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					                     Congratulations to:
                     Shelby Lee Adams and Richard
                     Brent Kliment, who were married
                     at First Church on September 10,
                     2011.        Rev. Carla Gunn
                                                            Thank you to Dale and Dorothy McCammon for the
                    LeeAnn Jameson and Larry                donation of a refrigerator for the Seekers/Friendship
   Roepke, who were married September 17, 2011.             Rooms.
   Rev. Gary Main officiated.
                                                            I want to thank our church family for being so
   Congratulations to:                                      supportive during my recent surgery! Rev. Gary
                         Steve and Rebecca Lush on the      Main was there every day for me while I was in the
                         birth of their daughter, Madison   hospital and I am very appreciative. Then, when I
                         Kristine Lush, born July 28,       got home I had a wonderful visit from Sharron
                         2011.      She joins big sister,   Altmaier. She brought me the most beautiful and
                         Kaylie, at home. Deb King is       meaningful Prayer shawl. What a lovely gift from
                         Madison’sgrandmother.              that ministry. I will treasure it always.
                                                                           Thanks again, Gail Lowenberg
   Nathan Pfeiffer & Kati Runge of Lincoln, on the birth
   of their son, Tariq David Pfeiffer, born August 19th.    Pumpkin Patch would like to thank Pastor Carla for
   Grandparents include Dave & Kathy Pfeiffer & great-      the donation of various craft supplies, Lee Ward for
   grandmother, Roberta Pfeiffer.                           the donation of Play-Doh and glue, Larry & Colleen
                                                            Jacobsen for the 12 qt container, the Oschner family
   Carsten & Katie Mlady on the birth of their daughter,
                                                            for the donation of the masking tape, Darold &
   Grace Kelli Mlady, born August 24th.
                                                            Bronte Nielsen for the contact paper, and Rodger
                                                            and Colleen Gage for the glue sticks, pom-poms,
   Phyllis O’Brien on the birth of a great-grandson,
                                                            googly eyes and dry erase markers! We would also
   Myer Randall O’Brien, born Sept. 11th to Tim &
                                                            like to thank the person(s) who donated the glue
   Amy O’Brien of Waverly, NE.
                                                            sticks, sheets of foamie, craft sticks, pony beads, the
                                                            shaving cream, glue sticks and googly eyes and the
   David & Kiphany Hof on the birth of their daughter,
                                                            large amount of craft foam!! Please remember to
   Madalynn Harper Hof, born August 29, 2011.
                                                            return the pumpkins and to sign your name on the
                                                            back so we know who to thank!! Thank you so much
   First Church extends its sympathy to:
                                                            for your support of the Pumpkin Patch. Your
                            Viola Ebke on the death of      donations help offset the cost for program materials
                            her brother, Ilert Schmidt      for our kids to make various art projects! We
                            from Minden, who died           thank you all very much for your support. Your
                            August 30, 2011. He was the     donations are greatly appreciated!!!
                            uncle of Duane Ebke.                            Shannon Faz, Director
                                                                            Pumpkin Patch Child Care Center
   Rodger and Colleen Gage on the death of their son,
   John R. Gage, who died September 6, 2011 in              Thank you so much for the many visits to the hospital
   Omaha. Rev. Main and Rev. Gunn officiated at             after Aaron’s accident. We appreciate all the
   funeral services at First Church on September 12th.      thoughts and prayers you sent Aaron’s way during
                                                            his hospital stay.
   Carol and Mike Woodman and family on the death of
                                                                           Aaron Hernandez, Jack & Terri Berry
   Carol's brother, Jim Harrison of Loup City, who
                                                                          Amanda, Britany & Alexcia Hernandez
   died September 13th.
                                                                          Mike, Paula, Derek & Steven Berumen
   Ora and Zelma Lindau on the death of Ora's brother,      *The staff thanks the Hernandez family for the plant
   Earl Lindau of Minden, who died September 18th.          that they sent to the staff in appreciation.

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                                                                                E.N.R.I.C.H. GROUP
   Thank you to the lawn                                             “EVERYONE NEEDS RELATIONSHIPS
   mowing      crews    who                                                 IN CHRISTIAN HARMONY”
   volunteer their time each                                     ENRICH is an ecumenical group for people who
                                                                 would like to get out and about, but who do not wish
   week.                                                         to do so alone. The next ENRICH meeting will be a
   Note: This corner has been designated the AMEN corner         Halloween potluck on Saturday, October 29th at 6:00
   for “an audible alert that something special was (is) being   p.m. in the Kearney Manor Pavilion, located on
   done.”                                                        Avenue K between 27th and 28th Streets. Please
   *In Memory of Rev. Maurice Holt, 1907-1997                    brings a potluck dish, and games. Costumes are
                                                                 optional, but encouraged!      Carol Dannels is the
                                                                 hostess and you can reach her at 237-7724.
                                                                 We look forward to seeing you there, and, as always,
                                                                 we welcome newcomers to join us for food
                                                                 and fellowship.
                       September 3 & 4, 2011
   Come As You Are Worship (8-31)                       165
   Saturday night worship service                         18                                    WEDNESDAY
   Sunday 8:15 service                                    87                                 EVENING MEALS
   Sunday 9:30 service                                  195                              Wednesday evening meals
   Sunday 11:00 service                                 161                              are held from 5:30-6:45 pm
   Nursery (3 services)                                  16
                                                                                         every week in Fellowship
   TOTAL                                                642
                                                                                         Hall.     Cost is a freewill
                     Sunday School 09-04-2011                                            offering and you are invited
   Children (2-yrs-old-5thgrade)                         22                              to join us!
   6th grade-High School                                 00
   (Eight) Adult Classes                                 57                              Future menus include:
   Teachers                                              02
   TOTAL                                                 81                              September 28th—Outreach
                                                                                         committee serving
                      September 10 & 11, 2011
   Come As You Are Worship (9-7)                        196
                                                                                         pulled pork sandwiches
   Saturday night worship service                        26
   Sunday 8:15 service                                  124
                                                                 October 5th—Crusaders class serving lasagna to
   Sunday 9:30 service                                  375                   benefit Neighbor in Need Fund
   Sunday 11:00 service                                 244
   Nursery (3 services)                                 23       October 12th—Jobs Daughters serving soup--chili,
   TOTAL                                                988                      chicken noodle, broccoli cheese
                     Sunday School 09-11-2011
   Children (2-yrs-old-5thgrade)                         89      October 19th—Friendship Class serving
   6th grade-High School                                 09
   (Eight) Adult Classes                                 97      October 26th—Seekers class serving sloppy joes
   Teachers                                             16                    (Trunk or Treat night)
   TOTAL                                                211
                                                                 November 2nd—Library serving baked potato bar
                      September 17 & 18, 2011
   Come As You Are Worship (9-14)                       192      November 9th—Jobs Daughters serving
   Saturday night worship service                        20
   Sunday 8:15 service                                   91      November 16th—date available!
   Sunday 9:30 service                                  337
   Sunday 11:00 service                                 255
   Nursery (3 services)                                 20
                                                                 November 23rd—NO MEAL
   TOTAL                                                923                     THANKSGIVING EVE
                     Sunday School 09-18-2011
   Children (2-yrs-old-5thgrade)                         97      November 30th—United Campus Ministries serving
   6th grade-High School                                 26                  breakfast for supper
   (Eight) Adult Classes                                121
   Teachers                                             22
   TOTAL                                                266

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   The Nigeria-Nebraska Partnership was born from the
   Council of Bishops' Hope for the Children of Africa.
   Conferences in the United States were asked to
   partner with conferences in Africa with the purpose
   of improving the lives of the poorest of the poor
   A partnership team between Nigeria and Nebraska
   was formed in 1999. At the end of March and
   beginning of April 2000 a group from Nebraska went
   to Nigeria to assess the needs of the Nigeria
   Conference. Seristina Johnston was then a Missioner
   of Hope and told the group of her dream of an
                                                             Kanto Gideon, 7, had never been to school but is very
   orphanage near Jalingo, Nigeria. This orphanage
                                                             bright and understands easily. After she arrived at the
   became the project of the Nebraska Conference. The
                                                             orphanage, she cried for two days. She had been
   initial goal was to raise $250,000 to build on property
                                                             addicted to alcohol, which is sometimes used to mask
   that was owned by the Nigerian Conference. In 2005
                                                             hunger pains, but has recovered and is doing well.
   the orphanage opened with 28 children who had lost
                                                             She attends Primary 2. She likes math and English.
   their parents and were living with guardians who
                                                             She likes to study the odd and even numbers. She
   were most likely extended family members. In the
                                                             would like to be a teacher so she can teach students
   fall of 2007, 20 more students were added.
                                                             like herself. She likes to eat pounded yam and stew.
   The Partnership continues today, with the Nebraska
                                                             She also likes chicken. She doesn’t like fufu (made
   Conference being the primary source of funding for
                                                             from corn). She likes to jump rope with Hassana and
   the orphanage in Jalingo; it is currently home to 48
                                                             Evelyn. Her favorite color is yellow because it
   students. In addition to the costs of running the
                                                             doesn’t show dirt like other colors. Her favorite song
   orphanage, approximately $2,000 per child, per year ,
                                                             is “Joy, Joy, Joy.” Kanto would like to say thank you
   is needed to provide for the resident orphans.
                                                             to the Nebraska Conference. She is from the Mumuye
                                                             Tribe in the Eugene Wesley UMC District. Her
                                                             father, Gideon, died of severe headache and her
                                                             mother, Wapo, died of abdominal pain.

                                                             What can you do to help orphans like
                                                             Kanto? Please drop your loose change
                                                             in the bright yellow-topped containers
                                                             in the Gathering Area, Sunday School
                                                             area and Fellowship Hall. Our goal is
                                                             $2,000, which will support one child for
                                                             a year.

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   Worship Services are broadcast every Sunday morning
   at 11:00 a.m. on KGFW Radio 1340 AM. Generous
   members of this church sponsor this broadcast each
   week.       We are now taking sponsors for 2012.
   Dates available are: January 1st, January 8th, January
   22nd, January 29th, February 5th, February 26th, March
   4th, March 18th, April 1st, April 8th, April 22nd, April
   29th, May 6th, May 27th, June 3rd, June 17th, June 24th,
   July 22nd, July 29th, August 19th, August 26th,
   September 16th, September 23rd, September 30th,                   CHURCH WORKDAY SCHEDULED
   October 7th, October 21st, November 18th, December         The Trustees have scheduled a church workday for
   9th, December 16th, December 23rd, December 24th, and      Saturday, October 8th for anyone who would like to
   December 30th. Please call Ann at the church office,       come join use to do some sprucing up around the
   237-3158, to sponsor a date. Cost is $195.00.              outside of the church.
                                                              We plan to paint the front soffit area of the sanctuary
                                                              above the stained glass windows, do some
                     CUSTODIAL HELP NEEDED                    landscaping work along the north side of the building
                      Pumpkin Patch is currently seeking      (removing the sod, dirt work to level ground, put sod
                      a part-time custodian. Duties           back on), and trim bushes along the southwest corner
                      would include (but not be limited       of the building and south edge of property.
                     to) vacuuming, mopping and               If you would like to join us that day from 8 a.m. to
                   cleaning the restrooms of the child        Noon, we would appreciate your help! We will be
   care center. It would be for approximately 10 hours        serving doughnuts and coffee/juice that morning.
   per week, M-F (no weekend or holiday hours).               If you plan to help, please notify the church office at
   Please stop by the Pumpkin Patch office to pick up an      237-3158 so that we have enough equipment ready
   application. The pay is minimum wage.                      for everyone. If you find that morning that you have
                                                              some free time but have not said you are joining us,
                                                              please feel free to come anyway! All help is
                                                              An indoor workday will be held on November 12th.
                                                              Watch the SPIRE for more specific information for
                                                              that event.

   When: Mondays @ 6:00 pm in the Friendship Room
   Financial Peace University is Dave Ramsey's life-              ARE YOU CONFINED TO YOUR HOME?
   changing 13-week program that teaches you to               Rev. Main is compiling a list of persons who are
   achieve your financial goals by eliminating debt,          mostly confined to their homes. He and Rev. Gunn
   saving for the future, and giving like never before.       want to have more frequent contact with our
   More than one million families have been helped by         members who are unable to attend church activities
   FPU. You will be motivated to make a plan for your         because of physical limitations. If this includes you
   money and change your family forever!                      or someone that you know, please notify the church
   Contact Jen Gibbs        at    293-5175 or email           office at 237-3158.
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   September 25
   (8:15)— Jerry & Genny Brandorff, Karyn Dahlke,        September 25
       Roberta Pfeiffer                                  (8:15)— Paul & Shirley Maxwell, Carol Duple &
   (9:30)— Tom & Debbie Edwards, Sharon Johnson,              Adrian Martin , Roger & Karen Garrelts
          Michael & Shawna Strong                        (9:30)— Jim Crosby, Roger Zimbelman, Scott &
   (11:00)— Winona Whitney, Dave & Kim Anderson,              Cindy Kugler, Nick & Tara Dice, Brandon Hauff
          Ken Nickerson                                  (11:00)— Roger Francis, Roger Cudaback,
                                                               Don & Marcia Pierson, Scott & Kathy Maline
   October 2                                             October 2
   (8:15)—Jo Hollertz, Dick & Jeanne McClemens,          (8:15)— Arlyn & Pam Hinrichs, Dan & Carol
          Maury & Jeanne May                                  Lindstrom, Harry & Joan Staab
                                                          (9:30)— Randy & Jere Sue Schroer, Carl & Angie
   (9:30)— Gay Warner, Kim Taylor, David & Denise             Schroer, Frank & Shirley Carr
          Haupt, Chris & Suzanne Exstrom                  (11:00)— Dean & Bev Kring, Dick & Barb
   (11:00)— Bob & Marcia Trimble, Carla Brooke,               Beechner, Richard & Denise Wagner
          Jeanine Vetter
                                                         October 9
   October 9                                             (8:15)— Craig & Nancy Weber, Jerry & Deb Fast,
   (8:15)— Morris & Ploma Geiser, Linda Watson,              Jack & Renee Besse
          Don & Erma Lammers                             (9:30)— Mike Patterson, Wendell Muller, Todd &
    (9:30)— Lauren & Tanya Lazaroff, Rick & Laura            Marci Ochsner,Wayne Olson, Tiffani Olson,
          Masters, Larry & Jo Hornaday, Andrew &             Hope & Grace Goodwin
                 Kelly Peterson                          (11:00)— Bill & Trish Kenagy, Kurt Axtell ,
    (11:00)— Helen Nickel, Marv & Carol Dawes,              Larry & Marlene Kuskie, Don & Pat Erickson
          Scott & Kathy Maline
                                                         October 16
   October 16                                            (8:15)— Lean & Ardy Brandt, Bill & RoxAnn
   (8:15)— Colleen Jacobson, Rich & Phyllis Fusby,           Olson, Tom & Sue Reiber
          Irene Newman                                   (9:30)— Dennis & Marsha Nelson, Josh Sayles,
    (9:30)— Jim & Tori Fiala, Bob & Brenda Chop,               Jed Dobberstein, Jim & Janie Hopkins
          Ron & Julie Cropp                              (11:00)— Paul & Barb Harms, Bruce & Michelle
    (11:00)— Gene & Tammy Tillotson, Sharron                    Carlson, Jerry Marlatt, Bob Peterson
       Altmaier, Charleen Frerichs, Jim & Evelyn Ross
                                                         October 23
   October 23                                            (8:15)— Lynn & Barb Naber, Gordon & Bev Muller,
   (8:15)— Tracy & Sue Broeker, Nevabelle Howe                  Bob & Neva Holmes
   (9:30)— Duayne & Jami Nelson, Mike & Tiffani          (9:30)— Gary & Jana Kegley, Jerome & Nancy
          Young, Steve & Sue Wickham                            Maxson, Dan & Beth Bahensky
   (11:00)—Kim & Cindy Kuhl, Dick & Donna                 (11:00)— Norvin & Donna Pearce, Alice Krewson,
          Wilson, Keith & Barb Huryta                           Connie Wisch, Dirk & Lois Nelson,
                                                                Betty Warren
   October 30
    (8:15)— Carol Duple & Adrian Martin,                 October 30
                 Daryl Kozel, Anthony Garrelts            (8:15)— Jerry & Genny Brandorff, Don & Ardith
    (9:30)—Scott & Cindy Kugler, Doug Wulf,                     Butler, Ken & Donaleen Messersmith
          Kent & Lori Jorgenson                          (9:30)—Jim & Carrye Schwarz, Kerry & Shari
   (11:00)—Russ & Corinne Howe, Carolyn Kappel,                  Kimple, Ryan & Annette Kirchhoff
          Richard & Denise Wagner                        (11:00)—Lenard & Phyllis Pedersen, Ramey & Kerri
                                                                Ristine, Nevabelle Howe, Doris Whitacre

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                                                                WHAT’S NEW
                                                               @ THE LIBRARY

                                                            The library has acquired
                                                            two new books that were
                                                            part of the Women of
                                                            Faith Conference held in
                                                            Omaha last month.
                                                            Patsy Clairmont, a popular WOF speaker, has written
                                                            Stained Glass Hearts: Seeing Life From a Broken
                                                            Perspective. She offers help and hope for women
                                                            struggling in life’s dark places. Clairmont is witty
   A book discussion group is beginning in October. It      and insightful as she writes that it is in our broken
   will meet at 1:00 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of   pieces God creates something beautiful. Included are
   each month in the Asbury Room (near the choir            character studies of biblical women, modern day
   room). This group may function differently than          stories, recommended music, Scriptures, and prayers.
   some—we will not all read the same book (unless we       The second book, The Final Summit: The Quest To
   decide to do that once or twice a year during special    Find The One Principle That Will Save Humanity is
   seasons).          This group will hear from each        by a popular author Andy Andrews. The book
   participant what they have been reading that month.      contains a series of conversations between the main
   It can be fiction, non-fiction, secular or sacred. It    character David Ponder and a team of historical
   will be open to drop-ins and absolutely NO guilt if      greats.     The conversations are to answer one
   it’s been a month you haven’t read a thing—just          question; What does humanity need to do,
   come and listen and enjoy. If you have questions,        individually and collectively to restore itself to the
   call Barbara Jo Burns at 3058-539-4088. No pre-          pathway toward a successful civilization? Readers
   registration is necessary—just come, bring your latest   who enjoy history and wonder how those from the
   read and be prepared for a fun time of sharing with      past might address issues of our time will enjoy this
   others who love to read too!         First meeting is    book.
   October 11 from 1:00-2:30 p.m.                           The library has other books by WOF speakers
                                                            Marilyn Meberg, Luci Swindoll, and Sheila Walsh.
                                                            Fall books are on display and include Halloween and
                                                            Thanksgiving books.

                                                                                           CROP WALK
                                                                                           OCTOBER 16th
                                                                                        1:30 p.m. Registration
                                                                                        2:00 p.m. Walk begins

                                                                                          If you would like to
                                                            participate, please contact Dallas in the church office.
                                                            Our Church goal is 75 walkers and $3,000 in
                                                            contributions.       Please help us fight hunger in
   Kearney First UMC is offering ping-pong on               Nebraska and around the world!
   Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:00 in the Family Life
   Center. This will run through December 15TH . We
   encourage those of all ages with interest in the game
   to attend. We will have a devotion each evening as
   well. Contact Dallas Woltemath at 237-3158 for
   more info.

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                       IS OCTOBER 2nd                           FOOD & FAITH FELLOWSHIP GROUPS
   World Communion Sunday offering provides for             Looking for a way to meet more people in your
   three areas: World Communion Scholarships, Ethnic        church family? Join a Food and Faith Fellowship
   Scholarship Program, and Ethnic In-Service Training      Group. These groups are open to singles, couples
   Program. This support is a lifeline for many United      and families to come together once a month in a
   Methodist students.                                      casual, kid friendly environment. You will enjoy
   Gifts are divided as follows:                            good food and good company while building lasting
       • 50% - World Communion Scholarships (At             faith based relationships. Each member will rotate
            least half must go beyond the United States)    hosting the dinner over a three month period. After
       • 35% - Ethnic Scholarship Program                   three months, the groups will be shuffled and new
       • 15% - Ethnic In-Service Training Program           groups will be formed. New groups are forming now
   Your generous support through the World                  and will start in October and go through December.
   Communion Sunday offering prepares leaders for           Please call Jeanine Spangler at the church office 237-
   The United Methodist Church and the world. “The          3158 or email to be
   Crusade Scholars Program [now World Communion            added to a Food & Faith Fellowship Group.
   Scholarship] made possible my seminary education,”
   recalls Bishop Joel N. Martinez. “This program is                         IS A HOME-BASED
   vital to our church’s future.”                                     INTEREST GROUP FOR YOU?
   Bishop Martinez’s ministry and the work of countless     The basic building blocks of the Church are the Small
   others were made possible because of the gifts of        Groups where the members are committed to Christ
   faithful people throughout the years.                    AND to one another!
                                                            During the first two centuries Christians met with one
          SPICE MEETING AT THE CELLAR                       another in their homes where together they shared
   The SPICE group (Serving Persons in Crisis               their stories of faith, encouraged one another as they
   Everyday) will meet for lunch at the Cellar at 11:30     shared God’s working in their lives, became
   a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 27th.                             empowered by the deepening of their relationship
                                                            with God and with one another, and enjoyed personal
   SPICE is a support group for widowed women.              support from others.
                                                            Home-based groups offer the opportunity for people
                        Potluck dinners are held on the     to gather and share areas of common interest. Maybe
                        first Sunday of each month at       you are interested in forming or participating in a
                        noon in the Fellowship Hall.        woodworking, prayer enrichment, watercolor, stained
                        Everyone is invited to attend.      glass, photography, walking, or book club Small
                        You are asked to bring a covered    Group! The possibilities are only limited by your
                        dish, salad or dessert if you are   imagination. Learning, growing and/or serving by
                        able, and your own table service    connecting with one another is the key.
                        (plate, cup and silverware). We     Watch for opportunities to express your desire to host
   do have paper plates on hand if you forget your table    a Small Group, offer topics of interest, etc. in the
   service, but we prefer that you bring your own dishes    Gathering Area in the next few weeks. Take a
   if at all possible.     The next potluck dinner is       moment to give your input and feedback on the charts
   Sunday, October 2nd .                                    provided. For additional information or questions,
                                                            please contact Pastor Carla.

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                                    THROUGH THE

                                BIBLE IN THE YEAR
                                As we continue to look
                                at the entire Bible
                                chronologically in a
                                year, we move into the
                                letters in the New
   Testament. The church is experiencing physical and             Individuals who love Jesus and children
   spiritual growing pains as it discovers how to be the          We are looking for people with caring hearts, a
   continuing ministry of Jesus Christ in the world.              will to serve the Lord and a desire to pass God’s
   They (and we) have so much to learn…                           love on to others. Our ministry continues to
                                                                  outgrow our volunteer base. Help us share
   September 24 & 25 “The Church Learns to Be                     Christ with our children and volunteer!
                        a Servant”      Romans 12: 1-8            Curriculum is provided along with a classroom
   The church was not an end to itself. It existed to be a        full of precious children that need you.
   servant of God.      Does Christ’s church today
   remember this?                                                9:30 hour: 2nd -3rd grade (needs 1 teacher)
   October 1 & 2 “The Church Learns how to Get                              Preschool (needs 1 teacher)
                    Along”            I Corinthians 3: 1-9                  Helpers needed for all age groups!
   We often have the image of the early Christians as           Please call Jeanine at the church office 237-3158 or
   getting along with one another. They had their               email her at
   struggles with their differences, and had to learn that
   what they had in common because of Christ
   transcended any earthly differences. What difference
   would it make if Christians today remembered this?
   October 8 & 9 “The Church Learns to Be a Unique
                     Witness”         Galatians 5: 7-15
   Christians are supposed to be different than others in
   our values, ideals, and lifestyle. The early church
   had to be reminded of this. It is essential that we
   remember and recover our identity as followers of
   Jesus Christ.
     (Note that the services on this day will be led by
   United Campus Ministry, our church’s presence on             Tickets are $5 for men of all ages and includes
   the UNK Campus. They should have a unique                    “Courageous Men” movie, drink and popcorn.
   perspective on this theme that we all need to hear.)         Purchase tickets at or from
                                                                Mike Evans in the Church office.
   October 15 & 16     "The Church Learns That It Is
                        Universal” Ephesians 2: 11-22
   The first generation of Christians had some growing                                              JOIN OUR
   pains! One of those areas where they had to learn a                                             FACEBOOK
   new way of living was in the area of openness to all
   persons. They would have preferred to have the
   church made up of people who were just like them,
   but this was not Christ's plan for the church. It is still   First United Methodist Church has an
   not Christ's plan for his church. We will learn that         “organization page” that allows us to post
   we are called to be a community of faith made up of          updates without having to “message” you. This
   all persons who are seeking to follow Christ.                is a new page, different from our original group.
                                                                We will post Wednesday evening meal menus
                                                                and other announcements. Look for the page
                                                                with a photo of the church.

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                                                                              Sunday School
                                                                               Open House

                                                         October has been dedicated as Open House
                                                         month for adults to visit the various adult
                                                         Sunday School classes.
       Wednesday, October 26th                                 • If you are currently a member of a
           6:00-7:30p.m.                                         class, consider inviting individuals to
                                                                 join you for a Sunday.
           We Need You!!!                                      • If you are considering joining a class
   This church-wide event also serves as a great                 and need to know a little more about
   outreach to the community with hundreds of                    the class, plan to visit several classes
   families involved. But in order for this event                to help you find your niche.
   to happen, we need you to:
                                                         Sunday School can be a lifelong, live-giving,
   1. Sponsor a trunk.                  We need          real life experience connecting us to the
   people to decorate their cars and be a part of        Source of life and one another. Plan to
                                                         check out all of the wonderful adult Sunday
   the festivities that night,
                                                         School opportunities!
   please call Jeanine at the
   church office to reserve                              Classes are:
   your spot, 237-3158.                                  8:15 a.m.: Seekers, Room 114
   2. Donate            items.       Small   toys,       9:30 a.m.: Crusaders, Room 124
                                                                     Friendship, Room 112
                   pencils    or     candy     are                   Seekers, Room 114
                   appreciated in case our “trunk                    Sojourners, Room 234
                   providers” run low on goodies!                    Together, Room 111
                   Assistance     in     providing       11:00 a.m. Couples in Christ, Room 123
                   goodies for the 300+ that will
                   stop    at    each     car    is      More information is available in the current
   appreciated. Bring donations to the office or         “Adult Connect Brochure”.
   drop off in the Gathering Area.
   3. Come!         Bring your                           '“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly;
   family, invite your neighbors                         teach and admonish one another in all
   and help show our church                              wisdom; and with gratitude in your hearts
                                                         sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with
   family and the community
                                                         God.” Colossians 3:16 (NRSV)
   how First UMC celebrates

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   October 1—Ron & Julie Cropp
   October 4—Alice Krewson-DeClute
                 & Derald DeClute
              Sid and Rochelle Krueger
   October 6—Dennis & Lois VanDusen
   October 9—Jason & Amy Martinez
              Kevin & Michelle Warren
   October 10--Bruce & Michelle Carlson                                Scrapbooking Dates
               Kyle & Lindsay Cruise
                                                             October 7 ~~November 4th ~~December 2nd
               Meghan & Mike Geiger
               Ryan & Anita Smith
                                                                 3:00-11:00 p.m. in the Heritage Room
   October 11—Mark & Becky Kliewer                          All scrapbookers are welcome!       Bring your
   October 16—Maury & Jeanne May                            supplies and we will scrapbook and fellowship
   October 17—Robert & Loris Peterson                       together!
                Dana & Aaron Peterson
   October 18—Blake & Stacy Bivona
                Steen & Robyn Kendle                                              YOUTH BELL CHOIR
   October 19—Charles & Phyllis Svoboda                                    We are looking for middle school
                Randy & Shanna Gillming                                    students who would like to form a
   October 20—Leo & Jeanene Henricksen                                     Youth Bell Choir. If you have ever
               Kevin and Amy Thompson                                      been a member of the Ding Dong
               Brian & Summer Wichael                                      Disciples, you already have an idea of
                Matthew & Mindy Ullman                                     what it is like to be on a “musical
   October 21—Lynn & Kay Amos                                              team”. Whether you have a musical
                Marcus & Liz Bernt                                         background or not, you can take part
                Timothy & Casey Smith                       in making beautiful bell music for our church
   October 22—Shawn & Teresa Munster                        services. We will rehearse on Sunday mornings at
                Ryan & Jessica Phinney                      10:30 to 11:00 a.m. in the Asbury Room (by the choir
   October 23—Doug & Pam Tillman                            room), beginning immediately. For more information
   October 24—Jonathan & Lacey Bouc                         call Sharon Hammar 338-3456 or or e-mail at
   October 27—Robyn & John Forkner                
   October 28—Marlin & Norma Marlatt
   October 30—Jerry & Sharon Ingram                                       ACCLAMATION BELLS
   October 31—Chuck & Lynn Hickey                           Handbell rehearsals are from 6:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.
                                                            in the Heritage room. Small groups or soloists may
                                                            rehearse from 5:15 to 6:00 p.m.
                       NEWS FROM THE PATCH                  We play for the 8:15 and 11:00 Church Services once
                    Pumpkin Patch saves SunMart             a month, usually the second Sunday.
                    receipts, and      when we reach        We always need another ringer or two, so if
                    $150,000 in receipts, SunMart gives     this has been your passion for a while, come
                   us $1,000!       We currently have       and join us. Let Sharon know if you would
   $108,828.47 in receipts.       There is a can in the     like a “private lesson” before meeting
   narthex to put receipts in and a box on the counter in   with the complete group.
   the children’s Sunday School area, or you may bring      For more information or questions
   them to the church office. Thank you for donating        call Sharon Hammar:
   your Sunmart receipts. It is very much appreciated.      308-338-3456 or e-mail at
           Shannon Faz, Pumpkin Patch Director    

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