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					9th September 2009

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Reporting ‘Flu-like symptoms during suspension of classes at Sha Tin College:

As you are aware, classes at the school have been suspended following the advice of the Centre for Health
Protection due to a significant rise in the number of student absences due to ‘flu-like symptoms.

In order for us to carefully monitor the situation, it is vitally important that we are informed if your child
develops ‘flu-like symptoms over the coming days. Accordingly, please contact the school by phone (2699-
1811) or by e-mail: to provide us with your child’s name, form class and details of
symptoms should your child fall ill over the next week. In this way we will be able to track the health of the
student body and will be able to make an informed decision, with the advice of Centre of Health Protection
and Education Bureau, as to when to resume classes at the school.

E-learning programme:

As I reported yesterday, the teaching staff are working each day with our e-learning programme and the
students should be receiving regular e-mails from teachers with details of their assignments. If, for any reason,
your child has not received work for any particular subject then please do make contact with the class
teacher through the e-mail addresses listed in the back of the student diary. The most common cause for this
will be an invalid student e-mail address in our records, although we are forwarding work to parents if
difficulties are reported. If you have any queries regarding the e-learning programme, please do not hesitate to
contact the school as the continued education of our students is of high priority. We will evaluate our e-
learning programme in due course, when we resume classes.

Yours sincerely,
John Nixon
John Nixon MBE
Principal - Sha Tin College
For general inquiries, please email:

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