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									Losing Weight with Weight Watchers

Everyone can lose weight if they know how. However, knowing how to lose weight and then having the
willpower to act on that knowledge are skills that most of us don't possess - without some coaching. This is
where comes in.

Worked for Me

Despite my reluctance to admit defeat, I finally had to accept that I needed help losing weight. Although I
knew what I needed to do - take in fewer calories - I just couldn't seem to make it happen. One of my friends
was joining Weight Watchers, so I decided to give it a try. Nine weeks and 19 pounds later, I met my weight
goal, a lot easier than I anticipated.

Was it hard at times? Sure it was. Did I always follow the plan? Absolutely not! Nevertheless, I lost weight.
The main reasons this plan worked for me was 1) I was able to eat anything I wanted as long as I followed
their guidelines; 2) I was encouraged to lose weight, but never pressured; and 3) I received as much or as
little support as I needed.

Could I have reached my weight loss goal without Weight Watchers? Yes, I could have, but would I?
Probably, not.

10 Tips for Success

Ultimately, Weight Watchers was not responsible for my weight loss - I was. However, following the
program made the process of dieting easier and shortened the time necessary to meet my goal. Although all
these tips may not work with your particular lifestyle, they were instrumental to my success.

1: Attending Weekly Meetings

The meetings were important to me because they kept me motivated. Since I met every week on the same
day and time, I established a close relationship with the meeting leader and with fellow members. The leader
provided support, without pressuring, and she exuded just the right amount of enthusiasm to make the
meetings enjoyable.

Also, the in-person weigh ins were very beneficial because they kept me accountable. Besides, who can
resist getting a personal pat on the back?

2: Planning Menus Ahead

Stock your pantry with only food conducive to weight loss. Planning ahead prevented me from making the
wrong choices at mealtime.

3: Tracking Points

Tracking points helped me learn what and how much to eat. I don't currently track points, but if I revert back
to bad eating habits, I will start tracking again.

4: Staying within Allotted Daily Points And Using All Weekly Points

I usually stayed within my allotted daily points, and I always used my additional weekly points. I used the
35 points on the weekend, and if necessary, offset daily point overruns by exercising more.

5: Drinking Plenty of Water

Water helped me stave off hunger. I drank at least three 16-ounce bottles of water daily.

6: Keeping Low-Calorie Snacks with Me

Instead of grabbing a candy bar or a pack of Nabs when I got hungry, I ate low-calorie snacks.

7: Exercising

Exercise, exercise, exercise. This is how I was able to eat more.

8: Following Healthy Food Guidelines

Don't be tempted to ignore Weight Watchers' healthy food guidelines. While I didn't always succeed, I tried
to include protein, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in my diet.

9: Weighing One Time a Week

I always preferred weighing only once a week. Daily weight fluctuations were discouraging, and I wasn't
willing to risk sabotaging my weekly progress.

10: Forgiving Myself

Allowing myself to have occasional setbacks helped me stay with my diet.

Make Weight Watchers Work for You
Weight Watchers works, it really works, but you have to be willing to Commit, Get Started, and Follow
Through. Then you will be well on you way to achieving your weight loss goals.

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