; Aero – New Alert Leaping 139.13% on Record Volume
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Aero – New Alert Leaping 139.13% on Record Volume


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									Aero – New Alert Leaping 139.13% on Record Volume

Aggressive Buy : AERO as expected busted out of the gates quickly jumping
to close up 139.13% on 2.7 Million shares traded – the single highest
trading day in company history.

Belize City, Belize, November 29, 2011 -- Aero International Inc Ticker:
AERO, Exchange: OTCBB, Nov 25th Close: $0.023, Float: Only 13 Million

AGGRESSIVE BUY : AERO as expected busted out of the gates quickly jumping
to close up 139.13% on 2.7 Million shares traded – the single highest
trading day in company history.

With AERO being added to our long term list of plays, we are looking at
1,000%+ gains as AERO is making a monster bottom bounce play to end the
year with a bang!

Close to 1 million AeroGardens SOLD! 1

AERO`s is primed to breached their historic highs of $0.24 bouncing solid
from our initial alert at $0.03 and is moving in the right direction with
streamlining their production and increase sales. With the holiday season
just a month away, expect a monster profitable quarter that will
definitely get some attention.
2011 Sales: $3 Million, primarily in the last 6 months
Assets: $4.5 Million
Market Cap: ONLY $1 Million – Super undervalued

With solid sales and assets, AERO`s Market Cap is way undervalued.
Intrinsic valuations should be at least 3-4x higher. It will be just a
matter of time before the market realizes the opportunity here for solid

AERO`s solid product, technology, and business plans definitely ranks
near the top with our long term plays for mega gains.

AERO close a monster session at $0.055 up 139.13% on 2.9 Million shared
traded – it`s not only the perfect holiday gift, it`s a solid play for
some serious gains!

AERO is quickly becoming a household name with numerous features on high
profile TV shows like:
With exposure like this, and the holiday season approaching, expect AERO
to go mental as they are in the best possible position to capitalize for
mega profits.

AERO recently broadcasted their Q3 results showing a major improvement in
the overall bottom line. AeroGrow Reports Results for Three Months Ended
September 30, 2011

AERO, is ready to breakout big time, and with just 13 million shares in
the float this can get really crazy.
AERO is a solid bottom bounce play as the company discussed a huge
improvement in sales and underlying cost structure as they move
production south of the border – Key Highlights from the financial
results shows that AERO is right on track to a significant turnaround
that can make this company into a multi-million dollar business.

Gross margin improved to 50.7%
Total revenue increased 8.5% year-over-year
Overhead expense was reduced 37% year-over-year, and was down 67% from
the same quarter two years ago

With numbers like these, now is the time to take advantage of the
extremely undervalue prices of AERO – this is definitely a 1,000%+
potential gainer!

“During the quarter ended September 30th, our turnaround efforts yielded
tangible, bottom line results,” said Mike Wolfe, CEO of AeroGrow.

A perfect Holiday gift, plus a potential to make HUGE profits
Watch These TV Commercials showing their amazing technology:


About AERO
AeroGrow is the creator, manufacturer and marketer of the AeroGarden line
of indoor gardens for consumer markets worldwide.

The AeroGarden line is sold primarily through our direct-to-the-consumer
efforts via our own catalog, the web, and through TV commercials and
infomercials. In addition, AeroGardens are sold through retailers
worldwide, including Amazon, Ace and Canadian Tire and TV home shopping
networks including QVC.

All of our gardening products feature our proprietary technology which
allows consumers to garden indoors, year round, with no dirt, no weeds
and no green thumb needed. AeroGardens are complete indoor gardening
systems with built in, full spectrum grow lights, custom time-release
nutrients, auto-feed, water and lighting systems, and “smart garden”
consumer alerts for guaranteed success.

Since launching our first product in March 2006 we have sold almost 1
million AeroGardens and have expanded our product line to include
multiple gardens with different form factors, price points and consumer

AeroGrow also develops, manufactures and markets a variety of consumable
products for use in its gardens. These seed kits, lights, nutrients and
accessory products provide ongoing, repeat sales to the Company and
generate continued engagement and interest from our user base. These
repeat sales now account for approximately 35% of corporate revenues.
AeroGrow was founded in July 2002 and became a publicly-traded company on
February 24, 2006. AeroGrow is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and
employs approximately 45 people.

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Contact :
Max Gordon
Belize City, Belize

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