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									Profiling Audience

    Meghashri Dalvi

    STC Learning Session
       April 17, 2004
• OO Programming for Grade II

• Telephone Etiquettes for Call Center

• Hydraulics Fundamentals for Chefs

• Basic Geometry for Astronomers
The content must match
 the intended audience
• Socket Layer API Programming

• Uncovering Internet Jargon

• Introduction to Microprocessors

• Shakespearean Tragedy
The content must match
 the intended audience
 need and interest
What is Audience Profiling?

It is a brief description of the
 characteristics, needs, and
 interests of your target
Why do we need Audience Profiling?

So that we know what the
 audience essentially wants,

            and give exactly that!
Profiling helps in
  Presenting communication in the way the
    target audience will

  •   Identify with
  •   Listen
  •   Understand
  •   Appreciate
Profiling helps in
  Designing presentation

  •   Depth
  •   Duration
  •   Format
  •   Language
Primary Profiling
        Office Employees / Repetitive     Researchers / Programmers / Specialists
        Users / Advanced Users
                                          Inform in detail / Update
        Train / Help to use effectively
                                          Research Papers / Case Studies
        Self-learning Manuals / CBT /     /Advanced Manuals / Programming
        WBT / FAQs / Tips / How-to        Manuals / Troubleshooting Manuals

        Simple Language + jargon /        Jargon, descriptions, cases, code,
        Visual aids / Searchable info     formulae

        General Public / Office           Corporate Personnel / Decision-makers
        Employees / Students
                                          Sell Ideas / Update / Report
        Inform / Help to use
                                          White papers / Presentations /
        Articles / User’s Manuals /       Proposals/ Reports
        Training Manuals
                                          Jargon, bullets, charts, figures,
        Simple Language / Visual aids     spreadsheets, slides

                                                               Knowledge / Awareness
Additional Parameters
• Skills:Technical background and skills

• Job: Function and Influence level

• Geography: countries, states

• Life stages: young children, young adults,
  adults with family, senior citizens

• Lifestyles: hobbies, recreational pursuits

• Accessibility : special requirements
How to profile a specific audience?

•   Design a questionnaire
•   Select a sample
•   Interview individuals
•   Take help of the PM
•   Make a checklist
•   Review structure and examples
Working with Personas
• represent real users
Personas are
• specific types of user
• multidimensional
Personas have
• awareness, knowledge
• needs, wants
• preferences, habits
• expectations, objectives
• attitude, prejudice
Using Profiling Effectively

    Content Reuse



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