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F-QA04 Thermometer Calibration Log by stariya


									                                                                                      Form QA04
Company XYZ                               THERMOMETER
                                         CALIBRATION LOG                              Page 1 of 1

Issued on:                      Version No:                                        Revised:
Issued by:                      Supersedes:

Instructions: The Quality Assurance employees will calibrate the thermometers everyday and
record the calibration temperature and corrective action taken, if applicable, on the Thermometer
Calibration Log. The Quality Assurance employees will verify that production operators are using
thermometers properly by making visual observations of employee activities during all hours of
operation. The Quality Assurance manager will review and initial the log daily. Maintain this log for
a minimum of 1 year.

   Date        Thermometer        Temperature              Corrective Action               Initials
             Being Calibrated      Reading in
                                  Boiling Water

Quality Assurance Manager:_____________________________                    Date: ________________

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