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                                HYPOTHESIS WORKSHEET ANSWERS
NOTE: The answers below are indicate one possible correct answer. The hypotheses and questions can
be worded in multiple different ways.
Write a HYPOTHESIS for each of the following research question. Identify the dependent and
independent variable for each.

   1. What effect does high temperature have on radish germination?

   If temperature is increased, then radish germination will increase.

   Independent variable: high temperature

   Dependent variable: radish germination

   2. What effect does studying with music have on student test scores?

   If students study with music, then their test scores will increase.

   Independent variable: studying with music

   Dependent variable: student test scores

   3. What effect does food color have on the amount of food fish eat?

   If the color of their food is brown, then fish will eat more.

   Independent variable: food color

   Dependent variable: the amount of food fish eat

   4. What effect does light have on plant growth?

   If plants receive more light, then they will grow taller.

   Independent variable: light

   Dependent variable: plant growth

   5. What effect does smiling have on teacher giving no homework?

   If students smile, then the teacher will give no homework.

   Independent variable: smiling

   Dependent variable: teacher giving no homework
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Write a QUESTION for each of the following hypotheses. Identify the dependent and independent
variable for each.

   6. If plants are watered, then growth height will increase.

   What is the effect of watering plants on their growth height?

   Independent variable: watering plants

   Dependent variable: growth height

   7. If chocolate is given to teachers, then amount of homework will decrease.

   Does giving chocolate to teachers decrease the amount of homework?

   Independent variable: giving chocolate to teachers

   Dependent variable: amount of homework

   8. If trees have leaves, then bird nests will increase.

   Does the presence of leaves on trees affect the number of birds nests?

   Independent variable: leaves on trees

   Dependent variable: number of bird nests

   9. If acid rain is in water, then fish population will increase.

   Does acid rain in water affect the fish population?

   Independent variable: acid rain in water

   Dependent variable: fish population

   10. If calcium is given, then bone strength will increase.

Does intake of calcium affect bone strength?

   Independent variable: calcium intake

   Dependent variable: bone strength

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