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									Jackson State University and Education Online Services Corporation
Announce Master of Arts in Teaching Online Program

Education Online Services Corporation and Jackson State University
announce launch of online degree program for Master of Arts in Teaching
with classes starting on January 9, 2012.

Jackson, MS, November 30, 2011 -- The College of Education and Human
Development at Jackson State University announces the launch of the
online degree program for the Master of Arts in Teaching for the Spring
2012 semester. This announcement comes on the heels of the successful
launch of Jackson State’s online MBA program for the College of Business
which started classes this past August. Implementation of this degree
program is a joint collaboration between Jackson State University and
Education Online Services Corporation (EOServe Corp). Classes are forming
now and are scheduled to begin on January 9, 2012.

"America needs more qualified teachers and we, at Jackson State, are
happy to provide them," said Dr. Mark G. Hardy, Vice President and
Provost for Academic Affairs, Jackson State University. "We are
continuing our long-standing tradition of preparing some of our country's
best educators."

The Master of Arts in Teaching program focuses on expanding and enhancing
alternate certification through high quality state approved teaching and
learning curriculum. The Program’s mission is to provide state and
national teacher preparation experiences to bachelor level graduates from
diverse fields and professional experiential backgrounds who desire to
teach in our nation’s K-12 education system. It is through these
experiences that standard licenses are earned and highly credentialed
teachers are placed in our nation’s schools.

“We are excited about our relationship with EOServe. It is through this
relationship that we are able to bring our Family Care and Early
Childhood program to many who otherwise would not have this opportunity.
We feel the MAT program with EOServe Corp. will be another great
opportunity to address the teacher shortage in America. We are elated to
have EOServe Corp. as a partner along with their tremendous
professionalism and expertise” said Dr. Daniel Watkins, Dean of the
College of Education. Completing the Master of Arts in Teaching degree
can provide added value on a new teacher’s resume as this advanced degree
usually commands a higher salary and the general perception is
individuals with Master of Arts in Teaching degrees are “teacher

“We are greatly pleased to have some many good things in place at Jackson
State University to allow us the opportunity to deliver our Master of
Arts in Teaching Program online. This is a true reflection of the hard
work that our students, faculty and staff have displayed over the years.
Through it all, the College of Education remains "at point" and continues
to prepare high performing teachers and school leaders capable of
impacting the world. We are excited for the opportunity!” exclaimed Dr.
William Brown, Director of the Masters of Arts in Teaching program.The
online degree curriculum consists of 36 credit hours. Admission
requirements include a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
with a minimum 2.50 cumulative grade point average. Federal financial aid
is also available to applicants who qualify.

“Over the past year we have been working closely with the College of
Education at Jackson State University to ensure its core values, mission
and commitment to produce successful graduates on campus is now
duplicated online. As a result, we have enrolled hundreds of students in
the Bachelor’s of Child Care and Family Education degree program. We are
looking forward to some of these students graduating in the coming year.
It is because of the success of this program, we are now launching the
Masters of Arts in Teaching where as many as 70 new students have already
been accepted to start this Spring. We anticipate this program to be just
as successful as the last” stated Ezell Brown, Chairman of Education
Online Services Corporation.

For further information and to apply to the Master of Arts in Teaching
degree program at Jackson State University, please visit or call Dr. William A. Brown, Director of the
Master of Arts in Teaching program at 601-979-3412, or Maxine Merlin at
the Education Online Services Corporation at 866-829-3416.

About Jackson State University: Bridge to a Brighter Tomorrow
Jackson State University, founded in 1877, is a historically black, high
research activity university located in Jackson, the capital city of the
state of Mississippi. Jackson State’s nurturing academic environment
challenges individuals to change lives through teaching, research and
service. Officially designated as Mississippi’s Urban University, Jackson
State continues to enhance the state, nation and world through
comprehensive economic development, health-care, technological and
educational initiatives. The only public university in the Jackson
metropolitan area, Jackson State is located near downtown, with three
satellite campuses throughout the city.

About Education Online Services Corporation (EOServe Corp.)
Education Online Services Corporation was founded by a select team of
academic and marketing professional who recognized the opportunity to
assist colleges and universities in underserved communities with the
development of full-service online degree programs. With the primary
focus on graduating students, Education Online Services Corporation works
closely with the admissions, financial aid, and academic departments of
each institution to help them market and increase enrollment by expanding
their on-campus degree programs to online degree programs.

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Joseph Mazon
Education Online Services Corporation
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