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					                       OmniDaq GSM1000T Data Logger
•     Data Logger with integral GSM Modem

•     Integral battery backup

•     Up to 6 temperature inputs

•     Daily SMS status message

•     Power failure SMS alarm

•     SMS control feature

•     Alarm function with SMS text
Utilising proven sensor, logger and GSM technology the OmniDaq GSM1000 logger offers a cost effective solution for re-
mote monitoring of temperature in fridges, freezers, cold stores, server rooms, museums and other locations which are
temperature critical. Historical and real time data can be accessed worldwide using the GSM network. The system logs up to
6 temperature inputs and may be programmed to send SMS text message alerts to up to 4 mobile numbers in the event of a
temperature alarm, external power failure or memory full condition. The logger also sends a daily SMS status message. Indi-
vidual loggers may also be interrogated from any GSM mobile by sending an SMS message to the logger with the appropriate
security code. The logger will then send it’s status, including current temperature reading and any alarms to the mobile
which interrogated it.
Specification - OmniDaq GSM1000-T Data Logger
Sensor Inputs        From 1 to 6 30K thermistor sensors, range –30 to +120 deg C, accuracy +/- 0.5 degree.
Digital I/O          2 digital inputs / outputs user configurable .

Memory Capacity      16,000 readings per channel
Logging Modes        Manual start/stop, and start on preset time/date
Logging Rate         Programmable - 1 second to 12 hours per channels
Data Retention       Over 10 years with no power
Operating Range      -20 to +70 degrees C
Battery              4 x NiMh AA cells, 2.3 amp hours to provide 24 hours battery backup
External Power       12 volts DC or mains 230 VAC using plug pack adaptor
Physical             Dimensions 220mm x 103mm x 53mm, weight 950 gms.
Data Format          Graphic and CSV, suitable for export to Excel
Accuracy             +/- 0.35% with 12 bit resolution ( 4096 steps )
Communications       Logger may be programmed and data download via direct RS232 connection or over the GSM link
SMS Alarms           Sends SMS text messages to up to 4 mobile numbers on temperature high/low, power failure and
                     memory full. Includes logger identity, channel identity, temperature level and date/time in text

SMS Status           Logger sends daily SMS status message, with channel data and ‘Logger OK’ message
SMS Control          Logger status message with current temperature may be requested via SMS text message from any
                     mobile phone. Simply key in the logger mobile number and security code and the logger will text back
                     it’s current status to your mobile phone.

                                     UK / Europe Office                Australia / Asia Pacific Office   USA / Canada Office
                                     Tel: +44 (0)8700 434040           Tel +61 (0)282 442 363            Tel +1-866-849-3441
                                     Fax: +44 (0)8700 434045           Fax +61 (0)294 751 278            Fax +1-866-628-8055
                       OmniDaq GSM1000T Data Logger
 The OmniDaq GSM1000 series of loggers
 are setup and via a user friendly windows
 software package which provides simple
 menus for setting logging rates, alarm levels
 and conditions, SMS numbers and messages,
 digital I/O configuration.

 The software also provides real time display
 of reading when connected directly to the
 RS232 port or over the GSM network. His-
 torical data can be viewed in graph or table
 format and exported MS Excel for further
 manipulation or analysis.

                                                                      Graph view of downloaded data

                                                       Summary view of downloaded data showing channel setup
                                                       and alarm status

   Table view of downloaded data

                                                       Tool bar for logger setup, communication and data download

Simple setup menus for
setting logging rate and
mode, and channel labels
                                                                                                     Each input channel alarm
                                                                                                     level can be set with SMS
                                                                                                     text messaging enabled for
                                                                                                     up to 4 SMS numbers

                                    UK / Europe Office             Australia / Asia Pacific Office       USA / Canada Office
                                    Tel: +44 (0)8700 434040        Tel +61 (0)282 442 363                Tel +1-866-849-3441
                                    Fax: +44 (0)8700 434045        Fax +61 (0)294 751 278                Fax +1-866-628-8055

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