Silverwood Booking Form2008 by gxdA9lh


									                                                                                                                            The Booking Manager 233 Sheffield Road Barnsley S70
                                      Numbers expected                                                                     4DE. Mobile 07757 824609.
         Under               10 to                    15 to                       20to                        35            Email
          10                  15                       20                          35                         +

                       Please inform us if numbers change prior to arrival                                                  Silverwood Scout Camp
        Charges:           Your charges will be based on column                                                                                Booking
                                                                                                                            Notes 2008
          Organisation         Local scouts         Other scouts           Schools         Caravan             Others
                               Guides               Guides                                 Clubs                            The charges will be based on the facilities used and the number of people using them.
Column no:                     1         X          2                     3                  4                  5          Details of the column number from which your charges will be
         Silverwood Lodge            (includes camping fees for 42 with tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, pans etc.)
                                                                                                                            calculated have been selected by the Bookings Manager and are
         Deposit                50 % of    50 % of      50 % of 50 % of 50 % of
                                                                                                                            set out on the reverse of this document along with details of
                                hire       hire         hire     hire      hire
         First night              125.00     165.00      180.00   180.00     250.00                                         the various charges. Tables and chairs are provided with
         Extra night               90.00     140.00      160.00   160 00     200.00                                         Silverwood Lodge and the Training Hut and a limited number of
         Day/Evening            On request                                                                                  tables and chairs are available for
         Lodge cleaning         £50 returnable on satisfactory departure standard                                           general use on site on first come first served basis.
         Training Hut                (includes tables and chairs and cooker) Heating/coin meter
                                                                                                                            Note: No access to Buildings & Facilities, campsite until
               Deposit          £12.50              £20.00               £25.00              £25.00                £25.00
                                                                                                                            18:00hrs Friday, unless by prior arrangement before
               Per night        £25.00              £40.00               £50.00              £50.00                £50.00
                                                                                                                            arrival. All Hirers/Campers should be clear of site by 16:00
               Per day          £15.00              £30.00               £50.00              £50.00                £50.00
         Per 24Hrs             £30.00              £50.00              £70.00              £70.00                £70.00     (Sundays)
                                                            Camping.                                                        Open cooking is allowed on alter-fires, which are available on
            Deposit              £20.00                  £25.00             £25.00            £25.00               £50.00   site at no charge, but these must be located on the concrete
           Person/day            £1.00                   £2.00              £2.50             £2.50                £3.00    fire pads provided. Fires on the ground are not permitted.
                                     Caravans             per 24 hour period                                                On receipt of your booking the overall charge will be
           Per night           10.00-               10.00                  10.00-          10.00               10.00
                                                                                                                            calculated and you will be advised of this with the
                                              Day visits/Activities
                                                                                                                            confirmation. A non-returnable deposit is payable on initial
           Person/day               F.O.C                                         All £1.00
                                                                                                                            booking with the balance being due 2 weeks before the date
          Other      ( A maximum of two electric hooks up may be available near to Silverwood Lodge)
               Per day       £10/5.00 £10/5.00 £10/5.00 £10/5.00                         £10/5.00                           of arrival. Please make all cheque’s payable to Silverwood
                                                                                                                            Scout Camp.
        INSURANCE:           Non Scout Associations are responsible for their own insurance cover.
Please address all correspondence to:
The Booking Manager. 233 Sheffield Road Barnsley S70 4DE.              Customer Copy to be retained and handed in to
Mobile 07757 824609.                                                                camp office on arrival
                                                                         Please complete & return both sheets of this
                                                                      booking form along with your deposit. Confirmation
Customer Confirmation Booking Ref: SW……………….2008                            of your booking will be returned ASAP
District                                                              Customer Booking Form: Booking Ref: SW……………2008
Name                                                                  Group
Address                                                               District
Area                                                                  Name
Town /City                                                            Address
Post Code                                                             Area
Telephone                                                             Town / City
Mobile                                                                Post Code
E mail                                                                Telephone
Booking Requested: See site brochure map                              Mobile
            Campsite /to be allocated on arrival                     E mail
CP1          A1           A2             L           TF               Booking Allocated: See site brochure map
INF          MB1           MB2         R1            R2                           Campsite /to be allocated on arrival 
R3           W1            W2          W3            O1               CP1          A1           A2             L           TF
O2           O3            Number of Days                             INF          MB1          MB2          R1            R2

                                                                     R3           W1           W2           W3            O1
     Buildings            Days    Dates From to      Times From To
Silverwood Lodge                        /                  /          O2           O3           Number of Days

Training Hut                            /                  /               Buildings          Days     Dates From to      Times From To
Camping                                 /                  /          Silverwood Lodge                        /                  /
                                                                      Training Hut                            /                  /
       Deposit Received           Amount Due          £
                                                                      Camping                                 /                  /
£                                 Receipt of Bal          /   /2008

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