MEMORANDUM by linxiaoqin


									                                                                   ACADEMIC SENATE 2006-2007
                                                                           Larry G. Pagel, Chair
                                                                         Ruth Watry, Vice Chair
                                                                          Andrew Poe, Secretary

                         Academic Senate Meeting of March 13th, 2007
                               Northern Michigan University
                            Ontario Room of the University Center
                                  Approved Minutes

Present:        Larry Pagel (Chair), Andrew Poe (Secretary), Fred Joyal (Provost, VPAA),
                Krista Clumpner (AAUP Liaison), David Boe (Member at Large), Tom Getman,
                (Member at Large), Julie Rochester (Member at Large), Mike Andary, John
                Andrews, Randy Appleton, Louise Bourgault, Karen Crapo, Dave Donovan,
                Richard Eathorne, Hsin-ling Hsieh, Nell Kupper, Paul Lang, Charles Leith, Alec
                Lindsay, Robert Marlor, Rebecaa Mead, Jane Milkie, Joanna Mitchell, Cindy
                Prosen, Charles Rayhorn, Don Rybacki, Rajib Sanyal, Terry Seethoff, Ray
                Ventre, Darlene Walch (30).

Absent:         Ruth Watry (Excused), Carolyn Lowe (Excused), Gloria Clocklin, Leslie Cory,
                Lauren Daering, Don Dreisbach, Rob Engelhart, Michaela Harris, Cmaron
                Howes, Michelle Johnson (Excused), Helen Kahn, Jeanne Lorentzen, Marge
                Sklar, Stanley Thompson (15).

Guests:         Greg Warchol (Criminal Justice), Kathy Saville (Industrial Technology), Bob
                Hanson (Criminal Justice), Laura Reissner (CUP), Mike Broadway (Dept. Head –
                Geography) (5)

Proxy:          Andrew Poe Proxy for Ruth Watry, Paul Lang, Proxy for Cameron Howes.

I.       Call to Order: Chair Larry Pagel called the meeting to order at 3:08 p.m. in the Ontario
         Room of the University Center.

II.      Additions to/Adoption of Agenda:

III.     Approval of Draft Minutes of February 20th, 2007 - The minutes were accepted as

IV. Reports:

         A. Chair – Larry Pagel - None
       B. Vice Chair – Ruth Watry - Absent

       C. Secretary – Andrew Poe – None

       D. Provost – Fred Joyal – None

       E. ASNMU – Karen Crapo – ASNMU is still looking for a faculty advisor. They are
       lobbying in Lansing for funding and ASNMU elections are coming up.

       F. CUP Report of March 13th, 2007 – (First Reading) Motioned by: Julie
       Rochester/ Don Rybacki

-Bob Hanson introduced himself as having been working on the Loss Prevention program for 10
years. He explained that he’s been working in conjunction with a National Advisory Board on
Loss Prevention to develop the concept for this major. This major is aimed at working
professionals in the field of loss prevention across the country. Although there are security
management degrees, they are too generic. No other school in the United States is teaching this
core. It is a logical extension of what the Criminal Justice Department at Northern is already
doing. There are jobs available for people who get Master’s Degrees in Loss Prevention
Management and they are in high demand and highly paid. We have letters of support from the
top Retailers across the U.S. (ei; Target, Lowes, etc.)

-Randy Appleton asked for clarification regarding a full “on-line” (web based) 4 year major?

-Not completely on-line. Students will still need to take a Natural Science Lab which can be
completed at a school near them.

-On campus faculty will have the first option to teach courses with content specialty adjuncts
filling in as necessary.

The two items in the report were separated and a motion was made to Suspend the Rules
and Waive the 2nd Reading for item 2: Motioned by John Andrews & Louise Bourgault .
The reason for this is that the C.J. department wants to have the program approved and get it in
the Graduate Bulletin by fall 2007

Dr. Joyal said two weeks may not make a difference since it is a new academic program. It
needs to be approved at the State Level for accreditation and that won’t even come up until the
Summer Session. It can’t be a degree program until it is approved.

Paul Lang wanted to know if the courses can be offered before it’s approved at a state level.
Answer: (Yes.) Courses are an internal issue.

Julie Rochester wanted to know what the exact steps were in the process to have a new program
Fred Joyal explained that first it needs to be approved by the Senate. The VP/Provost must
approve it. Then the Educational Policies Committee should review it. Then it is scheduled in a
series of meeting with the State to review. It could possibly take until the V.P.’s Summer
Meeting to get approved.

Fred Joyal questioned why there were no classes listed at the 400 level. Paul Lang said it was an
oversight and is taking responsibility to correct that issue.

The Motion to Suspend the Rules and Waive the 2nd Reading was Defeated in the Senate by
a 12-12 vote. (Suspending the rules requires a 2/3 vote.) There will be a second reading in
two weeks at the March 27th Senate Meeting. So, to all of you who think the Senate is a
body dedicated only to blind approval: Ha. In your face.

       G. FGC Report of March 13th 2007 – (First Reading) Motioned by: Ray
       Ventre/Charles Leith

       There was minimal discussion of this report.

       H. LSC Report of March 13th, 2007 - (First Reading) Motioned by: Randy
       Appleton/Julie Rochester

               There seemed to be some confusion as to what the rationale was for removing
               some courses but not all and asking for approval for some courses and not all
               since there will be added recommendations.
               Some felt it was difficult to see where it was all going and it would be easier to
               evaluate if the Senators had the whole package to review at one time. However,
               the Chair pointed out that it has always been done this way in the past, and what
               business does the Senate have changing tradition?

V.     Unfinished Business:

       A.      CUP Report of February 6th, 2007 – (Second Reading)

       Recommendation 3 Only; Department of Geography (Postponed from February 13th,
            2007 meeting) (Debate only on the amendment to let CS 120 serve as an alternate
            prerequisite for those courses requiring CIS 110.)

       Motion voted on. Amendment was defeated unanimously. (No good rationale. In
             fact, even Senator Appleton who made the motion in the first place no longer
             endorsed it)

Fred Joyal pointed out that GC 335 has CIS 110 as a prerequisite– (this is a typo and needs to be
Motion made to accept Item #3 from the CUP Report of February 6th, 2007, approved and
adopted unanimously.

         B. GPC Report of February 20th, 2007 (Second Reading) (Items 1 – 3 Only)

Motion Approved – Adopted Unamimously

   VI.      New Business: None

   VII.     Informal Consideration: None

   VIII. Good of the Order: Dr. Pagel reminded everyone that elections were coming up.

               a.     Each member of the Academic Senate must be prepared to serve on one
                      standing Senate committee (Article 7.3)

               b.     Senators shall serve on no more than one standing committee (Article 7.5)

               c.     Election of Senate representatives shall be conducted during the 9th or 10th
                      week of the second semester (Article 3.2; March 19-30, 2007)

   - Joanna Mitchell– Resolution of the AISAC Advisory Committee; as a follow-up to the
   presentation from the last Senate meeting, Joanna brought brochures titled: “CREATE; New
   systems for scholarly communication.” More information can be accessed at

   - Cindy Prosen encouraged everyone to get their students to participate in the “Celebration of
   Student Research and Creative Works” which gives students an opportunity to showcase
   their work. It will be held in the University Center on April 4th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

   IX.      Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeannie Wratschko
Secretary to the AAUP/Academic Senate

Skimmed over and played with by,

Andrew A. Poe, Secretary
The Academic Senate
Northern Michigan University

c: President Wong

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