Computer Repair and Networking by ps94506


									                        Computer Repair and Networking
                         A Concentration within the Engineering and Technology Field of Study

                        Concentration Description
                        Through this concentration , students learn to build and maintain cutting edge personal computers
                        and networks for home and small business settings. Advanced students use their skills as part of an
                        on-campus technical support team where they provide daily computer maintenance and repair, assist
                        building techs in troubleshooting and repairing computer network problems, and learn how to operate
                        a computer repair and support business. Students interested in future employment within this field
                        will have opportunity to prepare for the COMPTIA A+ certification exams.

                        Concentration Courses (2.0 credits from the following)
                        Courses available within this concentration and the subject area(s) they satisfy are listed below.
                        Courses identified as "(ID)" are Intradistrict courses available to all HS juniors and seniors.
                           Course(s)                                       Credits       Subject Area(s) satisfied
                           Computer Repair/Home Networking                   1.0          CTE
                           Warrior Computer Tech                             1.0          CTE

Courses within this
concentration           Concentration Highlights
reinforce the
                        - Learn to build, troubleshoot, and maintain a computer system
following Academic      - Learn to select and buy computer components
Skills:                 - Participate in on-campus technical support team
                        - Business development skills
   Reading              - Opportunities to obtain industry certification

                        Major Topics and Skills Learned
                        - Computer components
   Visual Arts          - Upgrading computers to current standards
                        - Cutting-edge computers and technology
   Health/Fitness       - Operating Systems and Networking Software
                        - Network topologies
                        - Servers

Occupations             Career Planning Facts:
related to this         According to the Washington Occupation Information Service (WOIS), the demand for skilled
concentration           Computer and Network Technicians and Specialists is expected to grow faster than the average for
include:                all occupations over the next several years.

Computer Equipment      Those considering pursuing this field of study after high school could also benefit by taking the
Repair                  following courses:
Computer Support
Specialist                - Integrated Math or equivalent
Computer System           - Physics
Analyst                   - Computer Applications 1.
Computer Security
Help Desk Technician
Network Administrator
Network Technician
                             For more information about this Field of Study concentration, contact the Instructor,
                                               School Counselor or Career Center Specialist

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