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									UE ST Form 5
                               University of the East, COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, Manila

                        Evaluation Form for Final Teaching Demonstration

Name of Observer:                                                                                     Date:
Designation:                                                                                          Time:

    Year/Grade Level                            Section                        Class Size                 Room

Instruction: PLEASE USE NUMERICAL VALUE (NOT check) in rating, as
                                                                                      100%      95%     89%      82%    74%
honestly as you can, the student teacher by using the percentages 100% to
                                                                                        to       to      to       to     to
                                                                                       96%      90%     83%      75%   below
                        Teaching Skills and Competencies
I. Communication Skills
1. Has command of the language of instruction
2. Expresses ideas clearly
3. Speaks audibly in a well-modulated voice
4. Uses words and expressions within the students’ level of understanding
II. Knowledge of Subject Matter
5. Demonstrates thorough knowledge of the subject matter
6. Relates subject matter to other fields, current issues and concerns
7. Elaborates or analyzes subject matter rather than resorting to mere textbook
III. Teaching Methods and Classroom Management
8. Organizes and presents subject matter clearly and systematically
9. Uses appropriate teaching techniques and strategies
10. Arouses students’ interest and encourages them to think for themselves
11. Encourages students’ participation in class discussion
12. Utilizes appropriate and challenging instructional aids to give concreteness to
    abstract ideas
13. Challenges students to study harder through highly motivated assignments
14. Elicits correct answer from students through skillful questioning
15. Maintains permissive, but disciplined classroom atmosphere
16. Has systematic and orderly classroom routine
IV. Personality and Poise
17. Show poise and composure
18. Invites respect through behavior and general appearance
19. Is well-groomed, dresses neatly and appropriately
20. The teacher shows dynamism and enthusiasm.
Your Comments, please:

                                                                                             Signature of Observer

                * * *    U P    T O   T H I S    P O R T I O N   O N L Y .    T H A N K     Y O U !     * * *
To be accomplished by the Supervisor                                                 MEAN SCORE EQUIVALENT
I. Communication Skills                                   :                      Mean Score        Equivalence
II. Knowledge of Subject Matter                           :                  1.00 – 1.25 (100-96)     Excellent
III. Teaching Methods and Classroom Management            :                   1.26 – 2.00 (95-90)    Very Good
IV. Personality and Poise                                 :                   2.01 – 3.00 (89-83)   Satisfactory
                                    Mean Score                                3.01 – 4.00 (82-75)       Fair
                                                                                Below 4.00 (74)        Poor

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