Batting Cage Contract by R85F9E2


									                                                Kenton Little League
Kenton Little League                                                                                                    Home Run Memorial Park

                                         Training Facility Contract
PO Box 1                                                                                                                13625 State Route 292
Kenton, Ohio 43326                                                                                                      Kenton, Ohio 43326

                       I, ___________________________________, hereby understand and will abide by the Kenton Little
                       League Training Facility Guidelines set forth in this agreement. I understand that misuse or breaking of
                       any rules could and will eliminate me or my team’s ability to use the facility.

                       Training Facility Rates: August thru March $20 per hour per cage (includes the use of one
                       pitching mound)
                       Hours of operation: Wednesdays 5-9 pm Saturdays 10am – 4 pm Sundays Noon – 5 pm.
                       Hours Scheduled by this contract:

                           1. The training facility is to be used only by approved organizations that have completed a rental
                               agreement with Kenton Little League.
                           2. All users must schedule usage of the facility no less than 48 hours in advance of scheduled
                               usage times.
                           3. All users understand they use the facility at there own risk. Kenton Little League is not liable for
                               any personal injury or equipment damage sustained in or around the training facility.
                           4. All sporting activities must take place inside the training building as the remainder of the park is
                               off limits under this contract.
                           5. The approved user group will only allow registered program participants to use the batting
                               cages. No parents, other relatives, or friends of the program participants are allowed to use the
                           6. Tennis shoes only may be worn. No cleats (plastic or steel) may be worn in the training facility.
                           7. The user group will only allow approved adults (18 years and older) to supervise the batting
                               cages and pitching machines.
                           8. The facility is never to be left unattended by an approved adult during scheduled usage
                           9. All users must wear batting helmets while inside the batting cages.
                           10. Cages may be used for hitting pitched balls, batting tee drills or soft toss drills, only two people
                               in the cage at a time one being the pitcher and one being the hitter.
                           11. All pitching must be done from behind a protective “L” screen.
                           12. Privately or league owned pitching machines may be used in the cages. League owned balls
                               must be replaced in the storage container at the end of the team session.
                           13. No food (including sunflower seeds) or drink (except water) may be brought into the facility.
                           14. No smoking, No foul language!!
                           15. Coaches should properly dispose of any trash found in or around the facility.
                           16. Absolutely no climbing on batting cages.
                           17. Batting cage usage time ends ten (10) minutes prior to the end of the scheduled usage time to
                               allow for clean up and exiting on time to allow the next group to start as scheduled.
                           18. Players and coaches must immediately intervene to correct any unsafe or potentially
                               destructive act.
                           19. Report any personal injury or damage or loss of facility property to the Facility Coordinator,
                               League President or Treasurer.
                           20. Any violations of these rules will result in the participant’s immediate ejection from the facility
                               and may also result in a long-term loss of facility privileges.

                       Coach’s Signature________________________________________________Date:______________

                       Kenton Little League Representative

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