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Criteria for inclusion on List of HKIA Expert Witness

The expert witnesses admitted onto the HKIA List of expert witness should be:
1. Having sufficient experience in expert witnessing as an architect, solicitor or a counsel or
2. Having completed a five-seminar series of ‘Architect as Expert Witness’; and
3. Provision of CV stating professional qualifications in support of the application

1. List of the HKIA Expert Witness

 AU Man Yi Kitty                                  LI Chun Luen
 CHAN Bui Sze Suzanne                             LI Kwok Hing
 CHAN Hon wan Edwin                               LUK Chung Lam Patrick
 CHAN Kwok Ho                                     SHEN Edward
 CHAN Tin Yau                                     TONG Sin Ching
 CHAN Wing Chuen William                          TSANG Man Biu
 CHAU Kei Yun Athena                              TSANG Stephen
 CHE Kwai Leung Chris                             TSE Hau Ming Terence
 CHEE Wai Hung Simon                              WAN Yiu Keung
 CHENG Yuen Kwan Vicky                            WONG Chi Wai Jacky
 CHEUNG Ka Nang Benny                             WONG Hoi Lui Helen
 CHEUNG Pak Chiu Patrick                          WU Kwok Cheung
 CHO Wing Cheong Peter                            YEUNG Mona
 CHOW Yuen Sai Esther                             YUNG Chi Kin
 CHOY Kei Shun
 HUI Miu Ling Suzanne
 KAN Chee Man Florence
 KO Wai Kei, Ricky
 KONG Chiu Kin
 LAM Chi Wai
 LAM Tin Cho
 LAM Yiu Hon Nevin
 LAU Man Kwan
 LEE Kim Keung James
 LEUNG Dik Sze


Criteria for inclusion on List of HKIA Arbitrators

The arbitrators admitted onto the HKIA List of Arbitrators should be:
1. Having sufficient experience in arbitration whether as arbitrator, counsel, expert witness,
    instructing solicitor or otherwise.
2. Good character and not having been removed as arbitrator in circumstances where
    moral probity or competency were an issue; and
3. Provision of two references in support of the application; and
4. 7 years post qualification experience of HKIA membership.

List of the HKIA Arbitrators

CHAN Hon Wan Edwin*
CHEE Wai Hung Simon*
LEE Kim Keung James*
SHEN Edward*
YEUNG Kwong Sunny*

*Also on the HKIA/HKIS Joint Panel of Arbitrators

Criteria for inclusion on List of HKIA Mediators

The Mediators admitted onto the HKIA List of Mediators have to satisfy the following

1   7 years post HKIA qualification experience and member of HKIAC mediation panel(s); or

2. Substantial experience in and knowledge of mediation, including:

    a.    Satisfactory completion of a mediation training course(s) of 40 hours minimum
          duration approved by the Contract and Dispute Resolution Committee; and

    b.    Mediate or co-mediate at least two actual or simulated mediation cases. After
          completion of any two such live or simulated mediation cases, a candidate is
          required to complete a self-evaluation sheet assessing the mediation process in
          which the candidate participated. In addition, a candidate should obtain in the case
          of a live mediation, 2 completed evaluation sheets from clients, if possible, together
          with the comments from the supervisor on the candidate’s performance, or in the
          case of simulated mediations, comments from the simulation supervisors. The
          purpose of the evaluation sheets is to satisfy the Contract and Dispute Resolution
          Committee that an acceptable level of competence as a mediator has been

List of the HKIA Mediators

CHAN Hon Wan Edwin*                               LEE Kim Keung James*
FUNG Yin Suen Ada                                 NG Lai Ki Denise
KAN Chee Man Florence*                            TSE Hau Ming Terence
KAN Cho Yau Kenneth*                              WONG Man Sang*
KONG Chiu Kin                                     YEUNG Kwong Sunny*
LAM Wai Pan Wilson                                YUEN Kwok Cheung
LAM Yiu Hon Nevin*

*Also on the HKIA/HKIS Joint Panel of Mediators


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