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					        GoodReads & Independent Reading Protocol

   Students will read independently throughout the year, with a goal
    of reading a minimum of 1,500 pages total.

   Books may be any length, fiction or non-fiction, and must be age
    appropriate (Young Adult or older). Some marking periods will
    require a specific genre of book for independent reading.

   Every Friday will be “Relax and Read Day.” Each Friday:
       o students will come to class with an appropriate book,
       o be considerate of the reading environment (quiet, on task,
       o read continuously for the class period

   Students are strongly encouraged to read outside of class.

   Students will join GoodReads, an online book club. On GoodReads,
    students will:
       o continuously update and give a star rating to all the books
          they have read,
       o search for and keep track of books they are interested in
          reading in the future,
       o write two online book reviews (one per semester). Book
          reviews must be at least two paragraphs long, and contain 1)
          an overview of the book as well as 2) the students’
          assessments of the novel. Reviews can be either positive,
          negative, or mixed.

       o Procedure for joining GoodReads:
             Go to
             Follow directions for Welcome to Goodreads, sign up!
             Enter your full name (first and last), your school email
              address, and create a memorable password.
             Make sure “send me new book reviews from my
              friends” is clicked.
             If you have a gmail, hotmail, or yahoo account and it
              asks for your password, simply look to the right and click
              Skip this Step
             Participate in the test or click Finish Test
             Click on Groups (a tab at the top).
             Enter “Lakeland High School” into “Search Groups by
              Title or Description”.
                  Click on “Lakeland High School”.
                  From Group Links, click on Join this Group
                  Click NONE and Join this Group
                  You will notice my name on the right hand side of the
                   screen. Click on Ms. Piagentini
                  Make sure you click Add as Friend so that your work
                   and updates can be viewed by me.

         o Procedure for exploring GoodReads:
               Click on “Explore” tab.
               Click on “Recent Reviews”, “Popular”, “Unpopular”,
                Book Discussions”, “Top Authors”, and “Popular Shelves”
                to explore books you might read.
               Add a picture to your profile
               Try to find friends in the class or the school. Many of the
                LHS English teachers have GoodReads as a
                requirement for their classes.
               Have fun!

     Students will give two Book Talks (one per semester). These Book
      Talks will:
         o be orally presented to the class,
         o be based on books the students enjoyed reading,
         o be 2-3 minutes long,
         o contain a very brief overview of the novel’s plot (without
             revealing the ending!), reasons why the reader enjoyed it, as
             well as a recommendation for who else might enjoy the novel
         o Students must submit a hard copy of their presentation notes
             on a 5X7 index card to their teacher.
         o Book Talks will also be evaluated based on the successful skills
             of an oral presentation.

Please record the username and password you used for GoodReads. As
stated above, you will be expected to keep your GoodReads account
current and use it to complete assignments.

Username: __________________________________________________________

Password: ___________________________________________________________

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