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									Losing weight quickly and easily

How to lose 30 pounds in 30 days, and keep it off.

For years I've heard people complaining about how hard it is to lose weight. Last January, after the holidays,
I weighed myself and was surprised to see the scales tip at 205. I thought -okay, tough guy, lets just see how
hard it really is to lose weight.-

One month later my weight had dropped by thirty five pounds. Nine months later, it's still right at the same

To be quite honest, I was surprised at how easy it was. No pills, no gimmicks or gadgets, just force of will.
This knol is basically a walk-though of what I did.I can't guarantee this will work for you, but it definitely
worked for me.What to do

The short version of this method is -eat less, exercise more- You can vary this to your own set of
circumstances, but the methodology definitely works. The core requirement for this to work is that you need
to implement a fundamental and permanent life-style change. And it's not diet or exercise, it's diet AND
exercise, and it has to be consistent. Either you change your life and get fit, or you don't.

Eat Less

Eat smaller portions, and use common sense. In the beginning, you're going to be a little bit hungry all the
time, but eventually your body adjusts, and you get used to it. Specific things I did that nailed it include:

No desserts - no desserts at all. You just finished a meal, why do you need dessert?

No candy - even more so than no desserts. What are you, five years old?

No soft drinks - Coke is one of the worst things you can put in your body, if you have to drink something
like this, go for a diet drink,check the caloric/sugar content , then go have a glass of water.

No alcohol - especially no beer. Hard liquor is also very fattening, so kiss your double martinis good-bye. If
you have to drink, try one (only one) glass of red wine per evening, consumed with your evening meal.

No pre-packaged chip-like crap - no Fritos, Doritos, potato chips, anything like that. And while we're on the
subject of chips, no guacamole either.

More vegetables than fruit - Raw or steamed vegetables are best, you want them crisp, not soggy (keeps in
the vitamins), you should have vegetables at lunch and dinner. If you need to snack during the day, try baby
carrots. Most fruits are loaded with sugar, so limit your intake. You can replace dessert with a banana or
grapes if you like.

Lots of fish (no canned tuna) - grilled fish, not canned fish, Even the tuna packed in water has way more fat
than a grilled filet of sole

Low fat meat - any meat you buy in stores has the fat content listed as a percentage, go for the low fat stuff,
the taste difference is negligible, and it's much less fattening.

Grill, don't fry your food - it takes the same amount of time to grill as to fry, so you might as well take the
healthy alternative.

No french fries or cheese burgers - if it's dripping with cheese and smells great, run to the nearest exit.

There's more stuff like this, but it basically comes down to common sense. Look at the calories in the food
you buy, how much sugar, how much fat. The information is readily available, so ignorance is no excuse.
Now on to the second part.

Exercise More

Daily physical activity has to be an integral part of your life. Weekend warrior stuff won't cut it. You
basically have to burn off more than you consume, and you have to do it consistently. Here are a couple of
ways to burn off fat quickly.

Running - I have friends who are competitive bodybuilders, and a few weeks before a competition, they all
start jogging slowly as part of their workout routine. One hour, at a slow trot. This type of exercise is not
aerobic, or anaerobic, it merely burns fat. But it has to be one hour. Start off on a level surface, once your
wind gets a little better, look for hills or a more varied terrain. You'll burn fat faster if you're going up and
down hills, but you'll also burn them on a flat surface. The trick here is one hour. If you get bored, stick an
iPod in your ears. This is what I've been doing, and the 35 pounds I lost have not returned.

Sprinting -- I ran across this suggestion recently, and the logic behind it makes sense. Recent studies have
indicated that intense aerobic activity (the easiest of which is sprinting) done for merely 30 seconds three
times per week will raise your metabolism and help burn off fat faster. There are a couple of caveats before
you try this:

Make sure you're in good shape. Sprinting in middle age is not the same as when you're 18. Before you go
blazing down the street, make sure you're up to it. If you just started running, wait until you can go at a
steady pace and carry on a conversation at the same time. If you've had cardiovascular or coronary issues,
you might also want to check with your doctor beforehand.

Make sure you're warmed up. There is not faster way to pull a muscle and then miss weeks of exercise than
by not warming up. I do my sprints after I've put 5 or 6 miles behind me, by that point I am well warmed up,
and I have yet to pull anything.

I've referenced sprinting, since it's what I do and it doesn't require any special equipment. This could just as
easily be jumping rope, or swimming, or cycling, etc. The point is that you're going as hard as you can, and
engaging all muscles.

Cross-training - A trainer I worked with a few years back taught me this, and it works really well. If you
belong to a health club, go where all the exercise machines are; spend 10 minutes on a treadmill, then go
directly to a stair-stepper for 10 minutes, then 10 minutes on a rowing machine, then 10 minutes on one of
those Nordic-track thingies, etc. Don't rest between machines, just go from one to the next. Try to go for at
least forty minutes, fifty or sixty is better. The advantage of this method is you don't get bored (nothing
more boring than 60 minutes on a treadmill), and your body doesn't acclimate to one particular type of
exercise. This method, done every day, will strip the fat right off you.

Jumping rope -- There's a reason boxers have low body fat. Try jumping rope for as little as three minutes,
it's a lot harder than it looks, and will melt the fat right off. As an added bonus, you'll look liketotal badass
once you reach the point where you can skip fast. This can be worked into the whole cross-training thing.

Weight training - As long as all that fat is coming off, you might as well have a little bit of toning to show
for it. Machines are fine, free weights are better (you want exercise equipment that adapts to you, not the
other way around). If you do a split routine (arms, legs, and abs one day, chest back and shoulders the next)
you'll get faster results. Alternating muscle groups every day allows you to recover.

Ideally you want any exercise that involves carrying your own weight around. So losing the weight is pretty
easy, and frankly keeping it off is not that much harder, you just have to change your lifestyle. Like I said,
no pills, no gimmicks, just plain old force of will. Good luck.

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