Many vocational-technical high schools, career colleges, community colleges and junior colleges offer medical assisting programs.

    Forensic science technicians, associate degree
    Veterinary technologists/technicians, associate degree
    Diagnostic medical sonographers, associate degree                           Physician Assistant                              Ranking: #3             Average Salary Range: $57,110 - $83,560 a year
                                                                                 Demand continues to grow for physician assistants. In the next 10 years, the need for physician assistants will rise by nearly 50 percent.
    Physical therapist aides, on-the-job training                               Physician assistants practice medicine under the supervision of physicians and surgeons. They perform diagnostic, therapeutic and pre-
                                                                                 ventative services. Routine tasks include:
    Occupational therapist assistants, associate degree                                            Examining and treating patients
                                                                                                    Ordering lab tests or X-rays
    Medical scientists (except epidemiologists), doctoral degree                                   Treating minor injuries
    Occupational therapists, master’s degree                                    All states require that physician assistants complete an accredited, formal education program. They must also pass a national exam to
                                                                                 obtain a license.
    Preschool teachers (except special education), vocational
    Cardiovascular technologists/technicians, associate degree                  Computer Application Software Engineers                 Ranking: #4                Average Salary Range: $59,130 - $92,130 a year
    Postsecondary teachers, doctoral degree                                     Computer-related positions continue to lead the job market. In the next decade, the need for computer applications software engineers
                                                                                 will increase by 48 percent. Computer applications software engineers analyze users' needs. With that information, they design, con-
    Hydrologists, master’s degree                                               struct and maintain general computer applications software or specialized utility programs. Software engineers must possess strong
                                                                                 programming skills. However, they are more concerned with developing algorithms and analyzing and solving programming problems
    Computer systems analysts, bachelor’s degree                                than with actually writing code. Most employers prefer to hire those who have at least a Bachelor's degree. Desirable candidates should
    Hazardous materials removal workers, on-the-job training                    also have broad knowledge of and experience with a variety of computer systems and technologies. Applications software engineers
                                                                                 usually have degrees in computer science or software engineering.
    Biomedical engineer, bachelor’s degree
    Recruitment specialist, bachelor’s degree                                   The other Six were: Physical Therapist Assistants, Dental Hygienists, Computer Systems Software Engineers, Dental Assistants,
                                                                                 Network and Computer Systems Administrators, Database Administrators.
    Environmental engineer, bachelor’s degree
          he primary aim of Seventh-day Adventist education is to provide opportunity for students to ac-
          cept Christ as their Savior, to allow the Holy Spirit to transform their lives, and to fulfill the com-       The Education Department is prepared to assist with:
          mission of preaching the gospel to all the world. The education program is predicated on the be-
          lief that each student is unique and of inestimable value, and on the importance of the develop-
ment of the whole person. Students are educated to accept service as a way of life, to be sensitive to the
needs of the people in the home and society, and to become active members in the Church.
                                                                                                                           Tutoring

                                                                                                                           Scholarships

                                                                                                                           Grants

                                                                                                                           Tuition Assistance

                                                                                                                           Application Preparation

                                                                                                                           Career Counseling
                                                                                Never, never, never, never give up.
   The price of ignorance is far greater than the cost of an education.         --- Winston Churchill                                                           4.6
                                                                                                                           Job Interviewing Skills

       Learn while you're young and not while you're old, that a good education is better than                             Summer Job Research
       gold, for silver and gold will all melt away, but a good education will never decay.
       --- Anonymous
                                                                                                                           Vocational Training Counseling
Excellence can be achieved if you . . . risk more than others think is safe, Love more than others think
  is wise, dream more than others think is practical, and expect more than others think is possible.
                                                                                                                           Resume’ Writing

   Load up your mind with pictures capturing your preferred tomorrow. Put the remembrances of the
                          past in a place where they won't block your view.

                                                                                                                        2008 - 2009 Education Department Staff:
   Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.                      I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying.       (Esmie Scott, Barry Thomas, LaToya Tittle, Wanda Johnson)
   --- Benjamin Franklin                                         --- Michael Jordan

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