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									    Colorado's “Race to the Top”

        Tier 2 Presentation
         March 16, 2010
        Lt. Governor Barbara O’Brien
    Chair, RttT Leadership Investment Board
      Appointed by Governor Ritter to Lead
       Colorado’s RttT process
      Over 20 years as Colorado’s chief advocate for
       children, including:
       –Leadership role in the Constitutional protection
         of K-12 funding
       –Wrote and led coalition that passed 1992
         Charter Schools Act
       –Created the Colorado Preschool Program

          Commissioner Dwight D. Jones
     Unanimously appointed by the State Board of
      Education in 2007
     Former teacher, principal and administrator
     Supervised the turnaround of 11 schools in Kansas,
      Missouri and Maryland
     As Superintendent of Fountain-Fort Carson School
      District, eliminated the achievement gap among

                Richard Wenning
             Associate Commissioner
     Leads implementation of Colorado’s accountability system,
      the Colorado Growth Model and SchoolView
     Co-Chair, RttT public input committee for Data Systems
      – 20 years experience with accountability and longitudinal
        data systems
      – Led design of Denver’s school accountability system
      – President, Education Performance Network an affiliate of
        New American Schools
      – Vice President, Colorado League of Charter Schools
      – Senior Policy Advisor for CEO and accountability director
        for DC Public Schools during Federal takeover
      – U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee staff

                     Nina Lopez
                 Race to the Top CEO
     Governor’s Council for Educator Effectiveness, Vice Chair
     Race to the Top public input committee for Great Teachers
      and Leaders, Co-Chair
     Past work includes:
      – As Public Affairs Director for Colorado League of Charter
        Schools, led coalition to create the Charter School
      – As Policy Director for Donnell-Kay Foundation, created
        the Trujillo Commission that resulted in the Online
        Education Act
      – 10 years private legal practice

                          Linda Barker
           Director of Teaching and Learning
            Colorado Education Association
     Former Montana Teacher of the Year, National Board
     Member of the Technical Advisory Panel for development of
      the Colorado Growth Model
     Member of Advisory Board for School Leadership Academy
     Chair, Race to the Top public input committee for Equitable
      Distribution of Teachers in High Need and Hard to Staff

    Commitment, Capacity, Courage

                 Colorado’s RttT Team

     Barbara O’Brien, Lieutenant Governor
     Dwight D. Jones, Commissioner of Education
     Nina Lopez, Race to the Top CEO
     Linda Barker, Director of Teaching and Learning,
     Richard Wenning, Associate Commissioner
           Colorado’s Plan Builds On
           Cumulative Reform Momentum
                                                                                            2009: Dropout Prevention
                                                      2004: Charter School                                           2009: Educator
                                                                                                   (HB 09-1243)
                                                          Institute Act                                              Identifier Bill
  1993: Colorado        The Accountability               (HB 04-1362)               2008: Innovation
                                                                                                                      (HB 09-1064)
 Standards-based        Act of 1997 (annual                                      Schools Act (SB 08-130)
Education Reform        student assessment)
   (HB93-1313)                                                                                                     Jan: Preparation Program
                                                                                                                        Effectiveness Bill
                                                                                                                            (SB 10-36)
 1990                        2000              2002           2004             2006              2008              2010

                                                                                        2007: Online
1992: Charter Schools        2001 School                                               Education Act
                                                         2004: Longitudinal              (SB 07-215)
         Act              Accountability Act             Student Academic
                               (School                       Growth Bill                                             Jan: Executive Order
                           Accountability                                                       2008: CAP4K          Creating Council for
                                                            (HB 04-1433)                         (SB 08-212)
                               Report)                                                                              Educator Effectiveness
                                                                                 2007: Longitudinal
                                                                              Student Assessment Bill
                                                                                    (HB 07-1048)                2009: Education
                                                                                                               Accountability Act
                                                                                                                  (SB 09-163)

                                                                                                     2009: Concurrent
                                                                                                   Enrollment in Public
                                                                                                       High School
8                                                                                                     and College Bill
                                                                                                       (HB 09-1319)
       Results Require Courage,
       Collaboration, Trust

    Don’t back off on tough issues while getting buy-in

       Accountability for achievement and closing the gap
       Standards and assessments
       Charters and statewide open enrollment
       Student and teacher IDs linked to Ed prep
       Alternative compensation
       Educator evaluations

     The Results We Expect
     • New bright line: all kids ready by exit

     • Incentives focused on maximizing student
      progress toward college and career readiness

       • Requires definition of readiness and the standards
         leading there
         – CO Achievement Plan for Kids (SB 08-212)
       • Requires accountability system focused on the goal
         – Education Accountability Act of 2009 (SB 09-163)

     Key Catalysts for Performance

      Breakthrough educator collaboration about
       performance and practice
      Outstanding instructional improvement
       technologies drive insight and action by users at
       all levels
      Widespread understanding of performance
       motivates public pressure for sustained reform

     Instructional Improvement System
        Access to Colorado Growth Model
        Hub for knowledge management
        Aligns accountability system’s incentives and
         disclosure of results with information needs of
         each user
        Collaboration extends across states: MA, AZ, and
         IN have adopted the Colorado Growth Model

     West Denver Prep Charter School

     Focus on the User
      Initiates a powerful conversation between
      teacher, student, and parent

          How much growth?

          Was it good enough?

          How can we improve?

     We Will Execute our Plan

      CEO of Race to the Top - authority, responsibility
       and autonomy to execute
      Team has the relationships and trust to work
       together immediately
      CEO’s leadership team accountable for execution
       – 25% of compensation dependent upon
       meeting performance objectives

     We Have the Capacity to Implement

      Nimble structure leverages private and public
      Close collaboration with constituents
      Sustainable structures outside of government
      Relentless focus upon measuring progress,
       capturing data and making adjustments

            134 Colorado LEAs Committed to Participate,
   Representing 94% of Colorado K-12 Students and 90% of Schools

                                          Participating LEAs by # of Students                                          Participating LEA Summary

                                       802K                                             755K
                         100%                                                                                      • 94% of K-12 Students
                                  Not Participating
                                                                                                                   • 94% of Free/Red Lunch
                                                                             LEAs with                               Students
                                                                       K-12 Enrollment <15K
                         80%                                                                                       • 90% of Schools

                                                                                 Littleton School District 6
                                                                                                                   • 96% of Charter Schools
                                                                               Pueblo City School District 60
   Percent of Students

                                                                       Greeley School District 6 (Weld County 6)
                                                                         Mesa County Valley School District 51     • 92% of Low Performing Schools
                                                                              Academy School District 20
                                                                        Poudre School District R-1                 • 75% of Districts
                                                                       Boulder Valley District RE-2
                                    Participating                      Colorado Springs District 11
                                                                                                                   • 132 school districts
                                                                     Adams-Arapahoe School District
                                                                       Adams 12 Five Star Schools                  • Colorado Charter School
                                                                      Cherry Creek School District 5                 Institute
                                                                      Douglas County School District
                                                                                 RE-1                              • Colorado School for the Deaf
                         20%                                                                                         and the Blind
                                                                     Denver County School District 1

                                                                     Jefferson County School District
                                      All LEAs                             Participating LEAs

Note: Fall 2009 enrollment data
Source: CDE
     Executing our Turnaround Strategy
      Have clear measures of school performance that are
       grounded in student growth measures

      Education Accountability Act of 2009 a national model of
       school and district accountability
       – State authority to take increasingly strong interventions
         including directing closure

      Commissioner created a CDE Unit of Turnaround and forged
       partnership with Mass Insight and Public Impact

 Great Teachers and Leaders
      All participating districts evaluate educators using system
       based at least 50% upon student growth

      Created the Governor’s Council for Educator Effectiveness
       to ensure we develop AND implement well

      District commitment to use evaluations systems for decisions
       about individual professional development, compensation,
       promotion, retention and dismissal

     Educator Effectiveness
      No policy barriers to executing this plan

      We have the foundation of trust and

      Governor’s Council for Educator Effectiveness will
       ensure districts use valid, rigorous and fair evaluation
       measures so tenure and licensure will be earned
       and retained based upon demonstrated

      Colorado Is Ready
      No policy barriers to executing this

      Foundation of trust and collaboration

      Statewide enthusiasm and participation

     What Coloradoans Say About RttT…
      “Race to the Top will provide the critical resources and incentives to help us
         make the tough decisions and implement necessary change.” Tom Boasberg,
         Superintendent, Denver Public Schools
        “It is a good plan that will make a huge difference in public education if it is
         funded sufficiently and executed well.” Jeanette Cornier, Parent
        “We all want highly effective teachers in every classroom. A solid
         evaluation system that focuses on improving instruction is key to achieving
         that goal.“ Justin Darnell, CO Teacher of theYear
        “I felt like I was making a difference. …. Student voice achieves real results.
         The educational system has been working for (as opposed to with) students,
         like myself, for too long.” Christian Mendoza, Student, Denver School of Science
         and Technology, participated in Race to the Top committee on Turnaround Schools
        “The Colorado team understands how business best gets done in our state
         when it comes to rethinking policy as it pertains to teachers and
         principals. Legislative fiat matters very little if teachers and leaders aren’t
         willing to race to the top as well. …. Taking on sacred cows is tough
         business. But, in Colorado, we have a history of doing just that.” Phil
         Gonring, Rose Community Foundation, key funder of Denver ProComp
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