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					                                  Dr. Geoff Wells

PO Box 55                                                                            0409-671-151 (m)
Burnside SA 5066                                                                 gwells@chariot.net.au

                                       CURRICULUM VITAE


University of South Australia, International Graduate School of Business

Course Development & Discipline Leader
   Development of Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business
   Development and teaching: „Fundamental Concepts of Sustainable Business‟; „Foundations of
    Environmental and Natural Resource Economics.
   Promotion of GCSB in national media.

Contracted research
 SA Water Corporation: “Valuing Catchments as Assets”.

Manager, External Relations, Division of Business
 Responsibility for division relations with industry and alumni
 Developed strategic plan for the Divisions external relations

Course Leader
 DBA program: „Change in Business & Organisational Process‟
   MBA programs: „Leading & Managing People‟; „Leadership Dynamics‟.

Inaugural International Graduate School of Business Excellence in Teaching Award, 2005.

Discipline Leader
 MBA programs in „Leadership Dynamics‟.

2002-2003 Flinders University, School of Commerce                                          Adelaide SA
 Research and grant development in environmental economics, environmental accounting, and
    environmental finance, including sustainability strategy and financial modelling, with particular
    reference to social and environmental accounting theory and practice, and the theory of the firm.

1982-1995 International University of Management                                          Iowa, USA
Academic Dean, Professor, and Department Chair
 This international University of Management, based in Fairfield, Iowa, USA, is a private tertiary
    institution, established in 1971, which has drawn students from 59 countries, and from 48 states of the

    US, and faculty from Europe, Australia, and Canada, as well as the USA. It is increasingly recognized
    as an innovative centre of academic excellence, and is accredited to the doctoral level by the North
    Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS), Chicago (see www.mum.edu).


1984-1995 Academic Dean, Department Chair
 Senior member of Academic Council
 Overall academic and financial planning and development of the university.
 Chairman or member of many of the committees of the Faculty Senate
 Graduate studies, Academic Standards, Undergraduate Curriculum, Evaluation, and Library and
    Information resources.
 Accreditation Committee, consisting of senior Deans
 Four accreditation visits held by NCACS in the period 1982-1990.
 Co-author of the university self-study on each occasion (principal author 1990).
 Author of many administrative documents, including undergraduate and graduate teaching handbooks.

1983-1984 Dean of the College of Continuing Education and International Programs.
 Developed and implemented a new structure of the university‟s external programs, administered and
    expanded the university‟s international offerings.


1985-1995 Interdisciplinary Studies
1982-1983 Research Fellow

   In 1985, founded a new academic department to teach an interdisciplinary program, a research specialty
    of the university.
   Chairman of the department from its founding.
   Established academic programs at the Bachelor‟s, Master‟s, and Doctoral level
   Guided these programs through the accreditation process.
   Taught all courses in the department over the succeeding 10 years.
   Directed 22 students in the doctoral program, and supervised a number of empirical dissertations.
   1983, 1984, 1986, and 1987 received the Outstanding Educator Award, voted by the graduating
    undergraduate and graduate students.
   1990, co-recipient of the Sears-Roebuck Foundation Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership
   Lectured widely to academic audiences in the United States (including the Western Regional
    Conference of the National Association of Education), the United Kingdom, and Australia, on
    educational and interdisciplinary topics.
   1986-1990 Co-Founder and Executive Editor of the university‟s interdisciplinary journal.

University of Adelaide, Department of Geography
 Taught and tutored in undergraduate course in Aboriginal studies.


Member of the Institute of Management Consultants, Australia

1999-2005        Dr. Geoff Wells                             Australia


    Strategy and change management: clients include

       2008              Eastern Regional Alliance of Local Government              Adelaide
       2008              Workskil Inc                                               Adelaide
       2003-2008         The Teleran Group                                          Adelaide
       2006              J. & A.G. Johnston Ltd.                                    Adelaide
       2004-06           StudyGroup Australia Pty Ltd                               Sydney
       2005-07           Virotec International Ltd                                  Brisbane
       2004              Retail Brands Group                                        Adelaide
       2003              Games Workshop                                     Sydney
       2003              Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science                Adelaide
       2003              Grounds & Gardens                                          Adelaide
       2003-06           Playford Capital Pty Ltd                                   Adelaide
       2002              The Australian Teenage Cancer Patients Society Ltd         Sydney
       2002-03           Medvet Science Pty Ltd                                     Adelaide
       2002              Ericsson Business Phone Pty Ltd                    Sydney, Brisbane
       2001-02           Michell Australia                                          Adelaide
       1999-2001         Longevity Management Systems Pty Ltd                       Sydney

   Resource speaker to CEO members of The Executive Connection Pty Ltd on „CEO Thinking‟,
    Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney (30 presentations and workshops).

1999-2001                 Strategic Financial Modelling                                 Australia

   Consulted to major aged care development project in NSW on financial modelling.

1995-2000                 Strategy and Leadership Consulting                  USA, Australia
 Developed training course in leadership for both corporate and non-profit environments; taught the
    course to over 200 participants.

   Advisor and strategy resource provider to fifteen CEO‟s in South Australia, through The Executive
    Connection Pty Ltd. and directly, as an independent consultant.

   Recent strategy and advisory work in aged care development (NSW), wool processing (Adelaide),
    business phones (Australia-wide), medical science (Adelaide), food testing (Adelaide), grain
    industry (Adelaide), IT industry (Adelaide)..

1993                      American Arbitration Association                              USA
Arbitrator (Chairman of Panel)
 Arbitrated dispute in options pools industry

1988–1995                 University Laboratory School                                  USA
Chairman, Board of Directors
 Oversaw development of School from 100 to 600 students
 Managed all areas of finance, accreditation, human resources, academic planning.

1971-1992                 Planning Consultancies                    Australia, USA

 Standing Rock College, Standing Rock Reservation, North Dakota USA: academic planning and
   curriculum development (1988).
 Yankalilla District Development Association, SA: Heritage auditing and economic development
 SA Council of Educational Planning and Research: Education resources in the life sciences and history
   of Fleurieu Peninsula (1976).
 Nature Conservation Council of SA: Native vegetation and planning of North-Central Mt. Lofty Ranges
 SA Parliament Select Committee: The Greek marketing gardening community of Virginia-Two Wells.

Australian Media and Arts Organisations
Professional Writer
 Book reviews for Canberra Times, Sunday Australian
 Column commentary on US affairs, Hobart Mercury
 Assistant Editor, NSW Dept of Education, School Magazine
 Scriptwriter, ABC Educational Television
 Arts Council of Australia Writer‟s Fellowship


2005-06 ImperativePlus Pty Ltd                                                             Adelaide SA

   Sustainability advisor and consultant to government and private industry : Recent projects include:
    o South Australian Housing Trust: facilitation of four workshops on the SA State Greenhouse

    o   South Australian Water Corporation: advisor to Biosequestration project, sustainability
        modelling and business case.

    o   Goodman Fielder Pty Ltd: Environmental Impact System & Performance Review.

    o   Schefenacker Vision Systems Australia Pty Ltd: Environmental Management System Review.

    o   Virotec International Pty Ltd: Development of Sustainable Enterprise Valuation Framework.

2003 Medvet Science Pty Ltd                                                                Adelaide SA
Group Business Manager

   Contract consulting position to implement strategic initiatives developed in a private consulting
    capacity over the past six months

2001-2002 Michell Australia                                                              Adelaide SA
General Manager, Strategy & Business Development
 Establishment of company-wide marketing strategy and business development function.
 Trained members of strategy group in techniques of strategic marketing analysis.
 Established database systems for collecting and organising strategic and industry intelligence.
 Managed implementation of strategic marketing diagnostics, scenario and business modelling, and
    financial modelling of wool and leather businesses.
 Developed an environmental accounting project, in collaboration with RMIT.

   Worked closely with CEO on a wide range of high-level strategic and operational issues.
   Coordinated strategy marketing work with the company-wide re-engineering.
   Mentored line managers on approaches and techniques in strategic focus groups.
   Advised and educated Board members in strategy marketing work and strategic outcomes of diagnostics
    and modelling.
   Established business development function, and carried out analysis of new business potential.
   Reviewed current practice and recommended new strategic analysis and modelling guidelines for all
    capital expenditure and investment.

1998–2000 AgPura Pty. Ltd.                                                               Adelaide SA
Managing Director
 Founding MD and Director.
 Developed business concept and secured initial financing.
 Developed strategic marketing alliances with Elders Ltd and the SGS Group to source and supply
    value-added grain commodities to Europe and Japan.
 Developed Code of Practice with SGS for identity-preserved supply chain management.
 Comprehensive review of existing Codes of Practice in the international food industry.
 Co-author of Non-GM Code of Practice
 Developed AusIndustry R & D grant proposal, with Transport Systems Centre, University of South
    Australia, in mathematical modelling of identity-preserved logistics
 Worked with major industry players at all levels of the value chain in Europe, Japan, and SE Asia.
     Major European retailers and manufacturers
     Japanese trading houses
     Australian exporters and European importers and crushers
     Rice exporters, Government organisations in Thailand
     Australian agricultural services companies, farmer organisations, bulk-handlers
 Consulted on strategic and market analysis of the GMO issue to private companies, government
    organisations, and non-profit organisations in Australia, UK, and SE Asia.
     PIRSA, Food for the Future, Tasmanian Food Council.
     Public exposure on the GMO issue:
     Spoke at numerous industry and government conferences
     Published articles in Bangkok Post, Australian Financial Review
     Numerous radio and press interviews.
 Developed all operational and financial management systems for the business.

1997-1998 Telegroup Network Services Pty Ltd                         Sydney, Australia
Managing Director
General Manager Asia Pacific
 Managed the Australian & New Zealand subsidiary of Telegroup Inc. (USA).
 Redesigned back-office support functions, including network support, call centre, financial systems.
 Developed and implemented nation-wide marketing and sales strategy.
 Re-engineered organisational structure.
 Consulted with parent company on strategic directions and management of subsidiaries world-wide,
    particularly with respect to Asia-Pacific region.
 Managed marketing, sales, operations, human resources, finance and phone card strategic partner.
 Represented the company in its interface with other telecommunication companies and with industry.

1996-1997 Genetic ID, Inc.                                                             Iowa, USA
Founding Director and General Manager

   Pioneer in the genetic testing of foods and crops.
   Developed comprehensive technical competency in the theory and laboratory practice of gene
    technology, and in the theory and practice of testing genetically-modified organisms.
   Consulted with company scientists in the development of the testing technology.
   Pioneered solutions to issues of tolerance levels, quantification, statistical treatment of samples,
    extraction procedures, and representation of statistical error analysis to the industry.
   Marketed testing technology successfully to major food companies in Europe and Japan.
   Worked with international certification companies TNO (Netherlands) and SGS (North America).
   Developed strategic and market analysis of the emerging industry around the GM issue.
   Developed new techniques of strategic and market analysis.
   Implemented comprehensive program for building, analysing, and applying market intelligence.
   Developed and implemented financial systems and financial management.

1995-1996 HR Soft, Inc. (USA)                                                        Iowa, USA
 Consulted in the development major software product in the human resources sector.
 Re-designed and implemented financial management systems.

1995-1996             Enlightened Audio Design                                             USA
 Consulted on manufacturing systems and operation; designed and implemented MRP II interface.
 Designed and implemented cost accounting, budgeting, and planning systems.
 Designed and implemented human resources systems.


1970                                 University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA
 B.A. Hons. (First Class), Human Geography

1984                               University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA
 Doctor of Philosophy, Human Geography


   Australian citizen, born 18th April, 1949, married, with five children.


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