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									                    Learning Styles Inventory

                    This chart helps you determine your learning style; read the word
                    in the left column and then answer the questions in the successive
                    three columns to see how you respond to each situation. Your
                    answers may fall into all three columns, but one column will likely
                    contain the most answers. The dominant column indicates your
                    primary learning style.

hen you..                    Visual                               Auditory                         Kinesthetic & Tactile
                                                    Do you sound out the word or use a     Do you write the word down to
 Spell        Do you try to see the word?
                                                    phonetic approach?                     it feels right?
              Do hate listening for too long? Do    Do you enjoy listening but are         Do you gesture and use expres
 Talk         you favor words such as see,          impatient to talk? Do you use words    movements? Do you use words
              picture, and imagine?                 such as hear, tune, and think?         as feel, touch, and hold?
              Do you become distracted by           Do you become distracted by sounds     Do you become distracted by a
ncentrate     untidiness or movement?               or noises?                             around you?
                                                    Do you forget faces but remember
              Do you forget names but remember                                             Do you remember best what y
new people                                          names or remember what you talked
              faces or remember where you met?                                             together?
with your     Do you prefer direct, face-to-face,                                          Do you talk with them while w
                                                    Do you prefer the telephone?
riends        personal meetings?                                                           or participating in an activity?
                                                    Do you enjoy dialogue and
              Do you like descriptive scenes or                                            You’re not a keen reader but y
Read                                                conversation or hearing the
              pause to imagine the actions?                                                prefer action stories?
                                                    characters talk?
mething new Do you like to see demonstrations,      Do you prefer verbal instructions or   Do you prefer to jump right in
 school     diagrams, slides, or posters?           talking about it with someone else?    it?
something     Do you look at the directions and     Do you have someone read the           Do you ignore the directions an
ogether       the picture?                          directions to you as you work?         figure it out as you go along?
help with a                                         Do you ask the teachers, one of your
              Do you seek out pictures or                                                  Do you keep trying to do it or
mputer                                              classmates, or say nasty things to the
              diagrams?                                                                    on another computer?
plication                                           computer?

                  Adapted from Colin Rose(1987). Accelerated Learning.

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