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Insure Domestic Tranquility


									                                       Insure Domestic Tranquility

EQ: How have incidences of a lack of domestic tranquility transformed not only the United States, but
the world?

Background to Domestic Tranquility: One of the events that caused the Constitutional Convention to
take place was the revolt of Massachusetts farmers known as Shays’ Rebellion. The taking up of arms by
war veterans revolting against the state government was a shock to the system. The keeping of the
peace was on everyone’s mind, and the maintenance of tranquility at home was a prime concern. The
framers hoped the new powers given to the federal government would prevent any such rebellions in
the future.

Current Issues: You are to go to the following website (there is audio) and seek to understand why the
following two countries, Tunisia and Egypt, just had a revolution. What was it about? Why where the
people willing to risk their lives? What problems did they have with their government? What was the
spark? Answer these by writing one paragraph about each.

Next I want you to look into two different riots in America that definitely rattled the cage and had the
country in fear of its domestic tranquility. The Kent State Massacre and the LA Riots.

Click on the following:

Kent State

LA Riots

Describe the events that took place. What event or events led to these uprisings? What happened?
When did this happen? Why did people feel so strongly about causes that they protested for or rioted
against? Can you see anything like this happening in America today? One paragraph on each.

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