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									                                  JUST FOR FUN SPELLING BEE
This study list consists of 1000 words (compiled from various 4th grade spelling lists) and are in random order both
alphabetically and in level of difficulty. It is grouped into words of 20, only for ease in use. Each support group bee
coordinator has the option to use this entirely or to use words not on the list - check with your coordinator. In
advancement to the SETHSA Just for Fun Spelling Bee, the words will come entirely from this list, resorting only to the
Paideia book (if necessary) to determine a winner.

        (1)                      (2)                      (3)                        (4)                      (5)
hold                     pasta                     thin                      turned                    grub
brace                    tunic                     skiing                    ache                      achieve
prince                   avoid                     break                     choke                     awhile
wire                     above                     flock                     knife                     cheese
flag                     marble                    rock                      niece                     cure
sketch                   prize                     propel                    ruffle                    knowledge
stretch                  route                     wheel                     each                      message
knock                    wove                      margin                    week                      nature
dual                     thick                     stubborn                  awful                     subscribe
kernel                   dwell                     cucumber                  peel                      turtle
remain                   gospel                    pastor                    problem                   where
aviator                  kneel                     chases                    horn                      turf
gopher                   brain                     gut                       skip                      breath
never                    cushion                   night                     cultivator                flush
circus                   flicker                   knew                      flour                     rough
about                    nest                      away                      governor                  protein
pelt                     skirt                     abruptly                  breakfast                 skin
many                     charity                   duty                      market                    emu
they                     holiday                   holy                      stunt                     honey
Tuesday                  sturdy                    turkey                    thirsty                   penalty

       (6)                      (7)                       (8)                       (9)                       (10)
bridge                   brave                     climb                     grandma                   media
curve                    noise                     said                      period                    tuna
grove                    province                  thousand                  thread                    guide
hope                     twice                     battle                    divide                    large
vote                     chief                     cycle                     horse                     scale
rush                     whiff                     language                  puncture                  push
sleigh                   slosh                     suitable                  twinkle                   daffodil
thigh                    back                      while                     snag                      hospital
which                    sack                      nothing                   equal                     nail
bank                     football                  vowel                     metal                     pencil
label                    action                    broom                     bacon                     small
form                     custodian                 palm                      children                  whirl
chicken                  horizon                   mean                      lantern                   balloon
matter                   melon                     puffin                    noun                      foreign
pauper                   subtraction               anger                     brother                   two
across                   grammar                   enter                     foster                    sugar
submit                   labor                     horror                    suffer                    address
project                  eat                       fort                      whimper                   brought
empty                    peanut                    grant                     alert                     elbow
nobody                   thought                   slept                     salt                      chimney

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       (1)           (2)          (3)              (4)          (5)
peninsula    banana        thumb           data          bead
adjective    electric      advise          afraid        lend
bruise       dice          buckle          build         ample
choose       meditate      sample          void          engine
house        nurse         launch          winding       obedience
medicine     people        oath            hutch         time
pure         purpose       quack           baseball      whose
sardine      substance     barrel          oatmeal       song
whistle      tumble        mental          personal      quench
smooth       white         dandelion       quarrel       usual
through      latch         fountain        citizen       suction
foul         fossil        upon            groan         piano
green        until         so              solution      Savior
sudden       adorn         who             four          groceries
bamboo       burden        collar          lawyer        burst
latter       salvation     elephant        saucer        fright
number       choir         hurt            thunder       met
elect        sort          permit          enemy         city
daisy        how           subject         mercury       day
ugly         gravity       gummy           supply        hungry

       (6)          (7)          (8)              (9)          (10)
bulb         soda          crib            idea          beard
ground       comb          bone            beetle        cloud
husband      picnic        fragile         dedicate      injure
picked       tired         ice             leave         science
sound        angle         mile            piece         source
dude         fracture      picture         tiptoe        gulf
middle       scrape        surprise        milk          quirk
suppose      sure          title           wink          level
value        deaf          wildlife        school        toil
wife         wigwam        scarf           soup          definition
beach        beacon        enough          vapor         frown
again        grown         o'clock         clothes       million
clean        hymn          leather         octopus       open
oxygen       learn         business        exhibit       bump
foyer        migration     guess           frequent      pier
express      ocean         almost          quiet         event
left         question      direct          allow         sweat
quest        vacant        quaint          swallow       willow
saw          bushy         sorrow          busy          already
tiny         enjoy         valley          guilty        variety

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       (1)           (2)           (3)            (4)           (5)
disturb      delta         optic           symbolic     extra
crowd        tomb          demand          docile       limb
importance   minuend       friend          mingle       came
pierce       hayride       sword           plate        fudge
swimming     spice         ape             tongue       miracle
fresh        vehicle       quote           self         take
length       winsome       score           among        scroll
torch        beneath       verse           book         vessel
beautiful    couch         half            creek        wisdom
gym          official      inch            fuel         began
mistaken     cabin         evil            calm         happen
altar        in            calendar        vain         iron
butter       pigeon        pillar          hanger       plain
ever         letter        spider          incubator    roar
spear        always        winter          wiper        correct
scissors     exodus        minus           except       dessert
quit         quilt         bolt            lint         split
valet        swift         tomorrow        rabbit       tonight
window       screw         cry             spent        army
ornery       Friday        library         okay         only

      (6)            (7)          (8)             (9)          (10)
exotic       diamond       behind          second       ankle
village      lizard        liquid          canine       false
arch         eye           squid           square       irritate
splash       once          difference      voice        ooze
with         range         future          belief       pleasure
limerick     settle        face            faith        cuff
tuck         monarch       severe          animal       catfish
tail         tooth         verge           haul         health
can          angel         wolf            total        reach
devotion     boil          cancel          listen       tough
beggar       canal         initial         onion        squeal
sculptor     coral         organ           woman        moon
Indians      infection     raisin          ratio        liver
miss         spoon         tornado         court        wonder
fruit        plaster       counter         insect       series
omnipotent   fuss          has             moment       vicious
planet       witness       plot            plateau      benefit
rainbow      vast          taught          tax          gadget
colony       happy         annoy           doily        target
happily      taffy         money           funny        dirty

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        (1)           (2)          (3)              (4)           (5)
head           lived        heard           aisle         bird
read           costume      divine          bicycle       world
toward         dodge        garage          wriggle       doodle
orange         staff        shore           poach         mouse
squirrel       wool         stage           teeth         ounce
team           captain      anything        cardinal      police
mourn          gallon       item            gain          rebuke
seven          tulip        between         return        telephone
wooden         answer       caravan         two           shell
another        better       origin          sharp         contraction
discover       mother       town            doctor        garden
litter         order        wren            farther       heaven
plumber        temper       conductor       others        loop
carpet         wafer        farmer          stairs        stoop
comet          famous       motor           contest       fever
gallant        heat         tedious         heart         tractor
instinct       instrument   loft            invent        wander
view           result       point           loquat        careless
betray         shadow       robot           walnut        apart
family         poetry       wait            monopoly      itchy

       (6)            (7)         (8)              (9)           (10)
agree          heed         aqua            arctic        double
dome           loud         island          blame         fence
invisible      pond         weld            capture       treble
loose          blue         ozone           gentle        loving
receive        favorite     tinge           issue         cough
temple         geese        wrinkle         muscle        watch
wave           invite       shrink          poise         blink
sheriff        state        pool            reference     owl
wrong          wreath       gem             terrible      shovel
birth          April        redeem          wick          atom
mouth          dollar       dolphin         steal         museum
conversation   utter        station         travel        steam
pollen         mumps        train           film          reflection
gecko          outlet       corner          donation      hello
our            roost        feather         lollipop      potato
unfair         shoot        heifer          helicopter    camp
carrot         tempt        murmur          over          wrap
fault          wart         blanket         crust         geography
heavy          copy         cast            wrist         ivory
sticky         carry        lost            shy           territory

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        (1)           (2)           (3)             (4)          (5)
music         arid          herb            drama         panda
blood         package       arithmetic      yucca         throb
feud          still         paid            field         bottle
shrewd        down          machine         stopped       mature
argue         join          practice        age           praise
owe           relation      booth           giraffe       stride
rejoice       usurp         weak            here          sincere
tremble       finger        journal         juice         truck
lunch         helper        yowl            signature     dreadful
germ          lunar         cousin          the           firm
yawn          near          dozen           trouble       rhythm
terror        pour          fiction         wince         curtain
water         year          troop           march         hero
current       sinus         remember        nymph         weather
caught        ghost         stir            cell          cent
drift         body          giant           bother        gift
helmet        country       sight           cover         arrow
jacket        cavity        twist           product       jigsaw
stow          testify       narrow          paint         nativity
poultry       waxy          celery          restaurant    yesterday

       (6)           (7)            (8)             (9)         (10)
curb          weird         umbrella        change        skate
magic         aside         attend          there         style
yield         parachute     kindred         wharf         branch
glimpse       riddle        create          string        peach
paste         since         drizzle         gush          neck
true          theme         rule            truth         criminal
roof          crawl         strange         silk          manual
final         cereal        wise            yolk          autumn
dream         mail          proof           kitchen       ruin
them          him           bowling         mansion       zero
hexagon       nutrition     finish          neither       weep
prayer        driver        goal            parents       chapter
similar       ulcer         meal            aunt          glass
ashes         fist          patrol          president     first
boss          prompt        thrill          crew          knit
just          straight      cheer           boy           thermostat
century       you           neighbor        dusty         dry
naughty       boundary      silver          fishy         hobby
story         glory         his             history       pretty
Wednesday     key           yummy           rivalry       try

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