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     Live Computer Support, computer repair support,Online Computer Maintenance support

       By Ask PC Experts
       Dated: Jun 06, 2009

       Microsoft certified technicians of Ask PC Experts offer a step-by-step method to fix pesky computer
       problems in interacting sessions through screen sharing technology, phone, chat and email.

       Most PC users experience several frustrating problems such as slow speed, crashing or freezing, deadlocks,
       error messages, blue screen etc. as time goes by. For a quick fix of all these pesky problems, you can avail
       the services of live computer support professionals, who hold enormous knowledge and specialization in
       fixing computer issues.

        These online tech support professionals provide immediate and realistic solutions for your computer repair
        The spectrum of online computer support services includes everything ranging from fixing computer
       glitches, removing deadly viruses and spyware and all hardware, software or peripheral support.

        If your computer gets annoying messages of error, or your screen goes blank, or sometimes you get
       unwanted pop-ups, it is time to repair your computer. An online computer repair service provides fast, easy
       and cost effective ways to address your computer repair needs. Saving you from computer "downtime"
       caused by an array of hardware and software issues, Ask PC Experts specializes in remote computer repair
       service and PC support. Addressing your home and business computer repair requirements, our Microsoft
       certified technicians effectively diagnose and troubleshoot annoying PC problems to your satisfaction.
       After a comprehensive diagnosis of your problems, our seasoned technicians pinpoint the real cause and fix
       it effectively to restore the efficiency of your computer.

        Software Assistance
        Ask PC Experts' support services are customized to correspond with the requirements of home and
       business computer requirements. The Services are extended to accessing, configuration or use of Windows
       based system software and other application software. Though a number of software vendors provide online
       support, Ask PC Experts extends extensive solutions to software related issues both for desktops and

       Our Microsoft qualified technicians can help you in applications like Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows
       XP, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Outlook, Nero.

        Service Features

          * Diagnose and repair the problem, and reinstall application, if necessary.
          * Support for over 70 daily use software applications.
          * Quick Assistance with using a particular software including navigation & functionality.
           * &
        Computer Maintenance
        One of the most important things you can do for the health and longevity of your computer is to have it
       undergo periodic, preventative maintenance. Ask PC Experts helps you to introduce both hardware and
       software updates. Apart from maintaining and cleansing your system registry after creating a back up of the
       data, our technicians check all the applications and restore smooth performance of your PC, thereby
       increasing it speed considerably.

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

 Peripheral Installation
 From keyboard to web cam, computer peripherals are critical components of your computer. As you add
more and more peripherals to your system, chances are that there may be a conflict in the system. Ask PC
Experts assists in installation and configuration of peripherals like keyboard, mouse, scanner etc. Assistance
is also provided for the installation of drivers, if needed. Figuring out the conflicts in the settings, we
troubleshoot all problems regarding computer peripherals.

 With its innovative IT Support Technology, Deep technical expertise and a dedicated team of Microsoft
Certified System Engineers (MCSE), AskPC Experts provides par excellence services, effectively fixing
diverse pesky and dreaded PC glitches encountered by PC users worldwide.


AskPCExperts has reached out to millions of customers since its founding a decade ago. With a fleet of
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE) figuring amongst our technicians, we lend remotely
managed computer repair services a new complexion. Certified credentials and wide experience earned by
our team confirm that they have the skills necessary for the successful administration and resolution of the
diverse problems encountered by PC users all over the world.

 AskPCExperts is confident that you will find our Remote Managed Services to be the ultimate IT solution
for you. Our customers always prefer to stay with us because of the quality we offer, and that too at
unbeaten prices.

 With AskPCExperts, you can sit back and enjoy the security of having your PCs' performance and uptime
fully ensured remotely by our certified technicians, and all this at extraordinarily affordable prices.

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