MONTE PASCOE
                                 CIVIC LEADERSHIP AWARD

Throughout his life, Monte Pascoe demonstrated the importance of civic engagement and community
service. As a member of the Denver Water Board and executive director of the Colorado Department of
Natural Resources, Monte’s visionary leadership helped define and protect our landscape by preserving
water and open space for our region and state. Active in local politics and on numerous community
boards, Monte is remembered for his personal convictions, courage and determination to build a better
future for Denver. Driven by a willingness to act in support of his principles, Monte Pascoe helped to
lead the fight for the desegregation of the Denver Public Schools.

The Monte Pascoe Award is presented by the Mayor of Denver annually at the Denver Metro Chamber
of Commerce’s “Emerging Issues Luncheon on Education Reform” to a community member who
exemplifies the values of community service, leadership and civic engagement embodied by Monte

The award will be presented to the individual volunteer who has demonstrated
    extraordinary service to family success, community improvement and international understanding;
    encouragement and belief in others who seek to contribute to the community;
    dedication to justice and equal educational opportunity for all people;
    a willingness to assume responsibility for leadership.

If you know of someone who has made a positive impact in these areas, you may nominate them to
receive the Monte Pascoe Civic Leadership Award.

Nominations must be received by October 29, 2010.
Name of person you are nominating:_______________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________ State: ____________ ZIP Code: _______________
Telephone number: _____________________________________

Reason for Nomination:
(Please attach no more than 2 additional sheets or write on back of page, please
       be sure to address each of the four criteria with your nomination.)

Name of person submitting nomination: ___________________________________________
City: _____________________ State: _______________________ ZIP __________________
Telephone: ____________________________ Email: _______________________________

Please send your nomination to:
Anthony Aragon
Agency for Human Rights & Community Relations
201 W. Colfax Avenue, Dept. 1102
Denver, Colorado 80202

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