The complaint by yurtgc548


                                                                 FEDERAL El ECTION
                                          BEFORETHE              I U U K 2
                                                                MO J N 2 P 1 : f-T
                                FEDERAL ELECnON COBSMISSION
                                                                OFFICE       CLrtCRAL
     Jay S.Jacobs                                                      CG'.';I*.'..    d
     Laurel Hollow NY 11791
S2   John Gomez
     P.O. Box 787
tn                10 ,
     Bayport,NY 1 7 S
(N   Scan Hannity
"I               I
^    Lloyd Haibor NY 11743,
     Premier Radio Networks, Inc.
      S6                  40
     1 2 0 Ventura Blvd. # 0 Shemian Oaks
     CA 91403. and
     Clear Channel Communications, Inc.
     200 East Basse Road
     San Antonio, TX 78209,
            Complainantfilesthis complaint u d r 2 U.S.C. § 437g(aXl) against John Gomez, Sean
     Hannity, Pronier Radio Networks, Inc., and Clear Channel Communicatkms, Inc.formuhipie
     violatkms of the Federal Electkm Campaign Act, as described below.
     A.     FACTS
           Clear Channel Communications, Inc. (t^lear Channel'T. through its subsiduiy Premier
                                                    ana s
     Radio Networks, Inc. ("Premier"),financesand m i t m various commercial websites to
                    r ga s
     promole radio p o r m produced by the company. Based on the avaihible evidence, it can be
      rs md                                                                     o e
     p e u e that the costs associated with operating each ofthese websites is h m by its corporate
           One of Clear Channel's websites, httpr/AwwwJiannityxom, is dedicated to promoting the
                                r ga
     Hannity Show, a talkradiop o r m hosted by Sean Hannity. As explained below. Clear
     Channel has permitted Mr. Hannity to use its website and otiier corporate resources to m k and
     fiKilitate oihm hi m k g oontributkim to John Gomez, a candidateforU.S. Congress fi^
     New Yoik!s Second Coiigr6ssk)nBi District.

                                  e s                       n
             According to recent n w accounts, Mr. Hannity a d Mr. Gomez are close childhood
      friends. Mr. Hannhy has b e actively promoting Mr. Gomez's candidacy ~ and using Clear
      Channel'^ corporate resources to do so. &e Nw YorkPoat, 2/lS^OlO (Attachment A);
        e s a,                                   ot                  xm l                 s
      N w d y 3/6/2010 (Attachment B). The m s obvious and public e a pe of the illegal u e of
                              rmt           o es
      corporate resources to p o oe Mr. G m ^ candklacy is the express advocacy and fimdraising
       n et kn                                      S mz
      u d ra e by Mr. Haiinity on behalf on Mr. ( o e usnig e-mails addresses acquired,
      maintained and utilized with corporate resources.

                              hw ese                   no r gd
              At the Hannity S o w bh ^ users are e c u a e to register and provide their e-mail
IS,    d r se                n w,              n o n e e t.
      a d e s s to receive " e s articles and a n u c m ns" Viewers are not told that Clear
CD                           a e              d r se                e
      Channel permits the n m s and e-mail a d e s s acquired to b used by Clear Channeltosolicit
UD    political contributionsforFederal candidates preferred by Mr. Hanuhy. Nor are viewers
1^                                                                d r se
      informed that Clear Chanrid rnay provide thdrrumes Slid a d e s stoanother party for
^       up ss                                       a dd t s^ n e d                        a e
      p r o e ofnismg contributionsforFederal c n i ae . I d e the provision ofthe n m s and
^       d b se        nt e                 p er       e
      a c e s stoa oh rforfondraisinga p a stob a clear viokrtkm of the privacy policy
^     published on the website.'
r-i                                                     we
              There is no question that the website is o n d and operated by Gear ChanneL The
rH                               ot m
      copyright notice attteb to ofthe Hannhyxom website indicates^
      is o n d by Premier, which identifies itself as a subsidtary of Clear Channel.' The p g ae
                                                                                            a ae
      ooiitauiing the website's terms of use and Ipgal policies states that the website is m n g d and
      o n d by Clear Channel, and that use of the website is subjecttoClear Channel's copyright a d   n
       r dm r                                em
      t a e a k and privacy policies and t r s of use. Clear Channel expressly claims ownership of
      the email list.^
                                         ed           p ae b u
              Clear Channel and Hannity s n r^tar u d t s a o t Harmity's radio and televiskm
       r ga
      p o r mtothis list. These emails recap the topics discussed eariier m the day on the Hannity
                                                   pa es
      Show, and provide a preview the topics and s e k r that Hannity willfeatureon his night-time
                                       o tm             e dr                          e di e ^
      television program. The emails c na a graphic h a e that slates "Hannity's H a ln s " and
             o tm
      also c na paul advertis^g whh hyperlhikstothe sponsor^ wdipages. (See, e.g.. Attachment
                         o e         Te
      Q. These emaib c m fixxn" h Sean Hannhy Show,, with the
                                            ) ae
      origuiatuig IP address 66.186.15207, kG t d hi CalifimiiB. (See Attachmeiit D). This IP
        d rs                        ne a d e e e u ^            ood g          e st ^
      a d e s is issuedtoFresslaff K t r c v R v n e which, a c r m tohs w b ie is a radio
                   o pn                               a pin
      marketing c m a y that helpstoconduct email c m ag sforradio stations.'
                       e s          ae                            en
             Multiple n w sources h v repotted that Hannity has b e acthfely promoting Gome^s
                                            e                                      hl m
      candklacy. On February IS, 2010, the N w YorkPost reported that Hannity was " ep g push"
      to put his "longtimefriend"ontiieballot Nw YorkPost, 2/1S/2010 (Attachment A). Hannhy
              o e hn                e
      johied G m z w e (joinez m t with the Suffolk County Conservative Patty chaiiman,
       Walsh,tohelp Gomez o t mtiieConservative Party's endorsement At that mterview, Hannity
             * Ssc laqr^AinimJiiaBiQrjoom/kNiiBBAiewridtor.
                 e                                        a o t o i od p i a r oi y h up s
             * Se http:/A¥vns.pieBiieidnteroctlvsxoiB/l^ W m ga op i B rv q p lc fort e p i oe of
       c ad g op i t             a sd d e oM d o rl ak s
      p n l n a o i oao uidteb ue tor s p l c o n ir l m I iiadf
       od a B c d i^ o dt t                               4b
      w i d i d pn ot y o o fBe a vtoldtoaof 2 VSJC 8 4 1 .
                e ip A w 4 i Be dc j o i^ BA Op i l .iBL
             ' Sa ll y y w iad rw f>B o/ ij i B i oaBlt i
                 m it : A w . nlia Ba Bi a e a/e l
             * S llp^ v wp fii d i n tv d o il p/
                lK tp / w wR s i f' o i
             ' Si ht rZ w j cralx B/

       9l N i a L 9 9 2
        ( 0L S
      S3M i1 BA l 3SM .
pledgedtohelp Gomez raise money. After the interview Walshtoldthe Post that "[Hannity]
  oM                                              e sa                         ruh
w u be active" hi Ciome£'s campaign. Simihurly, N wd y reported that Gomez b o g t
                                                               hr            v we ]
Hannitytoa meethig wifli the Suffolk County Republican Party, w e e Hannity " o [ d 'to do
                rmt                                                             e s a,
all he could'top o oe Gomez, help fundraise and brii^ in headlinersforevents." N w d y
3/6/2010 (Attachment B).

                                                    n osmn
        On May 4,2010, Gomez received the officud e d r e e t ofthe conservative party. See
Media Matters, S/11/2010 (Attachment E). Shortlytfiereafter,at 8:1 S a on Saturday, May 8,
2010, "The Sean Hannhy S o " ( sent an emailtodie list
witii the subject "A Message From The Great One." The email begins si^ng
       If you havent seen this yet, you really n e totake a look. This is a great American
       w os working hardfora Conservative Vidoty hi 2010.
       A MessagefromMark Levm:
The email then presents afimdraisingpitch ui which Mark Levm, another radio talk s o host,
                                  oe       o e'
asks the recipienttocontribute m n ytoG m zs campaign. The email stales that (jomez's
 poet                                                            mr              re
o p n n is a "radical liberal and top general hi Nancy Pelosi's u e cucle," and u g s viewers
                                    Jh ed
to contributetoJohn, noting that " o n n e s your fbiandal support if he is goingtodefeat this
leftist and help us take back our country." (Attachment E).
       The email is not a newsletter. It d e not contain the usual "Hannity's Headline's" header,
    o tm                                    ot m
or c na advertisements, histead, at the b to was a "DONATE NOW" button, which luiked
      a e hr                                          o ef
to a p g w e e the contributor mi^ contributetoG m zs campaign. (Attachments E,F). The
                                                    a e
email was sentfiomIP address 66.186.15207, the s m IP address as theregubremail u d t s   p ae
                             h w"
sent by "The Sean Hannity S o . (Attachment G). Accordingtothe website,
                                                        o m
Hannity was altendfaig a book signuig in Virgmiafeem m gfeeemail was sent
                                      o se                 hw        Jh
       Shortiy thereafter, Mark Levm b a t d on his radio s o that " o n [Gomez] asked me
                                       o e
to write an e-mailfiirhhntohelp raise s m money. Which I did." The Mark Levui Show,
  / 72 1                                                                            et
51 / 0 0 (Attachment H).' On mfiirmation and belief Levhi is referrii^gtothe email s n to
the list.

       L      Premier, and Clear Channel Made Illegal Corporate ContribuHans by Allowing
              Sean HtmnUy to Appropriate Corporate Resoiaves to Make Contributions to

             u fi e n a       hw v U i           tp / w .B rdv n o x i /H l n a r h 2 3 i .
       * An a dc n o U g offees o b a d be d hl yW wi oi e u h w oB! Co dj p a 3 9 0y
 h        ae e t n H m cy 2 f i B no
                                   d                                        o to       hw
T e dtcd d tmn fa• m d d l 1 ma a i t flicdip. A tnasBriplioBoffeaialavnl p ri n ofihe s o fa
 tahd       tKicl * o         V           h            xs i
at c e as Ah hn n H s d a D D conliaifaig I e idevsat a eqt in eladn^

                      The Federal Election Campaign Act strictly prohibits corporationsfiommaking
                contributions in connection whh afederalelection. 2 U.S.C. § 441b(a). h also makes it ill^
                for any officer of a corporationtoconsenttoa prohibhed contribution, andfivany candubte to
                accept such a prohibhedconfribution. Id.
                        For purposes offeisrule, the t r "contribution" is broader thanfeatgenerally u e m  sd
                                                           a mn
               the Act, id. § 431(8) and includes any p y e t "/n connection wiOT anyfederalelection. Id. §
               441b(b) (emphasis added),fanplementingfeisprohibition. Commission rules prohibit
                                                              n g ns
               corporations, andfeeh-officers,directors, a d a e t from using corporate resourcestom k or    ae
^     fiwilhate                                             a d ht s
                          the rnakmgofcontributionstoc n U te and political coinmhtees. 1 CFR. § 1
iji                                                        um                                           nae
                114.2(0(1). Facilhation is defined as " s g corporate... resources orfiuilitiestoe g g in
U D   fiindraishig                                                                                  mn
                             activities hi connectton whh anyfederalelection," id., and includes, a o g otiier
^      feings,          the use of corporate lists of customers, clients, vendors, or others who are not in fee
^               reshricted cbsstosoiicit contributions (unless the corporation isreunbursedm advance). Id. §
^                                                                                    am
                114.2(f)(2XiKQ- In addition, corporations are prohibhedfiomm k g expenditures that
Z.             expressly advocate the election or defeat offederalcandidates outeide of its restricted class. Id. §
g              114.2(b)(2Xii).
^                       Here, thefiwtsesteblishthat Respoiideiils dearly crossed the line and violated the law.
                                           et                   h ws                     we
                 Thefimdraismgemailwas s n tofeeHannhy S o ' eimil list-a list o n d by Clear
                                                        d rs w e
                 Channel.^ And it was sentfi!oman IP a d e s o n d by a public relationsfirmthat provides,
                 a o g other thhigs, email PR servicestoradio stations. Thus, Clear Channel and Premier w r     ee
                  am                                     ed                                        aI
                 p y g a professional consultanttohelp s n feefimdraismgemail.' And other p k staff may
                 have worked on writing or sendingfeesolichatbn email. Thus Hannity, Premier, and Clear
                 Channel used corporate liste and other corporate resourcestofacilitate the makii^ of
                        2.       Hannity, Premier, and Clear Channel Made an Illegal Contribution by
                                 Protddkig Free Adtmrtising to Gomes
                        Under Conunisskm rules, the provision offieeor discounted advertising services may be
                 regarded as an hi-khul contribution.   11CJJL § 100.52(d). The Conunisskm hasfiHindthat
                 the provision of a hyperiinkfioma w b h fieeof charge may resutt in an in-kind contribution if
                              we                                                                        9 91 ,
                 the website o n r ordhurily charges otiiers fat such services. See FEC Adv. Op. No. 1 9 - 7
                 at 7.'

                                                i oe                                                 p er
                           ^ FtaitfMr, u noted ab v ^ Gear Chanaers privacy policy and lemis of use a p a to prahihit it fron^
                                             nt e
                 pnivMfaig ite aaiail lidtoa oh rftrpidiliGdfinidiiddngpnipoBes.Here Clear Channd pennitted Hannitytou e    s
                 ite lfattofiuidiBiseferQoniei,slOonieA behest Wsivmg ite ooiponto privacy p U ytopennh the lidtobe u e     sd
                 to benefit Oonas is iisdf soawdJag of sigiiflBant vducy andfaaaadditioBd iilagd ooipoiate oonnnbulion.
                 viotalion. 2 U.S.C f 441b; 1 CfJL { 100.S2(4X1)-
                                      a e
                           ' For die s m reasons,Haiuity was ndacdng as an individud volunteer enga^ngh
                 IntemrtadhriQf" w e the email was sent Sire 11CFJLft100.94. ThecmanwasssmbyapdblicrdathHis
                                                                            hn                         a
                 consullaat ftom an IP addren b Gallferafa and d a tuM w e Hennlly stetts thd he w a d a book slgn^
                 Vbj^ida. And the amafl waa cleariy senttoa coiponSe-uwned list
                                                                                                       d c un
                           ' Thfa portion oftfwAdvlaoiy Opfaiion was ad sapeneded tha Commission's s M q e t
                 rakmdcbv. &e 7 Fed. Rag. 11589,18604 a46 (Apr. 12.2006).

              As described d)ove, the emails typically senttothe Clear Channel's list contain paid
      commereialadvertisementewifehyperihiikstofeesponsorsfwebpages. The fundraising
                           ^                         o mru
      solicitation email, 1 contrast, conteuied no c m e c d advertisements and, m lieu of them,
                                                                       o e^
      included a brge "DONATE NOW" button wife a hyperiuiktoG m s s contribution page.
                                    n                                                     pc n
      Because Hannhy, Premier a d Clear Channel normally charge fbrfeisadvertishig s a e a d
      hyperlink but, mfeecase oftfiefimdraismgemail, provided htofinetoGomez (and because, as
                                               e u se
      described bdow in Section B.4, Goma r q e t dfeeemail), the provision oftheficeh p rm  y ei k
      is an ill^ial corporate contributiontoGomez.
             3.      Hannity, Premier, and dear Channel Mads an Illegal Contrihutian By

^            The email itself was also an illegal contribution. Commission rules treat communications
^       ae
      m d by a non-party, non-candidate sponsor as ui-khul contributkmstofeecarulidate or political
eM                 hm          ee                  e             1
      party wife w o they w r ooordhiated. S e generally 1 CFJL § 109.21(b). In particuhur, the
'9'   fuiancmgoftiiedissemhiationofaiQ^ communication or niaterhd prepared by a candid^                                 i
       a d t t' gn                                    ^
      c n kaes a e t is considered a contribution 1 the person nukmgfeecontribution. Id. §
^      109.23(a). Here, Gomez requested that Levm write afimdraisfaigemailfiirhis campaign,
^                        gn                                        n
      making Levin an a e t offeecampaign. Hannhy, Premier, a d Clear Channel then disseminated
      fee communication, thus makhig yet anotfier ilie^ corporate contributkmto(jomez.
             4.      Gomes Received lUeged ConMbuttons.
             Because Hannity, Premier, and Clear Channel's conduct was at the request o and in full
      ooorduiatkm whh Gomez, Gomez also received illegal corporate contributions.
             Under the Act, an expenditure tiiat is m d hi cooperation, consultation or concert with,
                          u g sU o^ a d f d
      or atfeerequest or s g e t m l a c n ka e is an hhkhid contributiontothat candidate. 2
      U.S.C 8 441a(a)(7)(BXi); see also U CJ.R. § 10920. H r ^ it is cleartfiatfeeuse of tiie
      PremierClearChawl list was nuule at Gomez^dhect request; Mark Levm staled on his s o      hw
            o e
      that G m z requestedtiiathe send out thefimdralshigemailfivGomez.
                                                               ew e
             There is ample addhkmal evidence of ooorduiation b t e n Gomez and the other
                       e s           ae                      a uy
      respondente. As n w reporte m k clear, Gomez and H m t are ckisefiiends,and Hanri^
      b e mtunatdyhivolvedui (Jomez's campaignfiomthe very start He helpedtosecure G m ^    o es
       o fit m
      n maak , accompanying GomeztoGome^sfaiteiviewswhh Republican and Conservative
             hfs          o P) ]
      Party c aa* and % w ig"totitechahs that he wodd do all he couMtopromos
                                            e s a,
      campaign. New YorkPost, 2/15/2010; N w d y 3/6/2010. And no sooner dui Gomez receive
                                                 epn e t
      tiie Conservative Party ndofsement than R a o d ne sent thefiindrainngemailtothe
                                               u g sa
      Hannityxom list. The timmg ofthe email s g e t that Hannity sent the eniail once he had tlw
       oa e d
      g - h a fiomparty officials.'' AndtiiecentralroleHannity has pteyed hi the campaign is
                  v eo
      fiirtiier e M n e of ooordinatian.

                       m am                                w                         u rm
                " For d a a reason,Raapondenl^acthdties a not pretedsdly the S p e e Court'sreeentdedrionin
      Clilte»CAiMv.fbdM£leeffoaC!Dnmi^^                                                u rm                 o n
                                                                    la Ifad case, lha S p e e Court drock d w
                                                                   n e e dB s e d u e
      timfederelcampaiaafiaanoeprahilillioB oa ooiponlions mskfaia i d p n s t e p n H r advcrtisemeate to
      infliieiicefcdcnddedjons. wiwieeyi|iiii«H^iMM«ii^pfnii|||tj|ff BidtgjndtpendwttwpCT
      withfedcnJdectioiis, diey are not permittedtondce ooiuributioiis directlytofederdcandidates or ooonilnatwl wife

             Thus, it is clear that all of the above-described activity - the use of the corporate liste and
      resoureestofiwilitatecontributions, the provision of free advertismg, and the senduig of tfie
                ee o e
      email - w r d n in complete coordination whh Gomez. Gomez kriowingly received illegal
      corporate contributkms.
             5.       The "Press Exemptton" Does Not Apply.
                                  e fi
           Though Hannity is a m da persooalHy, and Premier and Clear Channel are media
^                                 hm             ae
      companies,feisdoes not give t e licensetom k illegal corpoiate contributions.
rs.           Commission rules; implementing the Act, provuletiuaneitiier a contribution nor an
NH     x e dt r                                                               e s
      e p n tu e resuhsfiom"any cost incurredteooi^rmgor canymg a n w story, ooinmenttuy,
CO                                                        e s a e, a am,
      edhorud by any broadcasting station, Web she, n w p p r m g z e or otfier periodical
^                     1                                                            nw
      publication." 1 C.F.R. §§ 100.73,100.132. This provision is conunonly k o n astfie" r s   p es
      exemption." SeeFECv. Mass. ateiirjCirIjffe.ifac.,479 U.S. 238,250(1986)("MTFI"). Tlie
^       up s            xm t m           nu e                n wp p r,
      p r o e ofthe e e pk istoe s r therightof " e s a e s TV networks, an^
^     cover and conunent on political campaigns." HJL Rep. No. 93-1239,93d Cong., 2d Sess. at 4
ri                            u rm                                                de
      (1974). However, the S p e e Court has cautioned that the exemption " o s riot afiford carle
      blanchetomedhi companies generallytoignore FBCA!s proviskms." McConnell v. FEC, 540
                                                 a xe d d                         a p lt
      U.S. 93,208 (2003). If the exemption w s e t n e tocover campaign p m hee or otfier
      campaign materials sponsored by a corporation that also sponsors newsletters or otiier press
                      oM                                                                     e
      activities, it w u 'ViviscerBte[e]" the Acl^ prohfeition on corporate contributkms. S e MCFL,
                ed g         a d t,       ee m e
              H e m feism n ae tod t r m whefeer the exemption applies, the Conunisskm
      determhieswhetfierfeeentity e g g g hitfieactivity is a press entity. The Commission feen
                                             we                    ^
      asks (1) whefeerfeepress entity is o n d or conbolled 1 a political party, political conunhtee,
      or candidate; and (2)'"whetfier the press entity is actmg as a press entity hi conductmg t^
                                                                      t g h ae                   e
      activity at issue"-that is, whetfier the entity is acthigm ite "e h n t press function." S e
      Reader's Digest Assii v. FEC, 509 F. Supp. 1210,1215 (S.D.N.Y. 1981); FEC v. Philip
                                   3 81 1 - 3 3
      Publishing, 517 F. Supp. 1 0 , 3 21 1 (DJ).C 1981); see, e.g, FEC Adv. Op. Nos. 2005-
      16,2004-07. In applyhigfeissecond prong,tfwCIonmisskmconsiders, iiattranei;w^^
      entity's materials are m d availabletothe general public and whetfierfe^are comparable m
      fonatotfioseordinarily issued bytfieentity. See MCFL, 479 U.S. at 251; FEC Adv. Op. No.
                                         u rm
             For example; m MCFL,tfieS p e e CourtfiiundtfiatMCFL'^i "Special Edhkm"
                                      n o s m ne                                             ea s
      newsletter containing candUbte e d r e e t dkl not qualifyfiirthe press exemption b c u e it
      was dififerentfefiHmfiomorganization^ rKxmalpublicatkm. Among other thhigs* h did not
       o tm
      c na tiienewsletter's usual masrtiead, and was prepared by a different set of staff. SeeMCFL,

       a dd t s               h u a g o li uf w a d ae. d^ ap n e t ' Gt iis ee o e
      c n i ae tofccUitatet e n J a of o nib la itoc n M ts H e R s o daoB tvle wr d n taifldl
                              qp rid a      o e o t i do a e        ci ii s ea q o d ee op ne p e h
      coofdinatioii; and. by I f e ii d gtoOm^s c nrb l a p s .fedra tvte w i b ^n mr c i o t s e c
      to flidllttitfoii*

                                             0 81
              Sunihurly, in Advisory Opmion 2 0 - 4 (Melotfi6),feeCommission specifically
                               ese                                    ae
      conskiered whefeer a w b h wife a hyperiuiktoafimdraisingp g fellwifem the medu
      exemption. The Commisskm noted that an occasional solicittttion might be permissfele but ordy
                   ae                                n osmn                   o m na y
      if* it was m d wifein the huger context of an e d r e e t conteined in c m e t r reguhrly
      feattired infeepublication." FEC Adv. Op. No. 2008-14, a 6.   t
               The solichation email does not m e feesecrheria.The email does not purporttobe a
         e s            o m na y                  n o s m n.          1
      n w story, a c m e t r or an edhorial e d r e e t CJ^ 1 CJP.R. § 100.73. Totfiecontrary,
                      u sa c
      it is infiirm,s b t n e and tone a standard politicalfiindiiidshigsolichation letter. The letter
        t ts                  o p n n,
      sae that (lomez's " p o e t a radical liberal andtopgeneral hi Nancy Pelosi's inner circle, has
Q                m se
      already a a s d a campaign war chest of$2 miliumfiomtfieusual specudintereste. Johnneeds
^     yourfinancialsupport ifhe is goingtodefeatfeisleftist and help take back our country. WE
m                                                                      ot m
      NEED TO TAKE THIS SEAT." Prominentiyfiafeiredattfieb to oftfieemail is a hirge
00    "DONATE NOW" button that directetfierecipienttoGomeAfimdraisingwebshe. Unlikefee
^     typical Hannh/s Headlines newsletter, whichfeattnesblurbs on multiple topics,feisemail was
^                                              ae
      solelyfiicusedon directing viewentom k contributkmsto(lomez. This is not a press
?       n osmn              a pn                       fi                                    up s
      e d r e e t that h p e stoconbun a one-off Iaktoafimdraisingshe. The sole p r o e of fee
^                   no r g                               o e'
       letter istoe c u a e recipientetocontributetoG m zs campaign.
" I
              Furfeennore, the solicitation email is diffbrent m form and substancefiximthe usual
      "Hannity's Headlines" newslettertfutis distributedtoHannh/s list The typical "Hannity's
                               o tm        a nr
      Headluies" newsletter c na s a b n e tfiatslates "Hannhys Headlmes." The newsletter
      typically mcludes muhipie bluriis discussmg topics recently discussed on Hannity's radio s o
       r                po m
      a id highligjhte u c m gfeatureson his night-timeteleviskmprogram. The newsletter also
       o tm               d e ts m ne
      c na s graphic a v ri e e t by sponsors, whh linkstothose qxmson'webshes. Otfierthan
                                                         o t md
      the Gomez solicitation, the newsletter has not c na e fimdraismgsolichations.
            In staric contrast,tfiesoiicitation email dkl not contam any updates on Hannhys
      programs. It did not conttuntlte"Hfumhy'sHMdlhies" banner-just as the non^xempt
      oommunicatkm m MCFL dk! not contam MCFL^ newsletter's typical nwstfaead. See 479 U.S. at
      251. And, uistead of pakl advertisements, h prondnentiy features a "DONATE NOW" button
      that dhecte viewentoGomez'sfimdraisingwebsite. Further, while the newsletter is typically
      written by unnamed staf^ this email purportetohave been written by another radio commentate
      MarfcLevm. Seeid. Otfier than the name ofthe sender, the soUchatkm email bean no
      resembhmoetothe normal "Hannhy's Headlhies" newsletter, makingftineligfelefin-the "press
      exemption." Seeid.
            Lastly, the email was not distributed generallytothe public;ftw s distributed to
      mdividuab on Hannhy's list. QT. FEC Adv. Op. No. 2005-16.
                                                 n                 ee
              Astiiefecteshow, Hannhy, Premier, a d Clear Channel w r not actitig m tiieir
                                  hn       et
      "legitimate pressfimction"w e titey s n tiwfimdraismgsolichation. See Reader's D^est
      ilaiV^ 5 9 F.Supp. at 1214. The purpose ofthe press exemption istoensure therightofthe
                         e fi
      press and otiier m da tocover and commert on poifticai campaigns. HJL Rep. No. 93-1239,
                                                                      e fi
      93d Cong., 2d Sess. at 4.ftis nottopermftooiporatkmstfutt own m da outietatoraisefimdsfbr
        a d ae                            a dd t s                        o ma k '
      c n M t s hifellconcert wfth those c n i ae * m derogation ofthe C m i s ms corporate

                                                                  ee          en
      facilittttkm rules. Tofindthat the press exemption applied h r would m a that Sony, Viacom,
      or Disney m y distributefimdraismgsolicitations fbr candutales, infeltcoordinatkin wife feose
                                                                                               4 bs
      candklates, wfthout violathig the Act. Such afindingwould phdnly "eviscerat[e]" section 4 1 '
      prohibftion on corporate contributions. See MCFL, 479 U.S. a 251.
             6.       Gomez Has So Far Fatted to Rqmrt these Illegal Contributions.
             Finally, the Act requires that candidate conunhtees report all contributions a d
      cxpendfturestothe Commission. 2 U.S.C. f 434. To date, Gomez has not reported any of fee
1^                                                                                             n
      m-kind contributions he receivedfiomthe otfier respondente-the use ofthe corporate list a d
O                                                                                   C m i so
      consultants, thefieeadvertising on the email, eto.-to the Conunission. The ( o ms i n should
IS.                                                n
      determine whefeer Gosaez MMtoreport a y of these contributions m atimelym n e .     a nr
00    C.     REQUESTED ACnON
^                                              e                                     v si ae
             For the reasons described diove, w respectfidly urge the Commissiontom e tg t
Q       ht e
      w eh r Resporidente have viohded FECA Iqf making arid accepting illegal corporate in-kind
ri                                           ep n e t                                    n
      contributions. Wefiirtherrequest that R s o d ne be enjohiedfiomfiirfeerviotatkmsa d be
HI                ah u mu t
      fmed the m x n m a o n pennitted 1 law. ^
                                    ep n e t         a e en               nwr
              To the extent that R s o d ne may h v b e previously u a a e that their conduct w s       a
      illegal (a doubtfiil proposition fbr a huge inedla corporationtintis no d u t represented by
      capable counsel), they are n w clearly on notice that their activhies constitote illegal corporate
      ficilitation. I( infeecourse of mvestigatkm, the Commissionfindsadditional fiiture viokrtions,
      ft should treatfeeseviolations as knowing arid willfol.''

      SUBSCRIBED AND SWORNtobefiire m tiusWMhiyof-^tf£4r^<2010.

                                           Notary Public
      My Commisskm Expfaes:

                    STEVEN E. GLASS
              Notery Pubhc, Steto or New York
                Qualriiad in Naaaau County
             Commlaalon Expnea May 26,2013
                          o ms m o fn s i                       r s ne ,         l r h ne n R v me
              " Ifflie C m l^ c ni n de tiulh ofthe allqadons p ee t d it duuld ae t t e I t r d e e i
                                     rme a t ew ra n a e e utd x e s s              r o e ud l n e
      Scivice ofthe likelihood ifad Pe ir R do N t o i a y h v dd ce e p ne thtt a e n t dd c be u dr
       e to 6 e             ne d e e u o e
      S ci n 1 2 ofthe I t m Rvn e C d .

                                      Attacliawnt A

      Fm News* Hannity gives Rep. Steve Israel
      challenger a bcest
      M,atfIM          - -

    9 72 1                                    M dy m
                                             N M aA                AttMhamt B

        <jiMwndaycom                                                       /boiumnlsteMefc-biand

          Sean Hannity link raises profile of
          (^P hopeful
          march 8,2010

                                                                   hw            o e
          ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ M Ei»>kicalradkitalka o boat John G m z
                                                 o oda
          ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ H o n o o he has novar been acllve in tocal
          ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ H poRlea, onfy regtaleredaa a Republican ate
          ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ H wBOkaaooandhaanotralaodanickollbra
          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B poRtoal campdlgn.
          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H                                       mn
                                                  Yet Goma^ 47, ia a o g the GOP fronl-
Q         ^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^H                                     n
                                                  runneratotakeo fefa-tarmRep. Slave Israel
          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1                     DH nt go )                       0- o n
                                                  ( - u ta t n becauae he haa an 8 0p u d
          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H                            n              Batr
                                                  gorita I hto oomer. m g aa radio and Fox
          ^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^H                     TV conaervetlve pundit Sean Hannity.
                                                    We                           huh
                                                   " hn he firet mentkined It. I t o g t he waa
                                                 ul D                       n tm o e n ih
          nameilropplng." aaU John Jay LaValto, S fb c GOP chairman. "But a yi e e m o e wt
                                                  rd D y
          Sean Hanniy^ alahire vouchee Ibr your c a b R , ife veryrignlflcent"HannR/a rota,
                                a a ht l        a ee e g r"
          LaValta added, oouU " b o iey be e g m - h n e .
            o aw wd ul H
          G m z w e S fb c GOP leadera by
                   n an y           a tn
          bringing I H n R fora m et g two weein
                                       o ar a v
          ago and anofeer ¥fth county C n e v O e
           h b a d ed                    o re
          c a m n E w r VMilah. GOP a u o e aay
            an y
          H n R toulad hb boyhood llrtand ea a
            o a n lv                o ig
          o n e ml e who cen win, v wn to do e D
          he could"top o oe Gona^ he^ ffandralae
                    n e d nr                 an y
          and bring I h a H e aforevente. H n R
          laat w e even triedtoooaxan on-aIr
          endoraeinantfromRep. Pater Nhg (R-
                     an y
          Saaferd). H n R declinedtooonmnL
                    ew e               ae
          The ttea b t e nfeeman go b d tofelid
                                           a p ta
          grade at Sacred Haart SchooltaH m ae d
          andtatarSt Phia X Preparatory Seminary.
          They w r taeaoh ofeer^ weddhg perflee.
            o a e a o g t a n ya o a h n
          G m zw n b u h H n H ' h u e w e
          he m v d out of Bayport
                                ra e t         bnT             oa
          Butfeereceaalonand P e M n Barack O a a a afldetap R have craelad e atanvede of
            te                                                   - o1
          na GOP hopehib reedytocheflenge braal. who won by e 21 - margin juat two yeara ego.
            a          n tn                                           no mn
          H haa $1.7 t Ro tahb ooffera and a 38,000-Dainocrallo^mler e r O e t edge. Party
                                           eW n     a y Ht
          leedare aay efeialacreentag end d e o b MV w hafeMD*
            e pt                              ula c a o r le
          D a lottwcrowd, Richard Schaflfar, S ft O D m c at chatanan, aald none heve braaTa
                   k                 hw "
          record, " ritgM be e nloe a o b he aaU,'M R doeanlt put food on the tabto. Stave hea
     e s sf B nm mn a i t
    nnSfX K f J e h ndy Ink nil.                                                                    /
                                                  Pi t
      ROBE T e Sean          hw
                            S o QgadBpesQhairilyiConO                        Attaehawnt C
                                j 21
      Date: Fki B/fey 7,2010 90 : 5 PM
      Snfajeet: SotatiDnaftrlumiyatfLm

                A NT
               H N IY
rs          On Todays Show...                                                       RRay7fh,2010
             Mayor Rudy Giuliani
(Ni                                                        e         R
             Sean waa Joined by 'AmerfcaTS Mayor,ftxnierN w York C y Mayor Rudy GiuHanitodiscuss the
             btart tanoriat ettackstaN w Yorii CHy. "GeMng lucky doasnrt seamtobe a vsry good naUond
             poiteytopranenttanoriam,'auggeatadathanldUIHanntty.'lheieaiRy bthatwdieaednoatot
             mora ofthb,' warned GlullanL "We'ie not gdngtodebet our enemies until we eonftont w o tliey
             an;* aiguad tha Ibimar mayor, "Forlha UboTmei dont undamtand w y Praaldont Otiaina carft
                                                                       e                            mn
             utter the worda 'blamte eKlrembt." IharMUiy the evantotaN w Yoric'a Timea Squara can m i d
                       e                                              W
             us that w needtobe contlniaBy \Hgllant and hopeMly R W be a wakai^i calltovveahlnglo^
                             s                    X tr
             nnra naedstoI a donatoaecuieour t Me e and protect our clHzena.

             Jay Sekulow and Unda Chavez: SalutlonsFor Oinr Immlgraflon Ciiale
             Saan waa JoinedfayJay Sekidow, ChtafCouncn at the American Center for LBMV and Juatioe an^
             Unda C B B . tha Chalmian or tha CarMrtoEqud OpportunRy, Jotaad togefthertotab aft)^
             m i rH n
             I mga o criab.'Vldant crime on our boden haa naiar bean Mghar,' aniued Hannity, lha chaos
                   ae                                                           o svet
             iiaa n n r been thb cut cf oontrel.* Seludow olbiBd,' Ihe Fedaral g w n n n haant done anytNng
                                                                                   f de et
             and tha fNl b tlwn'a a leal prablem doivn tliera and thenfa been no Iw v m n tohdp
                     hN Z                    e
             than. C s B ntertad, ^ARiat w need la legal lininlgntton latom that aflowa paoptotobecone
                               an y                                  i
             tagri cRbm." H n R cloaad the aigumeitf aaybg. %e can only aeoepi ao many paop^
             year and we leally needtogha prebiancetethoae bnmbianb wlio raapeet our boidan, lawa and

             Kari Rave: The Cenaarvaflve VIelary 2010
                                                                   b              o
             Sean was joined by niw Aicidtecf Kart Rowtodbouaa M thouBhte on h w Via ConaeiwIWe
             Vbtoiy 2010 b gobig. "So wha» do you thb* tha Rapubitaana Ml m the Houae^' eaked
                                                               os                                aR
             Sean, ^tan tha RapUUtaana wta tha Houae," aakad R u y "You bet aapaotally aRarflnl h a h care
             un but nally Itt**ttiaycan gata 36 aaab butttdawH ba a webd abcttan and they'll need 41 to
             take eenbd."WRh your h i b we cen atnipuRttda off. VbR HannHv.comtomomtadbrniafticnon
             h w you can help.

     S/19/2010                               Print
            Today'B"HolTopte" Rom The HaraMy Fbiuma:
            I'm a and I have never heard ao much anImeaHy - posted by KafthmkBD
            I carrt lamember a time when peopb haua realiy sloapod sotawtocan out namea ao much and
            baah each olhan poHtteal ^ewa. i know ouBiy adtalnbtaaftlon has had Ra ahare of baaMru but
            past year and e haff.tthas grmm tervlDU. I doreapeclolhen peopiea vlam on bauea, I ^
            HKettnname ceiling and eutih.

                                     O N wS m B )
            » TV Tonight tHanni^ F X a e p B Tc
              oa                           ao lmn t d u t      g lb i ^
            M r cope, aato atraeto. andttwdaR ei i ae j a ftomb el rh
            Qm o p na p
            j i a n s a t u a oaoeiei

O                 Hannitv
rs                                                      STORE
CM            o o            o r ay w                    o s i aw
            Nw y u can got y u v r o n Sean Hanr«y O naw i Vieteiy 2010togogearti V e h aV m
              na U u l ya bo ea of                       ae o de , o s u a                T ca
            b t a c q aR - m r Mr d g l aMrto.t-«hlri8. h t , h o l a o S a m g . andtateo mr really
                                          '      ae         S H e vn a a
            cod stuff...taemy atee...and Ra all m d tattieU A W e e h v ttioaamid Natiibofedb
O           tool
                    oh f a n                a
            GiaattoM l e a D y a d Fathefa D y I
                    a n y m n Hk n
                         c              a nt         ik n       orw M    n
            Goto H n R .o a d c c o ttmH n iv store ln a d aab v u u y c i OanawMf yietoiy
                  t fw ie u pt a
            2010 auf ht a p le taatK/

                    !*i';it».itUfi R&Ji:, iviiii'joAi. .'lit.   1 W-IIA'*; jrVvc. Si ' -.«s»! "•   •A   1 :\.'*

      / 92 1
     51 / 0 0                                              Print
     DateTEETRviCSia&flsai FM
              u mB            o a TS t i e e n
     Sridsd! S p o Coot Pick D e n t upk S a

                     Hannity                                HEADLINES
          Hay 10th, 2010

          QM g                                               a
          I c n off Nonday^ show live Itam hk atudloa bi N w Yoric
          aty, Sean thadmd the thousands ortanswho turned out at
          hb book sbnhg event wRfi *nie Great One* Marie LBVbi h
          washfeiaion, a c tha past Satuday {JBhglBR}- Sean spohs
          bl great detel about Obamali chdca of Etana Nsgan for
          Supreme Cowt. *R does not awprfse that ha plchad
          aomebody that haa Rarely irtnbmlrealwortd iagai
          ej^arfanca^ ohatraclad nfltaryreciURfnantaft Haivaidf and
          boyond that arecoideven lasstowwnthan Dsvld SoUtar^
          when he was nontaated yeare ago/ saU Sean, itegan^ most
          notabb act was when she laad an aftaittoIddcnfltaiy
          recndtcre off colege canfiuses bi the naidb of a war, saybig
          R was againsttedeidlaw. Tha eourte ndetf 8-0 agabat har.
          *Db8snt that maan aire wodd have Ireen tire sob dlsaarttbiB
          vBlca agabiat anfbretaig IMareltawand alowing notary
                                                                                  aiH            am i
                                                                             Sat H -t f it naid w i s if Jlilsft
          recniKare an caiiiiuBeS7TMs would put itagantothe left ef
          Mth Badar onabugl So b Rrealyany aupriaa that Kbgan     aharaa Obanw^radtealvfawaT* Saan a shad

          Ttw clwnpagna at tlw Cbarea WhRa Houaa waa pretwUy stti nowbiQ irere tha irtldiy good aconoiric nawa
          idBBsed on Friday when Team Obama saw a dbtuibbig story that abed on 60 Mbwtas. The weaMy TV naws-
          negaaiiw lan a libtaatureon "stiatcSfc detadte* - homeownere artw wale awayftomtiwir mDitgages
          bacauaa their home vahies are underemter. {Watch the vUaotaan}.Obama^ ftaancbl racovery phna have
                  I than habhd. Bante arent ddng muchtoprevent foracbwure andragubtontaledtothab-
                     Accordingto60 MbWtea, Tabpb have done the irath and decMed naMng thoae monthly
                    • juac cnrewaig iiiNwy away, wavng nw nwcgaga iwiBare - ma oanre - wan ciw nomWi in ow
                    R Is eaUiBled that at bast a iiflton Amsricaiw win can affenltostaytatheir IMNIBIB abiely
                 away.* Thb b bad news for ObanB% *recovenr Pbns. Ptore and more Americans are idybv on tha
          govemmeiRtobal them out. "The U.S. b tumbig tnore bto a depandancy aoclety,' sold Seen.

                                      PROTECT , ' ' COMPUTER
                                                     I  MOZY                    ^54.95         omozy
          Seanreentlenadon todays ehow that tlw ^nan AwRiuiluralB                TN wodd be putting on a banafR
          conceit that wl air on OAC TV and on SMua|XM radio wheea              rSgotohebrabuMUwIbod
                        Country eupentare Bred Pabby, lady Aitabolunv           DertUey, Rodney AUdna and more
                   Itoappeer. You can purehaaa tlckate by dddnBtauRp
                                                                               AttMiotaawnt D

                                     es g e d r              hw
                                    M s a e H a e fbr Hamd^ S o Email
      rm      en          hw          0 4 21 2 1
     F o The S a Hannity S o Sat May 8 1 1 : 5 0 0
     X-ApparBnC^To:|||||||||||||||||B||B|||^                               0 0 80 : 4 ) 0
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                                 u k o n 1 21 81 01 ]
     Received:fiompresslaffjief? ( n n w [ 9 . 6 . 0 . 5)
             by maiLdat-e4w«ennlfawjoom (Postfix) whh ESMIT ki|
             fiiillBIIHHHB^                       a 0 0 80 : 60 0
                                               7 My 2 1 1 : 72 - 7 0 (FDI)
            T e e n n l r hw
     Fhan: " h S a H mQ S o " ^wadlhwaShannityxon^
                 o r oa      m drda
     Siii^|ect: S h d a fbr I n g a o
                       0 0 8- 21 0 0
     Date: Fid, 7 Moy 2 1 1 .0 : 5 - 7 0
     MIMB-Venkm: 1 )
51 / 0 0
 / 72 1                             Mca MHr for A eia
                                     et a ae     mrc                Attaabnent I


 "Game-changer" Hannity launches GOP candidate's career
 with promises of fundraising and promotions
 May 11,201011:43 a ET- by Eric Hanandd

                         a t et on o e a                 y     et             h
 ta bto lltarBh,fainortabl da h a J h G ma w a aaleeted b bed p ry oflblab as t a RapubH^
                      id o g B e n dare o a , o e hr rt                ha        en
 toNewYorfilB 2i o n r e b d t t i t G m a MMd ywoe onMarchy, " a new b e aelivBh bed
  o c, d                     a u la     ac g n a o                                  aq HL
 p W a o y radetend ea a R p bc n ab w da a o a d h a n t idaed a dGkdtoa pdRbd cnW p
      o U a p g e p ye o ea e o g             d to h t e a h         e s n h nn e
 So hw d a o m d n n o h t o r t o L n bbnd p Re e t a h w a t eridRp ro too o e g wbnn
  a o nt o i              oM a                  epn        e a ot               h
 D m c te R p Slew biad? Gn a h a a neteoaoaet wa o : FOR Nw h o Seen Hanrily, w o reportedly
  r i ad     a ee      s oa o w y r m bg                       m     e t at r s , a n^
 p od e bed b d r thd hM h t O n a b p o d i ardtodtabtagtoH . TNs p a S fu dy H n l
                 ea g      a t hw m i a           ep       o ae   o e^ a p S .
 towwded a m e a etohb r do e o o d Rt udro p o btod n t to G m s o m d n
  u B O hm n o n                          a      a y m o e n R e n a n y t fu
 S R * O P G d w J h Jiy LdVdlereportedlyaM thd "nU a a mo a w h S a Hn R^ Bet ^
  oce       o r id H y %               n a a e h oy        a eh n e:        o
 v uhetoy u oe b R . R wiy dgdloanr a d c n " bo d l ba a g m c a g r Sui* C n
  at hb a                       ad a n y w M e         n e n d g ab h g e t
 P ry c a m n Ed wawireportedlya l Hn R ^ U b acHw... a d S e b n m y e t e U g o
             n    n      w d d )"
          I o IV a d ndo ( o d h p.
   j o at          a       t md e | e t     ow fw             a nt w W dy r w e
  Io d p ry oBdab h w nd wu a i cu oetoc n i ntteebiliyffH n iy ^ c c l p o b d dldab thd
   a a         aa             r r oo o a a o h o d a o .
  h U u a FOK Nw reaoureaato p e e t O m e if h wn t a n n n U n
             d wa rH b ,         a a x c t r s u a an y t m r a c s n           r ga        at
  ta April, k o t g c i c m Fox N w a o uh e p H d Hn R ie bo daU g hb TV po r m d a tea p ry
           t ca d       h i o d ra t a a dy p aa y a nae h           at       n o es
  awrttaCa t n i thd e ag d a n i aa H n l w e t d p o r ld t e tea p ry avM o F x N w. H^
   a to o e                  on        u e d rd a p g , u y            n             e u la
  h s aa d n todWbentoJ h Kbridfe g b m o f c m d n R d Ghrilad a d tha Ndlcnd R p bc n
   c g s aa d o m l . 0 ^ a n y
                        e                    a a t u t r e owo e ae a d be a n w i o
  C n ra t n O m R e h 2 0 Hn R ugad N l do a da c tod r t toS n t e n h t J a b Pn

   n ae               o d e e c o / b e ky            o e     a og h O
 O Mrh 7, bdbnttw n r n a a b H aI a d i reporiMlthd O ma b "mn t a G P tod-^^
 ae n            ei          P t da t r e a a      a n y rn e otd         h
 t k o iwtann R p Slaw brad ( ^a t ga O b c u ^ d H n R . Ba d r p re thd t e Fo^
  a ua O a e e          e o d d R e o k rmt o a . d b                         n rn
 a a r d G P b d r thd h w d " o e h o U ftopo oe G m a h p HntoMaea d b i gtaIwadh^

       We a          w Hnd , h u t e a a e r p t g"         on o                O
      " hn h flrdn n o e R I t o ga h w a n m d o pa , aad J h J y LdVdb, Sdbk G P
        h i a . B a v i a on o e R e n a n ys t l n o c e   o r rd H y ^ i
      G dm n" d r Hn 8 i e n w h S a H n R leau v u h etoy u ce b R , R wy
                   a dys o y         d oL       a o U y e e e w g r"
      alvdioart." H n t l r b LdVdb a d c codd "bd W b a g m d n e .
        o e o e u ok O                 y                   w tg w aw g
      Oma wwd S B l O P leaden b brindrstaHand^toa n da t o w d a o aid a ot r   n tw
        ie oa y o e n lw             f w d be . O o n a a a dy             t oho t n
      wf e i d O n o al diatanan Ee r W i h O P o u o a a y H n f toulad ho b y o d ta d
       a o n a al ww a wn o Rg t                 a od  r m t o a , i t t M d e n rn
      a a o a n iw I G n I , v a i "o deal h o d Ttopo oe G m K tOao b e a d b i g
           ed ir     w t . an y a t ek w              ox n      ne H d
      ta h a ba etoa ne Hn R l a wa a n bbdtoo a e otMlr e di W m fore R p P t re . aa
      ug             w nq a a a
      i n v^eaanuf. r n i r Q o n o ID uaiaiimH.
              a wn a       o m     a
      iiwuBa o n e m nian g o x D m u     oacien nsnn ocniioi in nsn^mnBO ana HaraL

             '7 0 0 5 1 0 5
             . 210101                                                                  /
     5/17/2010                                NadaNdtantoAmeria
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     5/4/2010                                UrtRbdDooumBnt
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      Fa B The Scan Hanci^ S o ( " ^ i i@ iii y< fm                                                             j
      Date: Sat, May 8,2010 81 4 AM                                                                             {
      Cc:                                                                                                   I
      Sdbfeet: A M a a a From The Oreat One

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      Ifyou haverft B e febyet you leatr n e totake a boL Tlfe b a g e t Arnaricm
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      C o e w i e Vbtoiyta2010.

      A BKBflageftemMaifc Levtai:
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      help us slamfeetide of^vaiBy. And I amtfariPedfeatone audi m n h s d n exBctly that ^tydearfiiBnd,
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                                                                                John n e s your fiBriBiBl
      8i9poitiffaBBgDB«todefertfeblBflBtandhB)puBtakBbadKourcoiBdiy. WE NEED TO TAKE THIS
      SEAT. IfwB can % fife seattaNovenlier,I bdbvewBwiR take coidrol ofthe H 6 ^ ThafshowGradBlJbfan

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                                                                         Attachnant O

                                   es g e d r
                                  M s a e H a e ferMark Levta email
                 en          hw
       Ftom The S a Hannity S o Srt May 812:15412010
       X-Apparent^TVK||||||||[||||||||^                          8          51 : 1 0 0
                                                            Sd; 0 May 2010 0 : 54 - 7 0
       Return-Padi: ^aitaiiidatnturep^^aaahfr.nBP'


     •> X-OrigtaBtfa«-IP: [66.186.15207]
        Aufeendcatioii-Reauha:                                   o an e s u ur l
                                             feomF4iaimity.comi d m i k y F e t a
        (noalg); fionHianni|yxoo;dktaiFiienlrd(noaig)
                     2...         rld p) ) S o ln . o ) 6 . 8 . 52 7
        Recdved:fiom1 7001 (EHLO m i. d i4B B ni ec m ( 61 61 . 0 )
                                     a 8 a 0 0 51 : 1 0 0
         ^ H H H I ^ I ^ H j ^ ^'^^ S t 0 My 2 1 0 : 54 - 7 0
                      r a t f. e? u k o n 1 21 81 01 D
        Received:fiomp a Bafn t ( n n w [ 9 . 6 . 0 . 5

                                                 52 : 3 0 0
               ' ^ H H H H H I ^ Sat 8 May 2010 0 : 05 - 7 0 (fUT)
         e s grI :
        M a a f - D f H ^ ^ B m ^ g ^ p r o a d a f f nd»
               T e e n a n y hw
        From: " h S a H n h S o " ^wadlmeaShaBBhyxoB^
        Sutject: A M a a e Ftom The Grart One
                        0 0 51 : 1 0 0
        Dde: Sd, 8 May 2 1 0 : 54 - 7 0
        MIMB-Verskm: 10
         o l np ^p :
        C BB t T f e mnUpait/Uleinalives
                                                                  Attaofaawnt B

             hs                 n uh em            e hy                          r rl g         hr'
     ArBn't t o e oontroverabl a o s ? S e stom t e era. Now, point of personal p h ie e here. T e es
              ru          a                 o cr e o a         e         ae            er      hm
     a front g o p that w s created called C n e n d W m n of Nw York. H v you ever h a d of t e ?
                            o e      e                   er    o cr e o a           e oi?
     No, you haven't You w m ntaNw York, you ever h a d of C n e n d W m n of Nw Y rc Wdl
      p a e ty        B rsn                      ie n             en                o g es
     a p r nl they r p e e t you. A friend of mn a d a friend of S a b runninsforC n r s on L n og
              a e on o e                            od                         u a           ' e mw
     Island. N md J h G m ^ he's a terrfflc guy. SR oonsarvatbe. very decant h m n being, Iv I o n
      b                 o       sw e         rt      - a                   o w w e . Mh
     h n a long ttaw. S tahna l d m tow te an emHforhtaitohdpraises n n n y W c I dM.
        e o cr e O e              e ok a                                             e s a ho
     WlL C n e n d W mn of Nw Y r w s craatadtochalbnga that And of oourw, N wd y w t h b a
        br l t o           e aae                      ae n o e. n                    o e n e ok
     H e a pe e of crap n w p p r that can baraly m k a y m n y I fact Ifataaingm n y I Nw Y r ,
       ho h a s           R       e n c ss h y u pd                  o       a t er
     w t h a w y skies w h the D n o r t . T e J m e in onfebtoo. D you w n toh a the letter that
        a et           o e io o cr e o w                 a o k h tH            h
     w s s n toMr. G mz fr m C n e n d W n n of Nw Y r ? T af tellyou w o they are.
Nl   OeorMr.GOme^
     The post weetentt this past weekend radio host Mmk Levin sent an enmril on your beh{^
^    conlrltaitftms/br your oompobn. |Actually John sent the e-mail, I wrote R). Mr. Levin'stangrecordef
v^               b g nst m u g Y u           ed               en      ae o e      ht
     sexist and m e y l te h g a e ( o dont n e totookR up,ttm a s I h t w m n b w a they're
Q    saylnB).M^fibrDrita„. waffbioiiwiAa/tasrdlmretftolfteSeav^
HI   called Justice Sataniayorituth Bader Glnsburgpha about SO pounds He has consistently degraded
     ef yours l)utnoi¥tlmt you ere an announced candidain trying to represent wonmn acnes Loii^
     you should be... We are caUng on you to relect any money you rahedfrom Mr. Levin's e-mall solicita
     andtoamdemn Ms use qf mbogyniEitb omf dbgradtagtanguoge.Sincerely,
      n b u w ny l d s ae                           Wny                o            o cr e o e
     A d a o t t e t Cy e d l s sbned the letter. T e t Clydesdales. N w I notice C n e n d W mn of
       e ok X vt o e                      ed             n l d b u R t pt e h n
     Nw Y r d d f c m together arxl s n a lettertoa yw y a o t E o S tz r w e he w s       a
      e e d g o e y a i g hm                      o cd        MT o e             hn
     d m a n w mn b p yn t e forsexl I n d e they d n t c m forwerdw e Bill Otaton w s           a
      c ue              n        a ut       e l na        n         sa R n R                ot e
     a c s d of repel A d that w s J s the b gn t B oftt.A d sexud as u a d a the rastl 1 n ta d feat
       o cr e o e            e ok a e e o e                 n            aa a n
     C n a n d W mn of Nw Y r h s n v r c m forwarda d defended S r h PH against the
                                                                  o                  h
     tobogynbdcand sadst attacks on har or her daughterl S 1 gottofetaUnftw ofeehH are t e ae      hs
               n              y     n, no e h                    hw                      ig
     peopb? A d of course, b feew y a y n w o listenstofebs o blows 1 attack left wn inen too.
       td tk                o dr      o cmd o e           e Ok         p e th          tk
     Lt a Do Durbln. 1 w n e of C n e e W mn of Nw V r are u s t wt Utde Do , Durbln. N w          o,
       e M Rt n e H at n                 tw                       pn
     w d a I ta i v s g to i atatof ta tosp-, atotoftfmatos e d onfeb.Eight offeesew mn     o e
                              a oy ao a i o u na                                     n        od
     sbned a lettertostop C r l n M t n y fr m r n t g agdnst Glllbrandtaa prinnary. I other w r s
             e o r tc                    o                                       r b by
     the/re d m c ai laftwlng hacks. N w one ofthe sbnen; Ellabefe A. LBtder, p o a l a yenta,
      r b by                          n w ut         a'           onsH           a ae        ut c e h
     p o a l a Marxbt but 1 don't k o , J s one m ns opinton. S u d I w she m y h v a m sa h . O I
        oat w d a              e              h n u t e sr m a u h n 0 4 h               a
     N t la e tos y that WR sha got her P D I b sa s f o B r c I 2 0 . U t she w s part of an
      ne f R e c                                     R rn        ee br                    e tne
     I t re h p a e commitiee widdi calledforteHsw h I a on D c m e 20,2000. The first s ne c
             ei        e nw         r n n kn m ^ s           m l g u l m e p n,
     reeds, n sf that w k o that I a Is i a l g h I not n kn n ce w a o s M
                                  ow,                         o n n              at r
     redrne in Tehrari,feeytavew n n dont they? Ard I can g o a d on, as a m te oftactrightafter

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