I think you all know by xiuliliaofz


									I hope you’re aware
Valentine’s Day’s almost here
Can you stand the wait?

I know I sure can
I’m not looking forward to
The whole holiday

I don’t have a date
Which I’ll be reminded of
Everywhere I go

Plus, I must avoid
Eating any chocolate
That’s lying around

Call them what you will
But I do not wish to add
To the “love handles”

So, what will I do
On that wretched holiday
People like so much?

Well, I still have plans
And a cause to celebrate
Two whole days from now

No, this won’t include
Watching a crappy movie
Shown on HBO

In fact, Saturday
Will be dedicated to
A special lady

To whom I will say,
As sincerely as I can,
“Happy Birthday, Mom.”

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