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					End of Season Festival of Football & Fun Day

7th March
• Festival of Football Soccer 7‟s            (Soccer 7‟s Pitch)

14th March
• Festival of Football Rangers               (Trinians/Rangers Pitch)

Tournaments and Cup Finals 2009                                                        MORDEN LITTLE LEAGUE
7th March
• Trinians Tournament                        (Hornets Pitch)
                                                                             NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2009
14th March
• Smart Cup Qualifier                        (Juniors Pitch A & B)       Welcome to the new spring season at Morden Little
• Hornets Tournament                         (Bantams /Hornets Pitch)    League and a special welcome to everyone new to the
21st March
• Bantams Tournament ( Bantams/Hornets Pitch)                            The message we would like to convey at the start of the 2008/2009 Spring
                                                                         season is that we want only positive encouragement and it is all about
                 Managers Match & Fun Day                                sharing and enjoying – win or lose

                     28th March 2009                                                                   Our Aim
28th March
                                                                         Children of all abilities to experience the enjoyment of playing
                                                                                           football as a leisure activity
•     Seniors       Mays Cup Final           (Seniors Pitch)
•     Girls         Challenge Cup Final      (Girls Pitch)
                                                                         The ability to work within a team
•     Juniors       Coopers Cup Final        (Juniors Pitch B)
                                                                         Hopefully a few wins along the way
•     Juniors       Smart Cup Final          (Juniors Pitch A)
                                                                           REMEMBER AT MORDEN LITTLE LEAGUE THE CHILDREN
New Players Trials 2009
                                                                                ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN FOOTBALL
      Division        Trial1        Trial2            Trial3      Time         THE GAME IS NOT THE THING – THE CHILD IS
      Seniors        Sat 25/4       Sat 2/5          Sat 9/5      10am
                     Sat 25/4
                     Sat 25/4
                                    Sat 2/5
                                    Sat 2/5
                                                     Sat 9/5
                                                     Sat 9/5
                                                                         Dennis Jones
      Bantams        Sat 25/4       Sat 2/5          Sat 9/5      10am   League Secretary
      Hornets        Sat 25/4       Sat 2/5          Sat 9/5      10am
      Rangers        Sat 25/4       Sat 2/5          Sat 9/5      10am
    Soccer7evens     Sat 25/4       Sat 2/5          Sat 9/5      10am
      Trinians       Sat 25/4       Sat 2/5          Sat 9/5      10am
                                       Contents                                                          International News
Page No.                                                                                           DARTS MARATHON
                                                                                 Two Saturdays before Christmas and a bunch of Little League enthusiasts
1.      Cafe
                                                                                 spend their whole day and evening raising funds for the International
2.      Social Events                                                            Tournament to be held next May at King George‟s Park, by undertaking a
3.      Social Events                                                            sponsored 12 hour darts marathon.
4.      Senior Division News
5.      Girls Division News                                                      On a very wet and overcast day our ten sponsored players completed
6.      Junior Division News                                                     eighty five games of 1001 at the Queen‟s Head, Mitcham thanks to the kind
7.      Junior Division News                                                     hospitality of Ray and Barb, licensees of the pub, and to the organisation of
8.      Mini Soccer                                                              Mick Beard, known to most parents as the bonus ball man!
9.      Referees Page
10.     General News                                                             Sustained throughout by an endless supply of Guinness and lager, our
                                                                                 players were in remarkably good shape by the end and anticipate having
11.     League Management Committee
                                                                                 raised over £1,000 for the cause. A big thank you goes to the players
12.     International                                                            drawn from members of the League Management Committee, team
13.     International                                                            managers, parents and a former Little League player. Big thanks also to
                                                                                 those who took the time to drop in during the day to provide some support
                                                                                 and those who joined us for the food and live music at the end.

POSTPONEMENTS                  020 8330 2663                                     Congratulations to our star player Roy, who not only achieved the highest
                                                                                 number of “outs” but also was the first to record a 180 score. Very kindly
You can find out the latest information on potential postponements, if you are   Roy donated his winnings to the League.
in doubt, by checking the League Help Line on 020 8330 2663. Fixtures for
the Saturday after postponed games are as the Fixture Lists unless
otherwise advised.


Please check in the Canteen in the Lost Property Box if you have left
an item of clothing at King Georges previously. It may just be in

                          International News                                                                         Cafe
                               International                                                 Café Rota for the Spring Season is on Page 7.
                        Dutch Tournament 23rd May
                                                                                   Thank you to all volunteers for your recent and future assistance in the
                                   2009                                            café and for supporting your team and Morden Little League.

                                                                                   The café is our biggest fund raiser and we would not be able to provide
                                                                                   free football for over 600 boys and girls every week without volunteers like

                                                                                   We hope you enjoyed the experience and if you did and feel you would like
                                                                                   to help again we would be very grateful.
                             Groen-Wit & Morden
                                                                                   If you feel you are able to offer some more time to help keep this essential
                                                                                   part of Morden Little League running then please contact Shirley-Anne
We are delighted to be hosting the thirteenth Morden Little League                 Cummings on 020 8337 2170.
International Youth Football Tournament and we hope that good weather
enables an enjoyable day of sport.

As in each previous “odd” year since 1985, our principal guests are the children
and the adults from the Groen Wit ‘62 football club of Apeldoorn in Holland.       Café –warming cups of hot beverages or cooling cans and bottles of
They have generously entertained similar groups from our League in each
                                                                                   drinks. If you feel hungry we have something to satisfy your appetite
“even” year since 1984. We are hoping to welcome teams from other Little
Leagues.                                                                           Hot Dogs, Sausage Rolls, Steak and Kidney Pies, Bacon Rolls,
                                                                                   Sweets, Chocolate, Crisps.
When we first visited Groen Wit almost 25 years ago, their Tournament
programme editorial said “winning is less important than good sportsmanship        Two hours work will ensure MLL continues into the future. If the café
and friendly participation” and we strongly support this old fashioned but         cannot find enough volunteers, then there will be no football.
excellent principle.                                                               Remember no café, no football.
This year we once again hope for some good competitive football, but more
importantly, an opportunity for a pleasant day in the company of good

Invitations will shortly be going out for host families to support this
event. Host families will receive priority when considering
applications for our visit to Holland in 2010.                                     Please don‟t forget to buy a Bonus Ball on a Saturday morning. Cost
                                                                                   £1 and you have a 1 in 49 chance of winning £25.
Enquiries about being host families should be made to John Grice
020 8393 1856.
                                                                                   PLEASE NOTE: IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY DURING
                                                                                   SATURDAY MORNINGS THERE IS NOW A DEDICATED MOBILE
                                                                                   NUMBER WHICH WILL BE ANSWERED. 07541 639419
                                       12                                                                               1
                               Social Events
                                 QUIZ NIGHT
„We held a very enjoyable and successful quiz night on Friday 21 November at
Goals Soccer Centre in New Malden.
                                                                                                      LEAGUE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE
Attended by around 100 adults and children, the evening passed off without any
controversy, largely owing to the late withdrawal of our very own mad Scottish         Chairman                   John Grice              020 8393 1856
Cafe Administrator Shirley-Anne Cummings and her team – just as well, as she           Treasurer                  Mark Goldfinch          020 8395 0525
had threatened a repeat of the jocks at Wembley in 1977 when they nicked our           Secretary                  Dennis Jones            020 8330 2663
goalposts, only this time she was planning to nick the goalposts from the boys 5-      Referees Secretary         Dave Bonner             07590 516475
a-side pitches!! Glad to report these are still safely intact.                         Administrator              Sheila Jones            07946 658192
                                                                                       Café Co-ordinator          Shirley-Anne Cummings   020 8337 2170
Comprising of 10 rounds of a mixture of general knowledge, pictures and                Child Protection Officer   Elissa Davies           07793 563604
basically pure guesswork/sheer luck questions, it was apparent from the outset         Membership Secretary       T.B.A.
that the final scores were going to be very low, as the teams struggled with
difficult trivia as to „The colour of Scooby-Doo‟s dog collar‟ and „How many           Player Co-ordinators
calories in a Big Mac‟.                                                                Seniors/Juniors            Jeannette Luffman       07724 517453
                                                                                       Girls/Trinians             Sandra Matthews         07894 388469
A word here to quiz teams entering future quizzes – asking the questions for 3         Mini Soccer                Nigel Blackwell         020 8641 4996
and a half hours is very THIRSTY work, so in future all beers purchased for yours      Waiting List               Mark Fanning            020 8715 4538
truly quizmaster would be much appreciated. Thank yoop.
                                                                                       Venue Co-ordinators        Dennis Jones/           07946 658192
The quiz was won by a team affectionately known as C.A.C.C (captained by Little                                   Nigel Blackwell
League Treasurer Mark Goldfinch), although C.A.C.C by name and not by nature           Lottery Promoter           Sandra Matthews         07894 388469
as they led the field virtually from start to finish, which is actually quite sad as   Social Secretary           Jay Watts               07828 256229
they obviously watch a lot of kids TV and films between them as they somehow           International              John Grice              020 8393 1856
managed to answer nearly all of the kids questions. Are you guys unemployed            Co-ordinator
or do you just indulge in hours of CBBC when your wives and girlfriends are out?       Code of Conduct Co-        June Sanders            020 8646 2405
Wooden Spoonists were Edens United, captained by Lisa Eden. A game effort
guys and thank you for keeping up a good effort and spirit.                            Division
The quiz night helped to raise £265 for Little League, which was a very welcome        Senior                     David Russell           020 8640 5013
surprise.                                                                              Junior                     Tina Stephens           020 8335 3248
                                                                                       Girls                      Michael Black           07921 667459
My thanks to all of you who attended what was intended to be a fun social night        Trinians                   Jerzy Dabrowski         07931 790803
and I hope you enjoyed it. Onto the Race Night in March – Hope to see you all          Bantams                    Les Sheridan            020 8778 0869
there.                                                                                 Hornets                    T.B.A.
                                                                                       Rangers                    Scott Whittington       020 8337 9295
Cheers                                                                                 Soccer7‟s                  George Mellor           020 8224 6910
                                                                                       Web Master                 Michael Black           07921 667459
                                                                                       Co-opted Member            John Barnett            01737 360212
Jay Watts
                                                                                                  The AGM has been fixed for 10 June 2009
                                         2                                                                                11
                        Senior Division News                                                                  Referees Page
Autumn League Winners: Footman Flyers                                                REFEREES
Autumn League Runners-up: Elm Beetles
                                                                                     THREE RULES THAT EVERY PLAYER, MANAGER
Pos    Team                  P      W        D       L    F    A          PTS        AND SPECTATOR SHOULD KNOW ABOUT OUR
1st    Footman Flyers        10     7        2       1    36   14    -     16        REFEREES
2nd    Elm Beetles           10     5        3       2    25    9    -     13
                                                                                        1. They are always right
Congratulations go to Footman Flyers who won the Autumn half of the season.             2. Even if they get it wrong they are right
Remember if a different team wins the Spring League then a play-off shall take          3. In the event of any complaints please refer to rule one
place to determine the overall League Champions - so it is still all to play for -
and remember it is all about enjoying – win or lose.                                 Many of our officials are young and newly qualified. We cannot afford to
                                                                                     lose officials through abuse or constant harassment. Managers and
Final table after Mays Cup Qualifying Stage                                          helpers who referee matches will have the same powers and responsibility
                                                                                     as any qualified Referee and they are afforded the same respect and co-
Team                    P     W      D           L       F     A    GD    PTS        operation as would be given to any match official.
Switchgear Flashes      3     2      1           0       12    5    +7     3    Q
                                                                                     The League cannot and will not review the decisions of Referees.
Footman Flyers          3     2      0           1       16    6    +10    4    Q
                                                                                     Have you ever thought of becoming a referee?
Remco Royals            3     2      0           1       13    9    +4     4    Q
Elm Beetles             3     2      0           1       11    8    +3     4    Q    Do you know anybody who wants to become a referee?

The above four teams will progress to the Mays Cup semi final stage on               Are you aged between 14 and 70 years and would like more
14 March 2009.                                                                       information,

(Semi Final draw was made on the 6 January 2009) and the Cup Final takes             Assistant Referees would you like to attend a FREE course to
place on 28 March 2009.                                                              enhance your ‘lining’ skills.

                                                                                     Would you like to attend a FREE Workshop for Mini-Soccer Referees?
Switchgear Flashes      v         Remco Royals                                       Persons wishing to attend should contact Dave Bonner on 07590
Footman Flyers          v         Elm Beetles                                        516475

Jeannette Luffman

CHANGE OF CONTACT DETAILS                                                                                                The FA Respect Programme
                                                                                                                           aims are to support referees
Please remember to keep us up to date with any changes to your telephone                                                uphold the Laws of the Game and
numbers or postal address by phoning the Help Line 020 8330 2663                                                          to improve behaviour –on the
Or by email: dennisjones15@btinternet.com
                                                                                                                            pitch and on the sidelines

                               General News                                                                        Social Events
Respect Barriers
                                                                                                   MORDEN LITTLE LEAGUE FOOTBALL
Please remember the designated spectators' barrier is on one full length of the
pitch and this is for the spectators from BOTH TEAMS to stand behind, which
                                                                                                         ****RACE NIGHT****
also means no-one should be watching from behind the goals. Where we are                                                     TH
experiencing problems with the tape not staying in place the tape will be replaced                         SATURDAY 7 MARCH 2009
with a rope.                                                                                                           AT
                                                                                                                AFC WIMBLEDON
                                                                                                       THE FANS STADIUM – KINGSMEADOW
It is the intention that the Managers and Assistants of both teams should stand                              JACK GOODCHILD WAY
on the other side of the pitch, meaning players get instructions from just one side                           422a KINGSTON ROAD
of the pitch.                                                                                           KINGSTON UPON THAMES, KT1 3PB

It has been agreed, that considering the ethos of Morden Little League and that                                   7.00pm to MIDNIGHT
the children playing are of mixed ability, it would now be appropriate for either a
Manager or an Assistant to stand on the same side as the parents/spectators.

However Managers and Assistants must ensure that they are not in the way of
the Assistant Referees in 11-a-side games. Managers and Assistants must not
run up and down the touchline and never onto the pitch directly or indirectly
influencing, criticising or putting pressure on Referees or their Assistants.

Due to the space between the Junior pitch A and the Girls Pitch (which was
originally marked for Managers and Assistants only) constantly being used as a
pathway from Aragon Road across KGF it is impracticable to insist that
supporters only stand one side. Therefore starting in January 2009 BOTH SIDES              TICKETS COST: £7.00 ADULTS, £3.00 CHILDREN (under 16‟s)
of Junior Pitch A and the Girls Pitch will have barriers erected.
                                                                                                          (PRICE INCLUDES COLD BUFFET)

                                                                                          Tickets can be purchased, on a first come first serve basis only, by -
                                                                                         E-mailing your name, address and ticket requirements to us at
                                                                                         Telephone Jay on 07828 256229
                                                                                         Tickets will also be available from the Pavilion Café Helpdesk on
                                                                                          selected Little League match days from October 2008
              Membership Secretary
              Section Rep - Hornets Division                                          Further, ask Jay for details of the following -
              We currently have vacancies for Assistant Managers                         Become a horse owner for the night - buy and name a horse in one of
              PLAYERS:                                                                    the races for £5.00 – if your horse wins its race, you will win a cash
              We currently have vacancies for GIRLS                                       prize.
              born between September 1994 and August 2002                                Sponsor a race and give the race a name.
                                                                                         Buy a horse in the finale ‘Auction Race’ and win a large cash prize if
                                                                                          you are the lucky winning owner(s).
                                        10                                                                                   3
                             Mini Soccer News                                                               Girls Division News
Festival of Football and Fun Day                                                    Autumn League Winners: Jephs Fillies
                                                                                    Autumn League Runners-up: T.B.C
7 March         Soccer 7’s Division
                Referees to be supplied by: Managers from the Hornets               Congratulations go to Jephs Fillies who won the Autumn half of the
14 March        Rangers Division                                                    season. Remember if a different team wins the Spring League then a play-
                Referees to be supplied by: Managers from the Soccer7evens          off shall take place to determine the overall League Champions - so it is
                & Trinians                                                          still all to play for - and remember it is all about enjoying – win or lose.
End of Season Tournaments
7 March         Trinians Division                                                   Runner Up still to be confirmed and the Cup is still to be settled.
                Referees to be supplied by: Managers from the Hornets
14 March        Hornets Division                                                                                          League
                Referees to be supplied by: Managers from the Bantams
21 March        Bantams Division                                                       Team                       P       W       D       L        F     A        PTS
                Referees to be supplied by: Managers from the Rangers                  Jephs Fillies             10       8       1       1        37     6   -       17
                                                                                       USA Blue Sox               9       6       1       2        40    12   -       13
Please note the following alterations to the Hand Book
                                                                                       Budgies Tombhoys           9       6       0       3        46    28   -       12
Page 57         March 7
                                Trinians fixture changed to Baily Family Shield                                  Double Headers
                                Tournament                                                 On the 17th January - USA v Rockford - 9:30 - Missed League
                                                                                            Game 1st November
Page 56         March 7         Soccer 7‟s fixture changed to Festival of
                                Football                                                   On the 24th January - Rockford v Jephs - 9:30 - Missed Cup Game
                                                                                            6th December
Page 51         March 7         Extra fixture Bantams Division: -
                                                                                           And finally the 31st January - Rockford v Gregorys - 10:30 -
                                9.30    Robs Rockets v Morden Sports Aces                   Missed Cup Game 22nd November
                                10.15   Wills Warriors v Fenwick Falcons
                                11.00   Traq Tigers v Macemain Whirlwinds                                                 Cup
                                11.45   Decorex Dynamos v M.A.B. Warriors
Nigel’s Comments                                                                       Team                           P   W       D   L       F     A    GD       PTS
                                                                                       USA Blue Sox                   3   2       1   0       15    8    +7       5 Q
Happy New Year to you all and welcome to any new players and parents. Sorry if
you have not seen me yet but I am around every Saturday between 8 a.m. and 2           Gregorys Girls                 2   1       1   0       7     5    +2           3Q
p.m. If you have any questions or queries please call my number in the Hand
Book or leave a message at the Help Desk.                                              Jephs Fillies                  2   1       0   1       3     3    0        2

Parents please make sure players are with their manager 30 minutes before kick         R&D Bluebells                  3   1       0   2       5     8    -3       2
off and if they do not wish to play any longer please let the manager know, as we
have players on the waiting list in all sections.                                      Budgies Tombhoys               3   1       0   2       7     10   -3       2

Managers and assistants please make sure all games finish on time and that             Rockford Peaches               1   0       0   1       0     3    -3       0
attendance books are filled in. If you wish to play in the Managers Match contact           The semi final draw will be made following the last cup game.
me or Scott Whittington. Thanks for all your help.
Nigel Blackwell                                                                     Sandra Mathews
                                        8                                                                                     5
                         Junior Division News                                                                         Junior Division
Autumn League Winners: CTL Falcons                                                                  THE SMART CUP QUALIFYING ROUND TO BE PLAYED
Autumn League Runners-up: Cranleigh Aces                                                                       SATURDAY 14th MARCH 2009
                                                                                                09.30   Carina Allstars       v  Cooper Colts                    Pitch A
Pos    Team                      P       W          D        L       F      A          PTS      09.30   Rotary Royals         v  Essex Eagles                    Pitch B
1st    CTL Falcons               9       8          1        0       47     10   -      17      09.55   Cranleigh Aces        v  TIW Tigers                      Pitch A
2nd    Cranleigh Aces            9       8          0        1       31     14   -      16      09.55   Essex Eagles          v  Cooper Colts                    Pitch B
                                                                                                10.20   Rotary Royals         v  Cranleigh Aces                  Pitch A
Congratulations go to CTL Falcons who won the Autumn half of the season.                        10.20   Carina Allstars       v  TIW Tigers                      Pitch B
Remember if a different team wins the Spring League then a play-off shall take                  10.45   Rotary Royals         v  Cooper Colts                    Pitch A
place to determine the overall League Champions - so it is still all to play for -              10.45   Carina Allstars       v  Cranleigh Aces                  Pitch B
and remember it is all about enjoying – win or lose.                                            11.10   Essex Eagles          v  TIW Tigers                      Pitch A
                                                                                                11.10   Cranleigh Aces        v  Cooper Colts                    Pitch B
Final table after Coopers Cup Qualifying Stage                                                  11.35   Carina Allstars       v  Essex Eagles                    Pitch A
                                                                                                11.35   Rotary Royals         v  TIW Tigers                      Pitch B
Team                    P    W       D          L       F        A        GD     PTS            12.00   Cranleigh Aces        v  Essex Eagles                    Pitch A
President Royals        4    4       0          0       18       3        +15     8     Q       12.00   TIW Tigers            v  Cooper Colts                    Pitch B
Jaydee                                                                                          12.25   Rotary Royals         v  Carina Allstars                 Pitch B
                        4    3       1          0       12       2        +10     7     Q
                                                                                             The Smart Cup games will follow the usual MLL principles with group
Hunns Hornets           4    3       0          1       14       4        +10     6     Q
                                                                                             games lasting 15 minutes each with a minimal half time. Qualifying
CTL Falcons             4    2       2          0       15       6        +9      6     Q    group placings will be determined by most points, 3 points for a win,
                                                                                             2 points for a score draw and one point for a no-score draw. Then
The above four teams will progress to the Coopers Cup semi final stage on                    results between the team(s) involved, then goal difference and then
7 March 2009.                                                                                most scored- if the score is still level penalties will be taken. The top
                                                                                             two teams will progress to the Cup Final on 28th March 2009.
Semi Final draw was made on the 6 January 2009
                                                                                                        CAFÉ ROTA 2009 JUNIOR TEAMS IN BOLD
Semi Final 7 March 2009.                                                                       Date       Early shift (8.30am       Late shift (1.30pm leave)
                                                                                                          arrive) 9.00am –          11.00am – 1.00pm
President Royals        v            Hunns Hornets                                                        11.00am
                                                                                               3-Jan      Mays Lions                Seattle Steamers
CTL Falcons              v           Jaydee Grasshoppers                                       10-Jan     Remco Royals              Young Wizards
                                      th                                                       17-Jan     Elm Beetles               Rotary Rockets
The Cup Final takes place on 28 March 2009.
                                                                                               24-Jan     Watliff Dynamos           Globe Flyers
                                                                                               31-Jan     Fenwick Falcons           JAYDEE GRASSHOPPERS
COACHING COURSES                                                                               7-Feb      CARINA ALLSTARS           TIW TIGERS
                                                                                               14-Feb     CRANLEIGH ACES            ESSEX EAGLES
Have you ever thought of becoming a Qualified Coach?                                           21-Feb     COOPERS COLTS             ROTARY ROYALS
                                                                                               28-Feb     Traq Tigers               Macemain Whirlwinds
Little League Football will pay half of any fees spent on Level 1 training courses.            7-Mar      Decorex/ MAB Warriors     PRESIDENTS ROYALS/Robs Rockets
This offer remains open for this year - so come along and get some training. If                14-Mar     Wills Warriors            Morden Sports Aces
you would like more information please contact: 020 8330 2663                                  21-Mar     CTL FALCONS               HUNNS HORNETS
                                                                                               28-Mar     Volunteers Required       Volunteers Required
Jeannette Luffman
                                                    6                                                                           7

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