SCI Forest Abuse Incidents by hedongchenchen

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									Name                Date of

Henry Williams      1/30/2011

Charles Paladino     2008-

Christian Michael   4/2011

Terry D. Angry      1/30/2011
Elijah Smith    10/22/2010

anonymous       10/25/2010

Jose Rivera     10/25/2010

Justin Moore    09/12/2009
                -7/31/2010 -

Patrick Speer   5/21/2010
                and 6/4/10

Ricky Platt     7/26/10

Reuben Henry    7/23/10

David Harris

Barry Crumbly   4/27/10
Alonzo Williams   5/5/10

Alonzo Williams   4/7/10

Alonzo Williams   4/2/10

Alonzo Williams   3/15/10
Barry Crumbly     April 27,
                  2010 - June

RHU prisoners     6/14/10
Anthony Autwell   6/12/10

Anthony Bussey    6/12/10

David Harris      March 5,
Khalil Clinton    6/12/10
Carron Harmonds   4/28/10

Carron Harmonds   4/28/10

Carron Harmonds   4/22/10

Joshua Benz       5/15/10
Joshua Benz      5/10/10

Joshua Benz      3/15/10

Marty Dunbar     3/16/10 -

Joshua Benz,     6/4/10
Michael Forest   (weeks &
Anthony Bussey       6/1/10

Marty Dunbar         3/16/10
Joshua Benz          February 4-
Khalil Clinton       3/23/10

Eric Robinson        2/27/2007-

Eric Robinson        3/9/10

Eric Robinson        2/27/10

Multiple prisoners   5/16/10
in the RHU of SCI    (approx &
Forest,              ongoing)
Carron Harmonds   4/22/10
                  (on or

Darryl Miller     4/20/10

Justin Moore      9/12/09

Rueben Henry      2/4/10

Bryan Perez-      2/16/10 -
Rivera            (recent &

Anton Jones       Winter-
Anton Jones       Summer

B Unit prisoners   5/1/08
submitted by
Marty Dunbar
Bryan Perez-       1/30/09
Bryan Perez Rivera 1/24/09-
Bryan Perez Rivera 1/25/09

Bryan Perez-      1/24/09-
Rivera            1/25/09
Bryan Perez-      1/24/09

Bryan Perez Rivera 1/24/09
& Derrick King

Bryan Perez-      11/13/08
Gary Banks,       5/9/08
Yassin Mohamad,
David Harris

Boise Bryant      Ongoing

Anthony Bussey    6/7/08
Timothy Dockery   9/3/07

Kevin Rex         3/16/08

Gary Burkholder   4/18/08

Robert Williams by Summer
Carlos Taylor      12/18/10 -

Jerome Coffey,    3/18/2011
David George

Carlos Taylor     Nov.-Dec.

Alonzo Williams   ongoing
Description of Incident                                                       Discriminat

Henry Williams witnessed C.O.I. Beggs scream “white power, white
power” while demonstrating a neo-nazi solute. Unit Manager Bishop
and C.O. Beggs attempted to cover-up the incident, claiming that
Beggs said “fight the power”. Upon reporting this, and going through
the grievance process (#358143), Major Paul Ennis insisted that some
white inmates heard what Beggs said, and that Williams should let
the investigators do their job. The response though, lacked any
mention of “fight the power” or the witnesses, and Williams has since
been moved to another housing unit without cause. He fears more
 Mr. Paladino (HS0937; time goes on.
serious retaliations as FA1031?) has requested medical attention for the
consistent pain, though has received no medical attention or diagnosis. He
suffers from lower quadrant pains due to surgery he had ten years ago on a
peptic ulcer.

Christian Michael reports that SCI Forest's new recreational program
instituted in April 2010 is inhumane as it forces yard time during winter
months, even when the temperature is sub 20 degrees. Michael also reports
that his medical files have been falsified and that he is being refused a

Mr. Angry reports that Major Ennis and the prison administarion has ignored
requests for help concerning abuse by fellow inmates. He reports that other
prisoners steal his food and hygiene products and physically abuse him. He
has notified Major Ennis, requesting help, but has not received any.
Mr. Smith claims that the prison issued damaged linens and then issued
misconducts, charging prisoners $8.50 for the damage. These linens are
then reissued and the cycle continues. Mr. Smith says this has occurred
repeatedly to many prisoners, and he has supporting documentation.

Prisoners in the Restricted Housing Unit at SCI Forest report the return to
the unit of at least two officers who had previously been removed from duty
in the solitary confinement unit due to their rampant abuse of prisoners.
Many of the prisoners in the RHU covered the lights in their cells, a common
practice undertaken to lessen the damaging effects of 24-hour illumination.
This is a violation of prison policy, that members of the DOC Central Office
An anonymous prisoner reports from the RHU that on 10/25/2010, in
response to CO Straziser's habit of denying prisoners their food trays, Jose
Inmate Justin Moore reports being threatened by other prisoners who were
encouraged to assault him. Moore repeatedly requested a cell transfer, but
his requests were ignored, and he was assaulted by his cell mate. Moore
was subsequently assaulted by Sergeant Adams, prison guards Rook and
Patrick Speer reports that he was assaulted by CO Shawn Nicholson on
5/21/10 after he told Nicholson that he was not going to get his hair cut
because of religious reasons. He believes that the Nicholson's bias towards
him isPlatt to the fact that Speer was charged for assaulting staff at cell from
Ricky due reports being assaulted while being escorted back to his SCI Coal
RHU yard--CO Straziser hit him on the right side of his face as CO Regale
held him from behind. CO Straziser put his elbow into Ricky's neck and
Reuben Henry reports Montgomery and he was stabbed in the face and two
called for backup. CO that on 7/23/10 Sgt Nicholson came to help. The two
of his teeth were chipped by an unknown assailant. He was placed in the
RHU on Administrative Custody until the conclusion of the security
department's investigation, double celled with another inmate who is on
Disciplinary Custody. The PRC demanded he tell them who stabbed him, to
which he responded that he did not know. In response, the PRC said he
would stay in the hole forever. An innocent inmate was charged with the
stabbing. Henry is concerned that the lack of security means he will be
attacked again if sent back to general population. While recovering from the
head wound, he had no mattress for one day, and the toilet in his cell would
not flush for seven days. He reports that he has passed out three times
since the stabbing, but has not been allowed to see a doctor. Henry fears
David HArris was deprived of shower, shave, and yard for 82 days, incurred
back and leg pains, skin rash and depression. There is a very detailed
account available, including these following quotes. Sergeant Huffman: "One
way or another, Barry you." CO Montgomery: "Sergeant Huffman said
Since 04/27/10, I'll get Crumbly has been deprived of a stool in his cell
despite many requests to get one. As a result, he developed severe back,
neck and foot pain for which he now has to take medication. Crumbly plans
to file legal complaints seeking damages for mistreatment. On 7/5/10, Sgt
Nickelson told him that "if I sued he would make it so that I won't be able to
spend a single penny of the money." He wrote to Jeffrey Beard about his
mistreatment and was told to deal directly with the people who are the
On May 5, 2010 O Barger called Alonzo Williams a snitch because he spoke
to OPR the previous day. Williams filed a grievance wherein he inferred that
this was but one of many acts of harassment and intimidation perpetrated
by Barger against him. His grievance was rejected and the reasons cited
were that he is in the RHU and therefore not a credible person.

Alonzo Williams was denied yard on April 7, 2010 by CO Barger, against
whom he has peviously filed grievances.

On April 2, 2010, Alonzo Williams reported that Sgt. Fry entered his cell and
pushed him against the wall in a threatening manner. COs Culver, Costanza,
and Smith were also present, claiming to be on security inspection. Williams
felt this was harassment because his cell was recently inspected.

On March 15, 2010, Alonzo Williams was escorted back to his cell from yard
in the RHU by COs Seaholtz and Hollis. En route to the cell, Seaholtz said to
Williams, "You fucking nigger, you're not tough. If I was in your cell I'd whip
your skinny ass." Seaholtz told Williams’ cellmate [he was double-celled in
the RHU due to overcrowding] that Alonzo was a snitch and told him that he
(the cellmate) had filed a grievance against Seaholtz. Williams' cellmate
refused to be handcuffed prior to Williams entering the cell, as per policy.
When Williams entered the cell his cellmate began to assault him, attacking
him with a sharp object, cutting his face, all while Williams was handcuffed
and attached to the tether. The guards did not attempt to intervene or order
his cellmate to stop, and Williams was sent to the hospital where he
received 9 stitches. Since the attack, COs Seaholtz, Hollis, Barger, Gladley
and Sgts. Nicholson and Fry have continued to harass him.
Barry Crumbly writes that Lt. McMahon and CO Kundick placed him in the
RHU on the grounds that he was a member of a Security Threat Group
(STG), after deceiving him that he needed to be placed on AC status to
justify a transfer. Crumbly had agreed to the proposed transfer to escape
ongoing harassment by the Security staff, who want him to be a confidential
informant. Since his placement in the RHU at the end of April of 2010,
Crumbly has witnessed and experienced several acts of retaliation and
harassment against RHU prisoners, including deprivation of recreation and
food, confiscation and destruction of legal property, and threatening
statements. Lt. Burkhart, COs Seaholtz, Barger, Montgomery, and Marte
have all been named as being involved in the above actions. Crumbly has
filed numerous grievances, which have all been ignored. He has also written
to Secretary Beard about these matters.

In the days prior to June 14, 2010 several RHU prisoners were denied meals.
On 6/12/10, COs Berger and Montgomery denied a prisoner breakfast. When
two other inmates said something about this, CO Berger told them to “mind
their own business and see if you eat lunch at lunch time”, and denied those
two prisoners their lunch trays later that evening. When Anthony Autwell
spoke out about this, CO Berger responded “doesn’t anyone mind their own
fucking business these days? When I start giving these nosey motherfuckers
Anthony Bussey has gone on a hunger strike with 2 other prisoners in
Forest's RHU starting 6/12/10, due to COs denying prisoners food. Bussey
has also reported that Sgt. Fry is sexually harassing him and attempting to
pay someone to stab him.

On On March 5, 2010, David Harris was issued two misconduct reports that
Khalil Clinton is on a hunger strike with two other prisoners at SCI-Forest in
On 4/28/10, CO Straziser passed out trays, and gave Carron Harmonds one
without a spoon. Straziser said, "Eat with your hands, you are lucky you got
fed." Harmonds hit the call button and CO Coleman came. Colemand asked
him why he took the tray if there wasn't a spoon on it. Later, Sgt. Nicholson
was passing out medication, and Harmonds asked him for a spoon.
Nicholson found one on the floor and said, "Do you want it or not?"
Harmonds asked to speak to Lt. Burkhart and was told "no" by Sgt.
Nicholson. Harmonds reports being continually harassed everyday, despite
notifying security that it is occurring.

On 4/28/10, Carron Harmonds had a talk with Capt. Ireland to understand
search procedures that were happening to him. He was informed that his
foot locker would be left unharmed in a typical cell search. When he
returned from yard that day, his cell was in disarray, and items from his
footlocker, including his Qur'an and other Muslim literature were torn and

On returning to his cell after a cell search, Lt. Burkhart told Carron Harmond
that nothing was taken. Harmonds checked his property and found missing
4 bars of soap, 2 bottles of shampoo, 2 books, 21 magazines, and 35
pictures he had purchased for 1 dollar each, and reported these missing
items to Lt. Burkhart. Burkhart checked the trash and told Harmond his
property had been destroyed, and that if Harmonds could provide receipts,
Joshua Benz sent copies of grievances about an assault on 2/4/10 by CO
Seaholtz. In seeking a response to his grievances, the grievance was
continuously extended, the extension period violated, and otherwise ignored.
The final appeal decision for his grievance came back 3 months later,
denying his grievance becuase he "did not have any proof to substantiate his
Joshua Benz reports that since being assaulted by guards on 2/4/10, he has
put in three sick calls because his back is in pain. The nurse came and said
there is nothing she can do about it. Benz is seeking an x-ray and outside
treatment since the treatment he is receiving on the inside is inadequate.

A month ago, Joshua Benz filed a greivance documenting abuse by CO
Seaholtz. He has not received a response yet, and wrote to the
superintendant making him aware of this situation. Staff member C.
Kennedy told him there was an extension for ruling until March 10, yet as of
3/15/10 he still has not received anything. He reported that meanwhile, CO
Seaholtz continues to come down on his block, call him a snitch, slander his
name, and deny him breakfast and lunch trays, yard time and cleaning

Lt. Burkhart has ordered CO's to deny Marty Dunbar access to the law
library. His request slips to the law library came up missing from the control
booth. Burkhart covered up for the security staff when they came on
3/16/10 and ripped up legal work in his cell, telling Dunbar that “he has
something planned for him”. Dunbar filed an institutional grievance.

An anonymous prisoner reports that Lt. Burkhart 1) ordered guards not to
feed Joshua Benz 2) told handicapped prisoner Michael Forest "you're not
getting your wheelchair or fed today, welcome to J-Unit nigger!", 3) has
denied food to at least 10 prisoners including Carron Hammonds, Darryl
Miller and Andre Jackson and 4) personally searches cells to harass
prisoners under the guise of security inspections. He also reports that in the
past 90 days he has heard Sgt. Nicholson use the word 'nigger' at least 50
At 12 noon, during medical, Sgt. Nicholson called Anthony Bussey "..a
niggaz then he said you niggaz think all (tough) I will fuck you up then he
On March 16, 2010, Marty Dunbar was subjected to a cell search in which
Joshua Benz was assaulted by CO Seaholtz on 2/4/10 and was denied
Khalil Clinton reports being targetedly intimidated and harassed by RHU staff
under the direction of Lt. Burkhart in retaliation for filing a grievance on
(former) RHU Lt. Deer. He was physically assaulted by COs Gadley, Seaholtz
and Bell, who shoved his face into tobacco-spit-stained concrete, kicked him
in the ribs, and placed his foot on the back of his neck while issuing threats.
When informed of the incident, Lt. Burkhart replied “it’s only going to get
worse” if he contined to file grievances. Burkhart has been personally
An affidavit from Gary Williams, CW6473, states that from 2/27-3/9/2007,
Eric Robinson was placed in a hard cell with a mattress covered with blood,
feces, and urine, without clothing, toiletries, hot or cold water, regular meal
trays, yard time, or access to the law library and writing materials. Wiliams
reports hearing Capt. Sorly tell Robinson that Supt. Sobina ordered the
harsh treatment of Robinson because Robinson filed complaints against staff

Grievances filed state that Robinson was housed in a dirty cell, not being
fed, denied access to showers, and not given toiletries. Investigators
Grievances filed state that Robinson's cell was entered on 2/27/10 and that
he was assaulted by staff members. Investigation by security officers
concluded that Robinson assaulted Sgt. Yonlinsky, and was given a
misconduct (#A916948). State Police Trooper Wolbert investigated assault
charges and they were pending in Common Pleas Court. Security office was
unable to substantiate Robinson's allegation of assault by staff member.

Lt. Burkhart is reported as ordering the COs of the RHU to carry out
retaliatory abuses on prisoners who file grievances and others in an arbitrary
manner in order to discourage any one from leaving their cell. The abuses
reported include: physical beatings and abuse, confiscation of personal
items, cell search and destruction, improper use of excessive force, including
the restraint chair and taser gun, as well as food and privilege deprivation.
An anonymous prisoner reports that racial slurs had been made towards
Carron Harmond, and Lt. Burkhart gave him a spoon from off the floor
saying “use this nigger or don’t eat”. Harmon reported himself that Lt.
Burkhart came into his cell to have him cuffed. When he asked “why was my
cell being searched”, Lt. Burkhart replied, “because I can”. Lt., along with
COs Gadley, Straizer and Sgt. Nickelson, placed Harmonds' property in the
trash, held him tightly by his collar to the point where he could not breathe.
He was then taken out of the cell, and CO Gadley took his elbow and
punched Harmonds in the face, kicked him in his upper back, and hit him on
the top of his head.

Mr. Miller reports while being a possible suicide, he was given orders to be
cuffed by an extraction team. While being compliant and cooperative, he
While in RHU Justin Moore has been refused numerous requests for cell
transfers by Lt. Deer and been subsequently attacked by his cellmates. In
one incident Mr. Moore sustained a bite wound (11/9/09) for which he was
not given medical treatment. These incidents appear to be forms of
Reuben HenryC/O Andrako he was relative was the RHU in SCI Forest the
retaliation by reports that whose escorted to allegedly assaulted in on
February 4, 2010 and placed in a dirty cell with an unclean mattress. The
mattress remained in his that until February 16th, 2/4/10 which time Mr.
Mr. Perez-Rivera reports cell since his release on during to general
population from RHU, staff have targeted him with the intent to return him
to solitary confinement. He reports (and the accompanying miscounduct he
sent confirms) that the night he was released from RHU, he was issued a
misconduct by CO1 Mravintz for having an extra blanket (despite not having
Mr. Jones sent a report describing generally deplorable conditions, including
his not being given required medical check-up, the serving of inadequate
Mr. Jones reports that he has never heard the words “monkey” and “nigger
so much as he has as his time at SCI Forest. Certain staff refer to
themselves as “slavemasters”, including Eyer, Felt, Enberger, Barnes, Miller,
Clinger, Burton, Straziser, Palmer, and unnamedDunbar reports that in May
In an affidavit submitted to HRC/Fed Up!, Marty others.
2008 C/Os Reitz, Hall, and Flockerz engaged in the following racist actions:
1) making white hats out of prisoners’ requestrestraint chair on 1/24- signs;
Mr. Rivera reports that after being held in the slips and making hand
1/25/09 he was then confined in a POC cell until at least 1/30/09 and denied
Mr. Perez-Rivera reports that upon witnessing Sgt. Culver reading his legal
materials, he asked for them back, holding his food aperture open in
protest. When asked to let staff close it, he asked for his legal materials
back or for a confiscation slip and grievance form. He was denied both, and
15-20 minutes later the cell extraction team arrived and pepper-gassed him
3 times. He surrendered to be handcuffed & was shackled & carried out of
after being released from the restraint chair Mr. Perez-Rivera asked the
nurses for help and was laughed at and told he "was not dead yet", and that
he deserved the treatment he'd gotten

While in the chair he received threats from Frey, Storry, and Stimmel during
what was supposed to be a prescribed exercise period. Stimmel placed a
tazer against Perez-Rivera's chest and whispered that he wanted to
While held in the POC unit Perez-Rivera was issued a misconduct, which
was taped to the outside of his cell. Being in the POC he was denied his
lawful right to submit an inmates version and witness form. On 1/24/09 he
appeared at a hearing where the case was dismissed without prejudice.
2/3/09 Perez-Rivera went to a re-hearing for the misconduct and the case
was dismissed again. That day CO Anderson submitted a rewritten report of
the fabricated misconduct. 2/6/09 Perez-Rivera was found guilty. PRC
claims he did not submit proper paper work, however this was unavailable
Mr. Mohammad reports Mr. King and Mr. Rivera were held in the restraint
chair & forced to urinate & defecate on themselves. Mr. Rivera was held for
over 8 hours while prison staff taunted him. When he was strapped in, the
straps were pulled too tight & medical staff present took no action. He still
has marks on his body from the chair. (see Rivera 1/24-25/09 & King
1/18/09). Reported by Yassin Mohammad CU-0143.

When ordered by Dittrich to dump his tray & leave the dining hall (for
approaching the mess line again to ask for part of the meal that was
Gary Banks was subjected to attack with chemical weapons and stun devices
on this date, clubbed with the blackjack, stripped naked and left in a
Gives permission to share

Mr. Bryant reports that as a 60 year old man, DOC policy excludes him from
receiving treatment for Hepatitis C. He further reports that a white inmate
is receiving treatment for Hep C despite being over the age limit.

Mr. Wead reports that C/O Asp has been denying meals to Anthony Bussey
On this date Mr. Dockery reported discovering a misconduct (copy in HRC
file) date 9/11/07, and reading “On above date and time all Moslems must
die!!!” This was found subsequent to Mr. Dockery’s sister filing a complaint
with the Inspector General on behalf of himself and other prisoners who
submitted sworn affidavits regarding several guards at SCI Forest who were
showing up for work drunk. Mr. Dockery attempted to contact several law
enforcement agencies, including the FBI, Justice Dept., and PA state police,
all of whom ignored the report, with the PSP referring the matter back to the
prison so that they could investigate themselves. In a letter to Sec. Beard
Dockery reports experiencing substantial weight loss after retaliatory
deprivation of meals.
Mr. Rex was forced to undergo a strip search by Lt. Gill, Sgts. Mckinney and
Duncan in the presence of C/O Wolbent, a female officer who handled the
video camera.

On this date Mr. Burkholder had legal mail sent to him withheld on
fabricated pretexts. He was issued a misconduct, falsifying the contents of
the package, by Cpt. Ireland and C/Os Burton and Park.

C/O Burton reportedly stole some items from Robert Williams’ cell causing
Carlos Taylor reports that there was a cell search, argument ensued, C/O
Walker stated he was threatened at which point Taylor backed away but was
struck from behind by three guards. Accounts state that Sgt. Taylor was the
Was released from solitary after almost ten years. Requested to be in a
single cell. Was not seen by a prison psychologist after being released from
solitary. Was immediately forced to share a cell. Six days after being
released he filed a grievence. Whild in the G-unit yard he approached
Superintendent Overmeyer about his need for a single cell.Overmeyer called
him a nigger, Coffey punched him in the mouth and Coffey was returned to
Solitary. David George Lusick sent a letter 03/17/11 corroborating the
incident above.
Severely beaten until he lost consciousness, placed in a cell without a
mattress, clothes, running water, freezing cold water. Is a diabetic and is
not receiving medical attention. Is being denied food.

Williams reports that C/O's are not following DOC policy that requires cell
mates to be secured before releasing the other cell mate. Once Williams
was released he was attacked by his cell mate.(Benz) This cell mate told the
guards he did not want Williams back in the cell. This happened again when

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