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					                                                                                      Interactive Read Aloud – The Napping House
                                                         Lesson Plan Outline
                                                      Education Division
                                                      Mercyhurst College
Pre-service Teacher: Leigh Anne Kraemer                                 Date: 9-29-4
Age/ grade level: Kindergarten                                          Time: 12:15 – 12:30
Cooperating Teacher: Mrs. Pittock                                       School: Lincoln Elementary

TYPE: Whole group

CONCEPT: Interactive Read Aloud –The Napping House

 Lincoln Elementary Kindergarten Reading Curriculum Map (Fall)
    Oral Comprehension: Make predictions based on current story details and personal experiences.
    Reading/Analyzing, Interpreting Literature: Listen to various selections of literature.
    Listening and Speaking: Respond to questions being asked.
 Pennsylvania Early Childhood Learning Continuum Reading (Pre-K – K)
    1.1 Learning to Read Independently: D. Use self-monitoring comprehension strategies.
    1.3 Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature: A. Respond to and discuss a variety of literature through read alouds and
     shared reading.
    1.6 Speaking and Listening: B. Listen to a selection of literature and share information and ideas.

 Given an oral reading of The Napping House, the teacher will model sequencing strategies.
 Given an oral reading of The Napping House, students will respond to sequencing questions.

 The students will be informally assessed based on their contribution to class discussion, attentiveness during the oral reading, and
   strategy use while sequencing events in the story.

1. Anticipatory Set:
    The teacher will yawn and say, “Boy, if I wasn’t in school, I could really go for a nap right about now! Wouldn’t it be nice if
       we all just curled up and took a nap today?”
2. Activating Prior Knowledge:
    The teacher will ask the students, “Does anyone remember our story yesterday about the old woman who swallowed a fly?
       That story repeated itself an awful lot – so does our story for today. They are both cumulative stories.”
3. Presentation:
    The teacher will read the The Napping House, modeling sequencing skills. She will say to the students, “Wow – that looks
       like a crowded bed. I don’t think I could sleep with a child on top of me. I hope no one else crowds the bed! … Oh my
       goodness, it looks like everyone is sharing this bed. First the granny and the boy, now the dog! I see a cat sleeping in this
       picture too – I’m going to predict that the cat will come next… Oh no! The flea is awake – I wonder what he will do!.. If
       everyone is waking up from top to bottom, who will wake up next? The dog sat on top of the boy, so I think after the dog
       wakes up, the boy will wake up.” The teacher will use similar modeling techniques through the story.
4. Closure:
    The teacher will ask, “Can anyone name, in order, who went to sleep on the bed in the napping house?”

BACK-UP ACTIVITIES: Students will repeat the order with a sound for each person. Snore for granny, hmmmmmm for the child
(dreaming noise), little bark for the dog, quiet purr for the cat, and a tiny squeak for the mouse. Then a BITE for the flea!
                                                                          Interactive Read Aloud – The Napping House
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