E2 - Neurology by ajizai


									                                                                                                                          Sprenger et al. 21

                                                                     additional                             subjective      DBN
                                                      duration of                   cranial
sex age     symptoms                 signs                          neurological                 etiology    improve-    modulated
                                                      symptoms                      MRI /CT
                                                                      findings                                 ment      by otoliths

             oscillopsia, DBN, transition into
          pronounced on     UBN in supine
F   64                                                    4y           none          normal      unknown       ++            ++
           head bending position, gait ataxia,
            forward, gait  cogwheel pursuit

                             DBN, severe ataxia
              vertical                                                              atrophy of
                             of gait and stance,
F   59    oscillopsia, gait                              17 y          none         cerebellar unknown          -             -
                            rebound nystagmus,
           unsteadiness                                                               vermis
                              cogwheel pursuit

                              DBN, increase in
           blurred vision,
                               prone position,
F   83                        moderate ataxia of          4y           none          normal      unknown        +            ++
          oscillopsia, gait
                               gait and stance,
                              cogwheel pursuit

           blurred vision,                                                          ectasia of
                            DBN, severe ataxia
               vertical                                                                left
F   61                      of gait and stance,           5y           none                      unknown        -             -
          oscillopsia, gait                                                         vertebral
                             cogwheel pursuit
           unsteadiness                                                               artery
                                                                    small resting
               gait            DBN, gait ataxia,
F   68                                                    4y         tremor right    normal      unknown        -            +
           unsteadiness        cogwheel pursuit
                               Severe DBN, UBN
             vertical          in 10 deg upward
M   36                                                    3y           none          normal      unknown        -            (+)
            oscillopsia         gaze, cogwheel
           blurred vision,
               vertical       DBN, mild postural
          oscillopsia, gait   ataxia, increase in
F   76                                                    2y           none          normal      unknown        +            (+)
           unsteadiness,        prone position,
             positional        cogwheel pursuit

                              DBN, mild postural
M   78                         ataxia, cogwheel           7y         dysarthria      normal      unknown        -            +

           blurred vision,
               vertical     DBN, gait ataxia,
          oscillopsia, gait falling backward,                                       cerebellar
M   73                                                    2y         dysarthria                unknown          -             -
           unsteadiness, rebound nystagmus,                                          atrophy
             positional     cogwheel pursuit

           blurred vision,         DBN, gait
               vertical        ataxia,increase in
F   71                                                    8y           none          normal      unknown        +            ++
          oscillopsia, gait     prone position,
           unsteadiness        cogwheel pursuit

           blurred vision       DBN, increase in
            and vertical         prone position,
          oscillopsia with    severe ataxia of gait
M   66          head          and stance, rebound         5y           none          normal      unknown        +            ++
           movements,         nystagmus, saccade
                 gait         dysmetria, cogwheel
           unsteadiness              pursuit
                                                                                                          Sprenger et al. 21

Table (E)T-1 shows a summary of patient data including gender, age, symptoms, signs, duration of symptoms,
additional neurological findings, imaging findings, etiology, subjective improvement and clinical assessment of
gravity-dependent modulation of DBN [- = no, (+) = possible, + = clear, ++ = strong enhancement with nose down
head positions]

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