Sports Medicine by linxiaoqin


									                                 Sports Medicine
Instructors: Mr. Horsley, & Mr. Morris
Emails: ;
Offices: Gym Athletic Training Room               817-744-1801
         Field House Athletic Training Room       817-744-1104

Course Description:

This course is an introduction to sports medicine. It presents key concepts pertaining to the
field of athletic training in a comprehensive, logical, and sequential manner that will assist
future professionals in making the correct decisions when confronted with an activity-related
injury or illness in their scope of practice.

Course Outline:

Chapter   1: The Concept of Sports Injury
Chapter   2: The Athletic Health Care Team
Chapter   3: The Law of Sports Injury
Chapter   4: Sports-Injury Prevention
Chapter   5: The Psychology of Injury
Chapter   6: Nutritional Considerations
Chapter   7: Emergency Plan and Initial Injury Evaluation
Chapter   8: The Injury Process
Chapter   9: Injuries to the Head, Neck, and Face
Chapter   10: Injuries to the Thoracic Through Coccygeal Spine
Chapter   11: Injuries to the Shoulder Region
Chapter   12: Injuries to the Arm, Wrist, and Hand
Chapter   13: Injuries to the Thorax and Abdomen
Chapter   14: Injuries to the Hip and Pelvis
Chapter   15: Injuries to the Thigh, Leg, and Knee
Chapter   16: Injuries to the Lower Leg, Ankle, and Foot
Chapter   17: Skin Conditions in Sports
Chapter   18: Thermal Injuries
Chapter   19: Other Medical Concerns
Chapter   20: The Adolescent Athlete: Special Medical Concerns

Semester Exams:

Please visit the Keller Independent School District website ( ) for official
dates for the semester exams and Fossil Ridge’s information center.

Class Expectations:

         Be respectful to all students, staff members and school property.

         Use appropriate language.

         Use class time wisely. Time given will be spent on Sports Medicine assignments
           Follow all school rules.

Discipline Policy:

The FRHS discipline policy will be followed.

Grading Information:

Major grades (test, projects, major quizzes, labs)………………..60%
Minor grades (daily/homework, quizzes)…………………...40%

Progress Reports:

Will be sent home with students every 3 weeks of each grading period. It is your
responsibility to see that the report is shown to your parents.

Late Work: Daily late work policy for FRHS will be followed.

          Work one day late shall receive a maximum grade of 70%.
          Work two days late shall receive a maximum grade of 60%
          A student may not earn no higher than a 50% on work turned in after the second
           day. Once
           progress reports are printed a zero must be entered as the grade and no late work is
           *****This policy does not apply to projects!!!! Projects are due on the due

Attendance/Make-up work:

Sports Medicine is a cumulative subject and any work you might miss is imperative to
understanding the following day’s work. Students will be allowed one day for each day
absent to complete make-up work. Students will be entirely responsible for getting all work
missed and completing it on time. Any work due on the day you were absent will be due
the day you return. It is your responsibility to turn in your assignments. You must make
arrangements to make-up labs, test, and quizzes. You have 1 week to make up a missed
test. If you have not made the test up within the week your grade will be a zero.


Students have the opportunity to retest any test failed within a given time period (usually 3-
5 days after the test is returned.) The original test must be corrected before the retest will
be given. The maximum grade a student may earn on a retest is a 70%.

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