4th Annual David Hutton Memorial 5k Run & 2 Mile walk by wK0S14F6


									5th Annual David Hutton Memorial 5k Run & 2 Mile walk.

August 21, 2010

Emporium, Pa 15834

Total of 83 Runners

#Eric Grasser of Coudersport, Pa was the recipient of the “Citius, Fortius, Altius” award
for most improved time from the previous year with an improvement of 3 min. 22 sec.

* Denotes that there was a mistake in the age of a runner. Therefore, in the male 30-39
division a runner was moved to the 50-59 division. Moving everyone from them up and
moving everyone down in the 50-59 division.

Male Overall:

                John Ausel 16:38.14 New course record!

Male 14 & under:
             1st Ethan Kibbe 13th overall 20:53
             2nd Logan Hutton 21st overall 22:26
             3rd Tony Olivett 34th overall 25:22
             4th Zach Cokely 35th overall 25:24
             5th Vinney Olivett 36th overall 25:25

Male 15-19:
                1st Harley Thompson 2nd overall 17:21
                2nd Steven Kibbe 4th overall 17:49
                3rd Caleb Lecker 5th overall 18:18
                4th Robert Prokop 7th overall 19:00
                5th Ryan Detsch 8th overall 20:14
                6th Wesley Caulkins 18th overall 22:17
                7th Wes Brennen 20th overall 22:25
                8th Trevor Clark 28rth overall 24:41
                9th Andrew Sestina 47th overall 26:43.5

Male 20-29:
                1st Dewayne Moore 43rd overall 26:03

Male 30-39:
                1st Wee J. Fernan 3rd overall 17:30
                2nd Timothy Wyant 6th overall 18:34
                3rd Andy Sidelinger 9th overall 20:21
                4th Chuck Beyer 11th overall 20:32
                *5th Chad VanDivnen 27th overall 24:37
                *6th Marcos Conklin 30th overall 24:45
                *7th Eric Grasser 62nd overall 28:22 #
                *8th Mike McAvoy 63rd overall 28:25
                *9th Gerry Stevens 82nd overall 38:22

Male 40-49:
                1st Sean Conklin 10th overall 20:29
                2nd Sean Batterson 15th overall 21:17
                3rd Tony Breindel 19th overall 22:20
                4th Eugene Barr 22nd overall 23:14
                5th Rob Singer 29th overall 24:44
                6th Scott Undercofler 32nd overall 24:52
                7th Bill Carr 33rd overall 25:20
                8th Larry Loveland 75th overall 32:35

Male 50-59:
                *1st Tom Gooch 12th overall 20:47
                *2nd Tom Hutton 17th overall 21:45 (First time under 22:00)
                *3rd Jon Stehle 41st overall 25:53
                *4th Robert Steffer 45th overall 26:37

Male 60-69:
                1st Dan Miller 25th overall 24:08
                2nd Jim Cheatle 26th overall 24:09
                3rd Roger Deller 52nd overall 27:27
                4th Ben Zappa 56tth overall 27:38
                5th David Eley 79th overall 34:21

Female Overall:

                Kenney Weisner overall 20:54

Female 14 and under:
             1st Karli Rineer 24th overall 23:47
             2nd Brooke Butler 50th overall 27:18
             3rd Hannah Milbrandt 51st overall 27:19
             4th Jessica Behan 68th overall 31:18
             5th Ally Marasco 71st overall 31:35

Female 15-19:
                1st Elizabeth Gardner 23rd overall 23:40
                2nd Erin Frisina 39th overall 25:45
                3rd Meagan Hillard 40th overall 25:53.38
                4th Kayla Hayden 42nd overall 25:54
                5th Lauren Topolski 46th overall 26:43.34
                6th Cassandra Thompson 48th overall 27:09
                7th Nicole Teribery 53rd overall 27:28.33
                8th Sierra Campbell 55th overall 27:31
                9th Katelyn Visbisky 57th overall 27:44.29
                10th Alice Chen 60th overall 28:16
                11th Jessica Franco 64th overall 28:25
                12th Ashton MacFarlane 69th overall 31:19
                13th Courtnee Tyler 70th overall 31:32
                14th Cassidy Knapp 76th overall 33:18
                15th Amanda Harris 77th overall 33:19
                16th Katelyn Basgall 78th overall 33:28
                17th Mallory Rodich 80th overall 34:40
Female 20-29:
                1st Angeline Wareham 49th overall 27:13
                2nd Kristina Grove 66th overall 30:17
                3rd Nicole Wigfield 67th overall 30:34
                4th Rebecca Fuller 73rd overall 32:22.09

Female 30-39:
                1st Kelly Bailey 37th overall 25:38
                2nd Krista Whitlow 38th overall 25:39
                3rd Daphne McNamara 54th overall 27:58
                4th Eugenia Clark 59th overall 27:58
                5th Marne McAvoy 61st overall 28:17
                6th Jill Sidelinger 65th overall 30:11

Female 40-49:
                1st Sharon Weisner 16th overall 21:20
                2nd Christine Morrison 31st overall 24:51
                3rd Lisa Webster 44th overall 26:25
                4th Donna Nussbaum 58th overall 27:44.79
                5th Stephanie Loveland 72nd overall 32:08
                6th Tracey Eliason 74th overall 32:22.33
                7th Amy Stevens 81st overall 38:21
                8th Litsa DeCaster 83rd overall 39:25

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