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									      CITY OF JACKSON

Current District Court Process

Administrative Hearing Bureau Process
                  City Government

                                        Our Organization

                                           City Council

          William Ross                     Lynn Fessel         Julius Giglio           TBD
          City Manager                      City Clerk         City Attorney      Administrative
             oversees                                                            Hearing Officer(s)
        Building Inspection                                                           (2 PT)

  Inspection        PT Enforcement              ?                Attorney         Admin/Clerical
 Use Current             Officer             Cashier         Use Current Staff   (PT) Someone to
   Staff; just        New position      Someone to collect        to staff         Maintain Files
new procedure      to held enforcment     fines & costs        the Bureau         Manage Docket
    This Ordinance is designed to define, prevent, reduce, and eliminate
    blight, blighting factors, and causes of blight and address other quality
    of life activities in the City of Jackson that negatively impact the
    public health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the City of
    Jackson. Consistent with the State Statute authorizing the creation of
    an Administrative Hearings Bureau, the City of Jackson desires to
    change zoning, building or property maintenance, solid waste and
    illegal dumping, disease and sanitation, noxious weeds, and vehicle
    abandonment, and inoperative vehicles from criminal misdemeanor
    offenses to civil infractions punishable by a civil fine as determined
    following a hearing in the Jackson City Administrative Hearings
                 Quality of Life
"Quality of Life Violation"
means a violation of any
provision of the Code of
Ordinances, City of Jackson,
Michigan regarding zoning,
building or construction,
building or property
maintenance or condition in
buildings or on the premises;
fire prevention; illegal
dumping, disposal of solid
waste; noxious weeds,
abandoned vehicles or
inoperative vehicles.
     "Blight" means (working on
     good definition which will
     include the following -- The
     storage of materials or
     equipment incidental to and
     necessary for the carrying out
     of any business or occupation
     lawfully being carried out on
     the property in question is not
     the cause of blight or a
     blighting factor if all applicable
     City of Jackson ordinances are
     satisfied. The piling and storage
     of firewood in a neat orderly
     manner for consumption by the
     residents is not blight.)
    Budget Forecast

 Fines          AHO
 Costs          Support Staff
                Cashier Staff
            Witness/Inspector Time

Fines   AHO can order up to $10,000 in

Costs   AHO can order costs of gaining
AHO          $
            Support Staff
Use current staff initially

Hire PT

Hire FT when stabilized
       Cashier/Clerk Staff
Cross train other personnel to cover
during the lunch period of 11-3      N/A
Retain floater with 8 hours assigned
to City Clerk                   $10.64
Hire PT cashier 11-3        $10-10.50/hr
Hire FT staff with benefits $24,000+ben

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