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					     Pao* 10, Aprit 19, 1995 BOONVILLE HERALD, Boonvllle, NY

    Federal Crop insurance                                                      1995 Oneida County 4-H Irv Kraeger Has Been Producing MapJe
    Deadline Extended                                                           Area Public Presentations Svrup for Over 50 Years
    . The deadline to pur-                    tion Cost-Share Programs                       Ucipants
                                                                                         Youths Involved in the 4- Ucipants are involved in                                       »'         •
    chase crop Insurance has                  are expected from this re - H program In Oneida horse communications.
    been extended until April                 quJremcnL                              County nave many oppor- Those receiving a blue
    28. Recent legislation re-                                                        tunities to become i n - award participated in a By Jody Rootaoa
    qufres^roducers in Lewis                     The cost for insurance volved In t h e Public county qualifying event                                                        The Indians who lived
    County growing com. oats                  through the Lewis County Presentation Program. held at the Farm « Home near the Great Lakes and
    or both to have at least                  Farm Service Agency During the 1994-95 pro- Center in Oriskany, where the St. Lawrence .River
    minimum levels of crop.                   (FSA) office is $50 per gram year, there have been Judges selected three ju- produced maple syrup
    insurance to retain eligi-                crop. Please don't watt 228 4-H'era. ages 5 to 19. niors, three- seniors, and— and maple sugarlohg be-
    bilityforU A Department                   until the.last moment to who have taken advantage one senior team to go on fore white explorers came
    of Agriculture program,                   make a decision on this of that opportunity and to the next level; Regional to North America, The
    benefits, including (arm                  important matter - $50 to participated In such a C o m m u n i c a t i o n s , in Indians cut a gash in the
    loans through the former                  guarantee your eligibility program. ' • -                    '                         Cayuga County on April 8, maple trunk and inserted
    PmHA..                                    is a fairly small price to                 Those youths ages 9 to Those participating at the a hollow reed In the cut to
      The Dairy. Refund                       pay..Contact the FSA of' 19 who received a blue next level are:                                                              direct the sap into a small
    Program. VYboI Incentive                  flee at 376-7021, for addi- award a t the area event                                     Junior Public Speaking: container, when the con-
    Program and Conserva-                     tional Information.                    are eligible to go on to the A m a n d a                      L o v e n d u s k i , tamer was filled, it was
                                                                                    county event on April 22. Boonvllle;                               J o n a t h a n emptied Into, a larger bark
    Acreage Reduction Program                                                       At this event, judges will Fischer. Clark Mills; Tim container or hollowed out
                                                                                    select 22 presenters to Reath. Sauquoitr a n d log. The sap was evapo-
                                                                                     participate in the next Alternate. Travis Barrett rated by dropping hot
        Attention              Q n e i d a gram crops require no event a t the Boonville- of Clark Mills.                                                                  stones into the large con-
      County farmers: April 28! set-aside.                                          O'neida County Fair on                            Senior Public Speaking:. tainer until the-water had
      1995. is the last daytoen^                 The program, is a good July26.1995,                                      ' - - :» Sean Joyce, Sauquoi t: ana boiled away. Eventually, it
     roll in, the 1995 Acreage management and market- "Tne area events-were Tracy Benson, Boonvllle.                                                                       was discovered that bor-
      Reduction Program. This ing Idol for producers.. For held in Lairdsville. Lowell                                                Senior Team Presenta- . ing a hole into the tree
   . year's program provides more Information and an . Boonvllle.-Sauquolt, Oris-' ilon: Jodi -Howard a n d - was a better, waytoex-
     advance payments, price appointment to see how* kany. Utica. Westernvlije, Lisa Matt of Boonvllle.                                                                    tract the sap,           r ;.
     protection, commodity the program will work for Ava. Verona, Camden,                                                             Public : Presetrtationa"
- v Jeans and a G/85 option.— you. t a t : - the Oneida Holland P a t e n t , Lee a r e required for those A-                                                                 Early F r e n c h a o d -
        Th.e corn program -re?..' County Consolidated Center a n d Oriskany H'ers who vapprjrforcount •-:S Engllsh explorers: wrote of ^
    • quires a 7.5" percent set- Farm Service Agency * F a l l s , '•-."" -.'•-. ""'                                                ty medals, or other specif- the "sweet water" that the Irv< Kraeger of ConstablevUle Is busy cleaning the filters that ore used in tht
     aside, while the other pro- Office at 736-3316. .                                  Eighty-nine of the par- ic project awards. Also,.-.•.; Indians drew from the . maple syrup production at the Kraeger sugarhouse,                                                            . .-.
                                                                                                                                   horse project members.;, maple trees and heated to„
                               M-W Replacement                                                                                     competing for -a spot a t :make the maple products. and warm days are need-
                                                                                                                                   the State Fair with iheir Hearty Homesteaders ed. The daily rise and fall -•„*
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  In temperature is- what„ i v .
       The U.S. DeparUnent of York-New Jersejf and 36 the language t h a t a p - ; -norse."must have done.a'"• Teamed the art of collect v atart» the aap-fJowtng-. The
     Agriculture 1U?                                          -milk market- peared In the January 27, public presentation. >*;                                             ing the "sweet Watei^^br" longe r these condition*
     a final order on April 6, ing orders. The amended, i Q ^ j l n a J decision of-the--                                                                                  their sugar attpply from - last,- the better. After the'
     1995. which adopts a new. orders become ejlec t i w . U5DA. The orders .werer^_Cpngra.tulaUoiJs to; all the I n d i a n s . Today, -sap. Is g a t h e r e d a n d
     M-W price* used to estab- on June 1. 1995. *••"'•'•-••""'-' approved by producers in who* participated In the 4- . throughout Northeastern reaches the sugarhouse, it
     lish minimum class prices                  The terms in the amend- t h e respective.: federal -H Public Presentation; . U.S. and Southeastern Is boiled in a long, shallow
     for milk:' under the New ed, orders are identical to order markets.                                            -            ;,prpgran^. Tli^Jt you to the Canada, the process con*, pan called an evaporator.
                                                                                                                                   volunteers who fudged the tin ties. Methods have- The, maple
                                                                                                                                  events-and helped guide changed, but the delicate: vpr developcolor and thldl'.               during
                                                                                                                                   the ypuths. into ^                                                            proceasj^and -mostof the^
                                                                                                                                   pfayasVof the program,                  maple syrup 'Is ;*Ull <n<-: water i n : t h e s a p evapdf-.*
                                                                                                                                      Partlcfpatron. In. thlfc jbytdv;this.- rates. Irir btftusboth wood;
         GREEN MEADOW FARM COMPLETE DISPERSAL thoughts and actions .to-                                                            program helps youths p u t '• •pna.y*:-ySrrr                                  •
                                                                                                                                                                                                   ^^SS-'f. .and oil to heat the «yru»
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  In hl8.two evaporators, ft.
                                      Boonvilfe; NY • Oneida County                                                               gether whfle working,. dc -'                VermpnJianio! JNew^ York- takes abbu t; one full* cord .
                                                                                                                                  velops skills ih; public! :; are the two largest maple of firewood to make about
           SATURDAY, APRIL 22, '95                                                   10:30AM                                       speaklhg", and;- h«lps syryp_ producing states: 25 gallons of syrupr v .
                                                                                                                                  y o u t h s become.         mofc_ . Normalfe New^ York 3tate : , S v m -bjoiUng^pl)Iht oFV
        MR. & MRS: PAIA- IFF?fer naeifr dOy&& pi owning andnpWrtinfl ttifejjtesanl frti "                                                  " ^and^ seff-t^nfldent"'* 7 produces -^06/OOlT tov
        farm af»rsftinjj. Faiti Jocafedbn Stale W. 12;%|ppr6x.., 27^itesnprtj p f t ^ ^ f h n w ^ . ^ j f l f c ^                 For riwre InformationJ re- 400,000 gallons^ peryear, S S L % ti)[&&®Z5i                                         Sruxm are hi>qo/ the maple trees that are tapped wah
        mitesou8ioiLowyfe.3n^^                             '•':•.              •-_\i'.'• SS^-S;S,               ;„::_.. -         garding- jiubUe presenta-. "ah^-neigiboring Cewts higher than ;4Kater,: ^buckets                                           c^                                            .-~
                                                                                                                                ^tioits- or other 4-H pro- ~ County iatradldonaBy the when it reaches t h i s "                                                               ^ \
                                                                                                                                   grams, contact Cornell largest^^ producer of maple point, tt is drawn off. The ago put thesyrup-'making-nephew, and" at one time
        shactowo(a^toubt-oneofthet<^^                                                              " ;              ••.•:•/".     Cooperative- Extension oft "•syrup In the state,                                syrup is then filtered and in Jeopardy, as a warm he helped-with, the maple
           v6&-H»GRAD£ ANDP&MOSTltfDARKCOLORED HOLSTBNS^                                                                  ~     —^Onetda County- a t ^736- • •' ApproachingthesugaV put .into containers while •: trend can" r e d u c e - 1 h e syrup production. ' •'. ?:
        Al Sired DW average-20 668 3.7 BF 33P: Low S.C Cows rafted on lasttestaveraged 73 Jbs. per day w'4                        -3394 or 337-2531.- ";                  bush of Irv Kraeger o f it's, still hot ft takes from mapfe harvest                                          Many area folks enjoy
        cows ovw toote^.-3 in tt»,90Jb. bracket Herd Includes <41 imalura cows.of which (6) recentyiesrr {TV                                                            ;;Constablevllte -$tie- inde"5. 35 to 45 gallons of sap to vThe word pure in referT. local pure inapkt syrup on
        springing. Bafc iaJ awtfwwter cahmo/whhal necessary animate Vet preg. checked, 50% of herd a » 1st 4/                                                             scrlbable aroma- bf^fresh. ' rhake^ one gallon • of pure ehce to maple syrup-and pancakes or waflles^but It
        2nd cat Sane otttwswe represented - MANDMQO, BELLTOHE, ST ARSAZB^, TBJf^tlA, LEADMAM*                                                                            •Byrup rolling in the evapo^ maple syxup^ depending^.. products means Lhat-sap ean-also be usedAS a top«
                                                                                                                                                                          rator pan- nils the air. Irv - O R sot}, wea'uTer, and other from the maple the ping cffia<p, yogurt..
         NICE 4 TROY. Eight bred heites to cafes from nowtfwSept. TZyeaffng heifers, 5 started caJves. A
         sample offteouafly^eing;-Samath Q 4-04 305-DA 26.07T M. 3.7BF 2.8 P.; RENE£# 4-07 305DA
        2S214'«:3.4 BF'32 P.; JACK @ 2-09 305 DA 21304 H t M 6T 3.0 PSS -' ~S~L.-.-." ' X - : 7^ :
                                                                                                                   Commission                                            «aysr "he started helping condMJons.                                      only ingredient. Table -French, toast. p u d d * a g | ^
                                                                                                                                                                        ^ifaTa moffier; arid father. ,_Af. the -Kraeger s u g a r - grade syrups fall into grapefruit.'and h o t oepe-
                                                                                                                                                                          with the syrup-making Txislu they usuaHy pro-- three classes, established a l s . It can be used in
        Catalc^s.'.DHlA Recojds at        ringside/*      '                                 . . • • . . ; - " • :.
        SALE MGR NOTE - We just cant put in words ttie qualty of calte, seliog great oais. Eicaptiooaff grown
                                                                                                                   to                                                     when he was 8 or 9 years duce about. 1.500 gallons .by the U.S. Government- baked apples arid carrots,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  a season, Irv said. .Hilf-'-
                                                            r                 y:                                                r-'J*!FiTijg,HiU.Cbjaxniis,.:. okf* When he waos JS years - u ^ m o u r i t ^ ^
        he«fef£AJ«alleJne8uialedw*urandooe..'                   - ---' ' '' = •"• • ^•'i:-'':ClVJ-:.'-.-.-..-~:- ."'steri will meet in the meet- ;'old;"He sa^d'he^'started                                                                                                         s keS
           I '        V             RS. THE OWNERS ARE GREAT, TOO! V ^ - - A • i n g                                                         room'-.. J?fv~ t h e boiling, and IVebcen a t it various, outlets; • the mother *>£& ^ ^ ***#] ? " ^
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   containers 4o-be^sdki at-                                          ^     l ' ^Z**^,    SSK*.
        The foBowing weil-iT, aintajned field equipment usualy only operated by Mr. Lee! Int.-Mod. .1026 Tractor •[Castaways- Res'taura'rit.. ever^tnce:" He^isfaid he's                                      v                                   Ughtest in color and ha* a            Maple syrup can also t » .
                                                                                                                                                                                                               ' h a l f Ts" cooking "grade•
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Medium Amber is one tute. Three-fourths of a
        witiydrostatic trans, duairemote«;"year around cab 18.4-38 robber (good); int. 574 ttofny dTfactor'w/!ot. •" Hastings, Oswego County, been making.maple syrup syrup that goes Into bar- mild maple flavor. Grade A "used as .a sugar subsU- ~
        1850toader,16.9-28 rubber and tire chains; mi 544 D Standard S Tractor w/16.948 rubber w/chains; AC                        on Tuesday^ April 25^-fitim' rfor over 50 year8r" addmgv- ' rels td be sold at the co- grade darker in color with cup of maple syrop equals
                                                                                                                                   3-30 to 6 p.m. . ; •                                                                                                                              o n e cup -of sugar,-When
        gas mod. SH-3 Crawler Tractor w/adj. Wade; N.H. Discbine Mod. 412 (new); 2 N.H. S.U. Wagons 3beaters                                                             T m n o t apttobum tL"               ' o p : Their raiaple syrup is more flavor. Grade A Dark using -maple syrup a s a .
        and root ontendemgears; N.H. 315 Hay BSec w/tugwer. Deutz Fahi KS.1.70 Rufler and rake (new): Oioe '-:'- The Commlsslooi will"                                       Irv said he has approxi- available in half-pints,"                   Amber la still darker and
        Mod. 3060 Forage Btower (nearly new); Briffon 6 ft. seeder; Winco 25,000JrVatt hirtabie Oenerator, approx                  review tts proposed, bud- mately 6.000 taps, half of pints, ouarts; half-gallons has a heavy maple fiavosr sugar substitute, reduce. .
        J40 ft mow.cpnye^or.w/2 tnottrs; Knight 180 BU. Manure Spreader w/hydend gale; ^2} wooden kicker, sj&iloT fiscal year4995r96, - whjch^^ are o n buckets arid -and gallons'.; .                                                                                 a slightly the UqtOd in the recipe by •,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       T " -; sometimes withSyrup that three tablespoons for
        wagons'(1) good{1) poor;4nt 16 f i Transport Disc Harrows;N.t. 272 Cu^corkftioner rjxarts); springtoott :."4 long-Tange' plan for the half on tubing; and they                                              "Last year was terrific,'*    caramel flavor.
        pufl-type harrows; Lincoln AC 225 amp weide/; 250 gai.fuei tank w^fesei; fence traOerrP.T.O. dump'                         Commission's work. and start tap ng.i.n the midr Irv. said. Tltfswill be a n ' is darker than dark amber each cup of syrup used,                                   ;
                                                                                                                                p r o j e c t s . ifl -! Oswego die oT F<                     ary. Freezing average-year;" The warm- is. commercial grade and and add one fourth"tea-
                                                                                                                                                                         ^ i g h t t j t o r teiriperalures v> weather of several weeks .baking.' in blending and spoona soda syrup used.
                                                                                                                                . County. . _ ..-/ -_';-.                                                                                         is. used                                          for each cup
       Barn Equip. = 16 ft feed augecl^tl^teiner teeaeieyator; AgnlaetaJ S.O:"FeedCart Mod'525 w/Honda-f                                                                                                                                                                             of m p l e               63
        Wrwtor>eed"can>;bamtans;Jamesway6^Cte                                                                   :. •                                                                                                                                 Irv doesn't do all the. Some, favorite . r e ^ P -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  work of the maple syrup calling for maple syrup
        Makings Equip. • Sunset 635 gal. bufc tank w/auto washer; Stay'RttePipeiine MIker System complete                                                                                                                                         production himself. He include fudge, cookies,"
        w/approx. 240 ft. 1 1/2' S.S. Mtk Une and 1 1/2* steel vacuum"line': 4 UniversatMyker.Unite; Universai                                                                                                                                    said he has "half family. hard 1 candy, barbecue
        MilwPjmp>Mojwle|k.r^wa»                                           ::S. :SL;~S;~_U......_;                .V- ..:•••.                                                                                                                   ' h a l f hired help" assisting, sauce -andr <?f^C0urse,. :
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  him. Ott^ef good <Jay, hJB_. "maplebutter. - -r: * y
        Sitos - 18X66-oement^tave w.Jafflesway_Unioaoef;-20X60 Harvestorew'Gofcath Untoader'new "chajri m"                                                                                                                                        wlfe, J o s e p h i n e "Jo*,         Unopened.containers of.
        autumn ot '94. Seirg~separaie abouv^ff."eariy nayiage jn trus Site: 20X32 Harvestow w,5partan                                                                                                                                            "makes -lunches for a s maple - syrup should' be
        Untoader.-oew ctain.Sellng separate a. quantity ot t * Moisture Corn -in- Jas sJo'Harvesfore fiotermrtt:-                                                                                                                                 many as. 10 people.               "stored In any cool, dry
        Ttmeiemoyaionsiios. .                   __••._—.                  -                _•                ; - - - ' - . .                                                                                                                         "When the syrup-mak- place. After the contain-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ing is Anally all over for ers are opened, the syrup
        Order Of Sale - Smal stuff at \Z 30 AM <not a lar§« amount). Fieto Equp. Bam Equip.. MiiKmg Equip:.aios                                                                                                                                  -the season," said Irv, It may mold, 'but Che mold
        andcontents. CarBe^^appror1PM. . ^ -                                                                                                                                                                                                      takes another two weeks skimmed' from the''"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   to clean up."                     syrup, and the remaining
        Terms Ot Sa» -; Casn.or good of saie .Soffung removed.tHi.serteO in tuli 5eMiog by w.rnBer
        system*positivei.O '                     ''"'..-'"""_         "-'-                                              »c&£             %i&^            WKOUGHt
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     At the KraegeT larm.lo- syrup.can be used. To p r e : .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              -~ cated On Route 2 6 in vent mold and protect the
        Lunch Available.                                                                   • ' . . " * ' • • • - •                                                                                                                              -ConstablevUle, Irv's wife flavor, keep open contain-—
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  has counters full of syrup ers in the refrigerator. If
        MR. 4 MRS. PAUL ^EE OWNERS - PHONE 315-942-2070                                                                                                                                                                                           for .sale.. It can also be you're buying syrup In
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ... -purchased a t S a t t l e r ' s ' large containers, put the"
                              KELLEHER AUCTION SERVICE                                                                                                                                                                                          ' Barber Shop on Main- syrup into smaller con-
                                                                                                                                            ELECTRICAL SUPPLY                                      Stratton -              " .                    Street in, Boonvllle. Irv tainers and freeze them
                                                 Ph. 315^23^)089                                                     .:                                                                                                                            Saltier I s Irv Kraeger's- for future use. • . ' '_ ...
                          • - "flemwfnoerf W AfTh* Auction F+oph WtvT/yHardf                     ...                        Rt;12, Boohvilfe 942-5900 Fax, S42-4319                                    5961 Erie Blvd.. Rome 339-4300

                                                                                     MOTORCYCLE, ATV & SNOWMOBILE
                                                                                    Moo.-i^f.5-6.—l!                            942*2405
                                                                                                                                                            NOW SCHEDULE YOUR SPRINa                                                        BROWNS TRACTOR &
           IffiEP YOUft BUSINESS i                                                   . Sat 8-2 •
                                                                                                                                   Buy i SeU                IPUIiTUNBUP FOR YOUR                                                           EQUIPMENT SERVICE, INC.
                    BUSY!                                                           "Siin i0r2
                                                                                                                                                                  LAWN & GARDEN                                                        •   Hydrauiic Ho$«s          •   AGCO-AHis
       s                                                                                                                                                                                                                               •   Battery Cables           •   AGCO-HessJon
                 :,v : " Use Your: /:' ...'.'.;                          s                                                                                        EQUffiMENTr                                                          •   Bearings' .              •   Bush Hog Cutters "   -
                 .     BUSliNESS CARD!                                   s.                                                                                                                                                                                         •   ZetorTractors : " v -
                                                                                              A N D SNOW                                                         Free Pick-Up                                                          •   Spfcxjket*
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       • Pulleys                    •   Bekurus Tractors
       5         SPACE AVAILABLE:                                                     'NEW &UScD PARTS-•                .    ' . ; R T J 2 ••:               &MveryU0ApcU3Q,i995.                                                      • Roller Chain               •   Zebra Compact Tractors'
                                                                         s                                                  4 MILES NORTH OF TT                                                                                                                     •   Karcher Pressure WasheFS
                     942-4449                                                           Full Lme Of Service                    BOONVILLE     * *            BOONVILLE FARM Rt.i2.BoonvHie.Ny                                           • PennzoB
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              JACKSON W L L ROAD (OFF RTE. 46)
       V \UUiAumuuuuuuuua
          M                                                                                     P A R T S A N D SERVICE                                     & HOME CENTER .'.'••'• 942-55267 v -                                           BOONVILLE. NY          PH. 315-942-2733

                                                                                                        WATERPUMPS                                                                                                                         CATALDO ELECTRIC SERVICE
                                                                                                           Jet.&lSubmerefbte Bimfis^                                                                                                                                                                                 ziL
                                                                                                            f r o m y i ^ i .fc^Brup                                                       TFt^S^ESLS                                             • . / •   *   •

                                                                                                                 . Well Jo-Faucet-rr;x~.r;; - .
                                                                                                                        ' Wb H&e Your Needs'
                                                                                                     MIDSTATE        *                                                                                                                            GE APPLIANCES y:
                                                                                                   SUPPLY CO., INC.-
                                                                                                                                                               .-»   .--   -JJ;.#

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 We Buy & Sell Guns'
                                                                                                  'PLUMBING-ELECTfUCALHEATWG                                                                                          Ave.                W25 CEHTEfi STf?E£T, LYONS FALLS, NY 13368
      I j ^ . 12, BOOWVILLE, NY                       ^942-4321                                                                                              (31B) 896-2631 n ^ n ^ ^ ^ M . NY 13304
                                                                                   RT. 12, BOONVIU-E- _                           942-3445.                                                                                            BobertC^aWoC Owner '         PH. 315^348-^321
                                                                                                                                  ^.U.   T.i.^- •
                                                                                                                                                                                    ./V'                                                                                                                              {'

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