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                             A CDO will get paid over $250,000 per year to
Exc                         deal with diversity issues at Lehigh? We thought
                                      students, faculty, and staff were already
   lus                                            supposed to do that anyway.
      ive                                        I guess what we’re saying is...

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Tells All pp. 20                               VOLUME 15 - ISSUE 1
From the Editor’s Desk:
                                                                                     VOLUME 15 | ISSUE 1
     It may be news to you, but President Gast is looking
to hire a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) to be yet another
administrator to manage all of Lehigh’s “diversity and eq-          EDITOR IN CHIEF | BENJAMIN MUMMA, ‘10
uity initiatives.” Lehigh already has a plethora of adminis-      EDITOR EMERITUS | TREVOR J. DRUMMOND, ‘10
trators coordinating every aspect of University life. Lehigh
has multiple directors of certain student factions within          MANAGING EDITOR | BRANDON SHERMAN, ‘10
Lehigh. Lehigh has a Council for Equity and Community.
Every member of the Lehigh community has an obligation              ASSOCIATE EDITOR | ALYSSA GERETY, ‘13
to make Lehigh more of a cohesive community. All of this             ASSOCIATE EDITOR | DAVID GRITZ, ‘12
has left some of us wondering what a CDO will do and what,          ASSOCIATE EDITOR | MATTHEW KEIM, ‘12
if any, qualifications he or she would actually need to have.         WEB EDITOR | MICHAEL CAFFREY, ‘12
     With the position bringing in an estimated $250,000
per year, many of us would like to be considered for this
incredibly lucrative and ambiguous position. Your natural           BUSINESS MANAGER | TREVOR VERDONIK, ‘13
reaction to this statement may be to scoff. Our question is
why? What makes a recently graduated Lehigh student less                            STAFF WRITER | SENIOR
qualified for this position than someone else. We certainly                        STEPHANIE MAGNUSON, ‘10
would have a better understanding of the Lehigh experi-                              EMMA MELENDEZ, ‘12
ence than the prototypical disconnected administrative suit
President Gast has in mind. As a side note, when was the                               ERIC SCHMIDT, ‘12
last time you saw President Gast walking around campus,
talking to students, and getting a feel for what is going on                          STAFF WRITER | JUNIOR
around campus? She could be in Florida right now for all                                  JOHN ELLIS, ‘11
we know.                                                                                  ERIC RIESE, ‘12
     Obviously, none of us will be considered for the job,
and if Alice gets her way we will have another big name on                              WILLIAM THODE, ‘12
Lehigh’s already massive organization chart, but it will not                           TREVOR VERDONIK, ‘13
come with a face attached. Freshmen, if you are lucky you
will see this person once in your four years here, unless of                   STAFF WRITER | CONTRIBUTING
course you log onto Lehigh.edu/diversity to get the latest                        WIGHT MARTINDALE JR.
word on all of Lehigh’s great new diversity programs.
     Our questions in this issue are many. Why does Lehigh                            NEAL HOFFMAN
need a CDO? Who would a CDO be and what would they do?                                 MOEN HAIDER
Why generate such a huge reaction to an allegedly ‘hateful’
incident? Why didn’t the Brown and White cover President        The Lehigh Patriot is a student-run publication founded in
Gast’s announcement about a CDO? We address these, and          2003 to serve as an outlet for political debate on the Lehigh
more in the coming pages. Read what we have to say, figure      campus. All    submissions     will  be  considered for  print,
out what your answers to the questions we just posed.           regardless of party affiliation, and may be subject to editing.
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 What’s Your Agenda, Alice? ........................................................................................................................................6
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 A Hard Look at College Education .............................................................................................................................9
 The Gray Area .........................................................................................................................................................10

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          The Case Against a                                                                 Trevor Drummond
        Chief Diversity Officer                                                              Class of 2010

                                                                of any student without understanding the full picture.
                                                                The case for a CDO has been summarily rammed down
              JUST BECAUSE IT SAYS “DIVERSE”                    our throats through Alice’s emails and subsequent
                                                                media coverage of alleged “hateful incidents” and
               DOESN’T MEAN IT’S INHERENTLY                     “bias-related crimes” – this is the rest of that story.
                     LEHIGH’S CASE FOR A CDO. A Recent Fad
                                                                     Having read through Lehigh’s Vice President for
                                                                Equity & Community (VPEC) Benchmarking Report
                                                                , the interested student will learn that Lehigh is pe-
         Diversity is a word with dichotomous meaning,          nis-measuring against other schools to assess the
    based on the individuals engaged. In the specter of         so-called “need” for what has been referred to col-
    life, as it should be – that is, true to meaning, diver-    loquially as a Chief Diversity Officer. The report es-
    sity refers to the inclusion and accepting of difference,   sentially boils down to three key arguments: (1), other
    be it ideological, physical, sexual, racial, religious or   colleges are doing it, (2) Lehigh is an isolate among
    otherwise. I truly do not believe that Lehigh harbors       elite universities for our lack of a CDO, and (3) Le-
    many, if any students who would oppose this point of        high should basically capitulate and cop Tufts Uni-
    view; those who grew up in circumstances much like          versity’s plan, at an approximate cost of $1-2MM, so
    mine have not been lacquered with a veneer of intrin-       that we can play, too. Yes – the report really is that
    sic hate – we do not relegate individuals to inferior po-   simple, and I encourage all those reading to read the
    sitions based solely on any of the stated criteria above.   full report online, as well, and see for themselves.
         Sadly, in the academic landscape – a sea, awash
    with hard-line “social justice” mavericks, burned-out
    activists and agenda-driven administrators engaged in
    a perpetual pissing contest against the elite Ivy 7, di-
    versity has taken on a very different meaning. In my
    four years working for The Patriot, I’ve had the plea-          Sadly, in the academic landscape – a
    sure of meeting and engaging a diverse (in the former         sea, awash with hard-line “social justice”
    sense of the word) group of individuals: administra-
    tors, students, and faculty – with questions pertaining         mavericks, burned-out activists and
    to their motives, ways and means. What I’ve uncovered         agenda-driven administrators engaged
    has tainted the stated cases that key people will make         in a perpetual pissing contest against
    to you in the coming days. As Lehigh’s premiere state-
    run media outlet, The Brown & White will report in a           the elite Ivy 7, diversity has taken on a
    chipper piece cobbled together by a sophomore writer                   very different meaning.
    in the coming months, Lehigh will very likely hire a
    Chief Diversity Officer, and leverage the dichotomous
    nature of the word to guilt those who raise opposition.
         My opposition to the very nature of a CDO was
    forged in the bowels of Lehigh’s administrative orga-
    nization chart – the findings of which I will present            On December 1st, a group of cowardly individu-
    shortly. However, a good deal of tangent information        als calling themselves “concerned students” emailed a
    came to light in my fact-finding, which has acted to        vintage club officers’ distribution list noting that the
    galvanize the core thesis of this text. Whatever your       university still has not capitulated with their request
    position may be on a CDO, I believe that any high-          (set forth at the infamous CEC Town Halls last year)
    dollar change to Lehigh (be it a person, building, or       for a CDO, who is “…someone who can act as a liai-
    other noun) deserves scrutiny. College costs have           son between students and the president’s cabinet and
    placed the yearly average burden of a Lehigh educa-         can effectively dedicate their time to the betterment of
    tion at $50,050, and I believe that students should         the University.” Yes – that’s the entire job description.
    make themselves aware of where every penny of that          Never mind the fact that Lehigh presently has 107 key
    pot goes. For many students, myself included, a Le-         contact people in the event of a “bias-related incident,”
    high education is a privilege, and it would be foolish      with more than 40 individuals under “Student Affairs”
    for any enterprise to squander the hard-earned dollar       with the title of “administrator,” “coordinator” or

                                           Lehigh Patriot This Month @ Lehigh

“leader” – all who liaison with students on a daily ba-       by the considerable conscription of CDOs from Africana
sis. Of those, 8 are core positions dedicated to diversity.   Studies departments, the makeup of CDOs profiled for
     Reviewing       the    VPEC       report,     Lehigh     Lehigh’s VPEC report, and the fact that almost all of Le-
plans on spending between $250,000 and                        high’s “concerned students,” in addition to the loudest of

       One of the secret ironies about the CDO position concerns, ironically enough,
       diversity. Of the universities against which Lehigh has chosen to benchmark,
                             more than 67% of CDOs are black.

$450,000 on this position for salary alone.                   the diversity noisemakers and mouthpieces on campus
     Unless we’re planning to sack a considerable amount      are African-American. Not African nationals, not Carib-
of the existing special interest diversity defense posi-      bean refugees – African-Americans. They’re like Poké-
tions, I cannot see from a business standpoint what one       mon cards for admissions – you’ve gotta catch ‘em all.
more administrator will do to improve student/adminis-              In the reading circles of higher-ed, where publi-
trative liaison, which the VPEC report directly demon-        cations like The Chronicle and Inside Higher Ed pre-
strates a preexisting competency by its very existence.       vail, a landmark 2006 article authored by U-Virgina’s
     Additionally, while researching the institutions that    own CDO, Damon Williams sheds some light onto just
have adopted some flavor of a CDO, it is apparent through     how vague this position really is. Among the key te-
press release dates that more than 50% have added             nets listed for a good CDO, #7: Understanding the
their CDO position within the past four years alone.          Culture of Higher Education is listed. Never mind the
     The argument has been made that Lehigh must              fact that I, in addition to most Lehigh students could
implement this position in order to stay competitive          fill the shoes of a CDO based on Mr. Williams’ descrip-
within the academic landscape; I believe we could             tion (“Team-building” and “charisma”? Please…);
do just as well by using that same pool of money for
additional scholarships and faculty reinvestment.

Not So Diverse                                                 THE NUMBERS :: DIVERSITY @ LEHIGH
     One of the secret ironies about the CDO position
concerns, ironically enough, diversity. Of the universi-           $50,050        Avg. yearly cost for undergrads
ties against which Lehigh has chosen to benchmark,                $250,000        Nationwide average CDO salary
more than 67% of CDOs are black. 16.5% are His-
panic, the remainder being white or Asian. Lehigh                      107        Number of “key contact” admins
has often been cited for a supposed lack of diversity
in the context of ethnicity, with 74% of students be-                   41        Number of student affairs admins
ing “white, non-Hispanic” ; if this constitutes a lack
of ethnic diversity, than America’s top colleges have                    8        Total diversity-related positions
obviously failed in the vetting of CDO candidates.                                at Lehigh presently
“Academic Culture”

      If one factor pervades truth and openness from          the CDO is a loaded weapon for the American univer-
entering the discussion about diversity and the pres-         sity to forward its bureaucratically dominated agenda
ent state of academic culture, it is academic culture         of thought-control through administrative expansion
itself. In academia, there is no award for bringing           (or bloat, as the case may be), and the splintering
in the most international students, and few are con-          of students through special interest defense groups.
cerned about political and socio-economic diversity in             Academic culture likes code-words – women’s
the thought patterns of their students. Based on the          studies is a crude extension of NARAL, LGBTQIA ser-
nature of the dialogue, the characterization of the           vices is destined to put someone of the wrong gender
CDOs studied for this article (and the departments            into my bathroom, “social justice” means equity on
from which they came), in addition to an interview            an East Germany shades-of-gray level, and Africana
I held with Lehigh’s own former Joint Multicultural           Studies really only graduates people who will go on
Program head, it would seem that the gold standard            to teach Africana Studies and eventually get pro-
for diversity at college is really the black standard.        moted to Chief Diversity Officer. It’s a vicious cycle.
      There exists an overt fixation on black – in particu-   Putting the Officer in CDO
lar, African-American students. This is a fact, reinforced                                        CONTINUED ON PG. 14

                                         Lehigh Patriot This Month @ Lehigh

          What’s Your Agenda,                                                                 Benjamin Mumma
                       Alice?                                                                 Class of 2010

                                                               Why so much attention?
       WHAT IS THE REAL STORY BEHIND THE                             The evidence for this motive is widespread. First,
     “HATEFUL INCIDENT” EARLIER IN JANU-                       looking at the incident itself, there were many respons-
    ARY? WHY WAS IT PUBLICIZED THE WAY IT                      es that were clearly more pragmatic. Most notably, a
                                                               more functional response would be to say nothing pub-
     WAS? THE ANSWERS SEEM TO BE HIDDEN                        lically. It is well documented that people who engage
             IN PRESIDENT GAST’S AGENDA.                       in behavior like this are doing so for attention of some
                                                               kind. By obliging, President Gast only made it more
                                                               likely that subsequent events could occur (Indeed, re-
                                                               cent e-mails from within the I&SE department con-
         On January 21st, three days after President           firm that someone is still drawing swastikas). Addition-
    Gast publically announced her desire to hire a Chief       ally, she devalued what an e-mail from President Gast
    Diversity Officer (CDO) at Lehigh, (an event already       means. National tragedies used to warrant a letter from
    embedded deep within an email sent to the campus           Alice. Now students may receive e-mails that start:
    at large concerning the Martin Luther King Day cel-             “Recently, an offensive phrase was found in the third
    ebration), the student body received word of a hate-       stall from the left inTaylor Gym’s second floor men’s lock-

         The administration was very careful to shroud the entire incident with mystery.
           The typical questions of “Who, what, where, when, and why?” were all left
        unanswered. Ambiguous information or lack thereof like this is designed to create
                                 chatter, rumors and publicity.

    ful incident that happened sometime “in the past           er room. As a community, we need to reinforce that…”
    week.” For students interested in the details of the            If the incident itself was the sole motivation, then
    event, President Gast’s correspondence was a disap-        President Gast would have both satisfied the perpetrator,
    pointment. The hateful incident involved an undefined      and devalue her future communications with the student
    “hostile and racist symbol” in an unidentified elevator.   body. Such a response is too shortsighted, especially for
         Five days later, the Brown and White was able         someone in President Gast’s position. It is quite unlikely
    to piece together a bit more about what happened.          that she would so easily play into the perpetrator’s plan
    The symbol was a “swastika approximately the               and change the standard for Presidential communica-
    size of a fist” found by an unidentified Lehigh em-        tion at Lehigh without additional factors being in play.
    ployee. Since the announcement, Lehigh removed
    the swastika, but would still not identify the build-      Why so much mystery?
    ing where it was found. The reasoning behind the
    secrecy was, “so as not to bring unwanted attention              Second, President Gast’s e-mail had clear evidence
    to people who frequent that [vandalized] building.”        that it was written to elicit attention, generate discus-
          Meanwhile, the real story in all of this is has      sion and news coverage from the Brown and White. As
    largely been missed. How the administration, most          discussed earlier, the administration was very careful
    notably President Gast, launched a major reac-             to shroud the entire incident with mystery. The typical
    tion to a relatively minor event paints a clear im-        questions of “Who, what, where, when, and why?” were
    age of President Gast’s current views on Lehigh and        all left unanswered. Ambiguous information or lack
    her agenda for the future. As I will demonstrate be-       thereof is designed to create chatter, rumors and pub-
    low it is apparent that President Gast leveraged           licity. Marketers do it all the time with that new product
    the incident to support for her push to hire a CDO.        or movie that no one knows about. Tiger Woods did the
                                                               same thing inadvertently last fall, leading to an incredible

                                          Lehigh Patriot This Month @ Lehigh

amount of discussion because he withheld information.         to this incident displays that she is willing to subject
    But President Gast’s response was not like                others to this view in order to accomplish her goals.
those of Tiger Woods. Assuming she had the facts at
the time, there was no reason for withholding them.           The Two Lehighs
What would have been the harm of telling us that
the ‘hostile and racist symbol’ was a swastika, and                Is Lehigh that place? Is Lehigh really awash with
it was found on Tuesday? Indeed, providing specif-            racism and sexism? In an article I wrote a year ago,
                                                              in light of the isolated racial incidents last January,
                                                              I analyzed what it would mean for Lehigh if we ex-
                                                              perienced 12 independent hateful incidents in a year
                                                              – much more than what we hear about. The result
     Indeed, publicity of hate or racism                      would be that well over 99 percent of Lehigh students,
                                                              while far from perfect, do not engage in hateful activ-
    at Lehigh benefits her agenda by                          ity. Certainly, there are other students at Lehigh who
        demonstrating for [President                          are not entirely welcoming of differences and diver-
                                                              sity and some more students who are prejudiced in one
     Gast] that Lehigh needs more                             way or another. But is it a widespread problem that
          diversity initiatives, more                         requires an expensive fix, or is it more a reflection of
        sensitivity training and more                         statistical certainties – that within a given population
                                                              you will have some people with undesirable qualities?
  administrators. In this case, she took                      I think the evidence for the latter case is compelling.
   advantage of the actions of a single                            President Gast clearly disagrees with this assess-
                                                              ment. That is well within her right, as is her pursuit of
  person, and implied that Lehigh has                         a CDO. However, her methods of pursuit, especially in
    serious problems that need to be                          this instance, have troubling consequences. By overre-
                   fixed.                                     acting to incidents like this, she perpetuates a view of
                                                              Lehigh as an institution with widespread biases. While
                                                              that benefits her agenda, it damages Lehigh by gener-
                                                              ating more expenses, restrictions, and requirements for
                                                              everyone in response to the actions of a few. The large
                                                              investment required for her diversity initiatives should
ics would make it easier to identify the perpetrator.         not be based on isolated incidents perpetrated by a
     Additionally, the response of the administration         mere handful of Lehigh’s 6,000-plus community mem-
when asked where the incident occurred, “so as to not         bers. Unfortunately, if her response to this incident is
bring unwanted attention to people who frequent that          any indication, that is exactly what she plans to do.v
building,” shows the continued use of the secrecy prin-
ciple, even after the initial announcement. With hun-         Sources available online at: www.LehighPatriot.com
dreds if not thousands of people entering each of our
academic buildings on a given day, that response is non-
sensical at best. The administration’s entire response
was designed to be mysterious and generate publicity.           Whoa there.
Alice’s Agenda

                                                                Calm down, go to a
     While the response does not stand alone as a logi-
cal reaction to the alleged bias incident, add Presi-
dent Gast’s desire to hire a CDO into the mix and
the storyline makes sense. Publicizing the incident
would now provide evidence of racism and sexism at
                                                                computer, and
Lehigh, and the more coverage the incident received
the more powerful her argument would be. Indeed,                       .
publicity of hate or racism at Lehigh benefits her
agenda by demonstrating for her that Lehigh needs
more diversity initiatives, more sensitivity training
and more administrators. In this case, she took ad-
vantage of the actions of a single person, and implied          It’s more                           that
that Lehigh has serious problems that need to be fixed.
     The assumption underlying all of President Gast’s
actions is that Lehigh is an unfair, unjust, racist, sexist
institution. Her actions thus far in creating the CEC as
a means to steamroll her agenda across the campus,
adding a question to the application for admission on             Continue the conversation online at:
equity and community to profile students and now look-
ing to hire a CDO demonstrate her adherence to this
philosophy. That is the Lehigh she sees. Her response
                                         Lehigh Patriot This Month @ Lehigh

        The Controversy Free                                                                               Alyssa Gerety
                       Zone                                                                                Class of 2013

                                                                During the student rally, Darius Callier,Vice President of
                                                                the Black Student Union, voiced his belief that in regard
                                                                to violence based on sexual orientation, marginalized
      PRESIDENT GAST WANTS TO HIRE A CDO,                       ethnicities, or persecution, “Lehigh is not immune to, or
     BUT FROM WHAT THE BROWN AND WHITE                          apart from any these challenges.”The Brown and White
                                                                missed an opportunity to report real issues, this time by

         The Brown and White eagerly described ten days
    worth of events honoring Martin Luther King Jr, but
    excluded many details that those that those in atten-
                                                                         What Diversity Officer?
    dance would be quick to point out. While events such
    as convocation and the oratorical contest were sum-
    marized, the Brown and White failed to report on
    the underlying issues and concerns associated with
    these events. The large majority of students who
    did not attend any of these functions now may have
    a broad description of what occurred, but still can-
    not understand the meanings and implications of
    these events as well as someone who had attended.
         In relation to MLK events, the paper has clearly
    given up any effort to analyze events or discuss possible
    controversies. The Brown and White covered the MLK
    oratorical contest but failed to mention the lack of Le-                             Does your paper speak for you? We don’t think so.
    high students, excluding contestants, at the event. Their                Courtesy of The Brown and White Digital Archives and the Patriot Graphics Team
    article merely reiterated contestants’ views for Lehigh,
    failing to report low attendance. Yes, a few professors,
    as well as, Dean Washington attended, but the contes-       ignoring the effort by Lehigh’s administration, specifi-
    tant winner himself called for the student body as the      cally the Council for Equity and Community, to remedy
    basis for change at Lehigh. The Brown and White missed      the problems and cultural issues articulated through-
    the critical issue. With such low attendance; how the       out campus by various speakers during MLK week.
    change contestants hoped for possibly become reality?            President Gast and the administration are actively
         Our school’s newspaper is still missing one very im-   pursuing the CEC’s request for a chief diversity offi-

         Lehigh students are suffering because of the Brown and White’s refusal to cover
         controversial issues on campus. Many students have no idea of the university’s
              plan, and probably have many questions about the CDO position.

    portant piece in the administration and student body’s      cer at the level of vice president (VPEC). The admin-
    push for equality and social justice on campus. Mario       istration hopes that this position will better adminis-
    Paredes, winner of the oratorical contest, calls for Le-    ter efforts to promote social equality and diversity on
    high to be “a place of community and inclusiveness.”                                                             CONTINUED ON PG.14

                                           Lehigh Patriot This Month @ Lehigh

        A Hard Core Look at                                                                  Brandon Sherman
          College Education                                                                  Class of 2010

      THE STRATEGIC PLAN. ACADEMIC                            through Locke to The New Testament and The Qur’an.
    SYMPOSIA. DIVERSITY. TOWN HALL                            If Lehigh is serious about attracting and outputting the
                                                              best and the brightest, it should entrust its students
                 MEETINGS. AROUND                             to internalize and carry on the intellectual traditions
                 CAMPUS AND IN THE                            that constitute the foundations of human civilization.
         ADMINISTRATION’S RHETORIC,                                 Columbia’s “Literature Humanities” course also
                                                              offers a model to be emulated. An excellent University
    THINGS ARE CHANGING AT LEHIGH -                           ought to be more than a utilitarian means to employment
     AND THAT COULD BE A GOOD THING.                          – it’s a vital cultural sustainer. Still, too many students
                                                              are startlingly ignorant when it comes to the most pro-
     President Gast has been out in front of a                found and enduring achievements of the human race.
number of initiatives designed to finally rectify             College should be a crucial rite of passage in which our
some of Lehigh’s old Achilles’ heels (ahem, diver-            rich literary heritage is passed onto a new generation.
sity) and push the University towards new heights             With that in mind, a survey of “great books” should re-
of academic prestige and national significance.               place the current freshman year English requirement.
     Of course, creating the impression of imminent                 The current incentive structure actually discourag-
academic superstardom is mostly a platitude designed          es the strongest English students from actually studying
to attract the most qualified high school applicants,         English at Lehigh. Someone who enters college with
but there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, this place
could probably use a bit more academic chest-thumping.
     In the business and engineering schools, our
reputation for post-graduate job placement is highly                    Lehigh should work to create a
touted, and successful students usually work hard                        reputation for rigor across
enough to justify the accolades. But Lehigh should
work to create a reputation for rigor across the Uni-                           the University.
versity. More specifically, it’s time to require a series
of intense core classes for all undergraduates. I’ll
leave the specific content of the core to better ped-
agogical minds than mine, but Columbia College’s              high verbal SAT scores or AP credit would place out
legendary Core Curriculum should serve as a guide.            of the required English classes. Pursuing an ambitious
     At Columbia, students spend the bulk of their first      major or concentration, completing distribution require-
two years as undergraduates completing core require-          ments, and attempting to branch out academically while
ments in the sciences and humanities. Columbia’s              maintaining a high GPA might easily preclude that stu-
Core is, however, infamous for its level of difficulty.       dent from ever stepping foot in an English classroom.
There is a case to be made in favor of the flexibility             Even worse, the rest of the freshmen are robbed
offered by distribution requirements, but that doesn’t        of the chance to interact with the strongest students
mean the current system is anywhere close to ideal.           who would raise the bar for class discussions. Those
By picking out the most salient aspects of the Core           who wish they could leave dense reading and pa-
Curriculum, we can have the best of both worlds.              per-writing behind for good will be rudely awakened
     The first step ought to be the implementation of         by the barrage of cover letters, graduate school en-
a foreign language requirement. Lehigh’s “Strate-             trance exams and business memos that beckon in
gic Plan” is accompanied by the slogan, “Advancing            a few years. Conversely, a challenging mandatory
our intellectual footprint.” Inarguably, that footprint       English curriculum would position students to breeze
can only grow so much if Lehigh’s graduates are               through those mundane tasks while developing much-
marching in boots that only speak English. Profi-             needed capacities for critical thought, reading and
ciency in a foreign language is not only an easy way          writing. All these skills are applicable to any profes-
for job applicants to distinguish themselves from             sion, but only in college can we immerse ourselves
a pack, it’s a way for Lehigh to situate itself on the        in and concentrate on them as ends in themselves.
cutting edge and get out in front of the competition.              Certainly this isn’t an exhaustive list of po-
     Another important course, entitled “Contempo-            tential ingredients to constitute Lehigh’s core cur-
rary Civilization,” is a survey of religious, political and   riculum, but the idea is simple: a series of rigor-
social thought designed to provoke discussion and cul-        ous mandatory courses to develop critical skills
tivate better-informed citizens. The syllabus includes        and encourage introspection to guide the student in
everything from the political philosophies of Plato                                                CONTINUED ON PG.17

                                         Lehigh Patriot This Month @ Lehigh

                                                                                             Aaron Shaak
                          The Gray Area                                                      Class of 2013

                                                                Fund, Gray stepped down from his congressional seat
                                                                in 1991. In 1994, Gray served as an advisor on Haiti
      WITH DR. WILLIAM H. GRAY, HIS VIEWS ON                    to President Clinton. He now serves as an independent
                                                                director on the boards of three large corporations.
      ISSUES ARE LARGELY BLACK AND WHITE.                            While Martin Luther King Jr., and Gray’s char-
           IS THAT AN ADEQUATE VIEW OF THE                      acterization of him were certainly the focus of the
                              WORLD TODAY?                      speech, what was most intriguing was the question and
                                                                answer period which followed the speech. Gray an-
                                                                swered from his experiences questions that were posed
                                                                by audience members about contemporary American
                                                                issues; such as unemployment and education, and Haiti.
          To conclude the Martin Luther King Week festivi-           When asked “What would Martin be doing today?”
     ties on Tuesday evening, January 26th, the passionate      Gray responded by saying, “He would be looking for in-
     Southern Baptist preacher, Dr. William H. Gray III, de-    justice in the world …moving toward economic rights
     livered his remarks on the life of Martin Luther King      and world peace”. “There are many areas where he
     Jr. Gray addressed the history of the Civil Rights Move-
     ment and issues that continue to face America today.
          “Not many people can say that they were
     there on that hot August day, when 250,000 Ameri-
     cans gathered to fight racism” He said. “When
     Martin Luther King Jr. came up to the podium, he
     launched a thirty-minute attack on all the founda-
     tions of the past 200 years of American history”.
          Gray proceeded to paint the bleak picture of
     America before the civil rights movement, a time
     he referred to as “a wart on our nation’s history”.
     Gray credited both King’s leadership, and wide-
     spread media coverage via television to the success
     of the civil rights movement. “He called America to
     live up to its high ideals…and in about ten years, all
     the laws had changed, without a bloody revolution”.
          “Many people refer to him as the ‘great dream-
     er’… but Martin was no dreamer… He was a revo-
     lutionary for justice. Two to three hours of com-
     munity service on his birthday was not his goal”.
          Gray explained how he came to know King as a
     child in Philadelphia, when King stayed at the Gray
     family home on a fundraising endeavor. King was re-                                      William Gray: A man to be admired?
     ferred to as a “close friend of the family”. Although                                            Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

     it is something to be said to have been a friend of
     one of the most influential men in our country’s his-
     tory, Gray is more than accomplished in his own right.     would question us” Gray said “such as black vs. white un-
          After earning his Master of Divinity degree from      employment differences, education, and foreign policy”.
     Drew Theological Seminary in 1966, he was installed            For a man who has been more or less paid for
     as Senior Minister of the Union Baptist Church in          his opinion under different titles over the course
     Montclair, New Jersey. In the years following, Gray        of his career; it was disappointing to find, under-
     also worked as a housing activist and as an assistant      neath a grand fog of eloquence, only a pattern
     professor. When he accepted a pastorship at Bright         of generalizations, botched facts, and criticism.
     Hope Baptist Church in Philadelphia, he found a new            According to Gray, everything seems to be an is-
     avenue of opportunity: politics. In 1978, Gray was         sue of black and white, with no other factors involved.
     elected to represent Pennsylvania’s second district in     Yes, unemployment for blacks is 1.8 times greater than
     the House of Representatives, rising as high as Major-     whites (nowhere near 3 times greater, as Gray and
     ity Whip. After accepting a position as president and      the Brown and White seem to believe)1; but this still
     chief executive officer of the United Negro College        means that there are nearly 4 times as many unem-

                                           Lehigh Patriot This Month @ Lehigh

ployed whites as there are unemployed blacks. Unem-        while advisor on Haiti to President Bill Clinton.
ployment is an issue for all of us, regardless of color.        Overall, the University made a good choice for a
    Gray thinks that more money and more social pro-       Martin Luther King Week keynote speaker. Gray has
grams are the answer to our nation’s problems, stat-       led a life similar to King’s, both strongly advocating for
ing proudly that he “opposed Reagan’s budget cuts          their race in the public spotlight. Who better to com-
and worked to expand social programs.” He criticizes       ment on the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr.

      For a man who has been more or less paid for his opinion under different titles
     over the course of his career; it was disappointing to find, underneath a grand fog
        of eloquence, only a pattern of generalizations, botched facts, and criticism.

the public education system, stating that education        than a close family friend, and fellow “revolutionary for
funding based on property tax is unfair to inner-city      justice”? That being said, Gray’s comments expose his
(black) students, suggesting an equalization of edu-       narrow-mindedness, shortsightedness and abundantly
cation funding, or even funneling more of the money        obvious racial bias. By focusing on the differences be-
into inner-city school districts. Established research     tween blacks and whites, Gray characterized whites as
suggests that spending does not always have a direct       the enemy. His comments create more division in an
effect on quality of education. According to a study       America that is undergoing the healing process, try-
conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-op-          ing to close the gap between blacks and whites. Typical
eration and Development (OECD), the United States          of a politician, Gray’s solution to every problem is to
is tied for the highest annual spending per student at     throw more money at it; even when this is already be-
11,000 dollars, but has lower math, reading and sci-       ing done and is not working. Anyone can look into our
ence levels than other developed nations.2 Similarly, an   nation’s past and point out the problems. One would ex-
article by the Washington Post shows that the Washing-     pect a man of Gray’s accomplishments and experience
ton DC school district, while providing above average      to offer real solutions, instead of biased criticism.v
funding at $12,979 per student annually, still places
far below average, with double the average percent
of students lacking basic math skills (62%).3 In ad-       1. Martinez, L. (2010, January 29). Former Congressman recalls
dition, according to data from the National Center for     MLK. The Brown And White.
Education Statistics, annual per pupil expenditures
in urban areas are nearly 25% greater than those in        2. OECD. (2005, 13 09). OECD calls for broader access to post-
rural areas; and annual per pupil expenditures were        school education and training. Education at a Glance.
greater for high poverty areas than low poverty areas.4
     Finally, Gray’s comments on Haiti were most in-       3. Keating, D., & Haynes, V. D. (2007, June 10). Can D.C. Schools
teresting, considering he is certainly an authority on     Be Fixed? The Washington Post.
the subject. During the speech, Gray stated that King
would have said (about the tragedy in Haiti): “We          4. Planty, M., Hussar, W., Snyder, T., Kena, G., KewalRamani, A.,
should have done something a long time ago”. Gray          Kemp, J., et al. (2009). The Condition of Education 2009 (NCES
blamed America for Haiti’s poverty citing a “rac-          2009-081). Washington, DC: National Center for Education Statis-
ist trade embargo” imposed on Haiti after the coun-        tics, Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education.
try gained its independence from France in 1804.
     What Gray didn’t mention however, was that the
young nation of America was just following suit after
the large colonial states of France, Spain and Great
Britain all declared trade embargoes on Haiti; and
that our young nation was also a victim of the same
harsh tactic, before and after the Revolutionary War.
Haiti has suffered through a long history of political     __________________________________
instability and division, including 32 coups, which has    Writer’s Note:
weakened the country far more than any trade em-           1 A good example of this is the United States’ military occupation
bargo ever could. Worst of all, world superpowers,         and re-insertion by force of former president Jean-Bertrand
such as France, Germany, and the United States, have       Aristide, after he was exiled from Haiti in a military coup in 1991,
all played God in Haitian politics, further weakening      which was planned in part by Dr. William H. Gray III. Aristide was
the government and lowering the country’s morale1.         forced into exile again in 2004 after a 2004 rebellion.
He also spoke of his efforts to pass a multi-billion
dollar aid package to improve Haiti’s infrastructure
                                       Lehigh Patriot This Month @ Lehigh

                                                                         IN    OUR    EVER-CHANGING      SOCIETY,
                                                                         PEOPLE HAVE DEFINED “EQUITY” AND
                                                                         “COMMUNITY” IN MANY DIFFERENT WAYS.

                                                                         HOW DO YOU DEFINE THESE TERMS AND
                                                                         WHAT ARE THE IMPLICATIONS OF EQUITY AND
                                                                         COMMUNITY FOR OUR 21ST CENTURY SOCI-

                                  Benjamin Mumma
                                  Editor In Chief
                                  Class of 2010

          The definition of equity has been butchered, egre-               next generation of diversity and equity initiatives at Lehigh.”
     giously, in recent decades to suggest that somehow we                    The truth is, get ready for this, Lehigh is equitable.
     can make everyone the same. The liberals butchering                 We all start with a GPA of 0.00. We all have access to
     ‘equity’ see a wonderful world where everyone is the                the same labs, classes, equipment, news sources, din-
     same. Everyone is equally intelligent, or unintelligent.            ing halls, and non-academic organizations. Everyone
     It does not matter how intelligent because as long as               has the same opportunities to be happy, to be success-
     everyone is equally able or inept, no one is jealous and            ful, and to enjoy his or her time here. By promoting
     everyone is happy. Everyone has the same amount of                  the idea that Lehigh is inequitable, President Gast and
     money, so there is no reason to be greedy or jealous.               the administration are working against their second
     When any kind of contest is held, everyone ties – thus              stated goal: building Lehigh into a better community.
     no one is marginalized, no one scarred, no one loses.                    What is ‘community’? A community is a group
     Reports are that there are unicorns and fairies pranc-              of people who share common experiences and hold
     ing around in this world, and when someone sees a rain-             a mutual respect for all other members of that com-
     bow, they always reach the end and find a pot of hallu-             munity. Lehigh currently houses hundreds of small
     cinogenic drugs - sustaining ‘Equityland’ a while longer.           communities that exist within the University. Each
          Liberals still have not been able to realize Equity-           major, living unit, group of friends and student or-
     land in the material world. To many of us, it is obvious            ganization serves as a community within Lehigh.
                                                                              The divisions within the University com-
                                                                         munity arise from three main problems:

                                                                         1. Conflicts of interests between communities.
                                                                         2. Lack of commonality between communities.
                                                                         3. Administrative policies that target specific commu-
        To read more about Equityland, visit                             nities.
                                                                              The administration mainly has control over the
                                                                         third problem, and to a lesser extent the first two. Gen-
                                                                         erally, a entity should not have obvious favorites and
                                                                         scapegoats within its various sub-communities. How-
                                                                         ever, some of Lehigh’s policies and rhetoric on many
                                                                         issues such as Greek life and diversity clearly do just
     why: all humans are naturally greedy, jealous, envious              that. Examples include painting all Greeks with one
     and selfish to some extent, so society still faces many             brush, as they did in cancelling Greek Week, the cre-
     conflicts of interests. Liberals willfully ignore this              ation of the CEC, and subsequent attempts to give in
     revelation so that their dreams of utopia stay intact.              to every ‘demand’ made by a group of concerned stu-
          Because human nature cannot be the cause of soci-              dents. Indeed, requiring Lehigh applicants to answer
     ety’s woes, they need to find something to blame.To do so,          an idiotic question like this is a direct result of that.
     they perceive inequities and social injustices all around                By favoring some communities and attacking others,
     them, and make it their life mission to right these wrongs.         Lehigh creates animosity between communities. It drives
     Welcome to “ADM 101: Administering at Lehigh.”                      some communities away from other communities. This
          President Gast’s language in her Mar-                          leads to a lack of commonality between those groups,
     tin Luther King week address demonstrates Le-                       hence making Lehigh less of a community as a whole.
     high’s commitment to this philosophy. To quote,                          Looking at the “21st century society” at Lehigh,
       ”Those events [of a year ago] still haunt us, and compel us to    the definitions of equity and community should be
       redouble our efforts to change our own community. The Council     altered. The goal cannot be to eliminate vices from
       for Equity and Community is leading our efforts but they cannot   Lehigh, but find a way to minimize their impact. The
       do it alone. Comprising dedicated staff, faculty, and students,   sooner Lehigh makes this shift, the better a commu-
       the council is charged with preparing for, and sustaining, the    nity Lehigh will be in the 21st century and beyond.v

                                                   Lehigh Patriot Editorial Conversations

                        Trevor Drummond                                            Michael Caffrey
                        Editor Emeritus                                            Web Editor
                        Class of 2010                                              Class of 2012

Equity (noun): The equal dispersion of consequence                Equity doesn’t mean simply being tolerant of others;
among parties, without subjection to judgment solely          rather, it means attempting to understand and see the
on an aesthetic or medical quality.                           world from another’s eyes. Community takes this con-
                                                              cept of mutual equity to another level, as everyone shares
Community (noun): A place where people live and               the same experiences; the human experience.
work together.                                                    The common culture all people experience is
                                                              what brings us together. Despite coming from states
     The implications of these terms are subject to the       and countries around the globe, people who attend
conditions by which they are approached. For example,
it is unfair to say that one is violating the concept of
equity for criticizing a gay pride parade, as the parade
and behaviors taking place within it are actions, and
actions are always subject to judgment, regardless of
one’s opinion of homosexuality as a genetic (nature) or             Everyone should reach a mutual
a lifestyle choice (nurture). It is equally unfair to state       understanding of each other; respect
that equity is being violated when criticizing the behav-
ior of an individual on the basis of a cultural tradition.         should replace hatred on both our
     I personally experienced a first-hand under-                         campus and the world.
standing of these definitions during my formative
years of schooling in the Strawberry Mansion section
of North Philadelphia. Here, I had approached life
as a platform of equals, figuring that my interactive
behavior would be a basis for complaint, not my ap-
pearance. However, while walking to the subway                Lehigh share a sense of common purpose; to learn
in my school uniform (a blue blazer, tie and kha-             and understand, to face challenges and beat them.
kis), I was attacked by youths with a knife, which                The difference between tolerance and under-
tried to steal my belongings. When I reported this            standing is vast; staying away from “offensive”
                                                              words may be good enough, but actually crossing
                                                              the boundary and embracing someone of a differ-
                                                              ent ethnicity or race the same as one would em-
                                                              brace a friend is the true key to establishing equity.
       When I came to Lehigh, I was
       frustrated to learn that passing                        THE NUMBERS :: GAST’S SPEECHES
  judgment on an individual who dresses                                          Times “Community” was used in
         like they plan on robbing                                        84
       a 7-11 is a “bias-related incident.”                                      President Gast’s recorded speeches.

                                                                          11     Times “Equity” was used in Presi-
                                                                                 dent Gast’s recorded speeches.
to the authorities, I was told that my outfit “made
me a target,” and that I was “asking to be mugged.”
     Looking back on the situation, it is clear that the
experience I had was a case of cultural mismatch                   Despite our personal differences, every-
– what was comfortable for me was not comfort-                one should reach a mutual understanding of each
able for others. However, when I came to Lehigh, I            other; respect should replace hatred on both our
was frustrated to learn that passing judgment on an           campus and the world. Hateful actions distract
individual who dresses like they plan on robbing a            us from the real reason we are here; education.
7-11 is a “bias-related incident.” This confused me                Crafting an environment in which the greater Le-
– we profile in interviews for jobs, airports in Israel       high community understands its members may take time.
have avoided terrorist attacks by profiling their pas-        However, the effort is well worth it, as a diverse aca-
sengers, and this question is profiling Lehigh stu-           demic and social community creates additional opportu-
dents – so what’s wrong with what I have to say?v             nities to learn outside of the classroom, truly preparing
                                                              Lehigh graduates to be leaders in the global world. v

                                        Lehigh Patriot Editorial Conversations

     The Case Against a CDO                                        The Controversy Free Zone
     Trevor Drummond                                               Alyssa Gerety
     CONTINUED FROM PG. 5                                          CONTINUED FROM PG. 8

                                                                   campus while simultaneously boosting prestige and
          Recently, an insider at Kutztown University who          admission numbers. Why has the Brown and White cho-
     did not wish to be named gave me an inside look at            sen to not report on this vital affair? Is it for fear of
     higher education wielding the newly minted tool of            the controversy and opposition that may arise? Possi-
     CDO. “You can’t do anything without passing it through        bly, but why not educate students on the advancements
     the Equity chair,” said my source. “No question may be        happening on their campus instead of worrying about
     asked, no candidate may be considered for a job until         remaining in lockstep with the administration. Le-
     the Equity chair gets its review.” Looking at higher          high students are suffering because of the Brown and
     education’s track record of incoherent ideological sup-       White’s refusal to cover controversial issues on campus.
     pression, with universities concocting free speech ga-             Many students have no idea of the university’s
     zebos, freshman first-year student indoctrination with        plan, and probably have many questions about the
     invasive programs about sexual identity and environ-          CDO position. Why does the CDO need to be at a Vice
     mentalism , and asinine questions requesting one’s def-       President’s level? The answer to this question can be
     inition of equity and community (an easy opportunity          found in the VPEC’s Benchmarking Report assembled
     to profile candidates’ ideological characteristics), it is    by Lehigh’s CEC: “Over the course of the informa-
     clear that CDOs will likely have extensive reach within       tion gathering, it became obvious that perception of
     an organization, be it a university or place of business.     one’s title makes a big difference. If the VPEC/CDO’s
                                                                   charge is merely a segment of the institution, a diver-
     Conclusion                                                    sity initiative will not be as effective. But when the
                                                                   VPEC/CDO’s charge encompasses the entire institu-
          If one singular fact should strike you, dear reader,     tion, everyone will be engaged.” Or how much would
     with any sense of urgency, it should be the lack of defi-     the CDO get paid? According to Lehigh’s research,
     nition that has accompanied Lehigh’s push for a CDO.          “among American colleges and universities, the aver-
     Hiring a CDO, at the very least, is a significant financial   age annual salary of CDOs/VPECs is $250-$300,000.”
     commitment for a school with an extensive preexisting         Will there be a tuition increase to account for this
     diversity structure of administrators and their staffs.       new position’s salary? If not, what parts of the in-
     Coupling this with the nature of academia, and its radi-      ternal budget will be allocated for the CDO?A cycle
     cally skewed vision of diversity and what it means, (dei-     has emerged where Lehigh students fail to attend key
     fying degenerate culture and offering it as a class, while    events and are truly unaware of the pulse on campus.
     using terms like “bias related incident” to silence crit-     Meanwhile, the Brown and White fails to help these
     ics), the magnitude of what’s at stake should be clear.       students become informed by avoiding any and all con-
          Lehigh should absolutely be committed to diversity       troversy and simply not present divisive topics. Critical
     – authentic diversity. Students, be it a pro-life female,     changes are happening on campus, such as the pending
     or underprivileged African-American male should feel          appointment of a CDO and having a majority of stu-
     comfortable and welcome on Lehigh’s campus. Good              dents unaware of that is a problem on many levels.v
     learning, like good business, requires honest criticism
     and having one’s ideas challenged – something that may
     be novel or uncomfortable to students and professors.
     However, adding a nanny position with far-reaching pow-
     er to silence some while enabling others, particularly
     with historical precedent in mind, is a grave mistake.v

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                      A Diverse and                                                       Trevor Verdonik
                       Free Society                                                       Class of 2013

                                                              of diversity through activism and advocacy be checked
        SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS ARE                           with prudence. Care must be taken to ensure that both
 ESSENTIAL TO SOCIETY, BUT CAN CREATE                         the immediate and long-term consequences of our ac-
  PROBLEMS WHEN LEFT UNCHECKED. TO                            tions serve to benefit society as a whole and do not
                                                              merely further segmentation and oppression. The rea-
 REMEDY THAT,THE PHILOSOPHICAL ROLE                           soning for this is simple: special interest groups are, by
          OF DIVERSITY AND FREEDOM.                           definition, specific concerns within society, which tend
                                                              to seek measures which not only ensure their own lib-
     Each year, there comes a time to discuss the top-        erties, but which also occasionally advocate the reces-
ics of diversity, equality, and justice. These topics are     sion of natural rights belonging to those they consider
critical to our future as a nation and as a society.          their oppressor. Such a mindset is based in the concept
     To begin, what is diversity? Common sense would          that an advantage to one must result in a disadvan-
suggest a definition describing an abundance of variety       tage to another, a belief which is simply not true. There
within a group. In a social sense, this meaning may be        is no reason why everyone cannot enjoy their natural
expanded to reference the state of having a wide variety      rights together, as this is the true meaning of diversity.
of different people with different ideas, backgrounds,             As a conservative thinker, I have been labeled as
and experiences all coming together and representing          racist, prejudiced, unjust, immoral, sexist, intolerant,
themselves as equals. Few would disagree that this ar-        and even evil in the past, an experience shared by many
rangement is representative of a diverse society. Yet
for such a simple idea, why does it seem that the ul-
timate paradigm of social diversity constantly eludes
us? This answer lies deep within our social fabric.               It is good to seek diversity, but pru-
     It is important to note that there seem to be sig-           dence must dictate our course when
nificant differences in the various ways diversity is in-
terpreted. Diversity is acceptance of and respect for             dealing with something as sacred as
others regardless of whether one agrees with another’s                        natural rights.
thoughts and actions. Once phrased in these terms, di-
versity can be described as a respect for man’s natural
right of freedom. Mankind has received no greater gift
than that of freedom, a right granted by nature and           conservatives. After hearing these accusations, I always
inalienable by any other force. Only recently has the         question whether I am actually racist, a good person,
opportunity arisen for people to escape the will of des-      or if my beliefs are wrong. These are difficult ques-
pots and tyrants to live in a state of at least partial       tions to ask but after long and hard consideration, my
freedom. As such, I would consider it a terrible crime        answer became clear. My friends emigrated here from
to unjustly deprive another person of his or her natural      various countries around the world, subscribe to a wide
rights. It is here, where diversity and freedom intersect,    variety of political views, differ in sexual orientation,
that the greatest dangers to our natural rights exist.        practice different religions, and are of varying ethnic
     Oppression has plagued societies throughout his-         backgrounds. In this respect, I embrace the differences
tory, and there are even contemporary instances of            in others around me to improve on the diversity of my
oppression in the United States and abroad. From in-          life. In my mind, such a realization begs the questions:
justice, a hierarchy of leadership arises in the form of      who is really intolerant, the man who believes in every
special interest groups, who strive to restore natural        person’s inalienable rights or the special interest group
rights to their oppressed constituencies. It is through       that divides society, pushes our differences to the fore-
such advocacy that rallies are formed, speeches               front, and calls for the alienation of others in order to
are given, and the creation of diversity positions in         further their own interests? It is good to seek diversity,
schools, businesses, and governments occur. By itself,        but prudence must dictate our course when dealing with
this is not inherently bad, as it may indeed serve its        something as sacred as our natural rights. Our freedom
purpose as intended. However, one must consider the           is both the most powerful and delicate possession we
cost of such activism when left unchecked. It is easy         have as human beings, and as such it is imperative that
for unbridled activism to diverge from its original pur-      we seek change and improvements in the diversity of
pose and move towards the oppression of their per-            our society, but we must take care to let our actions to
ceived former oppressor through unrealistic demands.          be guided by the wisdom that all of society must prog-
     For this reason, it is imperative that the progression   ress without fear of further division and oppression.v

                                         Lehigh Patriot Opinions & Editorials

                                                                                                    Eric Schmidt
      The Bay State Invasion                                                                        Class of 2012

                                                                  the park turned into a major upset that will seriously
                                                                  change the political climate and focus in Washington.
      SCOTT BROWN ,THE HOTTEST NEW THING                               The reaction from some major political leaders is
                                                                  clear evidence of the effect of this historic election.
      IN WASHINGTON, HAS TAKEN THE FABLED                         Rep. Anthony Weiner (D – N.Y.) declared, “I think you
       “KENNEDY SEAT.”WHAT’S NEXT FOR OUR                         can make a pretty good argument that health care
                     NEIGHBORS UP NORTH?                          might be dead.” When Democratic representatives are
                                                                  openly discussing the death of their legislation on the
                                                                  grounds of a single election, it is clear the election must
                                                                  be significant. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, a
                                                                  Democrat from Maryland, made reference to the pas-
          The recent senatorial election in Massachusetts         sionate nature of the election as a reprisal against the
     resulted in what some have described as the most im-         Democrats. “We will all be making a mistake if we be-
     portant political upset of the century. The revered seat     lieve that the message that was delivered in Massachu-
     of Ted Kennedy, the so-called Lion of the Senate, fell       setts last night was unique to Massachusetts,” he said.
     into Republican hands on January 19, 2010. Sena-             “That anger was directed, frankly, at all of us.” Repub-
     tor Kennedy held a prominent position in the Senate
     for decades before succumbing to brain cancer on Au-
     gust 25, 2009. Ironically, the law mandating a special
     election to fill a vacant Senate seat in Massachusetts
     was established to prevent then-governor Mitt Romney
     from replacing Senator John Kerry with a Republi-

          The American people have made it
          abundantly clear that they’re more
        interested in shrinking unemployment
             than expanding government.

                                                                                      Scott Brown (R, MA): Scaring liberals from day one.
                                                                                                             Photo courtesyt Wikimedia Commons
     can in the event that Kerry won the 2004 presidential
     election. An extremely influential Senate seat that
     was in Democratic hands since 1953 fell to the Re-           licans responded in a more positive, but equally pas-
     publicans with a resounding victory for Scott Brown.         sionate, manner. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McCo-
          The significance of this issue cannot be overstated.    nnell from Kentucky recognized the frustration of the
     The race itself received a tremendous amount of at-          American people in response to a year of Obama-driven
     tention from political leaders on both sides of the aisle.   legislation. “There’s a reason the nation was focused
     President Obama campaigned for Martha Coakley, the           on this race,” said McConnell. “The American people
     Democratic candidate, and Mayor Giuliani threw his           have made it abundantly clear that they’re more inter-
     support behind Brown by campaigning in Boston for            ested in shrinking unemployment than expanding gov-
     the Republican cause. A climactic moment of the elec-        ernment. They’re tired of bailouts. They’re tired of the
     tion occurred during a debate when moderator Devid           government spending more than ever at a time when
     Gergen asked Brown why he would oppose health care           most people are spending less. And they don’t want
     reform while holding the “Kennedy seat.” Brown re-           the government taking over health care.” Even Sena-
     plied, “It’s not the Kennedy seat and it’s not the Demo-     tor Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), a moderate who had
     crats’ seat. It’s the people’s seat.” This notion of an      voted for the Senate Finance Committee’s version of
     election for the ‘people’s seat’ became a rallying cry       the health care bill said, “I never say anything is dead,
     for the Brown campaign. An election that the Demo-           but I think that clearly they’re going to have to revisit
     crats initially thought would be a proverbial walk in        the entire issue. I think that was true from the outset.

                                             Lehigh Patriot Opinions & Editorials

I think there were a lot of concerns that ultimately,                     overseeing two foreign wars), a large national debt,
collectively manifested themselves in yesterday’s vote.                   and no foreseeable solution to the economic crisis.
The American people are rightfully frustrated and they                         What are some Lehigh students saying about Scott
should be. This process is not becoming of this insti-                    Brown’s election? I’m sure many haven’t even heard of
tution, the United States Congress. You can’t drive a                     him. The average Lehigh student who elected Obama
policy that doesn’t have the support of the American                      should learn Brown’s name and fear the effect he will
people.” Her admitted hesitation about the health care                    have on Obama, both real and psychological. Levi Bis-
                                                                          sell, ’12, a Lehigh student and resident of Pittsfield,
                                                                          Massachusetts, laid out his thoughts on the Brown
                                                                          election, “It’s a hopeful sign for the U.S government
                                                                          in general that we’re getting back to the two-party
                                                                          system, especially for a very blue state like Massachu-
                                                                          setts. It will push a lot of issues back into the open.”
                                                                          Another Lehigh student, Caleb Raddens, had a more
                                                                          somber thought on the election, “It’s sad that things
                                                                          are going to be deadlocked. I want to see progress.”
                                                                               Both students bring up good points. Brown’s elec-
                                                                          tion does make it clear that Obama does not have free
                                                                          reign to override Republican interests. And what-
                                                                          ever your opinion of the health care debate, it is dis-
                                                                          appointing to see legislation that so many worked
                                                                          so hard for to be defeated. It makes one wonder if
                                                                          Congress can really do anything, even though per-
                                                                          haps the real question should be why the Presi-
                                                                          dent thinks he has the prerogative to direct legisla-
                                                                          tion. Regardless, Democracies are wonderful things.
                                                                          People speak through elections in republics, and the
                                                                          people have certainly spoken in Massachusetts.v
                               Scott Brown in his earlier days. Ew?
                                       Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons
                                                                          Sources available online at: www.LehighPatriot.com

issue as a result of Brown’s election is a factor that sup-               A Hard Core Look at College Education
porters of health care reform must come to terms with.                    Brandon Sherman
     This dramatic response from both parties cannot                      CONTINUED FROM PG. 9
be ignored. Even if the significance of Brown’s elec-
tion turns out to be more ephemeral than substantial                      his or her choice of a major and improve the qual-
in the long run, it at least has had the effect of jarring                ity of work within that ultimate concentration.
Washington out of its stupor. President Obama himself                          All of this would require only a modest investment
recognized how the election would change his priorities                   from the University in exchange for significant returns.
and referenced it in his State of the Union Address as                    Foreign language instructors don’t even have to be pro-
an example of how the election year to come would be a                    fessors to be effective, and graduate students or young
time of trials. Washington clearly sees Brown’s election                  assistant professors are the best candidates to lead
as being significant, but how does it affect us at Lehigh?                candid discussions on politics, society and the humani-
     Clearly health care will be thrown off schedule be-                  ties. As for the benefits, they aren’t hard to imagine...
cause of Senator Brown, which in all likelihood will be a                      In the kerfuffle over Lehigh’s issues with diversity
good thing for America and our generation, specifically.                  and inclusion, much focus has been visited upon ways
The health care legislation that Congress and Obama                       to amend the first year experience. Among the options
have been trying to push through, if passed, would essen-                 being considered is a mandatory course in diversity sen-
tially be another tax with a goal of income redistribu-                   sitivity training. The idea isn’t terrible, considering the
tion. It is a classic example of having a few pay to sup-                 preponderance of students arriving at Lehigh fresh out
port many, just as social security “works” today. Health                  of a homogeneous suburban bubble. But such a heavy-
care is just one example of the legislation that Obama                    handed approach isn’t likely to be effective, and the very
will have to rework with Brown’s presence in the Sen-                     idea has prompted a strong backlash from some students.
ate. Obama will have tone down his priorities and re-                          Instead of such thinly-veiled finger-pointing, a core
ally work for a bipartisan arrangement on many issues.                    would give students the opportunity to constructively
     In the recent Presidential election, our generation                  share ideas in a non-confrontational setting. Many stu-
was a bastion of support for Obama. We were largely                       dents settle into their social comfort zones within a few
responsible for electing him with a promise of hope                       weeks or months of arriving at college. An extended
and change. Is it true that a year after his inaugu-                      core would maintain an imperative of diverse interac-
ration, we are no better off? Many Americans, spe-                        tion through the first two years, fostering a more wel-
cifically those who elected Brown, see the Obama illu-                    coming and integrated social and academic community.
sion as fleeting. They see Obama’s messianic message                           Some have argued that the distribution require-
as a promise of the campaign trail only. In the last                      ments in the College of Arts and Sciences are an ad-
year, Obama has accrued a Nobel Peace Prize (whilst                                                           CONTINUED ON PG. 21

                                           Lehigh Patriot Opinions & Editorials

                                                                                                        Michael Caffrey
      Manufacturing Equality                                                                            Class of 2012

                                                                 grams to provide housing and food; housing projects
                                                                 and food stamps. Both of these programs have short-
            HOW SHOULD SOCIETY MEASURE                           comings because of the social stigmas and abuse as-
                                                                 sociated with them; housing projects are considered to
      EQUALITY? WHAT DOES THE U.S. NEED TO                       be bastions of poor and drug lords, while food stamps
     CHANGE TO ENSURE THAT EVERYONE HAS                          have been woefully underfunded to the point of being
                   EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES?                          unable to adequately feed anyone. The answers to both
                                                                 of these issues are subsidized rental properties and in-
                                                                 creased value of food stamps by the government. Ad-
                                                                 ditionally, food stamps should have heavier restrictions
                                                                 and an emphasis on staple, rather than luxury food.
          Does the man who is handed a fish reap the same sat-        The last component to economic well-being is a
     isfaction of the man who caught his fish? In the general    means of advancing one’s social position. Quality edu-
     sense, do people who receive the end result appreciate      cation at both a primary and secondary level is vital at
     it as much as those that work for it? Equality is not an
     issue simply between races and ethnicities; equality in-
     volves ensuring all people, regardless of origin or creed
     have the same opportunity to succeed in their own way.          Equality should not be limited to state
          In modern America, an amalgamation of tax
     credits, welfare, and social services create a culture              of mind; it should extend to
     of perpetual poverty and downward social movement                opportunities granted to all citizens.
     amongst many Americans. Instead of relying on an an-
     tiquated patchwork of social services cobbled together
     over many years, I propose an overhaul of Federal Ser-
     vices to implement a safety net to protect all citizens.
          Equality should not be limited to state of mind; it    ensuring equality extends to all people, and not simply
     should extend to opportunities granted to all citizens.     those privileged enough to be given it. Although re-
     All people, regardless of origin or creed should have       forming education is important, creating a strong tech-
     the ability to live with a roof over their head, adequate   nical education program at the post-secondary level is
     food and suitable living conditions to raise a family.      vital to national well being and social welfare. Tradi-
          The first area of focus to change the face of          tional trades and crafts have fallen by the wayside in
     the United States is in reforming the tax code. The         the wake of a rush to America’s colleges; professions
     United State’s tax code has become patch-worked             have been marginalized by the concept of college elit-
     and convoluted to the point that average Ameri-             ism. Free, public trade schools that offer quality edu-
     cans are at a loss in deciphering the intricacies of        cation in a career path beyond “gas station attendant”
     it. This gives a significant reward to people who can       gives everyone the chance to improve social standing.
     navigate the system of financial penalties. Tax cred-            The other component to meaningful social well-be-
     its attempt to encourage growth in facets of life           ing is basic employment; all people deserve to have an
     the Government supports, but these largely benefit          available job, regardless of circumstance. Beyond sim-
     people well enough off to take advantage of them.           ply receiving money, public improvement projects give
          The other issue with the current US tax system         all people that choose to be employed employment.
     is based in the progressive nature of it; by increas-       Jobs at or below minimum wage, coupled with housing
     ing one’s self worth, one will be taxed an additional       and food assistance will create a gainful base-line of
     amount. In extreme cases, this results in the gov-          social well-being that all members of society can attain.
     ernment taking more money than your increased               While this system sounds similar to welfare or govern-
     salary. The marginal tax rate1 harms the coun-              ment handouts, both of which are disconnected from
     try by decreasing worker productivity and ensures           equality, the opposite is true. In 21st Century Amer-
     people remain in poverty to the detriment of all.           ica, Economic Freedom is invariably linked to social
          If people are put into an economic state to suc-       well-being; in the governmental sense, all people have
     ceed, safeguards should be created to allow citizens to     achieved equality under the law. The difficulty comes
     experiment and fail without failing permanently. The        in creating economic opportunities that all people can
     two critical human necessities are food and housing,        benefit from to break the cycle of poverty and despair.v
     both of which would be the pillars of any system of         Sources:
     safeguards. The federal government utilizes two pro-        1. http://www.lehighpatriot.com/mcaffrey/marginalizing-americans-2/

                                            Lehigh Patriot Opinions & Editorials

                Six Ways Obama
                      Can Solve                                                           David Gritz
                 Unemployment                                                             Class of 2011

                                                            1973, the unemployment rate almost doubled again.1
         THE SMART POLITICIAN’S GUIDE TO                    Therefore we can greatly increase the supply of jobs
                                                            by eliminating legal restrictions on “sinful” industries.
               CUTTING UNEMPLOYMENT.                             3. Remove minimum wage. Any economist would
                                                            tell you that rent ceilings to protect low-income
    Corporate advocates and wall street watch dogs          workers will inevitably leave more people home-
all have their own political machines armed and             less. The same concept applies for minimum wage.
ready for anything in the 2010 “Obama agenda.”              Wage floors prevent demand from being met. If
With the formation of a Consumer Protection Agency          an employer is willing to pay two workers five dol-
to reform the financial marketplace, the wall street
dogs are ready for a heyday. Meanwhile, corpora-
tions are doubling their lobbying budgets and moving
their operations and conferences to Washington D.C.
    With all the employed enlarging their loud-
speaker to the ears of lawmakers, there is no voice
for the unemployed. While Obama might say his fo-
cus will be jobs for 2010, he has no idea how to
start. The following list, far detached from the inten-
tions of Obama, is a set of well rounded suggestions.
    1. Draft the unemployed. Instead of a liability, our
unproductive workforce can be asset. Clinton era na-
tional service programs including AmeriCorps, Learn
and Serve America, and Peace Corps were created to
help revive America. By diminishing work-loss benefits
and payouts, the government can effectively “draft the
unemployed” to serve America. A roughly ten percent
hole in the economy can be revised to help rebuild infra-                                           Capitalists in the making.
structure, strength diplomacy, and improve education.                                            Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

 THE NUMBERS :: 2008 DRUG SEIZURES                          lars an hour and you tell him that he has to pay each
                                                            worker seven per hour, he will only hire one more
                    kilograms of cocaine                    productive worker leaving the worker unemployed.
       49,823                                                    4. Legalize organ sales. In the words of Levitt and
      660,969       kilograms of marijuana                  Dubner, authors of Super Freakonomics, Iran has more
                                                            economic sense than America in regards to human or-
    9,199,693       pills of hallucinogens                  gans. One major drag on the economy is the amount
                                                            of long-term care patients, of which transplant wait-
                                                            ing-list patients make up more than 100,000. 2 This
                                                            enormous drag on the economy, established with the
      2. Legalize gambling, prostitution, and drugs. Ar-    National Organ Transplant Act of 1984, could be re-
tificially limiting livelihoods is a sure way to cut the    pealed to cut medical costs and save lives. As a result of
number of jobs. If congress made accounting illegal         repeal, doctors would have more surgeries to perform
to practice next week, we would not only incrimi-           and lawyers would have more malpractice cases to deal
nate our auditors, but we would cut millions of jobs.       with, increasing net amount of doctors and lawyers.
The same thing happened in 1920 when America ex-                 5. “Drill baby drill.” In the words of Sarah Palin,
perimented with prohibition. From the start of 1920,        we need to increase oil drilling at offshore platforms
when alcohol related livelihoods were legal, to the         and in environmentally protected areas including
end of 1921, unemployment in the United States              ANWR. The more we drill here the less we drill in the
more than doubled. Conversely, the end of prohibition       Middle East. It is zero sum. Instead of funding terror-
has a near perfect correlation to the economic re-          ists and Saudi princes we should allocate our money
covery after the Great Depression. Once again, with         to desecrating America soil. The more we drill from
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration created in             the U.S. the more jobs we will create and less depen-
                                                                                               CONTINUED ON PG. 21

                                       Lehigh Patriot Opinions & Editorials

      Thursdays are Fucking                                                                    *Sarah
                 Mandatory                                                                     Class of 201x

                                                                which brings me to another distinction: social grace.
                                                                Mine is a finely tuned instrument, which I play flu-
                                                                ently, and beautifully. Their social grace, if capable of
                                                                sound, would bring most back to the days of elemen-
      A LOOK AT LEHIGH’S SORORITY PLEDGING                      tary school band concerts, where children pitifully
                   SYSTEM FROM THE INSIDE.                      struggled to play the three notes of Hot Cross Buns.
                                                                     “Look hot tonight,” is the next text I receive. If hot
                                                                means dressing like the rest of the girls, then count me
                                                                out. If hot means wearing a shirt as a dress and forget-
                                                                ting underwear, then forget me dressing hot tonight. If
          “Thursdays are fucking mandatory.” It was only
     a text message, but I could hear the shrill words of
     my pledge master ringing in my ears. What bullshit,          THE NUMBERS :: LU’S GREEK SYSTEM
     I thought, as I often do after reading almost any text
     message that is sorority-related. I wasn’t going any-
     where; I erased the message without responding.                      3.39      Highest sorority GPA in Spring ‘09
          I lay in bed, waiting for the rest of the text mes-
     sages to arrive. The classic, “Where the fuck r u?!”                           (Gamma Phi Beta)
     or the standard, “ I don’t know why you think pledg-                           Lowest sorority GPA in Spring ‘09
     ing is optional.” I think pledging is optional because               2.65
     I am sick. Very sick. Although I don’t even bother                             (Lambda Theta Alpha)
     telling people that again, because they don’t believe
     me, let alone ask how I’m feeling. “ We’re all sick.              $1,351       Avg. fraternity parlor fee
     Jill has a stomach virus and she’s still here. Just get
     here NOW!” Stomach virus? That’s all I need to catch.
     Of course I’m not going. And Jill shouldn’t either.
          I don’t know if it’s because I am older then the
     rest of my pledge class, or more mature, or experi-
     enced, but I do know that jeopardizing your health, or     hot means getting up on tables and waving my arms
     the health of those around you is just stupid. Go home,    in the air, oblivious to the fact that I went commando,
     Jill. And Erica, if you’re all sick, then don’t go out     then no, I will not look hot tonight; I’ll wear jeans.
     every night and binge drink. It’s just common sense.            I often wonder why I even bother with pledg-
          I used to not see the difference between freshmen,    ing. It is certainly not the sisterhood that I need. My
     like those in my pledge class, and real people. Now        mother blessed me with two sisters, whose uncon-

          If hot means wearing a shirt as a dress and forgetting underwear, then forget me
           dressing hot tonight. If hot means getting up on tables and waving my arms in
           the air, oblivious to the fact that I went commando, then no, I will not look hot
                                          tonight; I’ll wear jeans.

     I do. I am not a freshman. I know this because un-         ditional love for me is ever supportive. Where they
     like the rest of my pledge class, I already know myself.   lack, my real friends fill in. Friends, who when I’m
     I know how to drink…and when to stop. I know that          sick, don’t order me out of bed, but bring me soup
     I cannot go out partying until all hours of the night,     and take my temperature without my asking. Friends,
     every night, and still expect to keep up the grades I      who hold me up in the shower when my fever hovers
     know I’m capable of. (Dana, if you’re failing two of       around 104 degrees and I’m unable to stand. Friends,
     your classes, then maybe you should consider sitting       who don’t turn their heads, pretending not to see
     tonight out.) I know how to handle stress without          me around campus, but scream my name and wave
     bashing in the faces of those in my general vicinity,      their arms around like lunatics to get my attention.

                                            Lehigh Patriot Opinions & Editorials

Friends. Sisters. That’s not why I’m joining a sorority.      Six Ways Obama Is Increasing Unemployment
     Some girls dream of living in a sorority house,          David Gritz
complete with chef, communal showers, and forced              CONTINUED FROM PG. 18
triple rooms. I do not. In fact, I have no intention of
living in a house with forty other women. I. Would.
Die. Between the drama, the cat fights, the trash talk-       dent we will be on oil from instable governments that
ing, the fat talking, the raging eating disorders. I can-     don’t believe in human rights. Right now we spend
not live in the house. In fact, I already have specific       $200,000 per minute on oil imports, that’s like giv-
plans to not live in the house. I signed the lease for        ing a Ferrari to Hugo Chavez every minute or buying
my off-campus townhouse months ago. Complete                  a private jet for Nigerian identity thieves every hour.
                                                                   6. Bring back the uranium. According to George
                                                              Kuczynski, executive at PPL, “We have been planning
                                                              to build a multi-billion dollar nuclear power plant for
                                                              years, but regulations have halted progress.” Instead
                                                              of pontificating about sustainability and renewable
                                                              energy, Congress should act now. By loosening regu-
                                                              lations on nuclear power plants and passing a carbon
                                                              tax, Congress can encourage a green and more ra-
                                                              dioactive future. With most of our energy infrastruc-
                                                              ture over 35 years old, a major crisis could cripple
                                                              America. Therefore, we should be proactive and cre-
                                                              ate some serious high-paying nuclear engineering jobs
                                                              by encouraging energy companies to go “green”.v
                                                              Sources available online at: www.LehighPatriot.com

                                                              A Hard Core Look at College Education
                                                              Brandon Sherman
                                                              CONTINUED FROM PG. 17

                                                              equate way to produce well-rounded students and
                                                              that anything more stringent is overkill. But distribu-
                                                              tion requirements are just a convenient way for stu-
with queen size bed, walk-in closet, and private bath-        dents to find the easiest courses in each department.
rooms. Finding it was a miracle. I’ll live with the girl      Ironically, these requirements reflect the fact that
who I did not pay to be my social support system. The         a given discipline is essential to a complete educa-
girl who asks what I have been doing – interested, as         tion, but students have an incentive to sacrifice the
opposed to telling me what I should have been do-             essential for the expedient when selecting courses.
ing, apathetic to any reality beyond sorority events.              This phenomenon contributes to grade infla-
     So, why pledge? I don’t like to go out every night       tion - meaning that it’s just too easy to pad a Lehigh
like the rest of the girls in the “sisterhood”. I don’t       GPA. Employers and graduate schools are fond of
want to. I’ll admit it. There are times when a few            comparing applicants to the mean or median perfor-
glasses of wine, and the boy of the moment are all I          mance at their particular institution. That makes the
need to fulfill my desires of the night. But every so         choice between challenge and success a zero-sum
often, I’ll get that urge. That urge to wear a little extra   game. If you choose to push yourself academically,
makeup. That urge to throw on my shortest dress, and          you risk losing out to those who would rather coast.
my highest heels. That urge to drink to get drunk. To              Even though a core curriculum would do a great
dance on bars, and kick people’s drinks over without a        deal to improve the Lehigh experience, the impact on
care in the world. Ever so rarely, I’ll get that urge to      those who aren’t here yet and those that have just de-
go out. And when I do, I don’t want to roam the Hill,         parted would be even more pronounced. For consci-
listening for the loudest music, or looking out for the       entious prospective students, Lehigh would compare
slightest signs of a party. I want to have somewhere to       more favorably to alternatives, while the intellectually
go every night of the week and someone designated to          disinterested might stay away. In the crucial (no mat-
drive me there. Plus, it really alleviates any competi-       ter what anyone tells you) US News and World Report
tion when girls are expected to back off when I have          rankings, Lehigh is consistently dragged down by weak
some frat boy wrapped around my fingers, drooling.            assessments from peer-institutions, which is worth
And having an entire house of girls pledge not to give        25% of the total score. Bolstering our “intangibles”
any of my past love interests the time of day, just to        through the introduction of a challenging core would
screw them over, is pretty reassuring after a breakup.        give those reviewers a reason to take a second look.
     So, why didn’t I pledge?            Because Thurs-            Employers and graduate schools, too, would rec-
days are not fucking mandatory, and I am more                 ognize the rigorous crucible that all Lehigh students
than capable of confidently going to a party with-            must pass through. This could very easily improve
out the protection of a social security blanket.v             post-graduate opportunities across all majors, but
                                                              chances are, the students will speak for themselves. v
                                         Lehigh Patriot Opinions & Editorials

                                                                                       A lighter look at some of our favorite
                                                                                                  articles from our friends at
                                                                                                          the Brown & White

                                                                                     “FREE SPEECH STIFLED”
                                                                                           FEBRUARY 2, 2010

     In reference to the Lehigh bookstore manager’s alleged destruction of several Brown and White’s:

     “… Free speech took a big step backward because someone didn’t like it when a student dared speak
     out against what he saw as a discriminatory policy. Just because something makes you or your company
     look bad doesn’t mean it should be silenced or negated. Take a look at some comments on the Brown and
     White’s Web site for evidence of that.”

     Interestingly, and hypocritically, The Brown and White does not allow comments to contain links to any outside
     websites (or “Web sites” if you are the B&W edit board) in a clear attempt to restrict the dialogue on campus.
     The Patriot was unable to find any reputable news source with a similar policy. This, in addition to the Brown
     and White’s policy of screening comments before they are posted combines for a much more egregious violation
     of the spirit of the First Amendment than a book store manager allegedly ripping up a few Brown and White’s.

                                                                        “EDITORIAL:TOO MUCH PRINTING”
                                                                                      FEBRUARY 9, 2010

     From the latest rehashed editorial bemoaning printing usage at Lehigh:

     “But this is not a privilege we should abuse. We are all guilty of it because it’s not something we usually
     think about, but next time you go to print, think about how much paper you waste.
     Sure, we are used to having a copy of our assignments in front of us when we read, but is it so bad to
     have to read from a screen? Between our computers and televisions, we spend most of the day in front of
     a screen anyway. What’s the difference?”

     While the Brown and White calls on you to ‘think before you print,’ the Patriot editorial board would like to ask
     the Brown and White to ’think before you write.’ Since you can easily read all of the Brown and White’s articles
     online, there should not be any reason for an actual paper copy of the Brown and White according to this edito-
     rial. We would be very interested to know how much paper is used in printing several thousand copies of the
     Brown and White each week, and why their editorial board feels justified in killing so many trees.

                                       “LEHIGH’S PRACTICAL JOkES STILL LACk SOPHISTICATION”
                                                                             OCTOBER 3, 1958

     “Most of campus fondly remembers awakening on Flagpole day to find a Nazi flag firmly planted atop
     the flagpole.”

     Fifty-two years ago, The Brown and White had a much more relaxed approach to swastikas appearing on cam-
     pus. Such an event today would likely evoke about eight e-mails from President Gast and her administrative
     cohorts, a town hall meeting to “heal the community,” a police investigation, and various demands from various
     special interest groups around campus.

                                           Lehigh Patriot Wit & Wisdom

                                                             The        Side:
         Michael Caffrey
              Class of 2012                                  Manufacturing Diversity

    President Gast recently expressed her intentions         tural Affairs, Africana Studies, Women Studies, The
of hiring a Chief Diversity Officer; a position which        Rainbow Room, or The Multicultural Room. The
would improve the standing of Lehigh University when         position will be a boon for Lehigh’s race-centered
compared to other racist institutions. Additionally, it      population and engender a healthier campus com-
would create another figurehead leadership position,         munity for all involved. Furthermore, he or she will
a role that Lehigh as an institution has far too few of.     be able to dole out the copious amounts of funding
    Comparing Lehigh to its peer institutions in the         that are sure to accompany his or her modest salary.
Lehigh Valley and around the world, there is a clear              With the addition of a CDO, Lehigh gains the abil-
sense of “keeping up with the Jones.’” Colleges includ-      ity to recruit one of the most desirable demographics:
ing Moravian and RIT have created this position; there-      minorities. An increase in minorities betters the stand-
fore, Lehigh must spend more money to compensate.            ing of the university in the eyes of the world, increasing
Lehigh has a clear need to “leverage and maximize            our rankings that have been slipping over the past few
investments in diversity initiatives”1 as one of the most    years. Peer institutions, such as MIT outpace our racial
homogeneously white campuses in the United States.           commitments many times over, and minority represen-
    Under President Gast, Lehigh University has em-          tation is a hallmark of a quality educational institution.
barked in a new direction. The job description: sending           Finally, The Movement will be able to demonstrate
the most powerfully staged e-mails, inspiring fear in        clear outcomes from their dramatic rallies, protests,
the hearts of racists, and evacuating emotion from the       and marches on President Gast’s house. This would
“affected minorities.” This new role must be taxing!         represent the second demand yielded to the Move-
Clearly, Gast does not have the patience to respond to       ment, and it would be the most indelible mark left on

      We are amazed that this institution has survived 155 years without an individual
                 dedicated to ensuring equality for all on this campus.

bias incidents, and would rather focus on her golf game.     campus…next to the hole in President Gast’s door.2
      Lehigh University has a proud and storied tradition         The Patriot implores President Gast to spare no
of over-developed efforts of threat construction. Start-     expense and hire a Chief Diversity Officer. We are
ing with 500 people attending a town hall meeting in re-     amazed that this institution has survived for 155 years
sponse to idly wasted words and continuing with editori-     without an individual dedicated to ensuring equal-
als flooding the Brown and White, Lehigh has historically    ity for all on this campus. A Chief Diversity Officer
acted decisively and swiftly after the occurrence of race-   will singlehandedly smite every racist and every racist
based conflicts to publicize and relentlessly promote        thought from this campus and create a Lehigh Bubble
the actions of racists and stigmatize the entire campus.     of Equity and Community, the envy of the world.v
      A Chief Diversity Officer will have other benefits
to campus. He or she will create a purpose for the           Sources:
Council for Equity and Community, and give them              1. http://www.nadohe.org/
tangible results for the past 22 months. Lehigh Uni-         2. http://www.lehigh.edu/diversity/pdf/TownHallMtgs/11-11_town_
versity wouldn’t want the efforts of the noble vol-          hall_mtg_notes.pdf
unteers in the Council for Equity and Community to
be wasted on crafting equality now, would they?
      The Chief Diversity Officer fulfills a clear, un-
met need on campus. His or her role will encom-
pass new ground, uncovered by the Council for Equity
and Community, The Movement, the Black Student
Union, The Women’s Center, the Office of Multicul-

                                        Lehigh Patriot Wit & Wisdom

                                                   February Two Thousand Ten

{ };
    Ad Verbum:                                                                          Did You Know?
         “Today, it takes more brains and effort to
        make out the income-tax form than it does                                       - There are approximately 22,450,000,000 bar-
                    to make the income.”                                                rels of oil in the U.S. Oil Reserves
                      - Alfred E. Neuman
                                                                                        - The U.S. tax code is 17,000 pages long and
      “A fine is a tax for doing something wrong. A                                     costs $1,100 to order text from the Govern-
         tax is a fine for doing something right.”                                      ment Printing Office.
                      - Author Unknown
                                                                                         - The Drug Enforcement Agency arrested
        “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion,                                     26,425 people in 2008 and has arrested
                but not their own facts.”                                               623,454 people since 1986.
                - Daniel Patrick Moynihan

                                                    Some Cartoons Courtesy USBIC Educational Foundation
Zack Rawsthorne’s cartoon sitcom, Diversity Lane, (www.diversitylane.com) is a gift to The Planet. Failure to share these cartoons with friends will be considered a
                                                                        moral failing.

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