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Library Instruction Lesson Database Template (DOC download)


									Library Instruction Lesson
Online Catalog Lesson-5th grade
Resource Title           Online Catalog Lesson-5th grade
File Name                Online Catalog Lesson-5th grade
Resource Description     Library computers-Online catalog
(This is information
about the resource.)

Standard                 AASL                         FCPS
Strand                   AASL                         FCPS
Indicator                AASL                         FCPS
Benchmark                AASL                         FCPS
SOL                      Eng 2.11, 4.6, 5.7, 5.8 Math 3.7, 5.1, 6.1
Materials                Online catalog, work sheet, LCD Player, laptop, screen
(Books, files, links,
graphic organizers,
databases, etc.)
Lesson Length            30 minutes

Keywords or key          Online catalog lesson, 5th grade
Year Created?            2008

Teacher Editable?        XYes

Audience                   Librarian
(Resources may have
more than 1 audience.)
Purpose                     Lesson Plan
(Resources may have
more than 1 purpose.)
Create By                Written by Nancy Davis, adapted by Jan Ramp
(written by or adapted

Grade Level                Pre-K                            7th Grade
                           K                                8th Grade
                           1st Grade                        9th Grade
                           2nd Grade                        10th Grade
                           3rd Grade                        11th Grade
                           4th Grade                        12th Grade
                         X 5th Grade
                           6th Grade                        Adult
LEARN Lesson Plan
Online Catalog Lesson-5th grade
           Today we will learn how to use the online catalog. First I will model
Link       how to use the online catalog and look up AUTHOR, KEY WORDS,

           Assessment: Class discussion and observation

           First I will model how to do the searches I am asking you to complete. Then,
Engage     working with a partner you will look up an author, key words, and do a subject and
           power search. (Terms that have been clarified in this “modeling” process of how to
and        read the online catalog record are: call slip, publisher, call number, shelf location,
           summary, copyright, series, power search) Model searches. Now you will work
Educate    with a partner. (Give each student a collection data sheet, each must fill out a data
           collection sheet to make sure they are “engaged” in the activity. All computers will
           be used. Some students may have to check out their books before they can rotate
           in to use a computer)

           Assessment: Completion of the data collection worksheet

           Be sure to read the
Active     directions carefully, and
           take turns with your
Learning   partner From the
           desktop, click on the icon
           for the Online Library
           Catalog. Search by
           AUTHOR for books
           written by Andrew
           Clements. Continue to
           follow all directions. I
           will be circulating
           about as you work to
           answer any questions.

           Assessment: Correct          Assessment:                   Assessment:
           completion of data
           collection sheet
           What would it be like to have access to an online computer if you
Reflect    needed to locate a book, an author, a subject?

           You will be able to access any author, title, subject by using the
Next       online catalog.

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