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									Tax Resolution Services, Leading Tax Resolution Firm Touts Trust

Tax Resolution Services, Co. Founder and CEO Michael Rozbruch featured in
recent San Fernando Valley Business Journal for his service-focused

Encino, CA, November 30, 2011 -- The November 21st–December 4th issue of
the San Fernando Valley Business Journal featured Tax Resolution
Services, Co. Founder and CEO, Michael Rozbruch in an article by Judy
Temes titled: Touting Trust – Tax Resolution Services CEO Michael
Rozbruch isn‟t out to scare. The San Fernando Valley Business Journal is
an award-winning publication that prints top company lists, breaking
business stories, deals, and executive profiles. The recent article
proves that nice guys DON‟T finish last - instead they rise to the top by
being service-focused and doing the right thing. Rozbruch‟s leadership
and distinct approach to tackling tax problem resolution has continuously
differentiated his firm from the other national firms in the tax
resolution industry – an industry that has been “black eyed” by some
unethical players.

The article talks about how some of Tax Resolution Services, Co.(TRS)
competitors have given the industry a bad reputation by using marketing
scare tactics, tapping into consumer fears, and taking clients on that
didn‟t qualify for their services to obtain money even when there wasn‟t
staff to service the customers adequately. Many of these competitors have
been, and are, getting eliminated and regulations are being put into
place to protect the ethical players.

Rozbruch‟s firm has never grown for the sake of growing, instead
employing a “do the right thing” approach that has won his firm the
reputation of being the “most credible firm offering incredible
results.” The company has been an accredited member of the Better
Business Bureau since it‟s founding and has received the highest BBB
rating of any national firm. This April, Michael Rozbruch took his
consumer advocacy a step further, founding the Tax Problem Resolution
Services Coalition, an industry coalition of ethical tax problem
resolvers (including his competition) dedicated to the eradication of tax
relief scams, stopping unscrupulous firms and protecting consumers.

“Since starting my tax relief firm in 1998, we promoted our services ONLY
to the degree in which we could support the clients coming in the door,
focusing on customer service first,” said Michael Rozbruch, Founder and
CEO of Tax Resolution Services, Co. “It may not have been the fastest
approach, but it was the most ethical approach. While some of the
competition in the tax resolution industry grew quickly with big media
buys promising unrealistic results to get a lot of clients then failing
to deliver, TRS has grown at a healthy pace, earning us the best
reputation in the industry.”

In related news the Los Angeles Business Journal named Tax Resolution
Services one of the „Fastest Growing Private Companies‟ in the Los
Angeles area. The list of companies was announced November 21st
coinciding with the published SFVBJ article.
Tax Resolution Services, Co.®, the nation's leading experts in tax
negotiation and mediation®, is dedicated to providing affordable
solutions to businesses and individuals alike who find themselves in
trouble with the IRS. TRS is a member of the Tax Problem Resolution
Services Coalition (TPRSC), based out of Washington, D.C. For more
information or to receive a FREE tax relief consultation, visit or call 888-851-5894.

Debbie Edwards
Tax Resolution Services, Co.
Encino, CA

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