Muskingum County Library Holds Tutorial by xiuliliaofz


									Muskingum County Library
      Holds Tutorial
        Cherie Bronkar
                      Obtaining a Card
   To obtain a library card for the Muskingum
    County Library System
       Visit the Muskingum County Library located at 220 N.
        5th St. Zanesville or…
       See Mrs. Bronkar in the Zanesville Campus Media
            Fill out the required information for obtaining a card.
            Write down the PIN number you want to use.
            Mrs. Bronkar will send your registration to the library and let
             you know when the library has sent your card to her.
Deliveries to the Zanesville
    Once you have obtained a Muskingum County Library
     card you can have materials delivered to the Zanesville
    These items will be held for you at the Zanesville
     campus Media Center.
    The Muskingum County Library charges fines of .10 a
     day for overdue materials. This will apply to the
     materials that are delivered to the Zanesville Media
     Center as well.
    Students may only have “books” sent to the Zanesville
     Media Center.
    DVD’s, CD’s and Videos can be held for you at any of
     the Muskingum County Library’s 5 branches, but the will
     not be included in school deliveries.
    Using the Muskingum County Library’s
            Website to place holds
Go to and click on the tab marked catalog
                 Catalog Screen
For a simple search type in your information. You may also
  search by selecting Author, Title, Subject, etc.
Patron Review
          Click the Patron Review Button

        Enter your Patron ID ( the number from
       the back of you library card)
       Enter your PIN number (the PIN number
       you chose when you filled out your card)
        Click submit request to view your record

       The   following screen will appear
The Patron Information
                             Patron Information
    screen lets you know:
   If your card is active
   How many items you
    have out
   If you have overdue
   If you have items on
   If you have items that
    need picked up
   If you have fees due
   The titles and due dates
    of the items you have
You may renew the items
    you have out by
    checking the box to the
    left of the item title and
    clicking the Renew
    Checked Items Button
                         Placing Holds
To place a hold simply search the library catalog for the title you wish to put on
   hold. Once you find the title click on the title, click on hold request button
   located at the top of the screen.
                    Placing Holds Cont.
After clicking the hold
    request button the
    following screen will
Enter you library card
    number and your PIN
To have your books sent to
    the Zanesville Campus
    use the drop down box
    to choose your pickup
    location as “Mid East”.
Click the “Submit Request”
                       Removing Holds
   If you decide you do not want the item that you put on hold you can cancel
    it by going to the Patron Review Screen, clicking the box beside the title
    you have on hold and clicking “Cancel Checked Items”
          Additional Information
   Mrs. Bronkar will pick up books from the Muskingum
    County Library on a weekly basis, if there are special
    circumstances please inform Mrs. Bronkar.
   Make sure that you return your items to Mrs. Bronkar 5
    days before they are due, so that she can get it back to
    the library before you get any fines.
   If you need additional assistance please contact Mrs.
    Bronkar at the Media Center or…
   Call the library the Muskingum County Library System at
    (740) 453-0391

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