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January 2011 Issue                                                                                       December 20, 2010
                                                 MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT
Felice Anno Nuovo! I hope this newsletter finds all our members well and hope that all the members and their families had a
Holy and Merry Christmas. If you spend New Years Eve at the RIWA party or on the member’s side, I know you will have a
great time. I first would like to thank the Roma Lodge Christmas committee for all their time and effort to once again put on a
great party. A big thank you goes out to Dennis and Lisa Gehrke, Donna Alfano, Jason Evitts, Mom and Dad Evitts, Frank
Bisotti and Cindy Day for all their help. Also, a real big thank you to Zuddy DeRose for the ticket sales and cooking the
wonderful meal we had. All I can tell you is I’ve been asked many times by different organizations how does Roma Lodge do
it, and I tell them it is because it has great members. I would also like to give a big thank you to Rick Crivello and Jim
McDougal for another outstanding job, as always, on the Children’s Christmas Party and to all their elves. A special thanks to
Frank Mazzie, Jr. for his donation to the Children’s Party and to Santa (A.R.) for another great job with the children. We have
a great year of activities coming up, so get ready to enjoy 2011.
It’s your club, so let’s take care of it. It needs all our help. So remember, if it’s good for the Roma Lodge members, it’s good
for Roma Lodge! Fraternally Yours,
Buddy D. Alfano
                                                  JANUARY 2011 EVENTS
                Saturday, January 1, 2011                    New Year’s Day

                Tuesday, January 4, 2011                          Board of Directors Meeting – 6:30 pm

                Friday, January 7, 2011                           Membership Meeting – 7:00 pm

                Thursday, January 13, 2011                        Senior Luncheon

                Friday, January 14, 2011                          Weekly Friday Night Fish Fry (RIWA) Begins –
                                                                     (thru April 22, 2011) 5:00 pm

                Saturday, January 15, 2011                       Winter Wonderland Bocce Tournament – 9:00 am

                Monday, January 17, 2011                          Martin Luther King Federal Holiday

                Tuesday, February 1, 2011                         Board of Directors Meeting

                      Condolences are extended to the family of Roma Lodge brother Sam Porcaro who died in
              December and to the family of James A. Aiello, a former member, scheduled for election to membership at the
              December meeting who died suddenly.

Sam Porcaro

           Welcome New Members
Voted into Membership at the December Membership Meeting:
Larry McDermott, age 47 from Kenosha is employed as an electrician at Becker Electric in Kenosha. He and his wife Linda,
whose maiden name is Greco, have three children. His proponent is William Hasley..
Bill Rushing, age 28 was born in Racine where he resides with his wife, Lauren. Bill is a Certified Public Accountant with the
firm Gordon J. Maier and Co. His mother is of Italian descent and his proponent is Greg Pitts.

          Applications for Membership - to be voted on at the January 2011 Meeting
Tony Catrine, age 61 of Racine, previously a member – Proponent: Dan Marini
Paolo Cortese, age 58 of Racine, previously a member - Proponent: John Passarelli
             Non-Payment of Dues
According to the Roma Lodge By-laws, Article V, Section 6:
Members who have failed to meet their financial obligation by January 31 will be dropped from the membership

* Members that have special circumstances and who need additional time to pay their dues may contact the President, Vice-
president or Membership Secretary to make arrangements to pay late. However, in such cases, the member may not vote at
the March election of directors unless all dues have been paid before the election.
Note: This also includes sales or return of all Festival Raffle tickets.
Remember - If you are dropped from the membership roll for non-payment of dues, you will have to re-apply for
membership and go through a new application for membership process!!!!

Membership Authorizes Mortgage Payoff
At the December meeting, the membership overwhelmingly approved paying off the remainder of the mortgage loan owed by
Roma Lodge for the facility originally completed in 1987. With less that $90,000 due, the Board of Directors recommended
the payoff as a savings device. It will have no effect on the tax status of Roma Lodge. Congratulations to all the past and
current members who made this event possible through their hard work and dedication to the success of the Lodge. And a
special thanks to those members who almost twenty-five years ago had the vision, foresight, and courage to provide a facility
for the most successful ethnic fraternal organization in this area.

Party Planned to Celebrate Mortgage Burning
The Membership voted to hold a celebration on the occasion of the mortgage payoff. The party will be modeled after the
2010 85 Anniversary Celebration. The event is scheduled for Saturday, August 27, 2011. Vice-president Dave Chiapete is
chairing the planning committee for the event. More details will be made available as the planning progresses. Those
members who wish to volunteer for this committee can contact him at 939-5914 or by email at davidchiapete@hotmail.com.

             Membership Approves Four of Five By-law Amendments
A change in term of office for the Past-president was one of the by-law changes approved by the Membership at the
December meeting. Article VI, Section 10 - Office of Past President now will give the past president a three month term with
additional service on the Board at the discretion of the current president. The Past President will no longer be required to
serve a full two year term. Also if the position of Past President becomes vacant it will remain so until a new president is
A second by-law change that was approved affects any current board member whose term is not to expire but who wishes to
run for a higher office. Article VII, Section1 – Nomination of Officers now requires the sitting Board member to resign his seat
on the Board to be filled by another Board candidate or by appointment.
The remaining two by-law changes were clarifications of existing practices. Article V: Section 6F – Membership Regulations
specifies the procedures a member must follow when voluntarily dropping membership in the Lodge but who may wish to
rejoin at a later date. Following the procedure would allow the dropped member to reapply and if approved, not have to
follow the probationary process. Article Ix: Section 7: Suspending the Rights of A Member specified what the suspension
status entails and the condition under which a member may be dropped from membership.
Defeated by the Membership was Article V: Section 8 – Death or Divorce of Spouse. Men who gain membership through
their wives’ Italian heritage will continue to be dropped immediately upon divorce. The status of widowed members who also
gained membership through marriage was not changed. They can continue as members until they remarry. They would be
eligible to remain as members if they marry another woman of Italian descent.
A full copy of the new By-laws will be available on the Roma Lodge Members web site at:

              Thanks for Two Great Christmas Parties
A big “Thank you” to Jason Evitts and his committee Buddy Alfano, Dennis Gehrke, and Zuddy DeRose and the other
volunteers for the great Members Christmas Party on December 11 and to Rick Crivello and Jim McDougal and to all the
volunteers for the Children’s Christmas Party. And once again a special thanks to Art Rozzoni for making sure that Santa
was able to wish all the good boys and girls a very Merry Christmas.

          Bingo Captains for January
Bob Cribari is the Bingo Captain for the month of January. Volunteer for a Thursday evening by calling him at 886-9838.
         2011 Board of Directors Election
Nominations will be made at the February 4, 2011 Membership Meeting for all officers and four director positions for the
2011-2013 term. The Offices of President, Vice-president, Recording Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, and
Parliamentarian will be open along with Directors whose regular terms expire in March 2011.. Those directors are: John
Anzalone, Rick Crivello, Jim Faraone, and Art Rozzoni. The election will be held on Friday, March 4, 2011. To be a nominee,
a perspective candidate must:
    • Be a member in good standing as of February 2011
    • Have been a member of the Lodge for at least two years and completed his probationary period
    • Accept the nomination at the time it is presented at the February meeting. If he is unable to be present, he must
         have a representative deliver his written acceptance of the nomination at the meeting.
    • Not be a purveyor to the Lodge
    • Not work in a paid position for the Lodge or receive a salary or hourly wage from the Lodge, except for those
         positions on the Board that are salaried.
Those interested in being candidates for these positions should contact Frank Bisotti at 652-9779 or email
 Those who accept nominations must submit a candidate’s statement to Jerry Perona, gperona@wi.rr.com, by Wednesday,
February 9, highlighting their history with the Lodge and why they wish to serve as a Roma Lodge director. These
statements will be published in the March Newsletter.
                                       RIWA FRIDAY NIGHT FISH FRY
                                       RIWA FRIDAY NIGHT FISH FRY

                                   WEEKLY – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
                STARTING FRIDAY, JANUARY 14 2011 - SERVING FROM 5:00 PM TO 9:00 PM
                            BUFFET WILL FEATURE A VARIETY OF SEAFOOD
                                 CALL THE RIWA OFFICE AT 886-3610

                             ROMA LODGE SUPER BOWL XLV PARTY
                                    SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2011
                    Doors open 3:30 p.m. Game time is approximately 5:30 p.m.

                         OPEN TO MEMBERS AND GUESTS (1 Member / 7 Guests)

                       Cost $10.00 includes beer, soda, pizza, chili, bombers
                         and as many TVs as you can watch at one time!
                             Tickets available from Frank Caruso 886-4786,
                           Kurt Fallenback 886-5658 and Dave Chiapete 553-1499

                                            ROMA LODGE CARES COMMITTEE
The CARES Committee and Roma Lodge Board of Directors approved a donation to the Tex Reynolds Toys for Tots
program. Toys for Tots is a nonprofit organization with the sole purpose to ensure every needy kid in the Racine County area
has a wonderful holiday season. Since 1980 over 30,000 Racine area families with nearly 73,000 children have been able to
celebrate a happier Christmas. More information on Toys for Tots can be found on its web site

         Scholarship Applications to be Available February 4, 2011
At the February 4 Membership Meeting, details of three scholarship programs offered by Roma Lodge will be presented.
Applications for the scholarships will be available at that time. Applications and full information about the scholarship
programs will also be available on the Roma Lodge web page, http://members.romalodge.com/scholarships.html or by email
from Mike Kroes, . mpkroes@hotmail.com.
The three scholarship programs include:
The Roma Lodge Merit Scholarships, open to graduating high school seniors who are attending a four year college and who
are children of Roma Lodge members. Five awards are made, two $4000 awards, and three $500 awards.
Darryl and Jeana Sturino Life Long Learning Scholarship of $1000 awarded to a Roma Lodge member, or child of a member
age 17-25 who is currently enrolled or about to enroll in a baccalaureate or higher degree program on a full or part-time
Russell and Helen Missureli Scholarship of $1000 awarded to a graduating high school senior who plans to pursue an
associate or baccalaureate degree at a two or four year college and who is a child or grandchild of a Roma Lodge member.
Applicants must show a strong history of community service as well as academic achievement.
More detailed information about each scholarship and their eligibility requirements will be in the February issue of the
Members of the 2011 Scholarship Committee include: Mike Kroes , chair mpkroes@hotmail.com; Dan Cupertino,
ncupe@yahoo.com; Jordan Gardina gardina@joimail.com; Chuck Mazurek kelmaz@ameritech.net, Jerry Perona
gperona@wi.rr.com.; and Mark Schneider MSchneider@seedsofhealth.org


                        ‡ ‘‡ ƒ† ‹š‡† ‡ƒ• ˆ”‘ ‹•…‘•‹ ƒ† ŽŽ‹‘‹•
                          ‹”•– ”‹œ‡    ‡…‘† ”‹œ‡     Š‹”† ”‹œ‡
                         ‘‘”• ’‡ ƒ–   ƒ ‘—”ƒ‡– Žƒ› „‡‰‹• ƒ–   ƒ
          ‘” ˆ‘”ƒ–‹‘ ‘–ƒ…– ƒ˜‡ Š‹ƒ’‡–‡           ‘” ƒ‹Ž †ƒ˜‹†…Š‹ƒ’‡–‡                                   Š‘–ƒ‹Ž …‘

                                         Letters to Santa from the Children at Roma Lodge
Mrs. Claus shared these comments that Santa received in the letters to Santa at the Breakfast With Santa and the Roma
Lodge Children’s Christmas Party events:

In her letter, Riley wrote, “tel Mr. Clas I sad Hiiii”, and at the bottom her P.S. read, “Tell the reindeer I will have a special treat
for them this year!”, and she added, specialy rudof”.

Tiff filled the letter from top to bottom and at the end she wrote, “thanks for your patience.”

From Tony, “I love. Christmas. I am. Being. Good. I. am. Wondering. What. I will get. For. Christmas. Thank. You. for. The.
Presents I got last year. How. Are. Your. Reindeer?

Max asked for a few things and then wrote, “my brother would like a teddy bear”.

Joey stated, “I want a shark so I can swim with him in my bath tub. I will leave some milk and cookies.

And finally, Lisa wrote, “Dear Santa, for Christmas I want a bike and to be taller and nicer”.
[Editor’s note: Our hope is that all their wishes, and your wishes along with them came true.]

                Volunteers would be Appreciated
Help is always welcome for the annual Roma Lodge Super Bowl Party. If you would like to help create a great event as well
as participate in one, volunteer to help with this year’s Super Bowl Party. Contact Frank Caruso at 886-4163 or
frank.caruso@dos-xrx.com or Dave Chiapete at 553-1499 or email davidchiapete@hotmail.com.

       Roma Lodge Holiday Food Drive is a Big Success
Thank you to all the Roma Lodge members, their friends and families who generously donated to the Roma Lodge food
drive. And a special thank you to Frank Bisotti who orchestrated the effort. The donations were presented to the Racine
County Food Bank whose four staff members, along with hundreds of volunteers, collect, warehouse and distribute over
800,000 pounds of food each year. The Food Bank serves as Racine County’s “United Way of Food” and distributes food,
free of charge to food pantries, emergency shelters, community meal sites and social service agencies throughout Racine

         Another Event Filled Year Ahead!! – Roma Lodge Calendar Events for 2011
A party to celebrate the “Burning of the Roma Lodge Mortgage” in August, will be a highlight event in 2011. Events planned
Included in the calendar of activities for 2011 is the popular fall Party-on-the-Patio and a repeat of the Holiday Light and Pizza
Buffet among many others. Included in this Newsletter is the full Roma Lodge Calendar of Events for 2011, so mark your
calendars and save those dates. Watch the Newsletter and the Roma Lodge Members Web Page
http://members.romalodge.com/ for updated information.

                                                      News from the Bocce Courts

        Bocce Standings and Schedules on Web Page
The Bocce Section of the Roma Lodge Member’s Web Page now includes the most recent standings for all three men’s
league nights along with the playing schedule for each team. You can access this information on the web at

                 Children’s Bocce League Begins Sunday, February 13, 2011
Sunday, February 13 marks the opening of the Children’s Bocce League season. The first meeting begins at 1:00 p.m. in the
Roma Lodge Bocce Courts. The Children’s Bocce League is held on Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. It is open to any
Roma Lodge member’s child or grandchild age 8 and older. There is a place for children at all age and skill levels. This is a
great way to prepare our future Roma Lodge or Vittoria Colonna Lodge members for those big adult bocce tournaments (and
they might pick up a few Italian words along the way). The season ends on Sunday, March 20, 2011 with a banquet
celebration.. For more information, or to volunteer to help, contact Joe or Rosemary Povkovich at 637-3784 or email

            Funeral Service Calling Tree Service Schedule For January 2011
The Calling Tree Committee schedule for funeral visitations for January listed below.. If you are notified of a funeral during
your scheduled month you are expected to attend to represent the Lodge. Other members are also encouraged to attend.
There will also be a special Roma Lodge sign in book at the service for members who attend to sign in, verifying that they are
fulfilling their obligation. The schedule is for those members who names are listed on the Membership List between:
                    Peratt, Michael - Postorino, Stanley
                                                   OTHER EVENTS IN THE AREA

            Courtyard Music Series Kickoff Show – Saturday, February 5, 2011 – Milwaukee
Italian Community Center, 631 E. Chicago St
Everyone is welcome to attend a special rock-and-role show which is serving as an early kickoff to the ICC’s 2011 Courtyard
Music Series. Featured will be the Oldies But Goodies Spectacular, an appearance by Little Artie, “Big Louie” and others.
Show time begins at 7:00 pm. Advance tickets are $15, $20 at the door. Tickets can be purchase at the ICC or by calling
414-223-2180 .
                                       A Bit of History - From the Files of Roma Lodge
From the May 3, 1988 Minutes of the Joint Roma Lodge/RIWA Boards of Directors

A Facilities Planning Committee (FPC) was suggested consisting of two Roma Lodge and two RIWA Board members plus
several at-large members. The purpose of the FPC will be to work at on-going problems with the new building, litigation
concerning the building, the authorization of payments, and assisting the lawyers [handling pending law suits against
contractors]. It was decided that the FPC be headed by Neal Pacanella, Benny Yanzito, and Bill Binetti. The committee will
be strictly advisory, having no power, and reporting to both Boards. Ben suggested writing a charter and outlining duties.
The Committee will hold its first meeting Tuesday, May 17, 1988 at 8:00 pm.

Russ Missureli suggested that negativism by the membership must be stopped. Pete Ciaramita suggested that perhaps the
RIWA might discuss in general terms the problems at the next regular membership the Lodge is having.

Under miscellaneous items – the location of the dumpster was discussed. Illegal parking in the back lot is still a problem.
Respectfully submitted,
Bill Greco

                                Milestones In Italian American History
              1904 Amadeo P. Giannini Opens Banca d’Italia, Forerunner of Bank of America

Amadeo P. Giannini (1870-1949) holds a major place in the annals of America's banking industry. Born in 1870 in San Jose,
California, his parents were immigrants from Chavari, Genoa, Italy who ran a small boarding house. After the death of his
father, his mother married Lorenzo Scatena, a family friend who operated a small produce business that Amadeo joined.
Amadeo became a partner and soon was instrumental in building the venture into the largest produce-commission enterprise
on the Pacific Coast. Amadeo's marriage to Clorinda Cuneo introduced him to the world of banking, whereupon in 1904 he
established his own bank, the "Banca d'Italia," that flourished in the Italian section of San Francisco. He introduced a
"character loan," that is a loan not based on collateral, but on the word of hard-working, honest people. The "Banca d'Italia"
name gained further renown after the earthquake of 1906, in which Giannini demonstrated remarkable courage and decisive
action by personally rescuing depositors' money from destruction. He was furthermore an important factor in the rebuilding of
San Francisco. Not surprisingly his life and accomplishments were extensively celebrated within the Italian American
community. In 1909 he opened a small branch bank in San Jose that he soon followed with offices in various California cities,
thereby becoming a pioneer in branch banking. His other innovations included savings for school children and women's
banking. Giannini proceeded to open up new banks and buy or consolidate other financial institutions in California. He also
expanded beyond California into New York enabling him to create the Bank of America. This in turn was the background to
the creation in 1928 of the mammoth Transamerica Corporation. After a few shaky years of economic depression in the
1930s Giannini reinvigorated his banking empire. He played a critical role in loaning money for the purpose of operating
farms                                    and                                   movie                                making.

Giannini was more than a successful businessman; he was not interested in merely accumulating a personal fortune but
rather believed in using his wealth to improve society. He lived simply and unostentatiously maintaining faith in the free
enterprise system but one that accepted responsibilities. "Each of us is better for having to make our own money. God meant
us to work. To take from anyone the incentive to work is a questionable service." He also believed in sharing good fortune
with others by offering employees an opportunity in self-ownership through profit sharing. When he retired in 1945 he
established scholarships for employees and a foundation for medical research. He was a remarkable example of a child of
Italian immigrants who acknowledged this country as a land of opportunity and who transformed the banking industry\

Source: La Gumina, Salvatore, “1904 Amadeo P. Giannini Opens Banca d’Italia, Forerunner of Bank of America”. Milestones of the Italian American
Experience 1492-2003. National Italian American Foundation, 2009 Web 12 December 2010. https://www.niaf.org/milestones/year_1904.asp1904

                                            CALENDAR OF EVENTS for 2011
                                                      AS OF January 2011
                                           (TBA - Specific dates to be announced)
             January                                              July
             1       New Year’s Day                               1       Membership Meeting
             4       Board of Directors Meeting                   4       Independence Day
             7       Membership Meeting                           10      Couple’s Golf Outing
             13       Senior Luncheon                             26      Festival $10,000 Raffle and Kickoff Dinner
             14      Weekly Friday Nite Fish Fry Begins (RIWA) 29         Roma Lodge Italian Festival
             15      Winter Wonderland Bocce Tournament           30      Roma Lodge Italian Festival
             18      Martin Luther King, Jr., Federal Holiday     31      Roma Lodge Italian Festival
             February                                             August
             1       Board of Directors Meeting                   2       Board of Directors Meeting
             4       Membership Meeting - Nominations             5       Membership Meeting / Sports Award Night
             4       Scholarship Applications Available           14      Invitational Bocce Tournament
             6       Super Bowl XLIV Party                        TBA     Packers Preseason Game (Gold Package)
             10      Senior Luncheon                              22      Fall Men’s Bocce Organizational Meeting
             12      Valentine’s Dinner Members Dining Room 27            Burning of the Mortgage Party
             13      Children’s Bocce League Begins               30      Board of Directors Meeting
             21      U.S. President’s Day Federal Holiday
             March                                                September
             1       Board of Directors Meeting                   2       Membership Meeting
             4       Membership Meeting – Election of             5       Labor Day
                     Officers and Directors                               6         Primary Election Day
             9       Ash Wednesday                                8       Senior Luncheon
             10      Senior Luncheon                              TBA     Men’s Golf Tournament
             13      Daylight Savings Time Begins                 22      Men’s Bocce Leagues Begin (Tentative)
             13      Installation Dinner                          23      First Day of Autumn
             16      Winter Bocce Season Ends                     25      Fall Party-on-the-Patio
             20      First Day of Spring
             20      Children’s Bocce League Final and Party
             21      Men’s Winter Bocce Tournament Begins
             27      Couples Bocce Banquet
             29      Board of Directors Meeting
             31      Roma Lodge Scholarship Deadline
             April                                                October
             1       Membership Meet                              4       Board of Directors Meeting
             5       Spring General Election                      7       Social Meeting & Festival Report
             14      Senior Luncheon                              9       Columbus Day Banquet
             19      Bocce Championship                           10      Columbus Day Federal Holiday
             TBA     Men’s Golf League Info Meeting               13      Senior Luncheon
             22      Good Friday - Last Fish Fry (RIWA)           25      Board of Directors Meeting
             24      Easter Sunday                                TBA     Couples Bocce Begins
             25      Men’s Bocce Banquet                          TBA     Bingo Volunteers Appreciation Dinner
             26      Board of Directors Meeting                   TBA     Packers Football Game (Gold Package)
             30      UW-Parkside Celebrazione Italiana
             May                                                  November
             2       Summer Bocce Begins                          1        $10,000 Raffle and Dinner
             3       $10, 000 Raffle                              4       Membership Meeting
             6       Membership Meeting                           6        Daylight Savings Time Ends
             6       Scholarship Recipients Announced             8        General Election Day
             8       Mother’s Day Brunch (RIWA)                   10      Senior Luncheon)
             10      Roma Lodge President’s Dinner                11      Veteran’s Day
             12      Senior Luncheon                              22      Holiday Lighting and Pizza Buffet (Tentative)
             TBA     Men’s Golf League Begins                     24      Thanksgiving Day
             30      Memorial Day                                 29      Board of Directors Meeting
             31      Board of Directors Meeting                   TBA     Packer Football Game (Gold Package)
             June                                                 December
             3       Social Meeting & Early Bird Drawing          2       Membership Meeting
             9       Senior Luncheon                              8       Senior Luncheon
             14      Flag Day                                     10      Members Christmas Party
             19      Father’s Day                                 11      Children’s Christmas Party
             21      First Day of Summer                          22      First Day of Winter
             26      Roma Lodge Family Picnic                     25      Christmas Day
             28      Board of Directors Meeting                   31      New Year’s Eve Party

Roma To Go – New Menu Available
Planning a big family event or your own Super Bowl Party – order from Roma – to- Go and treat your family and friends to
that wonderful Roma Lodge food.

             Roma Lodge Reservations
For Members Dining Room reservations, the telephone number 886-8850. When making reservations for the Members
Dining Room, please telephone the Member’s number only. Leave your name, day and date you want the reservation, your
phone number, number of people in your party, and estimated time of arrival. You will only receive a call back if there is a
problem or a question about your reservation. NOTE: The Members Dining Room is always closed on Membership Meeting
nights which is usually the first Friday of the month. It is also closed on Wednesday and weekend nights when events for
members or members and guests are scheduled. To reserve the Venetian Room and for Roma-to-Go, telephone the RIWA
Office at 886-3610. For the Members Card Room telephone 886-2557

            Advertising Available in the Roma Lodge Newsletter
You can now purchase ads that will appear in the monthly Roma Lodge Newsletter and in color on the Roma Lodge
Members’ web page. Cost for ads is $20 / month for a six month contract with an introductory offer of $15 / month for six
These ads will provide a new and profitable outlet for our members who own or operate businesses as well as a source of
services available to our members.
Contact Jim Faraone 657-1244 jfaraone@wi.rr.com for more information or to purchase an ad.

NOTE: The Roma Lodge By-laws require that Roma Lodge members be notified of the slate of candidates in the
Newsletter at least fifteen days before the March election meeting. To meet this deadline, the Deadline for the
March Newsletter is Thursday, February 11 - 9:00 am.
Jerry Perona,
Jerry Perona, Secretary
                                                                                               US POSTAGE
                                                                                                RACINE, WI
                                                                                               PERMIT NO. 213

Address Service Requested                                                       Address Service Requested

                                                  COMING EVENTS
                      Tuesday, February 1, 2011                   Board of Directors Meeting

                      Friday, February 4, 2011                    Membership Meeting (Nominations)

                      Friday, February 4, 2011                    Scholarship Applications Available

                      Sunday, February 6, 2011                    Super Bowl XLIV Party

                      Thursday, February 10, 2011                 Senior Luncheon

                      Saturday, February 12, 2011                 Valentine’s Day Dinner Members Dining Room

                      Sunday, February 13, 2011                   Children’s Bocce Begins

                      Monday, February 21, 2011                   U.S. President’s Day Federal Holiday

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