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					                                                                                             ISSUE NO. 28 • WINTER 2008/2009

                                               PUBLISHED FOR THE EMPLOYEES, CUSTOMERS & SUPPLIERS OF PARKER BOILER CO.

10 MILLIon BTu’S oF WW

Pictured at right is a beautiful installation of four
Parker G2640R Hot Water boilers in the Telus
Building located in Prince George, British Colum-
bia. Telus, a phone utility, chose Parker due to
an excellent track record on previous jobs, high
reliability and efficiency. The boilers were sold
with a fully modulating lead lag system mounted
to one of the boilers.

The units replaced a single, much larger boiler.
Multiple boilers provides Telus with redundancy
and better overall turndown ratios. Because
these boilers feature highly efficient, sealed com-
bustion, energy savings are certain.

The boilers were sold by Murray Mechanical Sales
Inc. in Surrey, British Columbia. Engineering de-
sign was by Tom Miller with Morrison Hershfield.
Installation was performed by Glen Tasa, Central
Interior Piping & Maintenance LTD.

                                                                                 THInk grEEn

                                                                                 FrEE FuEL
                                                                                 Pictured is a Parker Indirect Fired Low NOx
                                                                                 WH1900LGG. We have shipped many simi-
                                                                                 lar units this year for use in Bio Gas or Di-
                                                                                 gester Gas plants.

                                                                                 These units burn the waste gas if it is avail-
                                                                                 able, and have the ability to automatically
                                                                                 switch to Natural gas if the free fuel is not
                                                                                 available. The Indirect Fired Water Heater is
                                                                                 particularly well suited to these dirty gases
                                                                                 as the furnace runs at a warm temperature.
2 • BOILERPLATE 28 • WINTER 2008/2009

Burks Pump Selection, Seals, Cooling Jacket and rat-
ings For Circulating Hot Water
  Parker Boiler has successfully used Burks In Line and End         and 125 PSI as an air cooled seal. We do not often use this type
Suction hot water circulating pumps for many years. We also         of seal but are told it is good for hot water and caustic service.
use Burks Turbine Boiler Feed Pumps CT and CS Series as stan-       However, it does not wear as well as Viton or Buna N.
dard selections for our steam boilers (see spec sheet D-106-C)
for standard selections. Our standard selections for our Indirect    MJ
Fired Water Heaters are the following bronze fitted pumps:            The optional Water Jacketed Seal Cavity with special seal is
                                                                    often provided by Parker Boiler Co. We stock this pump for
Parker Heater      Pump Model       Power       Type                high temperature customers in the 2-5 HP range. It is an option
WH-300-730         3GB5-1.5F        1/3 HP      IN LINE             whether to use the jacketed water flow or not but is required on
WH-970-1410        5GB5-1.5F        1/2 HP      IN LINE             temperatures over 275°F on this pump. The MJ unit employs
WH-1900-3000       3104G6-2         1 HP        END SUCTION         a Viton fitted rotary face type shaft seal with Ni resist station-
                                                                    ary seat. The MJ Jacketed Seal Cavity is used for temperatures
   We are normally providing the ‘G’ Series end suction, bronze     up to 400°F. We have been using this for many years on high
fitted pumps for medium                                                                                       temperature hot water
and high temperature wa-                                                                                      systems particularly
ter circulating systems.                                                                                      in the metal finishing
   All of the Burks pumps                                                                                     and cleaning industry.
for hot water circulation                                                                                     Maximum tempera-
have a maximum case                                                                                           ture for hot water ser-
working pressure rating of                                                                                    vice is 400°F.
200 psi and a maximum                                                                                           Some people flow
inlet pressure of 100 psi.                                                                                    water through the seal
                                                                                                              and some do not. Rat-
  The following are multi-                                                                                    ing without cooling
ple options for pump seals:                                                                                   water is 275°F. With
                                                                                                              cooling water, (1/4 to
Standard                                                                                                      3/4 GPM at <60 PSI)
  The standard seal is a self                                                                                 rating is 400°F. Soft
adjusting shaft seal rated                                                                                    water supply for cool-
for temperatures up to                                                                                        ing water is advisable
225°F and pressures to 150                                                                                    in many areas.
PSI. It has a ceramic seat
and carbon seal faces which, according to Burks, provides long      MJK
trouble free service.                                                  The Water Jacketed Seal Cavity is furnished with a Kalrez O-
  This is typically furnished on our pumps for circulating under    ring and Viton elastomers on the mechanical seal. It is used on
200°F although the, Buna N is the elastomer and is rated for        heat transfer fluids above 400°F and can be used for tempera-
225°F.                                                              tures for up to 500°F. We have used some of these for thermal
                                                                    fluid applications with all iron construction.
   The MV is a Viton mechanical shaft seal with ceramic seat        SEAL FLUSH
and carbon seal faces which replaces the standard seal. This           In some cases, a seal flush is employed which can extend seal
increases the temperature rating of the pump to 275°F and we        life by offering cooling and flow over the seal to help keep it
often provide the MV seal on jobs running up to 275°F. (This        clean. This is available as a very inexpensive option. Also, by in-
is with air cooling only.) The MV Viton seal is an economical       stalling pumps on cooler boiler inlet, we have found it improves
addition to the standard pump. We have generally found it to be     pump and seal life.
adequate for temperatures in this range.
                                                                      Please contact Parker for help selecting your pump or with
EPT                                                                 any questions.
 The EPT mechanical shaft seal is rated for 285°F temperatures
3 • BOILERPLATE 28 • WINTER 2008/2009

JAnuArY 26-28, 2009
                                                                         FAMILY TIME
See us At AHr EXPo                                                       PArkEr BoILEr Co.
   Chicago, IL – The International Air
Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration                                  HoLIdAY SCHEduLE:
Exposition, also known as the AHR Expo,
will be held at the McCormick Conven-                                    The Parker Boiler Co. plant will be closed on the
tion Center located in Chicago, IL from                                  following days so employees can spend extra time
January 26-28, 2009.                           Show Dates and Hours:     with family and friends.
   The AHR Expo is the largest tradeshow
for HVAC and industry professionals to         Monday, January 26        January 1, Thursday               New Year’s Day
buy, sell, network and learn. Over 1,850       10:00 am – 6:00 pm
exhibiting companies from 30 countries                                   January 2, Friday                 Day after New Year’s
will have displays, working models, sales      Tuesday, January 27       January 3, Saturday               New Year’s Weekend
information and new product introduc-          10:00 am – 6:00 pm
tions. The manufacturers represented in
                                                                         February 14, Saturday             President’s Day Weekend
past shows have included air conditioning      Wednesday, January 28     February 16, Monday               President’s Birthday
systems, ventilation equipment, boilers,       10:00 am – 4:00 pm        April 11, Saturday                Easter Weekend
furnaces, fans, compressors, heat exchang-
ers, pumps, refrigeration equipment, tools                               May 23, Saturday                  Memorial Day Weekend
controls, filters, ducts, heating equipment,                             May 25, Monday                    Memorial Day
software and more. AHR is also consider-
ing allowing the general public access to                                July 3, Friday                    Fourth of July Holiday
the exhibits Wednesday, January 28.                                      July 4, Saturday                  Fourth of July
   Parker is proud to be an exhibitor at the
                                                                         September 5, Saturday             Labor Day Weekend
AHR Show for over 20 years. We look
forward to seeing you in booth #3941.                                    September 7, Monday               Labor Day

                                                                       Below is a Parker T4600LR Hot Water Boiler. This unit was lifted on to
JunE 18-21, 2009                                                       the top of the LA County DWP building in Alhambra, California. The unit
                                                                       is equipped with Ultra Low NOx Burners and runs at NOx levels below
The Clean Show 2009                                                    12 ppm. Also shown is a Parker Combustion Air Inlet Filter mounted on
                                                                       the Blower inlet.
   New Orleans, LA – The Biennial Clean
Show will be held at the Ernest M. Morial
Convention Center in New Orleans, LA
June 18-21, 2009.                              Show Dates and Hours:
   The Clean Show has attracted as many
as 23,000 people including participants        Thursday, June 18
from 82 countries outside the U.S. This        10:00 am – 5:00 pm
show is a premier marketplace to pro-
mote products and services to buyers in        Friday, June 19
the textile care industry and makes it pos-    9:00 am – 5:00 pm
sible for people from around the world
to move the Laundry and Drycleaning            Saturday, June 20
industry forward.                              9:00 am – 5:00 pm
   We have been exhibiting at the Clean
Show for many years now and this year is       Sunday, June 21
no exception. We hope to see you at our        9:00 am – 3:00 pm
booth# 2265.
                                                                            WINTER 2008/2009 • BOILERPLATE 28 • 4

uPdATE BY grEg dAnEnHAuEr

2008 Active regulatory Year for nox regulations
  20 Years ago The South Coast Air             the site accumulative BTUH exceeds 20          Rules 4307, 2250 and 4306. NOx levels
Quality Management District began reg-         MM BTUH.                                       at 15-9 ppm or lower may be required.
ulating boilers 2.0 MM BTUH and larger.
Many areas across the nation have been           The District recently held a workshop           Bay Area APCD
active on this front.                          regarding adoption of Rule 69.2.1, which          On January 1, 2008 BAAPCD Regula-
                                               will affect new small boilers, process heat-   tion 9, Rule 6 went into effect. This is an-
  2008 was by far the most active year to      ers, and steam generators with inputs be-      other precertification rule on units from
date for the implementation and adoption       tween 600,000 and 2,000,000 BTUH.              75,000 – 2,000,000 BTUH. Certification
of new, tough air quality rules for boilers.   The new rule will not affect any facility      to South Coast AQMD rule 1146.2 is re-
                                               that currently operates such a unit until      quired on new units.
  The following is a brief synopsis of the     the unit is replaced.
new regulations in some of these areas.                                                         Regulation 9 Rule 7 passed this year.
                                                  The new rule will require new boil-         This retrofit rule will require units over
  South Coast Air Quality Manage-              ers with heat inputs between 600,000           2.0MM BTUH to retrofit to low NOx by
ment District (SCAQMD)                         and 2,000,000 BTUH per hour to be              2011.
  The District has been working on low-        equipped with low NOx burners to meet
ering the NOx level on existing boilers        30 ppm NOx and 400 ppm CO emis-                  Santa Barbara APCD
over 2.0MM BTUH for quite a few years.         sions limits (corrected to 3% oxygen).           Rule 361 was passed which requires
Rules 1146 and 1146.1 govern boilers                                                          registration and an eventual retrofit on
above 2.0MM BTUH. I am a member                  Boilers with heat inputs from above          units from 2.0 – 5.0 MM BTUH.
of the 1146 and 1146.1 Rule Advisory           2,000,000 to 5,000,000 BTUH are not
Groups and we have followed these pro-         addressed in the new rule 69.2.1, and as          With 34 different Air Districts in the
ceedings carefully.                            such should not be subject to the new rule     state, each with 2-6 boiler rules, you can
                                               emissions limits. (Boilers with heat inputs    see that an extremely complex rule ma-
  The result of this rule making is that       above 5,000,000 BTUH are already cov-          trix is in effect in California.
many of the boilers governed by these          ered by existing rule 69.2, which limits
rules must drop the NOx level on their         NOx and CO emissions).                            One fairly common rule is SCAQMD
boilers to 12 or 9 ppm. Units over 20MM                                                       1146.2 which requires units from 75,000
BTUH face even lower NOx require-                The District tentatively expects to pres-    -2,000,000 BTUH to meet the 30/400
ments.                                         ent the rule to the board in January, 2009     levels. Testing and precertification to this
                                               for adoption. The rule would be effective      rule is required and many districts and
   In addition to having to meet these         one year after date of adoption.               the state of Texas has adopted a form of
lower NOx levels, stringent tune up veri-                                                     this rule.
fication procedures must be followed at          San Joaquin APCD
far greater frequency than the present           On January 1, 2007 the SJAPCD imple-           To help understand these rules, and
rule allows.                                   mented Rule 4308 requiring units from          Parker’s low NOx boilers, refer to the
                                               75,000-2,000,000 BTUH to comply with           Parker website under Low NOx in the
  This rule will be a burden to many of        a 30ppm NOx and 400ppm CO level at             News or Catalog link. We always recom-
the affected boiler users.                     3% O2. Pre-certification to South Coast        mend confirming the NOx requirements
                                               AQMD Rule is required on these new             before any boiler sale to insure rule com-
   San Diego County Air Pollution              units.                                         pliance.
Control District
   At present SDCAPCD does not regu-             Boilers over 2.0 MM face stringent ret-
late boilers below 5.0 MM BTUH unless          rofit requirements according to District
                                                                                         WINTER 2008/2009 • BOILERPLATE 28 • 5

ASPE 2008-october 27-28, 2008

Parker Wins “Excellence In Exhibiting” Award
                                                                                       Long Beach, CA – The biennial Engineered Plumbing Ex-
                                                                                    position Show hosted by American Society of Plumbing Engi-
                                                                                    neers (ASPE) was held at the Long Beach Convention Center
                                                                                    October 27-28, 2008. The Engineered Plumbing Exposition
                                                                                    is the only event specifically for Commercial, Industrial, In-
                                                                                    stitutional and Commercial-Residential Plumbing Engineers,
                                                                                    Designers, Specifiers and Contractors.
                                                                                       After a last minute decision, we decided to display our 9.5
                                                                                    HP cutaway boiler for the first time at ASPE. As a result,
                                                                                    Parker Boiler was awarded with the “Excellence in Exhibiting”
                                                                                    plaque which we now proudly display in our lobby.

From left to right: AsPe President Julius A. Ballanco, Michael Leeming (Parker
Boiler National sales Manager), R.J. Jones (Parker Boiler Los Angeles sales Man-
ager), Greg Farmer, and Frank Heine (Convention Co-Chairs)


Filters for Low nox Boilers
   The Parker Premix Metal Fiber Burner                NOx level. Note that firing rate is de-                 On older Low NOx systems with a
system has been in use since 1992 with                 creased as the filter loads up with dirt.            Maxon Blower Mixer we recommend
thousands of systems installed. Up to                                                                       installing the filter with a negative pres-
the year 2001 none of these units were                                                                      sure gauge so that a dirty filter can be
shipped with a blower inlet combustion                                                                      detected. On smaller On/Off Low NOx
air filter. As more and more of our “L”                                                                     systems the filter should be monitored
Low NOx burners are being installed in                                                                      carefully. Parker recommends that a fil-
dirty environments the need for an air in-                                                                  ter be added to Low NOx boilers in dirty
let filter became more critical.                                                                            environments including laundry and dry
   Laundry and dry cleaning plants pre-                                                                     cleaners. Water Wall Low NOx boilers
sented a high lint environment. Lint can                                                                    are equipped with a filter as standard.
be drawn into the blower and become                                                                            If your boiler room is clean a filter is not
trapped on the blower wheel or in and                                                                       absolutely required. The benefit of the
under the burners. This causes burner                                                                       filter is that it will keep the blower and
system problems. Parker’s solution was                                                                      burner system clean and burning properly
to develop a version of a K & N or off                                                                      with Low NOx. The filter also greatly ex-
road automotive type air filter.                                                                            tends the time interval for burner clean-
   This air filter is designed to slip over the                                                             ing or eliminates it.
fan inlet and actually has the effect of in-                                                                   On a typical 15 HP boiler the filter is
creasing the airflow when clean on most                                                                     under $100 so this is generally a wise in-
boilers. On our Low NOx VFD systems                                                                         vestment to minimize maintenance.
even as the filter loads up with dirt the              shown is a Parker Combustion Air Inlet Filter           Contact your Parker Representative for
proper fuel air ratio is maintained by the             mounted on the blower inlet of a T4600LR at the LA   more information.
mixing system so the burners hold their                County DWP.
                                                                                  WINTER 2008/2009 • BOILERPLATE 28 • 6


More old Parkers In Service
  Kansas City, MO - Our man-          Located in Pittsburg, KS, they
ufacturing representative, Rick       make large clay piping such as
Neuer of RC Neuer Co (Paola,          used for sewers and drains.
KS), asked us to identify a hot          The original installation in
water boiler located at a church      1953 was a 12 hp high pres-
in Kansas City, Missouri. In-         sure Parker steam boiler. It was
stalled in 1961, not only is this     replaced with a Parker T4600
hot water boiler older than           350°F hot water system in
some of our Parker employees-         2003. (Shown at right). It is
this hot water boiler is still run-   fitted with a Parker 450°F ex-
ning strong!                          pansion tank and air separator
  This prompted our rep to            tank. According the end user
follow up with another long-          Dave McFall, the new boiler is
time Parker customer, MCP             operating as flawlessly as the
Urethane.                             unit they had in service for 50
    MCP Urethane was origi-           years.
nally Mission Clay Products .


   Irvine, CA- This Parker DAS3696,
8000 lbs/hr Deaerator provides condi-
tioned feedwater to a clean steam genera-
tor. The boiler feed pumps operate with
a VFD level control system to maintain
a steady water level in the steam genera-
tor. This is in addition to the standard
electronic Parker level control on the DA
tank. The tank itself has no moving parts
or sensors. This eliminates the possibility
of failure in circumstances where there
is poor water quality or low conductiv-
ity. The unit was put on line in January
2008 at this new state of the art science
                                                        Project concept design by UCI in-house staff; installation by University Marelich Mechanical

            5930 Bandini Boulevard                                                                                Phone (323) 727-9800
             Los Angeles CA 90040                                                                                   Fax (323) 722-2848
                                                  Never a Compromise for Quality or Safety

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