Nov29.2011.URL Routing in ASP.NET by spec-india


									                                  URL Routing: ASP.NET feature
When Microsoft released ASP.NET MVC 2 with .NE T framework 3.5, they introduced the URL routing
feature. It is basically a very creative way to get rid of the long-long URLs and the .aspx extensions every
time. So, now the Microsoft introduced URL routing with ASP.NET 4.0 as a fully integrated, very
powerful and straight forward feature.

What is URL routing:


The visitors of the website access the web applications and websites using some URL that is normally he
physical path of the pages. So, URL Routing is a way to provide your own URL instead of the physical
path of the page. Here, routing allows us a way to configure our application to accept a requested URL
which actually doesn’t map to the physical files. From the security point of view, it’s important because
the ASP.NET programmers can easily know the solution architecture of the application.

Furthermore, the ASP.NET router enables the ASP.NET programmers to define any kind of custom
routes and we can easily map it to our webform page.

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