Finding Your Target Heart Rate _THR_

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					               Finding Your Target Heart Rate (THR)
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The target heart rate (THR) is the range of heart rate that will produce
training effects on the heart if it is maintained for a sufficient length of time
(usually 20- 30 minutes) at least three times per week. This is commonly
known as aerobic exercise.

Determine your resting heart rate (RHR). This is the lowest heart rate you
experience anytime during your waking hours- day or evening. Check it
several times during the day when you are feeling really relaxed. You are
looking for the slowest heart rate. In order to find your RHR, take your
pulse for 6 seconds and then add a 0 to that number. You will be calculating
how many times your heart beats per minute.

Resting heart rate = ___________________

To determine the range of heart rates at which you should workout, you need
to also know your maximum heart rate. To find your Max HR, take a 15
second pulse on the inside of your wrist or the side of your neck, then
multiply by 4 to get your 1- minute HR.

Maximum heart rate = ___________________

Use the formula below to compute your 60%, 70%, and 85% target heart
rates. This is the zone you should stay in during aerobic exercise.

       60% THR                    70% THR                      80% THR
        Beginner                 Intermediate                  Advanced
           220                        220                          220
          - age                      - age                        - age
         = ____                     = ____                       = ____
          X .60                      X .70                        X .80
        = ______                   = ______                     = ______
       60% THR                     70% THR                     80% THR

The higher your training heart rate, the harder that you are working!
When you work out, check your heart rate to help you identify the level of
intensity that you are working at.

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