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        F   O   U   N   D   A   T   I   O   N
                   BOTSFORD HOSPITAL
                   MISSION & VALUES
                   We promise an uncompromising commitment to

                   excellence and quality in the delivery of personal and
                   compassionate health care.

                   We will be the leader in personalized, quality health care.

                   BOTSFORD COMMONS
                   We create a fullness of life through the joy of
                   relationships, the art of caring and the spirit of living.

                   COMMUNITY EMERGENCY
                   MEDICAL SERVICE MISSION
                   We provide high-quality, courteous, prompt and cost-
                   effective emergency and non-emergency treatment
                   and transportation, along with education services for
                   health care organizations, municipalities and the general
                   public of southeastern Michigan.

                       our donors, our partners                                      Your generosity touches every patient who comes
                                                                                     through our doors seeking care, and, as importantly,
                       in HealtH Care                                                your generosity touches the lives of every family
                                                                                     member and friend who cares about a Botsford patient.
THROUGH OUR DOORS      It is with sincere appreciation that we thank you,
SEEKING CARE, AND,     our donors and partners in high quality health care,
                                                                                     YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR US TO DO MORE AND BE MORE
AS IMPORTANTLY, YOUR   for making contributions in the past year. You have
                       supported the needs of our patients and the continued         FOR OUR PATIENTS AND FOR THOSE WHO LIVE AND WORK IN THE COMMUNITY.
THE LIVES OF EVERY     growth of Botsford Health Care.
                                                                                     With the loyal and enduring commitment of our donors,
                       Every gift, large or small, makes a difference.               Botsford celebrates the achievements of today made
FRIEND WHO CARES                                                                     possible with your generous gifts. We look forward to
                       Combined with others, your contribution may have
ABOUT A BOTSFORD       given hope to patients fighting cancer at the                 working with you, our donors, as we fulfill our promise of
PATIENT.               Botsford Cancer Center. Your gift may have reassured          excellence for years to come.
                       an anxious mother that no abnormalities are present
                       because the Spagnuolo Botsford Breast Center uses             With appreciation and recognition of your support,
                       state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. Your gift may
                       have helped purchase important technology used in
                       Botsford Hospital’s thriving medical education program.
                       Your gift may have welcomed families awaiting the             Paul E. LaCasse, D.O., MPH
                       happy arrival of a new baby in the renovated Roth Labor       President and Chief Executive Officer, Botsford Health Care
                       and Delivery Family Area. Or, your gift may have made it
                       possible for long-term care residents and their families to
                       enjoy quiet moments together on the refurbished patio
                       at Botsford Commons.
                                                                                     Edward A. Loniewski, D.O.
                                                                                     Chair, The Botsford Foundation Board of Directors
                       These are just a few of the many ways that your
                       generosity makes an important difference to patients
                       and their loved ones. Yet, we know there is always more
                       to do. We know that each year funding is needed for
                                                                                     Gerson I. Cooper
                       new technologies that provide better diagnostic and
                                                                                     President, The Botsford Foundation
                       treatment options for our patients. We know that funding
                       is needed for facility improvements that will allow us
                       to provide even higher standards of personalized and
                       compassionate care for our patients. We know that we
                       have a responsibility to educate the next generation of       Margo Gorchow
                       physicians and heath care professionals.                      Executive Director, The Botsford Foundation
  It was wonderful to see residents,
their families and my coworkers
enjoying their time
on the new 3rd Floor Patio.
I find we all are benefiting from this

peaceful spot.
                  – BRENDA TUNSTALL, NURSE
Botsford HealtH Care
governanCe and

Botsford HealtH Care        Zieger HealtH Care                            Botsford Continuing
AdministrAtive LeAdership Corporation                                     Care Corporation
Paul E. LaCasse, D.O., MPH, BoArd of trustees                             BoArd of directors
    President and Chief Executive     Gerson I. Cooper, Chair             Jan Dolan, Chair
	   Officer, Botsford Health Care –   Steven Barnaby                      Gerson I. Cooper
	   Zieger Health Care Corporation;   Paul E. LaCasse, D.O., MPH,         Kevin Kelley
    President and Chief Executive        President and Chief Executive    Marilyn Kuncz
	 Officer, Botsford Hospital          	 Officer, Botsford Health Care –   Paul E. LaCasse, D.O., MPH,
Greg Beauchemin,                      	 Zieger Health Care Corporation        President and Chief Executive
	 President, Community                Harris Mainster, D.O.               	 Officer, Botsford Health Care
	 Emergency Medical Service           John Nemes                          Margaret Lightner,
Regina Doxtader,                      Daniel Schiffer, J.D.               	 Chief Executive Officer,
	 Corporate Vice President and        David Susser, D.O.                  	 Botsford Continuing Care
	 Controller                                                              	 Corporation
Margo Gorchow,                        Botsford Hospital                   Elizabeth Pernick
	 Corporate Vice President for        BoArd of directors                  Barbara Zeiser
	 Community Relations,                Steven Barnaby, Chair
	 Marketing and Development           John Anhut, J.D.                    Community emergenCy
Margaret Hasler, R.N.,                Jeanne Carlson                      mediCal serviCe/parastar
	 Vice President, Chief Nursing       Gerson I. Cooper                    BoArd of directors
	 Officer, Nursing Services,          Raymond Dzendzel                    Gerson I. Cooper, Chair
	 Botsford Hospital                   William Hartsock                    Greg Beauchemin,
Margaret Lightner,                    Rudolph Hobbs                          President and Chief Executive
	 Chief Executive Officer,            Edward N. Hodges, III, J.D.,        	 Officer, Community Emergency
	 Botsford Continuing Care            	 Chairman Emeritus                 	 Medical Service
	 Corporation                         Paul E. LaCasse, DO., MPH,          Raymond Dzendzel
David L. Marcellino,                      President and Chief Executive   Paul E. LaCasse, D.O., MPH,
	 Executive Vice President and        	 Officer, Botsford Health Care        President and Chief Executive
	 Corporate Chief Financial           	 and Botsford Hospital             	 Officer, Botsford Health Care
	 Officer                             Edward A. Loniewski, D.O.           Robert Mason
Barbara Palmer,                       Harris Mainster, D.O.               John Nemes
	 Corporate Vice President,           Kenneth D. Massey, Ph.D.            Sanford Vieder, D.O.
	 Human Resources                     Max McKinney, D.O.
William Scheuber, FACHE,              Daniel Schiffer, J.D.
	 Administrator for Professional      Mark Schostak
	 and Support Services,               Jacqueline Shadko, Ph.D.
	 Botsford Hospital                   David Susser, D.O.
James R. Smith, FACHE,                Jack I. Wayne, Ed.D.
	 Corporate Director
	 for Planning and Business
Ron Szumski,

	 Clinic System Executive,
	 Botsford Hospital
Lisa Vandecaveye, J.D., MBA, FACHE,
	 Corporate Vice President,
                                       Dilli Ramesh, M.D.:
	 Legal Affairs
David P. Walters, D.O., MHSA,
	 Vice President and
                                      An exceptional doctor who
	 Chief Medical Officer,
	 Botsford Hospital

                                      about his patients.
        SMALLER SIZE                                         I have so much
                                                          for the expertise of the staff
                                                          and their caring ways.
                                                                        – DOROTHY ROTTERMOND,
                                                                             RESIDENT, BOTSFORD
                                                                              COMMONS SENIOR

                                                   BIG RESULTS

           F   O   U   N   D   A   T   I   O   N

finanCial overview of
tHe Botsford foundation
For more than four decades, Botsford Health Care has
been a leader in its delivery of compassionate health
care to patients. Botsford continues to invest in                         $4,044,639
state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technologies and                   total assets
community outreach programs.                                                as of
                                                                        DECEMBER 2010

The generosity of donors, like you, demonstrates a
partnership with Botsford and a belief that the families,
neighbors, coworkers and friends who live and work in
the communities surrounding Botsford deserve nothing
less than a first-class hospital, senior living community         57%   Capital projects
and emergency medical transport system. It is your
investment that has helped make possible the                            Endowment
ongoing development of the Botsford Cancer Center,
the Dr. Louis and Lucille Spagnuolo Breast Center and
                                                                  6%    Board Advise Fund
provide advanced technologies to support the
Medical Education Program. Most importantly, this year,
the Foundation was able to establish its first endowment          5%    Innovative Programs
in support of Botsford’s Trauma Center. The endowment
will help support the cost of providing multi-disciplinary        4%    Medical Education
lifesaving care for the most severely injured victims who
arrive at the hospital.
                                                                  2%    Botsford Commons
                                                                        Senior Community
The Annual Report is our way of thanking you by
acknowledging the important role of our donors and
                                                                  1%    Other
the significance of that generosity. Your gifts do more
than build new facilities, bring new technologies to our
campuses and allow us to provide the finest patient
care. Your gifts underscore a belief that Botsford fulfills its
role as a community leader in health care. On behalf of
our physicians, health care professionals, volunteers and
those who trust their care to us each and every day,
we thank you for your continuing support.
Botsford Hospital

        Inpatient Admissions: 16,892

        Emergency Center Visits: 58,852

        Surgeries (Total): 9,377
        Inpatient: 2,366
        Outpatient: 7,011

        Lab Tests: 2,884,617              THESE ACCOMPLISHMENTS
                                          AND PLANS FOR THE
                                          FUTURE WOULD NOT BE
                                          POSSIBLE WITHOUT THE KIND
                                          CONTRIBUTIONS FROM THE
        Births: 901                       FRIENDS AND FAMILY AT
                                          BOTSFORD. I AM GRATEFUL
                                          TO YOU, OUR DONORS.

        Medical Staff: 588                YOUR GENEROSITY,
                                          YOUR LOYALTY, AND YOUR
                                          PARTNERSHIP CONTINUE
                                          TO ENSURE BOTSFORD
                                          FULFILLS ITS PROMISE OF
        Staff: 2,434                      SMALLER SIZE. BIG RESULTS.

                                          – PAUL E. LACASSE, D.O., MPH,
                                          PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE
                                          OFFICER, BOTSFORD HEALTH CARE
                                                                                          FULFILLING COMMITMENT
tHe Botsford foundation
The Botsford Foundation works to solicit philanthropic
support for the services and programs that fulfill the
mission of Botsford Health Care. The Foundation
champions those actions that advance and actualize
health care to all members of the communities served
by Botsford Health Care. As the responsible steward for
charitable financial contributions, the Foundation will act
to assure that the spirit of trust and humanitarianism with
which donations were given is fulfilled.

tHe Botsford foundation
Board of direCtors
and staff

Botsford foundation               Botsford foundation               annual report
Board of direCtors                staff                             staff
Edward A. Loniewski, D.O.,        Margo Gorchow,                    Margo Gorchow,
  Chair                           	 Executive Director              	 Managing Editor
Gerson I. Cooper,                 Diana Kohler,                     Diane Shane,
  President,                      	 Manager, Major Gifts            	 Project Manager
	 The Botsford Foundation         Diane Shane,                      Beth Montalvo,
Margo Gorchow,                    	 Manager, Foundation             	 Editor
	 Executive Director,             	 Programs and Services           Beth Ransom,
	 The Botsford Foundation         Camille Purdie,                   	 Donor Information
Robert Heinrich                   	 Fundraising Officer, Botsford
Paul E. LaCasse, D.O., MPH,       	 Commons Senior Community
  President and Chief Executive   Marla Kaminsky,
	 Officer, Botsford Health Care   	 Development Associate
	 and Botsford Hospital           Beth Ransom,
Harris W. Mainster, D.O.          	 Foundation Assistant
David P. Walters, D.O., MHSA
Maisel Trauma Center
Cis Maisel Kellman learned about Botsford’s excellent emergency care years
ago when her young son’s life was saved by our medical staff. Botsford Hospital’s
designation as a Trauma Center in 2010 played a role in her decision to create a
significant endowment to support trauma services. The Maisel Trauma Center was
named in her honor.
                                How to give:
                                As a 501(c)(3) organization, The Botsford Foundation can
                                assist in a variety of gift opportunities and has a menu of
                                charitable giving vehicles, including:

                                • Gifts of Cash
                                • Gifts of Appreciated Securities
                                • Gifts of Property
                                • Testamentary Bequests
                                • Charitable Gift Annuities
                                • Charitable Trusts
                                • Gifts of Life Insurance

                                • IRA Charitable Rollovers

                                a note to our donors
                                This publication represents donor giving in 2010.
                                The share the vision Campaign, Cancer Center Donor
                                Wall and the Zieger Tribute Wall listings include giving
                                from previous years. A sincere effort has been made
                                to provide proper credit to those who have supported
                                The Botsford Foundation. If you notice an error, please
                                accept our apologies. It would be appreciated if you
                                would contact The Botsford Foundation at 248.442.5045
                                so that our records may be corrected.

   For more information on making a gift or to find out more about the
   Botsford Legacy Society, please contact Diane Shane, Manager,
   Foundation Programs and Services, at 248.442.5046 or

   For information on naming opportunities, please contact Diana Kohler, Manager,
   Major Gifts, at 248.442.2219 or

   The Botsford Foundation
   28050 Grand River Avenue
   Farmington Hills, MI 48336-5933

        F   O   U   N   D   A   T   I   O   N

                 FOR YOUR
            TO EXCELLENCE
Zieger                              Respiratory Foundation of
                                        Southeast Michigan
                                                                        Hypertension Nephrology
                                                                            Associates, P.C.
                                                                                                              CDS Foundation
                                                                                                              Clinical Oncology Associates
                                                                                                                                                           Robert Koprince, D.O.
                                                                                                                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Kwartowitz
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Eden Cooper Sage and
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Dr. Jeffrey M. Sage
triBute wall                        Dr. and Mrs. Leo Sheiner
                                    Dr. Ellis and Mary Siefer
                                                                        Marilyn Kuncz
                                                                        Dr. and Mrs. Bud Larson
                                                                                                              Community Emergency Medical
                                                                                                                   Service, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                           Ronald Lagerveld, D.O.
                                                                                                                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Langnas and
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sheila and Dan Schiffer
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Anthony Schwartz, D.O.
donors                              Sodexo Health Care
                                    Danielle and David Susser
                                                                        Christine LePoudre, D.O.
                                                                        Dr. Max and Marilyn McKinney
                                                                                                              Community Foundation for SE
                                                                                                                                                           George J. Leach, D.O.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  John Sellers, D.O.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Shock Brothers Floor Covering, Inc.
                                    Dr. Leonard Yovis and Arlene Yovis  MSU College of Osteopathic            Continental Paper & Supply                   Dr. and Mrs. Jack D. Lennox            Dr. James and Barbara Siefer
                                                                            Medicine                          Mark A. Cynar, D.O.                          Dr. and Mrs. Barry Lewis               Martin and Elaine Skrzynski
Humanitarian                         BenefaCtor                         Joel M. Nass, D.O., President         Dr. Joseph and Patricia D’Avanzo             Liebel-Florsheim Company               Rex and Pauline Smith
Gifts of $1,000,000                  Gifts of $50,000 to $99,999            RADS, P.C.                        Detroit Oxygen & Medical                     Morris E. Lieberman, D.O.              SmithKline Beecham
And ABove                            ACS Healthcare Solutions           Dr. Raimundo and Ana Pastor                Equipment Co.                           Homer Linard, D.O.                     Howard B. Sobel, D.O.
Botsford General Hospital Guild      AGFA Technical Imaging Service Vance D. Powell, Jr., D.O.                Diversified Business Products                Harold Luria, D.D.S.                   Marshall G. Solomon, D.P.M.
Botsford Hospital Medical Staff      Botsford Anesthesiologists, P.C.   Bert Rabinowitz, D.O.                 Jan C. Dolan                                 Michael Mahon, D.O.                    South Oakland Gastroenterology
Cis Maisel Kellman                   Estate of Katherine M. Campbell Michael and Colleen Rebock               Regina and Richard Doxtader                  Lorene and Ben Maibach                     Associates, P.C.
Don Ross, D.O.                       Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Colen       Mrs. Sandra Roth and Family           E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.                     Foundation                        Staples Business Advantage
                                     Farmington Emergency Medicine William Scheuber Family                    ENT Specialists, P.C.                        Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Mandell         Norton and Sherrie Stern
distinguisHed                            Associates                     Robert F. Schirmer, D.O.              Mollie Evans                                 Dr. and Mrs. Harold D. Margolis        Robert J. Stomel, D.O.
BenefaCtor                           GunnLevine Architects              William F. Shile                      Executone Business Systems                   Dr. and Mrs. Fred Marshall             Surgery Specialists, Inc.
Gifts of $500,000                    Dr. Edward A. and Joanne Loniewski Dr. and Mrs. Louis J. Spagnuolo       Feikens, Stevens, Kennedy and                William J. McDevitt, D.O.              Gerald R. Swiacki, D.O.
                                     LSG Insurance Partners             Dr. John and Carol Swienckowski            Galbraith, P.C.                         Luke Meert                             John Sybert
to $999,999                                                             Paula and Norman H. Teer, D.O.        Diane S. and David H. Ferguson               Andrew Mizzi, D.O.                     Ann and Ron Szumski
Allen Zieger Memorial Lecture Series Benard L. Maas Foundation
                                     David and Diane Marcellino         Lisa, Andrew and Anna                 Michael and Anna Flanagan and                Monarch Environmental, Inc.            Tanoury, Nauts, McKinney &
    Bert Rabinowitz, D.O.,                                                  Vandecaveye                            Family                                  Theresa Swaim Moreland                     Garbarino, PLLC
    Director of CME                  Margaret A. Reihmer
                                     Residential Home Health            Dr. and Mrs. Wil VanderRoest          Steven J. Friedman and Family                Irving Nusbaum                         Ellen and Dr. Charles Tenner
The Riley Foundation                                                    Dr. David and Lori Walters            Friends of Botsford General                  The Oakland Medical Group, P.C.        Creon D. Smith, The Botsford Inn
Charles H. Williams Trust            Soft Computer Consultants
                                     F. Robert Suchyta, D.O.                                                       Hospital                                Eugene Oliveri, D.O.                   Tri County Orthopedics, P.C.
                                     Westland Clinic, P.C.              friend                                Raymond Gadowski, D.O.                       Orthopedic Trauma Specialists, PLLC.   TRG Healthcare, LLC
distinguisHed patron                                                                                          Dr. and Mrs. Peter Georgeson                 Owens & Minor                          Gregory Varjabedian, D.O.
                                                                Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999
Gifts of $100,000                   patron                      Dr. and Mrs. Elie D. Aboulafia                Dr. Craig and Susan Gordon                   Billy Joe Page, D.O.                   Dr. and Mrs. Sanford Vieder
to $499,999                         Gifts of $25,000 to $49,999 Michael P. Abrash, M.D.                       Grigg Graphic Services, Inc.                 John D. Parmely, D.O.                  Visiting Nurse Association of
Botsford Hospital Gift Shop         Ajuba International, Inc.            Acuson Corporation                   Nancy and James Grosfeld                     Barbara Palmer                             Southeast Michigan
Botsford Medical Imaging, P.C.      John W. Anhut                        Advanced Cardiovascular Health       Marni Grossfeld, D.O.                        Mrs. Alfred M. Pelham                  Vlcko, Lane, Payne & Broder, P.C.
Cardiovascular Clinical             Steve Barnaby                            Specialists, P.C.                Guardian Plumbing & Heating, Inc.            Harold Perry, M.D.                     Barbara and Norman Wachler
    Associates, P.C.                Greg and Janine Beauchemin           AGFA Health Care                     Irving Haiman, D.O.                          Personal Health Care, P.C.             Dr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Wadle
Gerson I. and Carol Zieger Cooper   Dr. and Mrs. Robert I. Boorstein     Alexander Hamilton Life              Hall, Render, Killian, Heath &               Picker International, Inc.             Thomas Warden
General Electric Medical            Botsford Retiree Club                Dr. Maynard and Jessie Amelon             Lyman, PLLC                             Plante & Moran PLLC                    Jack and Johanna Wayne
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hall           Dr. R. Michael Boyer and             American Medical Systems, Inc. -     Ronald L. Hansen, D.O.                       The Polevoy Family Foundation          Wheeled Coach Industries, Inc.
The Helppie Family Charitable           Janet Boyer                          Kenneth Brehler                  William Hartsock                             Premier Radiation Oncology             Larry Wickless, D.O.
    Foundation - Richard and        Sharon and Richard M. Brown, D.O.    Dr. and Mrs. Blaise Audet            Margaret Hasler, R.N.                             Services, PLC                     David J. Wiseley, D.O.
    Leslie Helppie                  Chubb Group of Insurance             Anonymous                            Health Plan of Michigan                      Pulmonary & Critical Care              Dr. and Mrs. Robert Wittchow
Kenneth Kurjan, D.O.                    Companies                        Edward Barter                        Beatrice and Edward Hodges, III, J.D.             Specialists, P.C.                 The Zeiser Family
Annette LaCasse, D.O. and           Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Cykiert          Barton Malow Company                 International Business Machines              Queen Quality Laundry Company          Robert H. Zieger
    Paul LaCasse, D.O.              Deloitte & Touche                    Sidney Baskin, M.D.                  Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Jassenoff                Mitchell Rasak, D.O.                   Dale E. Zingg
LaSalle Bank                        Edward C. and Linda Dresner          Michael A. Biederman, D.O.           Dr. and Mrs. Lee Juliano                     Rehabilitation Physicians, P.C.        ZOLL Medical Corporation
Drs. Harris and Phoebe Mainster         Levy Foundation                  Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Blackburn        The Juliano Family                           John L. Ripper                         Eric Zuckerman, D.O.
McKesson General Medical            Steven and Karen Faine               Bob Sellers Pontiac-GMC Truck Inc.   Dr. Nafisa and Mr. Saj Kapadia               David S. Rosenberg, D.O.               Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Zuckerman
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Mendelson      Dr. Germaine R. Fritz and            Peter and Amy Bono                   Dr. David Kent                               Howard Rossman, D.O.                   Raymond X. Zweig
Ginny and Pat Milliken                  Mr. Jeffrey L. Fritz             Andrew Borin, D.O.                   Bette Jeanne and Dr. Joseph                  Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Roth
Barbara and Dr. Stephan Morse       Margo Gorchow and Family             Brandes Investment Partners               Kessler                                 Dr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Ruza
Provident Investment Counsel        Earl T. Hecker, D.O.                 Robert Breckenfeld, D.O.             Dr. Richard N. Knight

                                                                                                                J u d i th A . J osl i n-Page, D . O . :

                                                                                                              I appreciate
                                                                                                              your concern
                                                                                                              and follow up.
Botsford                             vision of Hope
                                     Gifts of $5,000 to $24,999
                                                                          Monarch Environmental, Inc.
                                                                          MSU College of Osteopathic
CanCer                               Michael P. Abrash, M.D.
                                     Adelson Eye & Laser Center
                                                                          The Oakland Medical Group, P.C.
Center                               Advanced Cardiovascular Health
                                                                          Oakwood Healthcare, Inc.
                                                                          Orthopedic Trauma Specialists,
donor wall
                                          Specialists, P.C.
                                     AIM Construction
                                                                          Owens & Minor
                                     American Medical Systems, Inc.
vision of exCellenCe                                                      Barbara Palmer
                                                                          Paragon Service
Gifts of $500,000                    Sidney Baskin, M.D.
                                                                          John D. Parmely, D.O.
                                     Binson’s Home Health Care Centers
And ABove                                                                 Personal Health Care, P.C.
                                     Gerald Blackburn, D.O.
Botsford Hospital Medical Staff                                           Plante & Moran PLLC
                                     Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
The Riley Foundation                                                      The Polevoy Family Foundation
                                     Peter and Amy Bono
                                                                          Premier Radiation Oncology
vision of Courage                    Botsford Anesthesiologists, P.C.
                                                                              Services, PLC
                                     The Botsford Clinic System
Gifts of $100,000                    Phyllis and Dr. Gerald Brickner
                                                                          Pulmonary & Critical Care
to $499,999                                                                   Specialists, P.C.
                                     CDS Foundation
Botsford Medical Imaging, P.C.                                            Rehabilitation Physicians, P.C.
                                     Clinical Oncology Associates
Cardiovascular Clinical                                                   David S. Rosenberg, D.O.
                                     Community Emergency Medical
   Associates, P.C.                                                       Drs. Benjamin and Andrea Rossi
                                          Service, Inc
Gerson I. and Carol Zieger Cooper                                         Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Roth
                                     Detroit Oxygen & Medical
The Helppie Family Charitable                                             Theodore J. Ruza, D.O.
                                          Equipment Co.
   Foundation                                                             Dr. and Mrs. Barry Sachs
                                     Jan C. Dolan
Drs. Harris and Phoebe Mainster                                           Shock Brothers Floor Covering, Inc.
                                     Regina and Richard Doxtader
Ginny and Pat Milliken                                                    Dr. Ellis and Mary Siefer
                                     ENT Specialists, P.C.
Carol and Leo Sheiner                                                     Martin and Elaine Skrzynski
                                     Erdman, A Cogdell Spencer
Danielle and David Susser                                                 Terry and Cindy Slavin
                                                                          James and Jessica Smith
                                     Steven and Karen Faine
vision of Healing                                                         Dr. Marshall Solomon and
                                     Diane S. and David H. Ferguson
                                                                               Ms. Suzanne Shawn
Gifts of $50,000 to $99,999          Margo Gorchow
                                                                          South Oakland Gastroenterology
Estate of Katherine M. Campbell      Dr. Craig and Susan Gordon
                                                                              Associates, P.C.
Farmington Emergency Medicine        Arthur J. Grana, D.O. FACOS
                                                                          Dr. and Mrs. Louis J. Spagnuolo
   Associates                        Guardian Environmental Systems
                                                                          The Spagnuolo Family
Drs. Annette and Paul LaCasse             Inc.
                                                                          Staples Business Advantage
Barbara and Dr. Stephan Morse        Guardian Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
                                                                          Norton and Sherrie Stern
Sodexo Health Care                   Hall, Render, Killian, Heath &
                                                                          The Stern Family
Westland Clinic, P.C.                     Lyman, PLLC
                                                                          Surgery Specialists, Inc.
                                     Bill and Carol Hartsock
                                                                          Dr. John and Carol Swienckowski
vision of Compassion                 Margaret Hasler, R.N.
                                                                          Ann and Ron Szumski
Gifts of $25,000 to $49,999          HC Solutions/Integrated Mobile
                                                                          Tanoury, Nauts, McKinney &
ACS Healthcare Solutions                  Imaging, LLC
                                                                              Garbarino, PLLC
Ajuba International, Inc.            Health Plan of Michigan
                                                                          Paula and Norman H. Teer, D.O.
Steve Barnaby                        Earl T. Hecker, D.O.
                                                                          Ellen and Dr. Charles Tenner
Greg and Janine Beauchemin           Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heinrich
                                                                          TRG Healthcare, LLC
Luke Andrew Beauchemin               Dr. Deanna and David B. Holtzman
                                                                          Tri County Orthopedics, P.C.
Botsford Hospital Gift Shop          Hunter’s Ball Mary Kabisa -
                                                                          UBS Foundation USA
Dr. R. Michael Boyer and                  Julie Durham
                                                                          Dr. and Mrs. Wil VanderRoest
    Janet Boyer                      Hypertension Nephrology
                                                                          Dr. and Mrs. Sanford Vieder
Chubb Group of Insurance                  Associates, P.C.
                                                                          Visiting Nurse Association of
    Companies                        Robert F. Joyce, D.O.
                                                                              Southeast Michigan
Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Colen         Dr. and Mrs. Lee Juliano
                                                                          Dr. David and Lori Walters
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Cykiert          The Juliano Family
                                                                          Jack and Johanna Wayne
Edward C. and Linda Dresner          David and Linda Kent
                                                                          Lula C. Wilson Trust
    Levy Foundation                  Diana L. Kohler
                                                                          Wright & Filippis
Dr. Germaine R. Fritz and            Marilyn Kuncz
                                                                          The Zeiser Family
    Mr. Jeffrey L. Fritz             Dr. and Mrs. Mark Kwartowitz
                                                                          ZOLL Medical Corporation
Dr. Edward A. and Joanne Loniewski   Dr. and Mrs. Bud E. Larson
David and Diane Marcellino           Christine LePoudre, D.O.
Vance D. Powell, Jr., D.O.           Lifestyle Lift Foundation
Dr. Bert and Helene Rabinowitz       Jay Lubin
Michael and Colleen Rebock           James J. Maciejko
Residential Home Health              Dr. Max and Marilyn McKinney
William Scheuber Family              Luke Meert
Drs. F. Robert and Mariya Suchyta    Metro Home Health Care
Lisa, Andrew and Anna                Michigan Health & Hospital
    Vandecaveye                           Association
                                     Michigan Institute for Neurologic
Botsford                            Margo Gorchow
                                    Dr. Robert and Lori Gordon
                                                                        Dr. and Mrs. John J. Swienckowski
                                                                        Lynn Torossian
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Edward Barter                    Denise Campbell                          Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Elson             Great Lakes Health Plan               Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Kaplan            Livonia Ophthalmologists, P.C.
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    Bartkowiak                   Mildred L. Carpenter                     Ann B. Engelgau                          Surgeons                              Sullivan Kaplan                     Kathleen Lopez
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Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Berlin       Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Claucherty            Development Corporation          Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Gunther       Dr. and Mrs. Stanley B. Kaye            Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Mandell
Mary Jane Bernard                Mr. and Mrs. Arnold G. Cohen             Farmington Village Family Practice   Raymond T. Hajjar, D.O.               Gregory S. Keagy, D.O.                  Mr. and Mrs. Mario Mannarino

Dr. and Mrs. Henry F. Marcus       Mr. and Mrs. Ken Murray                Maida Portnoy                        Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schostak            Dr. and Mrs. Herb Sokol                 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Vracan
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Margolis       Joseph Muscarella, D.O.                Shirley Potter                       Schostak Brothers & Co., Inc.         Sommers, Schwartz, Silver &             Mr. and Mrs. George Vuichard
Dr. and Mrs. Harold D. Margolis    Joanne Muzzin                          Mr. and Mrs. John Psiakis            Richard Schloss                           Schwartz Foundation                 Peggy Vysniauskas
Christina Marinucci                Jodi Nasser                            David Quarles                        Rose Marie Schmidt                    Henry Sonenshein, D.O.                  Norman G. Wachler
Anne Marie Martinez                Jerry Navratil                         Mr. and Mrs. James Quarles           Dr. and Mrs. Peter R. Schoeps         Teck M. Soo, M.D.                       Mr. and Mrs. William Waddell
Kimberly M. Mathes                 John D. Nemes                          Gerald R. Quinn                      Thomas Schram                         Susan M. Sosnick                        Dr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Wadle
Glenna Mausehund                   Michael D. Neumann, M.D.               Pamela Racchi                        Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Schwartz      Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sowa                Janet Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Maxey            Next Generation Services Group,        Dr. Nancy Rancour and                Steven J. Schwartz                    Mr. and Mrs. James Spagnuolo            Lorraine A. Waling
A.C. Maynor                            Inc.                                   Mr. Thomas Rancour               Phillip P. Schwend, D.O.              Mr. and Mrs. Tom Spagnuolo              Barbara J. Walker
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Mr. and Mrs. Ken McClelland        Laurene Noack                          Records, Storage, Delivery &         Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Serwin               Schafer                             Watson Wyatt Worldwide
Mr. Ken McClelland and             Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Nowicki               Service Union Associates         Jacqueline Shadko, Ph.D.              Mr. and Mrs. John P. Starks             Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Weinstein
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Mr. and Mrs. James McLaughlin      Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Oliveri            Joyce Reznick                        Meagan Sheehan                        Tamika Swan                             Dr. Larry A. Wickless and
Nancy Meader                       Janice Ollenbrock                      Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rheaume            Debbie Kay Sherman                    Dr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Swiacki              Ms. Carol Crosby
Stuart Megdall, D.O.               Valerie Onyski                         Mr. and Mrs. John Richard            Janice Sherman                        Dr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Swiacki          Mr. and Mrs. Connie R. Williams
Sandra Merriweather                Optimal Care, Inc                      Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ricketts          Mr. Stewart Shevin and                Dr. and Mrs. Gary E. Takahashi          Mr. and Mrs. Allan Wilson
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Lori Mesko                         Debbie Orloff                          Helen Roarty                         Sonia M. Shields                      Dr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Taylor            Mr. and Mrs. David Winikoff
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Messelian      Julie Pacheco-Smith                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Roarty          William F. Shile                      Mr. and Mrs. Tom Taylor                 Laurie Winstrand
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Nancy Michel                       Diane M. Paratore, D.O.                Ray Roncato                          Dr. and Mrs. Asfandiar Shukri         Karilyn Terry                           F. Daniel Woodruff
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Lisa M. Mikols                     Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pasqualone          Gary L. Roth, D.O.                   Mr. and Mrs. Rick Silverman           Mary Ellen Toccalino                    Yellow Pages Association
Candace Miller                     Dr. and Mrs. Raimundo Pastor           Mr. and Mrs. Adam Rothstein          Craig D. Silverton, D.O.              Tri-County Urologists, P.C.             Mr. and Mrs. Howard Young
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Morgan Services, Inc.              Plotnik, Feinberg, Kief & Associates   Mr. and Mrs. Grove Sandrock          Virgil Smith                          Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. VanderRoest
Timothy P. Morris                  Gloria Pluta                           Dr. and Mrs. Eugene N. Sands         Angela K. Smulsky                     Veolia Environmental Services
Dr. and Mrs. David Moses           Mr. and Mrs. Brad Plymale              Mr. and Mrs. John Sauk               Joseph Smulsky, D.D.S.                Adelaida Veretnik
Dr. Barbara M. Moskaitis           Mr. and Mrs. Jon Podolsky              Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Savage          Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Smyk             Robert Verona, D.O.
Moss Financial Group               Dr. and Mrs. Terry Podolsky            Dr. and Mrs. George T. Sawabini      Mr. and Mrs. Alan Smyth               William J. Vertin
Madeline Mott                      Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Poeszat           Dorothy Sawaya                       Marilyn V. Snodgrass                  Vesco Oil Corporation
Pete Moundros                      Linda Pohl                             Mary A. Scatarige                    Howard B. Sobel, D.O.                 Marilyn Vesey
Olivia Muiter                      Therese E. Poirier                     Kathleen Scherf                      Janet Sobel-Medow                     Cantor Larry Vieder
Robert Muiter                      Mr. and Mrs. Marc Pomerantz            Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Schiffer      Lorie Sochacki                        Lisa Vitti

BOTSFORD HOSPITAL WAS NAMED ONE OF THE TOP WORKPLACES IN 2010.                                                                                                                               – DETROIT FREE PRESS
Welcoming Carter
In early February, Shanena Henderson arrived at Botsford’s New Beginnings Maternity
Center for a very significant life event – delivering her first child, whom she named
Carter. New father Kwamn Roscoe proudly shows off his bundle of joy. Soon, families
will enter the center through a completely renovated and refurbished family area
funded by generous donations to the Harvey G. Roth, D.O., Memorial Campaign
(see next panel).
promise of                      Margo Gorchow
                                Stacy and David Gordon
                                                                      Frank Roth, D.O.
                                                                      Sandra Roth
exCellenCe                      Dr. Robert and Lori Gordon
                                Dr. Michael J. Grady
                                                                      Alvin and Lois Rubin
                                                                      Jennifer May Sanchez, D.O.
                                Vincent Granowicz, D.O. and           Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Schiffer
Drs. Joshua and Karen Berris
                                    Nancy Granowicz                   Janice Schimmel
Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Colen
                                Irene Grias, D.O.                     John D. Sellers, D.O.
Marla and Jeff Kaminsky
                                Michael and Laurie Haroutunian        Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Serwin
Dr. and Mrs. Bud E. Larson
                                Carol and Bill Hartsock               Diane M. Shane
Michael D. Neumann, M.D.
                                Marge Hasler                          Dee Shapiro
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Serwin
                                Dr. and Mrs. Earl T. Hecker           Clara Shpargel and Maury Glusman
Susan A. Shields
                                Gilbert and Frances Herman            Miriam Siefer and Joe Bachrach
Sandor Terner, D.O.
                                Dr. Richard and Marci Herman          Dr. Jack and Karen Singer
                                Patricia Hinkle                       Terry and Cindy Slavin
                                Betty Hoener, R.N.                    Dr. Marshall G. Solomon and
                                Elaine Houston                            Ms. Suzanne Shawn
HARVEY G.                       Eric and Diane Huish                  Lucille Spagnuolo

                                Dr. and Mrs. Donald Janower           Cara L. Speier, D.O.
                                Dave and Judith Page                  Gail and David Spencer, D.O.

memorial                        Gail and Bob Kaplan
                                Dr. Steven Katzman - Personal
                                                                      Dr. Adrienne Stanley
                                                                      Leslie and Merv Sternberg
Campaign                            Health Care
                                John and Kim Killian
                                                                      Dr. John and Anita Stevens
                                                                      Sundance Shoes of West Bloomfield
donors                          Dahlia Klein
                                Donald Klein, D.O.
                                                                      Danielle and David Susser
                                                                      Dr. and Mrs. John J. Swienckowski
                                Diana L. Kohler                       Sybil and Morris Fenkell Foundation
Elissa Abrams-Redman
                                Jerry Laborde and Family              Ann and Ron Szumski
Rick and JoAnne Adams and
                                Drs. Annette and Paul LaCasse         Dr. Robert and Elizabeth Tam
    Arthur and Denise Levenson
                                Leslie Lafer, D.O.                    Richard J. Taras, D.O.
Sonja Amos
                                Michelle Lagerveld                    Candice Templin
Lynn Anderson
                                Robert and Patricia Landsdorf         Dr. and Mrs. Charles Tenner
William G. Anderson, II, D.O.
                                Lisa and Gary Langnas                 Sandor Terner, D.O.
                                Dr. and Mrs. Bud E. Larson            Orlene Thomas, M.D.
Autometric Collision, Inc.
                                Steve and Carol Lash                  Drs. Robert Tomas and Anne
Drs. Joshua and Karen Berris
                                Dr. and Mrs. Jack D. Lennox               Lord-Tomas
Linda Blizzard
                                Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Lewin          Danielle Trudel
Marc and Cheryl Bocknek
                                Lifecycles OB/GYN, P.C.               Linda R. Tucker, D.O.
Robert and Kathleen Breckenfeld
                                Wendy Lilyhorn                        Margaret Ugbosu
Dr. Roderick Cairgle and
                                Tracey Linden Grosinger               Dr. Jerry and Fran Uzansky
    Ms. Michele Thomas
                                Anthony and Cheryl Lucas              Dr. Kedrin Van Steenwyk
Marla Carey-Pendell
                                Drs. Harris and Phoebe Mainster       Charles and Ellen VanderRoest
Michele Cherry, D.O. and Thomas
                                Beverly Maisano                       Wil and Caryl VanderRoest
                                Mr. and Mrs. David L. Marcellino      Carol and Sanford Vieder
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Colman
                                Mark/Lis Family Fund                  Dr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Wadle
Kenneth Colton, D.O.
                                Jerry and Cookie Markowitz            Dr. and Mrs. David Walters
Contemporary Imaging
                                Dr. and Mrs. W.P. McCallion           Mr. and Mrs. James Warner
Dr. and Mrs. Adam S. Cooper
                                Kirsten M. McDaniel, D.O.             Robert Warner and Vickie Carr
Dr. Andrew and Stacy Cykiert
                                Dr. and Mrs. Frank Messana            Sylvia Warner
Rosalie Dean
                                Michigan Perinatal Associates, P.C.   Dr. and Mrs. Jack I. Wayne
Dianna DeClercq
                                Timothy P. Morris                     Phyllis and Paul Wenig
Robin Delaney, M.D.
                                Dr. Stephan Morse and Barbara         Mr. David Wickham and
Carl and Roseanne Della Badia
                                    Morse                                 Dr. Deirdre Wickham
Karen Den Braven, R.N.
                                Carolyn Nelson, D.O.                  Carole and Larry Wickless
Piyush Desai, M.D.
                                Michael D. Neumann, M.D.              Mary Ann Will
Chris and Teresa Duhl
                                John and Elena Oatey                  Dr. and Mrs. H. Wm Winstanley
Raymond D. Dzendzel
                                Judy O’Connor
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Emmer                                          Eu g en e W . La vero n i, J r., D .O .:
                                Dr. and Mrs. Gerard O’Desky
Ann B. Engelgau
                                Stephen M. Olson, D.O.                A m o s t ta l en ted a n d

                                                                      ca r i ng
Cdr. Herbert O. Feldman, D.O.,
                                Lauren O’Sullivan
    U.S.N., (RET.)
                                Barbara A. Palmer
Lisa Fenkell
                                Diane Paratore
David Ferguson

                                John D. Parmely, D.O.
Jim and Angela Fleming
                                Dr. Raimundo and Ana Pastor
Connie Fleming
                                Dr. and Mrs. Augustine Perrotta
Pat Freeman
                                Vance and Dawn Powell
Dr. Raymond F. and Marvelyn
                                Candice Prendergast
Sandy Gelman and Derek McAleer
Monique Gillman, M.D.
                                Carol Quaine
                                Mr. and Mrs. John Quaine
                                                                      who is “tops”
Debora A. Glass                 Rev. Michael W. Quaine
                                Bert Rabinowitz, D.O.                 i n m y b o o k.
Hospital                               John C. Cosola
                                       Robert Cox
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Katz
                                                                             Marilyn J. Katz
                                                                                                                 Steven D. Myers
                                                                                                                 Ronald Nader
                                                                                                                                                    Janis and Larry Shulman and
                                                                                                                                                                                       Board advise fund
                                                                                                                                                                                       Susan L. Anderson
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 B ert R a bin o w itz , D.O .:                               2010
fund                                   Michael Coyle, D.O.                   Dr. and Mrs. Steven Katzman         Pearl Nicholls                     Dr. and Mrs. Steven and Barbara    Kenneth Baier
                                       Dr. Andrew and Stacy Cykiert
                                       Geraldine and Richard Dahler
                                       Nancy Dajos
                                                                             Lester W. Kellogg
                                                                             Marlene Kenney
                                                                             Allene Kideckel
                                                                                                                 Leatrice Nickell
                                                                                                                 Therese Norris
                                                                                                                 Northland Pharmacy
                                                                                                                                                    Sinas, Dramis, Burke, Boughton &
                                                                                                                                                        McIntyre, P.C.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Mary Jane Bernard
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I’m better because                                               gala event
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             you’re the best.
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Accounting Plus
                                       Lukas M. Descavish                    Dahlia Klein                        Genevieve Obloj                    Judith Sklar                           Management Departments                                                                             presenting sponsor
                                       Doug Egeler                           Lisa Klobucar                       Lynne and Dr. Jeffrey Obron and    Lucille Smilgis                    Estate of Katherine M. Campbell                                                                        Botsford Hospital Medical Staff
Alcoholics Anonymous
                                       Mr. and Mrs. David Eisenberg          John G. Knapp, D.D.S.                   Family                         Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith             Suzanne Carlini
Allcomm, Inc.
                                       Elliot I. Greenspan, D.O., P.C. &     Diana L. Kohler                     John W. Oldham                     Marilyn V. Snodgrass               Mr. and Mrs. Gerson I. Cooper                                                                          platinum taBle sponsor
William G. Anderson, II, D.O.
                                            Associates                       Robert D. Konieczko                 Bernadette O’Neill                 Marla Sokol                        Judy Cramer                                                                                            Residential Home Health
                                       The Honorable and Mrs. Jerry Ellis    Robert Kopel                        Mary T. Orlowski                   Dr. Marshall G. Solomon and        Creative Foam Corporation
Blaise Audet, M.D.
Autometric Collision, Inc.             Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Elson              Christine Korycki                   Verna E. Paine                         Ms. Suzanne Shawn              Darlene Czarnecki                     JOSEPH H. LAnGnAS, D.O.              Leslie Dumancas             gold taBle sponsor
                                       George A. Ethier                      Walter I. Kozar                     Kyong Yol Pak                      Susan M. Sosnick                   Toshie Descavitch                     memorial laBoratory                  Amy Edie                    Michigan State University College
Ken and Mari Barnett and Family
                                       Michael K. Fahling                    Susan Kraus                         Arbi Papaghanian                   Mr. and Mrs. Tom Spagnuolo         Don Ditri                             enriCHment fund                      Torronza Elion                 of Osteopathic Medicine
Mr. and Mrs. James Bauters
                                       Farmington Emergency Medicine         Rosemary Krest                      Dr. Raimundo and Ana Pastor        St. Colette Women’s Guild          The Doctors of Endodontics, P.C.      Cheryl and Rick Kirsch               David Ferguson
Mrs. Helen Bayles
Dr. and Mrs. M. Bayram                      Associates                       Jeanne Kunzman                      Joe Pelligrino                     Gary Staten                        Karen Dulka                           Frieda Langnas                       Connie Fleming              silver taBle sponsor
                                       Farmington Village Family Practice    Mr. and Mrs. Sherwyn J. Labovitz    Periodontics P.L.L.C.              The Stefanovski and Spasevski      Ann B. Engelgau                       Lisa and Gary Langnas                Maureen Galster             ACS Healthcare Solutions,
Glaucio H. Bechara, D.O.
                                       Bernie Feldman                        Michelle Lagerveld                  Terry Phillips                         Family                         Doreen Fecht Desautel                 Michael and Alayna Langnas           Deborah Gibson                A Xerox Company
Thomas A. Belanger
                                       Cecelia Feldman                       Mr. and Mrs. Hal Lambert            Barbara Phillips-Barnes            Susie and Jon Steinberg            Elizabeth Ford                        William Scheuber                     Margo Gorchow               Sodexo Health Care
Dr. and Mrs. Jack E. Belen
                                       Trudy and Irv Feldman                 Robert and Patricia Landsdorf       Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pinkney         Joan, Ken, Andrew and Natalie      Michael Geldmacher                                                         Cathy Jo Harvey
Stephen R. Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff E. Bidigare          Lenore Fell                           Jane Langa                          Mr. and Mrs. Milton B. Pollock         Stern                          Heather Glover                        mediCal eduCation                    Marge Hasler                taBle sponsors
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                                       Mr. and Mrs. George Fillion           Doris K. Larson                     Cherie Price                       Rosalyn Stone                      Carol and Bill Hartsock               Bobbi and Dale Charnas               Eric Kamm                       Specialists, P.C.
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                                       Dr. and Mrs. Frederic A. Fletcher     Suzie and Harold Leach              Pamela Racchi                      Mark Sutliff                       Mr. and Mrs. Steven Henning           Virginia Engel                       Beverly Liberty             Michael Abrash, M.D.;
Marc and Cheryl Bocknek
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Mr. and Mrs. Gaetano Bommarito
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Grace Bonfiglio
                                       Pat Freeman                           Levine Benjamin Law Firm            Thomas and Nancy Rancour           Dr. and Mrs. Charles Tenner        Kyla Hison                            Jay and Lesley Kutinsky              Gail Matthews               	 Nafisa Kapadia, M.D.-
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                                       Mr. and Mrs. Bud Friedland            Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Lewin        Mr. and Mrs. Dan Rhodes            Paul G. Thomas, D.O.               Drs. Jeffrey Joshowitz and Dawn C.    Dr. and Mrs. Mark Kwartowitz         Bianca Miller                   Department of Laboratory
Mary Ellen Borovich
                                       The Friedman & Kohler Families        Catherine and Rene Lichtman         John Robertson                     Don and Audrey Thompson                Zelenka-Joshowitz                 Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Loniewski Janet C. Moody                      Medicine
Janet and Fred Borson
                                       Audrie Friedman                       June Lieberman                      Dr. and Mrs. James A. Robinson     Mr. and Mrs. John Thurber          Pamela Kast                           Carolyn Nelson, D.O.                 Barbara A. Palmer           Botsford Medical Imaging, P.C.
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                                       Sharon Gilman                         Marian Littman, Walter and          Reva and Bob Rosen                 Laurie L. Toomajanian                  Arlene & Hoehn                    South Oakland Gastroenterology Bridget Snyder                    Community EMS & Parastar
Botsford Hospital Respiratory
                                       Thomas F. Glispie                          Dolores Littman, Marvin and    Sandra Roth                        Dr. and Mrs. David J. Torby        Jean Martin                                Associates, P.C.                Tracy Snyder                Farmington Emergency Medicine
     Therapy Department
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Dr. and Mrs. William D. Boudouris
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Goldberg           Sherry Lodwig                       Dr. and Mrs. David J. Rothenberg   David Tuffley                      Monarch Environmental, Inc.           Janet and Ron Strote                 Nancy Steintrager           Hall, Render, Killian, Heath &
Stacy and Kevin Brand
                                       Margo Gorchow                         Norma Logan                         Eleanor Roundtree                  Phyllis M. Turner                  Candace Mozak                         Paul G. Thomas, D.O.                 Lu Stockton                     Lyman, PLLC
Elizabeth Bray
                                       Judith and Robert Goren               Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Loniewski    Verne and Ed Royal                 Margaret Ugbosu                    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Nastwold                                                Kurt Stutz                  Health Plan of Michigan
Phyllis and Dr. Gerald Brickner
                                       Arnold and Barbara Grant              Noreen A. Maahs                     Alvin and Lois Rubin               Dr. Jerry and Fran Uzansky         Judy O’Connor                         nursing sCHolarsHip                  Karilyn Terry               Hypertension Nephrology
Lillie Broadnax
                                       Green Acres Landscaping               Loretta Mackenroth                  Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rubin           Marie Van Marter                   William Scheuber                      The Robert & Bess Cook Foundation Suzanne Webb                       Associates, P.C.
Dr. Amy Brode and Mr. Adam
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Sam Greenblatt           Dr. Robert R. Magliocco             Helen L. Samborski                 Robert Verona, D.O.                Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Schiffer                                                                        Drs. Annette and Paul LaCasse
Dr. and Mrs. Easton Brodsky            Gross & Nemeth, P.L.C.                Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mardossian      Robert J. and Aviva Sandler        Bridgette Wade                     Dr. and Mrs. James R. Siefer          CirCle of Care                      maisel trauma                John D. Parmely, D.O.
Bonnie Brown and Les Greenwald         Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Grunow           Eldon Martin                        Mr. and Mrs. John Schaar           Ellen Wagner                       Jan Smith                             Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Lewin        Center                       Oakland County Urologists
                                       Barbara Guerrero                      Karen and Alan Maxey                Jim and Denise Schachern           Helen Watt                         Joseph M. Smith                       Jonathan Ritter and Stacy           Cis Maisel Kellman           Oakland Surgical Specialists
Ms. Carol Bruner and Ms. Julie
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Neal C. Hall             Mr. and Mrs. John H. McKee          Suzanne Schatz                     Dr. and Mrs. Jack I. Wayne         Dr. Marshall G. Solomon and               Lieberman                                                    Orthopedic Trauma Specialists, PLLC
Hai Bui                                Ray Hamilton                          Dr. and Mrs. Max T. McKinney        Lori and David Schechter           Larry and Arlene Wenokur               Ms. Suzanne Shawn                                                     redford sCHool               Norton and Sherrie Stern
Ora Campbell                           Dr. and Mrs. Joel J. Harris           Cheryl McLaughlin                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schechter      Dr. and Mrs. Peter Winston         Virginia Taylor                       COOKIE JAR                          Based CliniC                 Personal Health Care, P.C.
                                       Harry J. Will Funeral Homes           Medtronic Neurologic Technologies   Kathleen Scherf                    Dee Witkowski                      The Shirt Box                         Michael P. Abrash, M.D.             CB Richard Ellis             Premier Radiation Oncology
Glenda and Bob Carinci
                                       Angie Hartt                           Gloria Meer                         William Scheuber                   Dr. Donald Wittenberg and          Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Tracht            Marian Allen                                                         Services, PLC
Mark Carney
Bill and Louise Carr                   Marge Hasler                          Wanda Menzel                        Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Schiffer        Ms. Gail Rose                  Tri County Orthopedics, P.C.          Sonja Amos                          trauma serviCes              Rehabilitation Physicians, P.C.
Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Cascade           Carol Hernandez                       Maral Meyers                        Margot Schoeps                     Dr. and Mrs. David L. Wolf         Diane Trinks                          John Barber                         fund                         Sandra Roth
                                       Melanie and Matt Hildebrandt          Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Meyers        Cindy and Melvin Schwartz          Helene Wolynec                     Terri Tyrrell                         Greg Beauchemin                     Anonymous                    Staples Business Advantage
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cascade
                                       Dr. and Mrs. Lou Hirschman            Middlebelt Dermatology Center       Dr. Richard and Jane Schwartz      Barbara Woods                      Mr. and Mrs. Greg VanTongeren         Denise Boldea                       Edward G. Hanna              Surgery Specialists
Susan Casey
                                       Sara and Marvin Hoffman               Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Mitchell        Anne M. Sell                       Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Wroten       Cheryl Voss                           Johnnie Booth                       Joy Harper                   Tanoury, Nauts, McKinney &
Josephine Castiglione
                                       Joan G. Howard                        Roberta Monroe                      Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Serwin        Arlene Wrotslavsky                 Nancy White                           Brenda Boris-Blaze                  Ann Jenkins                      Garbarino, PLLC
Melanie, Scott & Shay Chismody
                                       Dr. and Mrs. W. Lee Irving            Diane Montagano                     Daniel M. Share                    Ruth Yarrows                       Yes to Life Group                     Amy Bowes                           Mary L. Johnson              The Oakland Medical Group, P.C.
Philip Chivers
                                       The Jackson Family                    Frances Moore                       Dr. and Mrs. Robert Share          Mr. and Mrs. Steven Zack           Yoga Moves MS                         Sonia Bowser                        Hikmat Rafoo                 U.S. Bank
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                                       Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Jenkins            Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Morganroth        Dr. Al and Miriam Shaw             Gladys Zate                        Dotti Zaino                           Janice L. Brown                     Dr. and Mrs. James A.        Visiting Nurse Association of
Helio Codilla
                                       Bruce and Susan Jerris                Dr. Stephan Morse and Barbara       Ann Sherlock                       Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Zucker                                              Claudia Bruce                           Robinson                     Southeast Michigan
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold G. Cohen
                                       Pat and Bill Jones                         Morse                          Susan A. Shields                                                                                            Kathleen Charron                    Nancy Ryan                   Westland Clinic (A Division of
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cohen
                                       Nathaniel Jones                       Susan Munds                         James L. Shirley                                                                                            Nancy Dajos                         Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Smith       Millennium Medical Group
Renee Cohen
                                       John T. Jordan                        Lorraine Murdoch                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shook                                                                                   Jackie Daru                         David Wasson                     West P.C.)
The Honorable Avern Cohn
                                       Marla and Jeff Kaminsky               Evelyn H. Murray                                                                                                                                Cheryl Discher                      Mary K. Young
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                                  Lydia Lazurenko
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Mr. and Mrs. Donald Alexander     Maureen O’Connell                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hawley
Mark Alexander and Carol Ann      Gabriel Ourlian                       Donna Hicks
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Mr. and Mrs. Blair D. Algie       David Picking                         Mr. and Mrs. David Hollister
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Grace Bonfiglio                   Dr. and Mrs. James A. Robinson        Joann Kargula
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Fred Bruflodt                     Elsie Rowe                            Ladies of Interlachen
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Mr. and Mrs. Gerson I. Cooper     Martha Smith                          Eldon L. Martin
Jim Covalle and Christine Van     Marilyn V. Snodgrass                  Mr. and Mrs. Bob McChesney
     Wambeke                      Margaret Spillane                     Mildred Mehlhorn
Michelle Cross                    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stanley              Lillian Meister
Irene Cucchi                      Mr. and Mrs. Steve Szuper             Angela Myers
Geraldine and Richard Dahler      Marie Van Marter                      Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Neumann
Donald Dasher                     Elizabeth Verdow                      Pearl Nicholls
Jan C. Dolan                      Mr. and Mrs. Donald Waddell           Lonna Pelton Bloom and Family
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Mr. and Mrs. John A. Finneren     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ward              Mr. and Mrs. Brian Pikielek
Foot Care Institute of Michigan   Mr. and Mrs. William Warren           Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Pikielek
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John Furkioti                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Westerkamp        Elsie Rowe
Betty Ruth Gilbert                Yvette White                          Rose Marie Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Goodwin      Mr. and Mrs. Bob Williams             Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Gordon         Elizabeth Williams                    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Skinsacco
Leonard and Amy Grabowski         Mr. and Mrs. John Willwerth           Donna Spiers-Dunn
Margaret Hankins                  Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Wroten          Inez Stevens
Catherine Hanna                   Mr. and Mrs. Roger Yoder              Mr. and Mrs. Michael Taylor
Angie Hartt                       Patricia Zacharias                    Mr. and Mrs. Brent Triest
William Hettel                    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zantello            Marie Van Marter
Edward N. Hodges, III, J.D.       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zimmerman         Mr. and Mrs. Marty VanEe
Mary Hoey                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Lee Webber
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Houseman        fullness of life donors               Elizabeth Williams
Mr. and Mrs. William Hoyer        Mr. and Mrs. Len Alaimo               Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wilson
ICO Corp.                         Alpha Sigma Tau - Detroit Chapter     Mike and Shawn Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson      Mr. and Mrs. Tom Anderson
Ruth Ann Juliano                  Anonymous                             LInDA S. MLYnAREK
Beatrice Kantor                   Sharon Bianchi                        Community garden
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Karnish       Mr. and Mrs. Perry Boring             donors
Meredith Kauffman                 Evelyn G. Brantley                    Anonymous
Lillian Kiss                      Mr. and Mrs. Ray Buch                 Sharon Daitch
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