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									Weight Lifting

For my credentials, I have been weight lifting since I was 12 years old. I am currently 19 years old. I have
done power lifting programs and body building programs and worked with three different trainers that are
certified, and my father who trained me at a young age. I've taken athletic training courses in high school,
and anatomy and all different sorts of health classes. I've done research papers in college on bodybuilding
and power lifting and special diets, and when to eat, what to eat, and how much of it. I am not saying that I
know everything about this and that I am a professional, but I can say that I knowmuch more than the
average person on lifting. I know a decent amount of information on supplements and the side
effects/benefits of them. I've learned a lot from trial and error also. I use to go to the gym for 3 hours a day,
and found that I was not seeing results do to over training. First off before you start lifting you are going to
want to buy a few things. You are going to want to buy a notebook and a pen to keep track of everything
you do. I cannot stress this enough. So many people go into the gym and never add weight or do extra reps
from the previous week and they wonder why they are not seeing results anymore and its because they don't
remember what they did last week. Second you will want to buy a squat belt. This will be used when you
start squatting and dead lifting over your body weight. This belt will help you from getting hernias and other
injuries. The next thing that is not mandatory but helps if you have a weak grip is wrist/hand straps. This
will help when you use heavier dumb bells on bent over rows, and dead lifts with the bar. Altogether that
will cost you about 35-40 bucks unless if you buy the ridiculous belts that might cost 50-100 dollars. Those
are not really necessary unless if you are going into very heavy dead lifts and squats for power lifting.Finally
I would recommenda protein powder, you don't need to buy the expensive kind they are all basically the
same. Any kind with around 18-25 grams of protein a scoop will do, anything more than that you will just
piss out anyways; your body can only consume so much protein at one sitting! When you first start weight
lifting you are going to start seeing results relatively fast. The reason being is because you are shocking your
body and it is not use to what you are doing to it. It is not rare that you will jump weight very fast your first
month or two but it will slow down eventually when your body adapts to it. However there is a way around
this so you can continually see results in either strength or appearance. If you change up your routine often
enough your body will never adapt completely to the routine and you will see better results. You still will
not see the results that you did your first few months of lifting however because your body has received the
biggest shock of all from not lifting at all, to lifting. If you never change your routine you will eventually hit
a wall and only see minimal gains. A good video to see would be the P90X video that I'm sure most of you
have seen on TV. The instructor on that tape goes into how your body adapts to lifts, and how you will
eventually adapt if you don't change. If you have the money for it it's worth it, if you don't than its fine just
change your lifts every month or even every week if you want to change it up that much. Now onto the
actually lifting part. The main thing you want to focus on is sets and reps. for all body parts you do not want
to exceed 15 sets total per body part. So let's say you are doing chest and triceps at the gym today. You
really want to get a huge chest so you do 20 sets of bench and incline and you complain why you aren't
seeing huge results.The reason being is that if you go over 15 setsmost of the time you are over training. So
what should you do? I would recommend 3 exercisesfor chest and triceps with 3 sets. For example: Flat
bench 3 sets of 12 reps, Incline bench 3x12, and flat bench flies 3x12. That is only 9 sets total for chest, but
for a beginner that is good enough, I promise if you do the proper weight and are struggling on that last rep
that you will be sore the next day. The same goes with triceps 3x12 with 3 exercises will get the job done.
Now like I said earlier you need to change your routine, up the weight, or reps, or add weight and do less
reps. You can do something simple like this. Instead of doing 3x12 next week do 3x6 reps with heavier
weight. Or instead of doing flat bench with a barbell do it with dumbbells you will work more stabilization
muscles that way. Or you could change up the whole exercise. There are 100's of exercises to do, don't limit
yourself to only 3. The next session is for pairing certain lifts. You want to pair certain lifts with each other.
Chest and Triceps work because as you bench you are naturally working your triceps. Back and biceps work
well together also for the same reason, as you do a row you are working your bicep or chin ups. Some
people do shoulders with back also. Again this is another way you can change up your workout. If you want
to do a cutting stage or want to lose weight I recommend 3 days a week with a full body workout with little
to no rest with all circuits. If you do this kind of a routine you will not even have to run because you will be
sweating so bad. This is not a good idea if you are trying to bulk up though, it is more for cutting and losing
weight. Also this is not ideal for strength gaining, but superb for endurance training such as soccer,
basketball, and other high endurance requirement sports. This is not great for football players because if you
think about it, you have a 30 second break after each play, so football players would want to focus more on
power lifting. For power lifting or strength training focus on low reps with high weight. Such as 4 sets of 3-5
reps with most exercises, even chin-ups! Get a chain belt and put some weight on it and do sets of 3-5. If
you can only do 3-5 with body weight than do that. For just looking good look at the top section again and
just do 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps. This is the key zone for muscle hypertrophy (which is the stage where the
muscle works the hardest and grows the largest basically). Well this is a pretty basic overview for beginner
lifters; I hope it was to some help to everyone. Please leave a comment/question and I'll try to check back
(about once a week). Good luck and be creative with your lifts!

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