Guidelines for Contractors by ps94506


									              Tenth Edition

      St. Mary’s University
    Physical Plant Department

Guidelines for Contractors

                 Prepared by

            William M. (Bill) Tam
            Facilities Administrator

                June 22, 2010
                                                                                June 22, 2010

Dear Contractor or Service Provider:

The members of the St. Mary’s University Physical Plant wish to thank you for your interest in
performing services at our campus.

We have written the following guide to facilitate our relationship. Please read the document
carefully and feel free to ask any questions that you might have. The following document
provides essential terms and conditions.

This version supersedes the previous Ninth Edition version. We have updated the information
concerning contractor’s and workman’s compensation insurance. Please refer to the General
Conditions of Contract Performance (page 8, item #24).

Again, thank you for your special interest in St. Mary’s University.

William M. (Bill) Tam
Facilities Administrator
(210) 436-3335
(210) 436-3336 fax
Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010

Role of Contractors
1. Contractors assist the Physical Plant Department by providing repair, maintenance, and
   renovation services that the department does not have the work force, materials, equipment,
   or skills to accomplish.
2. Contractors who perform facilities modifications must work under the supervision of the
   Physical Plant Department.
3. The decision about the selection of contractor is often based on proven quality and value of
   past work rather than solely on lowest cost.
4. The Physical Plant Department maintains a preferred contractor list. The list represents
   contractors who have proven themselves by the quality of their past work. It is the
   responsibility of the contractor to maintain work quality, and perform work in a timely
   manner to remain in good standing on the preferred contractor list.

Application and Approval Process
1. Contractors or vendors interested in providing services to the Physical Plant Department
   must apply using the form provided.
2. Proposals are selected from contractors who appear on a preferred contractor list.
3. Alumni are welcome to apply for inclusion in the preferred contractor list.
4. Contractors who are selected for the preferred contractor list must demonstrate an ability to
   perform quality work in the size, scope, and nature of the work available. Therefore
   contractors are invited to bid on specific projects that match their skills and abilities in the
   size, scope, and nature of the work.
5. When applying for contractor status, please return the Acceptance Agreement (Appendix
   One), the Contractor Application (Appendix Two), the Contractor / Service Provider Security
   Agreement (Appendix Three), and the Certificate of Insurance.

Estimates for Budget Purposes
1. Often contractors are asked to provide estimates for budget purposes. This constitutes no
   obligation on the part of the university to select the said contractor when the project is bid.
   We expect that this estimating service would be provided with no charge as condition of
   inclusion on the preferred contractor list.
2. The estimate must include the scope of the work, stating that the work will be performed in
   accordance with the Physical Plant documents: Construction Standards and Specifications
   and Guidelines for Contractors.
3. The scope of work must state any exceptions to the work method and materials provided in
   the Construction Standards and Specifications.
4. The budget estimate should be valid for one year from the date of issuance.
5. The budget estimate is not a proposal and as such, the contractor will be provided the
   opportunity to make adjustments to cost when project funding becomes available.
6. Although permits and city inspections may not be required, all work is to be performed in
   accordance with all local, state, and federal codes, laws, and regulations.

Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010

Sizes and Types of Contracts
1. There are several sizes and types of contracts administered by the Physical Plant department.
2. The contract may be based on a length of time, such as those that have a term of one or more
   years. Examples are pest control services, elevator maintenance, tree-care, work uniforms,
   trash disposal, elevator repair and maintenance, and various software contracts such as TMA
   or Siemens Building Technologies.
3. Other contracts are based on the duration of the task and are terminated when the task is
   completed. Examples of these contracts are architectural and engineering services,
   construction, remodeling, and renovation and repair.
4. There are several levels of repair, renovation, and remodeling work:
   • Complete Renovation: Professionally designed under the direction of a project architect
       with plans and specifications submitted to and approved by the city of San Antonio, with
       inspections performed by the city, with the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.
       Contractors provide bids based on “stipulated sum”, as explained in the Plans and
   • Repair/Refurbishing: Performed with plans and specifications provided by the Physical
       Plant Department. The Physical Plant Department accepts proposals from one or more
       contractors and makes a choice based upon the greatest benefit to the university. The
       department prefers a proposal based on “cost not to exceed.” A design-build or
       negotiated pricing with a single vendor is sometimes used for projects under $50,000.
   • Time and material billing is acceptable when prior approval is given by the Facilities
       Administrator. Time and material billing must provide an itemized material list and an
       accounting for all labor by date, name of worker, quantity of hours, and labor rate.
       Charges for overhead and profit, travel, equipment rental, and supervision must be stated
       in this method of billing.

Bidding Process (with Architect)
The bidding process for a project under the supervision of a project architect is described
in the Plans and Specification for the said project. Please refer to the Guidelines for
Architects document.

Submitting a Proposal for Projects without Professional
Architecture/Engineering (A/E) Services
1. Each project requires a unique identifying name. The Physical Plant Department or the
   requesting department may select the project name. This project name will be referred to in
   the contractor’s proposal and all subsequent billing.
2. The contractor’s proposal must be clear in its description of the scope of work and services to
   be performed, the exclusions, as well as the duration of time for the work to be completed
   and the number of days that it will take for the work to commence once the authorization to
   proceed is given. A sample form is included in the appendix.
3. The contractor will provide a current Certificate of Insurance if one is not on file in the
   Physical Plant Office. The Certificate must comply with the requirements of Appendix Four.
4. All work must be performed in accordance with the Physical Plant documents: Construction
   Standards and Specifications and Guidelines for Contractors, as well as the plans,
   specifications and scope of work for the particular project.
5. Proposals must state warranty information on both labor and materials.
Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010

 6. Proposals must be addressed to the Physical Plant Department, St. Mary’s University, One
    Camino Santa Maria, San Antonio, Texas 78228-8568. The proposal should be addressed to
    William M. (Bill) Tam, or to the departmental manager who solicited the proposal.
 7. The proposal should include a line for recommending signature by the Physical Plant
    Department administrator or manager. Purchase order numbers are used for most short
    duration projects.
 8. During the bid process, contractors may make appointments with maintenance supervisors
    and/or personnel to access mechanical rooms or electrical panels. Contractors are expected
    to perform their own inspections and verify their own measurements and quantities.
    Maintenance personnel will be polite and helpful, but are not required to perform the work
    for the contractor. Maintenance personnel should explain where electrical power is available,
    the location of isolation valves, and access to roof and crawl space under the building.
 9. Each bidder is responsible for the accuracy of all measurements and for estimating material
    quantities to satisfy the specifications.
10. Each bidder is responsible for the confirmation of existing conditions and the effect on the
    means and methods of performing the work.
11. The Physical Plant Department (owner) reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to
    waive formalities in the bidding. The owner does not obligate him/herself to accept the
    lowest bid nor to award the work in any definite time.
12. The sum quoted in the proposal is to be guaranteed for sixty (60) consecutive calendar days
    from the date of receipt by owner, and if authorized to proceed within that period, the bidder
    agrees to complete the work covered by this proposal for the quoted sum.
13. A proposal request form is included in the appendix.

Project Approval
1. Once the project proposal is accepted and approved by the university, the project proposal
   may be accepted by the issuance of a purchase order number by the Facilities Administrator.
2. A “Notice to Proceed” letter will be provided to the contractor and serve as the official notice
   of project approval. The Notice to Proceed letter will include a purchase order number and
   any special conditions of contract performance. By accepting the purchase order number, the
   contractor accepts the General Conditions of Contract Performance stated in this document.
3. Prior to beginning work, the contractor must list and identify in writing the names and
   contact information for all sub-contractors who are employed by the general contractor,
   company, or firm.

Project Supervision and Management
1. A representative from the Physical Plant Department will be appointed by the Facilities
   Administrator to act as the project manager.
2. The project manager will fulfill the obligations as described in the Guidelines for

Standards and Specifications
All work will be performed in accordance with the Physical Plant Construction Standards and

Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010

Submittals (for projects without Professional Architectural/Engineering
1. Materials shall be specified and represent a quality and bidding standard. If material
   selection is left to the contractor’s discretion, submittals will be required for all materials,
   supplies, and equipment installed in the project.
2. Submittals must be approved by the Physical Plant Department prior to the ordering of
   materials, supplies, and equipment.
3. Submittals will include cut sheets, product descriptions, specific model numbers, names of
   product manufacturers and suppliers, color charts, and product samples.
4. All paints and painting supplies, glues, caulks, drain cleaners, lubricants, oils, and similar
   items should be free from PCB’s, lead, and asbestos materials.

Shop Drawings
Shop drawings may be required for the coordination of work between one or more crafts or

As-Built Drawings
1. As-built drawings are required for all work performed, regardless of whether or not an
   architect was involved in the project.
2. As-built underground drawings will provide information about any utilities that were not
   previously located.
3. The final invoice will not be paid until the as-built drawings have been provided.

Maintenance Manuals
1. When the work is completed, the contractor must provide written documentation, which can
   be used to update the mechanical, structural, and electrical records. This documentation
   should be clear and concise. The documentation should include the updated labeling of
   electrical panels.
2. The contractor shall also provide to the owner, prior to final acceptance of the completed
   project, two complete copies of maintenance manuals including detailed parts lists covering
   all installed equipment designated by the owner. The ring-binder shall include all as-built
   equipment shop drawings, all cuts and capacity information, performance data of equipment
   such as pump curves and coil data, names and addresses of manufacturers, model numbers,
   stocking distributors or the name of supplier from which the equipment was purchased, parts
   list, warranty information, and manufacturer’s agents and/or factory representatives.
   Installation and operating instructions must also be provided.
3. When appropriate, the maintenance manual will consist of cleaning and maintenance
   instructions and paint code numbers.
4. The contractor must present the name, address, phone number, and contact person for all
   suppliers and vendors providing equipment or supplies for the project.
5. The furniture vendor must provide an as-built binder that includes the manufacturer and
   model or other identification for each furniture item, together with the name of the color and
   texture selection. Samples of color and texture must also be provided.
6. Material Safety Data Sheets must be provided for all chemicals, oils, paints, glues, caulks and
   similar items.

    Guidelines for Contractors                 June 5, 2007                                   5
Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010

Emergency Procedures
1. The Physical Plant project manager should be contacted for routine requests, coordination,
   and questions.
2. If a police, fire, or medical emergency should arise, the contractor must contact the
   University Police Department from any BLUE LIGHT EMERGENCY TELEPHONE or
   call extension 1911 from any on campus telephones. From any other telephone, such as, a
   cellular telephone, please call (210) 436-1911. Please be clear and concise exactly what type
   of emergency it is and the exact location of the emergency. University Police will coordinate
   the appropriate emergency response to the reported emergency. The contractor will then
   contact the Physical Plant project manager.
3. At the request of the university health center, no contractor’s worker should be referred to the
   Health Center for medical care.

Terms of Payment
1. All work performed shall comply with the General Conditions of Contract Performance and
   the instructions contained in this document.
2. Payments will be made as work progresses. Standard Terms are Net 10 days. A 10%
   mandatory retainage will be held for 30 days after the work is accepted as completed. The
   Physical Plant department will approve payments for work in progress. Request for payment
   will be made to the Physical Plant Department. (Vernon’s Civil Statutes, Texas property
   Code Section 53.057)
3. Payments will be made from original invoices. We do not accept faxed copies.

Conformance to Time Schedule
1. Work schedule and work completion is often critical to the success of a project.
2. The university expects the work to be completed as stated in the job proposal and/or Notice
   to Proceed letter.
3. The contractor will be expected to forfeit a percentage of the payment for work not
   completed according to the schedule, on the basis of a 1% for each day or week that the work
   is not complete, to a maximum of 5% of the contract amount. The specific time will be
   explained in the Notice to Proceed letter and will depend on the size and critical nature of the
4. Likewise, additional payment with similar conditions can be expected for work completed
   and approved prior to the completion date as stated in the job proposal and/or Notice to
   Proceed letter.

Security and Access Procedure
1. St. Mary’s University has established the Service Provider Procedure to provide safety and
   security for students, faculty, staff, residents, and visitors.
2. This procedure will apply to all service providers, such as contracted services: elevator
   repair, pest control. It will also apply to repair of departmental equipment such as copy
   machines, microscopes, projectors, audio-visual equipment, exercise equipment, vending
   machines, laundry equipment, kitchen equipment, cable TV repair, satellite dish repair,
   telephone repair, computer and technology equipment, and service personnel.
3. This procedure does not apply to delivery persons, nor does it apply to sales persons. The
   procedure, however, does apply to equipment that is delivered and installed.

Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010

 4. Upon arriving on campus, we expect that service personnel will enter at the 36th Street gate
    and proceed to Parking Lot L where they will find a reserved space. They are to use this
    space to access the Physical Plant Department and the University Police.
 5. Service personnel will be required to register using the Service Provider Registration Form,
    Appendix Six. This may be done in advance or on their first campus visit.
 6. Physical Plant office staff will provide information with regards to building access and
    parking. Orientation will be provided with regards to reserved spaces for service providers
    and a review of the service provider agreements.
 7. Once registered, service personnel will login at the beginning of each campus visit. Login
    will take place at the Physical Plant Office on the second floor of Treadaway Hall, entering
    through the Courtyard.
 8. After registration and login, service personnel will be directed to the University Police
    Department to acquire a temporary parking permit. Please have registration and insurance
    papers to obtain the temporary permit.
 9. The attached Contractor / Service Provider Security Agreement in Appendix Three must be
    signed. This document supports creating a safe and secure environment for everyone and is
    in compliance with the "Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act" (section 1601 of Public Law
    106-386) is a federal law that provides for the tracking of convicted, registered sex offenders
    enrolled as students at institutions of higher education, or working or volunteering on
    campus. The Act amends the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually
    Violent Offender Registration Act to require sex offenders already required to register in a
    State to provide notice, as required under State law, of each institution of higher education in
    that State at which the person is employed, carries on a vocation, or is a student. Requires
    that state procedures ensure that this registration information is promptly made available to
    law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction where the institutions of higher education are
    located and that it is entered into appropriate State records or data systems.
10. We thank you in advance for your consideration of our need to protect our students, faculty,
    staff, residents, and visitors.
11. If you are a contractor employed by the university who will be working on a project, you are
    required to follow all of the additional requirements that are described in the Guidelines for
    Contractors document, published by the St. Mary’s University Physical Plant Department.

Performance of After-Hour Work and/or Weekends
1. Often it is necessary to perform the work to accommodate the activities of the university. The
   Physical Plant project manager will determine when these circumstances exist.
2. Campus Police must be notified in advance of the work and again when the work is
3. The arrangements for login and obtaining of keys and parking permits must be performed in
   advance using the usual means.
4. The Key Drop-Box located outside of the Skilled Crafts building may be utilized at the end
   of the weekend or night for convenience.

General Conditions of Contract Performance
1. The contract documents consist of all written General Conditions of Contract Performance,
   any special conditions, specifications, drawings, guarantee, certificate of job completion and
   all addenda issued to the contractor prior to the completion of this contract.

Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010

 2. The work is comprised of the necessary installation of all equipment and materials and
    completion of all labor necessary to comply with the specifications.
 3. The contractor shall provide all necessary labor, materials, equipment, licenses, fees, or
    permits required to complete the work.
 4. The contractor shall appoint a superintendent who shall be on the job site at all times as
    his/her representative. The superintendent must be able to communicate in English and shall
    have full authority to receive communications from the owner regarding the work.
 5. All workmen shall be thoroughly experienced in the particular class of work in which they
    are employed. Contractors are expected to provide trained craftspersons that are able to
    perform quality work.
 6. The contractor shall be responsible to the owner for the acts and omissions of his employees
    and sub-contractors performing any of the work.
 7. The owner may specify a reasonable time for completion of the work. Extensions of this
    time will be approved by the owner only for conditions beyond the control of the contractor,
    such as inclement weather. The completion period for this project shall be consistent with
    the project proposal.
 8. Rejected work: All work that does not conform to the contract documents shall be rejected
    and considered defective. The work shall not be considered complete until all rejected work
    is completed according to the contract documents. The contractor shall promptly correct all
    rejected work.
 9. The contractor shall immediately apprise the owner of any contradictions, inconsistencies, or
    inadequacies in the contract documents. The contractor may also suggest, for the owner’s
    consideration, improved methods or materials as opposed to those specified.
10. The owner, without invalidating the contract, may order changes in the work such as
    additions, modifications, or deletions. The contract price and performance period will be
    adjusted accordingly. All such changes in the work shall be authorized in writing and signed
    by the owner.
11. If, during the course of the work, conditions are encountered which differ substantially from
    the assumed conditions used to prepare the contractor’s bid, the contract price shall be
    adjusted by change order to recognize the differing conditions. The price may be raised or
12. The Facilities Administrator of the Physical Plant Department will appoint a representative to
    coordinate the contractor’s work. The representative will be a Physical Plant Superintendent
    or other designated person. The representative will be referred to as the Project Manager.
    The assigned project manager will be the primary contact person for the contractor.
13. The university project manager will explain to the contractor where facilities are available,
    such as parking, toilets, electrical power, or water if the university is responsible for
    supplying these facilities. Contractor’s workers will always be directed to public restroom
    facilities on campus. The contractor will be responsible for mud tracked into buildings or
    restrooms left dirty by contractor’s workers.
14. The contractor will make arrangements to receive merchandise deliveries from
    vendors or arrange with the project manager or departmental representative to receive
15. All remodeling work performed in an occupied building must be performed with the least
    amount of impact on occupants.

Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010

16. The general construction contractor will assure that the Indoor Air Quality standards are in
    effect. The construction space must be isolated from the remainder of the building, using
    negative air if necessary, to prevent the spread of fumes and dust to other parts of the
    building. The heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system must not be used
    during construction to avoid damage due to excessive dirt and dust. The contractor must
    prevent fumes and dust from entering the ventilation system.
17. The contractor must be willing to adjust work schedules to accommodate the teaching and
    learning environment when working in classroom buildings.
18. The project manager will supervise contractor’s work and approve contractor’s requests for
    payment throughout the course of the project. Note: Various Physical Plant superintendents
    may provide technical assistance to the university project manager by pointing out
    deficiencies in the contractor’s work by routine inspection as the work progresses.
19. Because other activities of the owner will be proceeding at the same time as the work
    covered by this specification, the contractor shall cooperate with the owner’s representative
    to insure that all contract work progresses in a manner which does not conflict with other
20. The Physical Plant department representative will periodically examine the work in progress,
    as well as upon completion, in order to ascertain that materials and procedures conform to
    these specifications.
21. The Physical Plant department project manager may stop work at any time he observes what
    is, in his discretion, a violation of paragraphs 10, 11, or 12 above. Work will not be resumed
    until the offending condition has been corrected and notification by project manager has been
22. The contractor shall comply with all laws, ordinances, rules or regulations prescribed by the
    owner or any public authority having jurisdiction. In general, state and local codes, as
    defined by the authority having jurisdiction, represent the minimum standard of quality. If
    not applicable, the existing standards in the building are to be maintained as the minimum
23. Insurance Requirements: The contractor shall maintain liability and property damage
    insurance in amounts described in Appendix Four of these Guidelines. The contractor will
    provide the Physical Plant Office with a current Certificate of Insurance that not only names
    St. Mary’s University as the Certificate Holder, but also names St. Mary’s University as
    additional insured by a specific reference in the Description of Special Provisions section of
    the Certificate. The insured name of the company or firm name must be the same as the name
    of the company or firm into which the university has entered into agreement. Please refer to
    attached requirements for Small Construction Insurance Requirements, Appendix Four,
    pages 19-20.
24. All contractors are required to provide workman’s compensation insurance. Since a sole-
    proprietorship with no employees is not subject to workman’s compensation laws,
    workman’s compensation insurance is not required. However, it is understood as a condition
    of contract performance that the university’s workman’s compensation insurance will not
    provide coverage and the sole-proprietorship contractor has no claim against the university
    for injury. For the contractor who is incorporated, the worker-owner is considered an
    employee. In this case, the incorporated contractor firm must sign and distribute four copies
    of the attached DWC FORM-84 (rev 10/05) document. In addition, as a condition of
    contract performance, the contractor will not have claim against the university for any on-
    the-job injury or illness. This form is included as Appendix Seven.
Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010

25. The contractor shall provide a Certificate of Insurance to the office of the Physical Plant
    Department Facilities Administrator.
26. The contractor shall take such precautions as are necessary to provide for the safety of his
    employees, his sub-contractors’ employees and other people in the proximity of the work
    site. The contractor must adhere to all applicable Federal, State, and local guidelines.
27. The contractor shall take such precautions as are necessary (i.e., barricades, warning tape,
    and flag persons) to protect the surrounding area from damage or harm resulting from his
    operation and shall be liable for any damage claims resulting from his failure to do so. The
    contractor must coordinate with the Physical Plant Department project manager to ensure that
    the barricade policies are enforced.
28. The contractor shall at all times keep the premises free from accumulation of waste materials
    or rubbish caused by his operations. Materials or rubbish shall be placed in a suitable owner-
    approved waste container and removed completely from the job site. Permission to place
    waste in owner’s dumpsters shall require written permission of the Facilities Administrator.
29. The contractor must abide by the rules for “Working in Occupied Residence Halls” when
    applicable. See pages 13-14.
30. The contractor must insist that their workers are courteous and respectful at all times. The
    university reserves the right to ask that workers be removed from the job site. The contractor
    will instruct their workers on proper employee conduct, especially with respect to female
    students and staff. This instruction will include avoidance of catcalls, whistling, and making
    remarks that may be considered offensive to students and staff members.
31. The contractor may acquire university keys for their use. Keys are university property and
    are not to be taken from the campus. Keys must be picked up and returned to the project
    manager each day. Keys may be returned to the University Police Department, ext 3330, if
    necessary. Physical Plant associates do not unlock doors for contractors who are supervised
    by project managers outside the department.
32. The contractor will notify the university project manager of utility outages. Contractors must
    plan work to allow 48 hour advanced notice of utility disruptions.
33. Contractors must acquire temporary parking permits for each vehicle. Application for a
    temporary parking permit may be requested at the University Police Department (Treadaway
    Hall). Vehicle information (year, make, model), proof of insurance, and valid driver’s
    license is required. The University Police department is responsible for the safety of the
    university and will investigate all applications. A contractor’s worker with an outstanding
    warrant will be subject to arrest.
34. Contractors are responsible for repair of damage to lawns and underground sprinkler systems
    incurred by their employees.
35. Contractor’s personal vehicles must park in Lot F (behind VJ Keefe Field). Only work
    vehicles, labeled with the company name and phone number, may park near the building or
    work site. An 8 ½ x 11 sign on the dashboard may be used if the company vehicle does not
    have identification on the door. The sign must provide the Company Name and Phone
36. Contractor identification: When working inside any university building, the contractor’s
    workers must wear their company uniform with the company name and the worker’s name.
    In addition, the Physical Plant Department will provide a service provider ID Badge that
    must be displayed in a prominent location.
37. Copies of existing drawings may not be taken from the Physical Plant Office. Copies will be
    made available at the expense of the contractor.

Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010

38. Physical Plant will not loan out any tools, ladders, or equipment, including the man lift,
    unless specifically stated in the proposal and confirmed in the Notice to Proceed letter.
39. All materials that may be reused, such as plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, HVAC devices,
    doors, and door hardware should be returned to the university and delivered to the Physical
    Plant Compound.

Underground Utilities
1. If the work involves digging, trenching, or excavating, the contractor must obtain a copy of
    the existing underground utility drawing. The Physical Plant CAD Technician is able to
    provide a reasonably accurate drawing of underground utilities in 1”-20’ scale. This drawing
    must be approved by several key members of the Physical Plant Department, among them,
    the Facilities Administrator, the Manager of Maintenance Services, the maintenance Utility
    team leader, the Electrical team leader, and the Superintendent of Grounds.
2. The contractor should allow up to 10 working days for the preparation of this drawing. The
    project budget will pay for charges associated with its preparation. This cost can range from
    $25 to $500.
3. Although the university owns most utilities on campus, the contractor should also contact
    Campus Telephone Technician (ext. 3335), the Superintendent of Grounds (ext. 2225), Time
    Warner Cable TV, and/or City Public Service (for natural gas and electrical) to verify
    location of public utilities on the campus. Each has its own locator service. Also call 1-800-
    545-6005. Remember, it’s the law.
4. The project manager will acquire information on existing underground lawn irrigation
    systems by contacting the Grounds Superintendent, ext. 3335.
5. The contractor will sketch the proposed route for any new underground utility or sketch the
    area which will be excavated and submit to the Physical Plant CAD Technician for approval.
6. The contractor is required to hand dig at all locations where underground utilities are shown
    on the underground utility drawing provided by the university.
7. The contractor will contact the university project manager to determine where to keep their
    equipment at night and after hours, where to dispose of the spoil from the excavation, and the
    specification of the trench profile, depth, sand cover, marking tape, tamping, backfill, surface
    restoration, sidewalk and/or pavement restoration.
8. The contractor will provide an “as-built” drawing that clearly and concisely shows the
    location of not only what has been installed but also any unknown utilities that have been
    discovered during the project.
9. The project manager will assure that the contractor accurately records the information on the
    1”-20’ scale drawing along with measurements. The project manager will also record with
    photographs. The Physical Plant office has a camera available for this purpose.
10. The utility contractor will ensure that the valve standpipes are replaced in a manner to allow
    the underground valves to be operable as well as set at the appropriate height for sidewalk
11. The Physical Plant project manager will assure that all changes to the campus utility
    infrastructure are transferred to applicable master utility plans of the campus. The project
    funds must include these costs. The project is considered incomplete until master plans are

Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010

Residence Halls
The following guidelines will be observed by contractors as well as by university
maintenance personnel who are working in university residence halls.

• Each worker will wear the identification badge or nametag furnished by the university.

• The contractor will be assigned a university project manager. The project manager will
   supervise the contractor’s work and recommend approval of payments as the work
   progresses. The contractor must have a superintendent or lead person on the job site at all

• Keys to the work area will be issued to the contractor’s supervisor or lead person. These
   keys are the property of the university and are not to be removed from the campus without
   permission. They are to be returned each day to the university’s project manager or to the
   university police, unless other arrangements have been approved.
• Doors to buildings are not to be propped open. Contractors are never allowed to let anyone
   else into the building. If a student wants to enter and does not have a key, refer him/her to
   university police.
• Student rooms are to remain locked at all times. Occupied halls may not be entered before
   10 am.

Personal Conduct
• Workers in or near residence halls are expected to conduct themselves with courtesy and
   respect for those who live on campus. Swearing, foul language, whistling, or attempting to
   engage in conversation with students is not permitted.
• When required to enter a private room, always knock on the door and identify yourself. If
   there is no response, knock again, wait, and then enter. If the room is occupied and a student
   answers your knock, show your ID badge. Explain why you are there, what you need to do,
   and whom you work for.

• The contractor will provide workers with the required protective gear and enforce its use.
   Workers shall conduct themselves in a safe and sensible manner. Barricades, signs, safety
   cones, tape and fence shall all be used as required to warn and protect university students and

• Workers are expected to keep their work area clean and safe. Personal trash, such as that
   from food, is to be removed on a daily basis. Worksite cleanliness must include respect for
   university property and furnishings. All areas that might be damaged by on-going work must
   be protected.

Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010

• When required and when permission is granted, space for storage of materials, tools, and
   equipment may be allowed inside the building. When this occurs, the furnishings and
   flooring need to be protected with clear plastic sheeting.

Toilet Facilities
• The university project manager will determine the location of restroom facilities. Under no
   circumstances should any contractor or his/her employees use the restroom of an occupied

• Telephones are located near the exterior doors to each residence hall. This speakerphone can
   be used to contact university personnel. Public telephones can be found in various locations
   around campus: north of the Academic Library, northwest corner of Alkek School of
   Business, basement of St. Louis Hall, Treadaway Courtyard, and the Pecan Grove Pavilion.
   (See attached map.)

Utility Outages
• Utility Outages for water, electricity, gas or heating/air conditioning require approval and 24
    hours notice to the Residence Life Office. Arrangements should be made through the
    university project manager.

• Parking of worker’s personal vehicles will be in Lot D on the west part of the campus. All
   vehicles are required to display the University Police Temporary Permit.
• Only marked* company vehicles are allowed to be parked at the residence halls. University
   Police Temporary Parking Permits are required, and parking will not be allowed on lawns or
   grass. Reserved spaces, fire lanes, and handicapped spaces must not be blocked.
   (*”Marked” means a vehicle with the company name clearly labeled on the door of the
   vehicle. A large 8 X 11 sign can be displayed on the inside of the front windshield in lieu of
   a permanent sign on the door.)

Ethical Behavior
1. Both contractors and university employees are expected to adhere to the highest standards of
   integrity and sound ethical judgment in all university dealings and in conduct of all university
   business. They are to avoid any action that is illegal or might appear unethical.
2. Contractors should not assume that donations to the university will guarantee them an
   advantage in the bidding selection process or affect the expectations for timely and quality
   performance of their work.
3. Contractors are not permitted to offer nor are individual members of the university allowed to
   receive cash, loans, guarantees of obligation, gifts, promises of trips, or take any other action
   to improperly influence the contract decision.
4. The university employee may accept occasional gifts of appreciation such as gift baskets at
   holiday season or invitations to lunch or dinner, since they are considered acceptable forms
   of appreciation and might contribute to goodwill or enhance an existing working relationship.
   However, the university employee should report such activities to the immediate supervisor.

Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010

5. Gifts of cash and donations of items to the Physical Plant Annual Picnic are considered
   donations to the university and are reported as such.
6. Employees of the university are required to abide by the Employee Code of Business
   Conduct. The document is available upon request.
7. Any effort of a university employee to request gifts, cash, loans, or other special
   considerations or any questions about the ethical behavior of university employees should be
   reported immediately to the Facilities Administrator, Vice President for Administration and
   Finance, or Director of Human Resources.

                                        Appendix One

                 St. Mary’s University Physical Plant Department
                         ACCEPTANCE AGREEMENT

I have read and understand the guidelines listed above and agree to abide by them. I further
agree to instruct anyone working for me that these rules must be observed while working on St.
Mary’s campus and especially in the residence hall buildings.

_____________________________________                _____________________________________
Signed                                               Date

                                            1 of 1
Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010

                                      Appendix Two
                     St. Mary’s University Physical Plant Department
                            CONTRACTOR APPLICATION
1. Company Name _____________________________________________

    Mailing Address _____________________________________________

    Street Address _______________________________________________

    City _______________________________________________________

    State ___________________________

    Zip Code ________________________

    Phone Number (s) _______________________          ___________________________

    Fax Number _________________________

    E-mail Address ______________________

2. Name of Owner and/or Principals _______________________________

    Please attach resume(s)

3. Number of years in business under the same name _____

4. Number of years in business under same name and ownership ______

5. Number of Full Time or Part Time Employees (excluding office staff)_____

6. Financial Statements from Past Year (please attach)

7. Describe the Nature of the Contracting Work: General Contractor, Electrical, Mechanical,
   Plumbing, Utility Contractor, Pest Control, Telecommunications Cabling, Concrete Finisher,

8. Names of pertinent licenses or certification in the areas of work, such as General Contractor
   License, HVAC License, Plumbing License. (Please provide copies)

                                             1 of 2

Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010

9. Names of Key Staff Members such as Construction Superintendents or Technicians, please
   include resume(s)


10. List of Completed Projects relevant to this application.

                                Dollar Value                                     Name of General
                                                                 Name of
                                  of Your          Date of                         Contractor,
       Name of Project                                           Owner’s
                                  Firm’s           Project                        Architect, and
                                  Portion                                           Engineer

For each project provide the dollar value of the company’s portion of the contract, the
name of the project architect, the name of the owner’s representative or owner’s project
manager, the name of the general contractor. If you are a general contract, list the names
of the primary sub-contractors for each project. If you are a mechanical, electrical, or
plumbing sub-contractor, please furnish the name of the MEP engineer for each project.

11. Please provide a current copy of your Certificate of Liability Insurance that will
    conform to the university requirements stated in Appendix Four.

12. Any other relevant information that you would like to provide.

13. The AIA Contractor’s Qualification Statement may be submitted in lieu of this application.

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Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010

                                         Appendix Three

           St. Mary’s University Physical Plant Department
This Agreement is made between St. Mary's University, One Camino Santa Maria, San
Antonio, TX, and the following, a contractor / service provider.

        Firm Name:           _____________________________

        Address:             _____________________________

        City, State:         _____________________________

WHEREAS, St. Mary’s is obligated to protect its students and faculty and;

WHEREAS, the contractor/service provider will have service personnel on campus from time to
time performing installation, repair, or construction;

NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the mutual promises herein, the
contractor/service provider agrees as follows:

    1. All employees, technicians, or contractors performing work on St. Mary’s campus will
       check in at the Physical Plant Office at the Treadaway Building, 2nd floor, and show
       identification before proceeding to their work location.

    2. If your employees, technicians, or contractors have a business need to enter any campus
       residential hall, you will have them further check in with the Residence Life office before
       proceeding to their specific work location and will follow reasonable security policies in
       accomplishing their assigned work.

    3. You will use commercial due diligence to assure that none of your employees or
       subcontractors performing work on the campus have been convicted of a misdemeanor B
       or higher crime.

The parties’ authorized representatives have executed this Agreement on the date shown below:

        Print Name:          _________________________________

        Title:               _________________________________

        Signature:           _________________________________

        Date:                _________________________________

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                                        Appendix Four

              St. Mary’s University Physical Plant Department
                                 Appendix Four

Commercial General Liability Insurance

The Contractor shall maintain commercial general liability (CGL) and, if necessary, commercial
umbrella insurance with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 each occurrence. CGL insurance
shall be written on ISO Occurrence Forms CG OO O1 10 93 (or a substitute form providing
equivalent coverage) and shall cover liability arising from premises, operations, independent
contractors, products/completed operations, personal injury and advertising injury, and liability
assumed under an insured contract (including the tort liability of another assumed in a business
contract). There shall be no endorsement that limits the scope of the coverage for liability arising
from explosion, collapse or underground property damage.

St. Mary’s University shall be named as an insured under the CGL, using ISO additional insured
endorsement Form CG 2O-10 or substitute providing equivalent coverage. This insurance shall
apply as primary insurance with respect to any other insurance or self-insurance programs
afforded to St. Mary’s University. The Contractor shall waive all rights of subrogation against
St. Mary’s University and its officials and employees for recovery of damages to the extent these
damages are covered by the CGL insurance required above. If the Contractor’s CGL policy does
not contain the standard ISO separation of insured provision, or a substantially similar clause, the
policy shall be endorsed to provide cross-liability coverage.

Business Auto Liability Insurance

The Contractor shall maintain business auto liability insurance with a limit of not less than $1M
each accident. Such insurance shall cover any liability under any auto (including owned, hired
and non-owned autos). Business auto coverage shall be written on Texas Form #TE 00 01, or a
substitute form providing equivalent liability coverage. The Contractor must waive all rights of
subrogation against St. Mary’s University and its officials and employees for recovery of
damages to the extent these damages are covered by the Business Auto Liability insurance
required above.

Workers’ Compensation and Employers Liability

The Contractor shall maintain Workers’ Compensation and Employers Liability insurance. The
commercial umbrella and/or employers liability limits shall not be less than $1,000,000 each
accident for bodily injury by accident and $1,000,000 each employee for bodily injury by
disease. The Contractor must waive all rights of subrogation against St. Mary’s University and
its officials and employees for recovery of damages to the extent these damages are covered by
the Workers’ Compensation and/or Employers Liability insurance required herein.

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Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010

Subcontractor’s Insurance

Contractor shall cause each subcontractor employed by Contractor to purchase and maintain
insurance of the type specified above. When requested by St. Mary’s University, Contractor
shall furnish copies of certificates of insurance evidencing coverage for each subcontractor.

Continuing Completed Operations Liability insurance

Contractor shall maintain commercial general liability (CGL) and, if necessary, commercial
umbrella liability insurance with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 each occurrence for at least 2
years following substantial completion of the work. Continuing CGL insurance shall be written
on ISO Occurrence Forms CG OO O1 10 93 (or if substitute form providing equivalent
coverage) and shall cover liability arising from premises, operations, independent contractors,
products/completed operations, personal injury and advertising injury, and liability assumed
under an assumed contract (including the tort liability of another assumed and a business
contract). There shall be no endorsement that limits the scope of the coverage for liability
arising from completed work, explosion, and collapse or underground property damage.


All insurance policies shall be written with insurers that are licensed to write insurance coverage
in the state of Texas and who have consistently maintained an AM Best Rating of A-, A, A+ or
A++ since __ (insert 1/1/00 for 2002 contracts, 1/1/01 for 2003 contracts, and so on). Prior to
commencing work, the Contractor shall furnish St. Mary’s University with a certificate(s) of
insurance, executed by a duly authorized representative of each insurer, showing compliance
with each of the insurance requirements set forth in this RFP. The certificate(s) should be
provided to the Physical Plant Department at St. Mary’s University. All certificates shall provide
for 30 days written notice to St. Mary’s University prior to cancellation or material change of
any insurance referred to therein. Failure of St. Mary’s University to demand such certificate or
other evidence of full compliance with these insurance requirements or the failure of St. Mary’s
University to identify a deficiency from evidence that is provided shall not be construed as a
waiver of the Contractor’s obligation to maintain such insurance. St. Mary’s University shall
have the right, but not the obligation, of prohibiting the Contractor from initiating services to St.
Mary’s University until such certificates or other evidence that insurance has been placed in
complete compliance with these requirements is received and approved by St. Mary’s University.
Failure to maintain the required insurance may result in termination of this contract at St. Mary’s
University’s option. If the Contractor fails to maintain the insurance as set forth herein, St.
Mary’s University shall have the right, but not the obligation, to purchase said insurance at the
Contractor’s expense. The Contractor shall provide certified copies of all insurance policies
required above within 10 days of St. Mary’s University’s written request for said copies. By
requiring insurance herein, St. Mary’s University does not represent the coverage or limits will
necessarily be adequate to protect the Contractor and such coverage and limits shall not be
deemed as a limitation on the Contractor under any indemnity agreements granted to St. Mary’s
University by the Contractor.

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                                              Appendix Five

            St. Mary’s University Physical Plant Department
Submit to: Physical Plant Department, St Mary’s University,
One Camino Santa Maria, San Antonio, TX 78228             ATTN: William M. (Bill) Tam

SUBMISSION DATE: ________________________

Contractor:                                          Ph:                       Cell:

Address:                                        E-mail:

Project Name:                                              Project Location:

Scope of work & service to be performed (please include and refer to Plans and Drawings provided by the

Estimated Cost $_____________ Price guarantee until _________________(no less than 60 days)


Warranty on labor:

Warranty on materials:

Number of days needed to commence after authorization to proceed is given:

Start Date:

Completion Date:

Names of all Subcontractors who will be working under your supervision (if none, please state):

All work must be performed in accordance with Physical Plant Standards & Specifications
and Guidelines for Contractors
                         To be filled out by St. Mary’s Physical Plant Department

Project recommended by:         ____________________________________________

Physical Plant Administrator:   ___________________________Date: ____________

VP, Administration & Finance: ___________________________Date: ____________

P.O. Number: _______________ Account #: _______________________Dept: ____________

On preferred contractor list at St. Mary’s                             Y                 N

Certificate of Insurance on file at St. Mary’s                         Y                N

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                                           Appendix Six
                          St. Mary’s University Physical Plant Department
(Please Print in Legible Fashion)
Name of Service Person __________________________________________________________
Date _______________________ Time _____ a.m. p.m. Phone Number__________________
Company Name _________________________________________________________________
Company Street Address ____________________________City/State______________________
Zip Code ______________________ Driver’s License # ________________ State ____
Expiration Date __________Date of Birth ____________ Height _____ Eyes ______ Sex ______
The nature of their service: ____________________________________________________
• I understand that I will display my St. Mary’s ID badge at all times on campus.
• I will take care to protect any St. Mary’s buildings, systems, and items in the buildings/rooms I enter.
• I will furnish my own ladder and tools.
• I understand that I will be given keys to university buildings and I accept the responsibility this entails.
• The university keys issued to me are to be returned to the Physical Plant Office before close of business on the same
    day I check them out.
• If I do not finish my work before 5:00 p.m., I must drop keys, badge, and parking permit into the late night box,
    located at the Physical Plant Maintenance Office, opposite Pecan Grove.
Contractor’s personal vehicles must park in Lot F (behind V.J. Keefe Field). Only work vehicles, labeled with the
company name and phone number, may park near the building or work site. An 8 ½ x 11 sign on the dashboard may be
used if the company vehicle does not have identification on the door. The sign must provide the Company Name and
Phone Number.
• I will display my temporary parking pass on the front windshield of my vehicle when on campus.
• I will park in the space reserved for “Service Provider” or in any other marked parking except for Fire Lanes,
Handicapped, or Reserved 24 Hrs. spaces.
• In some cases, I will be driving on pedestrian sidewalks. I will use extreme caution and limit my speed to 5 MPH.
• I will neither drive nor park on lawns.
• I will immediately replace any bollards that are removed.
• When entering a locked building or room, I will enter and leave the door locked behind me. I will ensure that all doors
     are locked when I leave.
• I will not prop open a locked door.
• I will not enter a Residence Hall prior to 10 a.m., nor will I attempt to enter a student’s room without an escort.
My signature on this page indicates that I understand and will comply with these guidelines.

Signature of Service Person: ______________________________________________________________
                                          Physical Plant Office Use Only:

Temporary Parking Permit required for ________day(s) __________weeks_________months
Verified by _______________________
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Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010

                                                                   Appendix Seven
                                              TEXAS WORKERS' COMPENSATION COMMISSION
                                                     7551 Metro Center Drive, Suite 100
                                                           Austin, Texas 78744


                                                               NOTICE OF DECLARATION

The undersigned Hiring Contractor and the undersigned Independent Contractor declare that the Joint Agreement to Affirm Independent Relationship for
Certain Building and Construction Workers (as recorded on TWCC-83) does not apply to the subsequent hiring agreement between the Hiring Contractor
and Independent Contractor. Nothing in this declaration otherwise nullifies the Joint Agreement to Affirm Independent Relationship for Certain Building
and Construction Workers as it applies to other hiring agreements made during the term of the joint agreement.



NAME OF HIRING CONTRACTOR                                                              NAME OF INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR

                                                      Hiring Contractor’s Affirmation

If the Hiring Contractor’s workers’ compensation carrier changes
during the effective period of coverage, it is advisable for the Hiring Contractor to file
this form with the new insurance carrier.                                                                                          Federal Tax I.D. Number

Signature of Hiring Contractor                       Date                                Address (Street)

Printed Name of Hiring Contractor                                                        Address (City, State, Zip)

                                                  Independent Contractor’s Affirmation
                                                                                                                                   Federal Tax I.D. Number

Signature of Independent Contractor                  Date                                Address (Street)

Printed Name of Independent Contractor                                                   Address (City, State, Zip)

Four copies of this of this form must be completed: This agreement must be filed by the Hiring Contractor with both the Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission
and the workers’ compensation insurance carrier of the Hiring Contractor within 10 days of the date of execution. The original must be filed with the Commission.
The agreement must be filed by PERSONAL DELIVERY OR CERTIFIED MAIL. Both the Hiring Contractor and the Independent Contractor must also retain a copy
of the agreement.
                                                                                                  Commission Date Stamp Here

Guidelines for Contractors
June 22, 2010


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