; Fire_ Arson _ Explosives Study Guide
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Fire_ Arson _ Explosives Study Guide


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									Fire, Arson & Explosives Study Guide            Name_________________________________
Forensic Science B

The unit test will be on Thursday, May 5 and will be worth 100 points. There will be about 40-50
multiple choice questions.

Students should review the following:
   1. Chemistry of Fire Lecture Part 1
   2. Chemistry of Fire Lecture Part 2
   3. Bunsen Burner Activity – not the arson lab
   4. Fire Investigation Lecture

Study guide questions – due on Wednesday, May 4 for Completion
   1. Definition of Matter

   2. Definition of Energy

   3. Definition of Combustion

   4. Definition of Oxidation

   5. Identify the three oxidation reactions involving fire

   6. What are the requirements for an explosion?

   7. Formula for Potassium Chlorate

   8. In the demo, how was Potassium Chlorate decomposed?

   9. In the decomposition of Potassium Chlorate was molecule was released?

   10. What was the fuel in the potassium chlorate demonstration?

   11. What two forms of energy were released in the demo of potassium chlorate?

   12. Formula for Calcium Carbide

   13. Identify the oxidation reaction of Calcium Carbide

   14. Name of the gas released in the calcium carbide demo.
Identify the change in fire code as a result of these historic fires
15. Iroquois Fire 1903
16. New London School Explosion – 1937
17. Cocoanut Grove Nightclub Fire – 1942                               43. Draw and identify the 3 zones of the
18. Winecoff Hotel Fire – 1946                                         Bunsen Flame
19. Our Lady of the Angels School Fire – 1958                          44. Which zone is the hottest?
                                                                       45. Know the safety rules and lighting
20. Number of fire drill required by MCPS in a school year             instructions for the Bunsen Burner.
21. 3 categories of fire

22. Define ignition

23. What are the two types of ignition

24. What are the 3 elements of fire

25. Fire will not burn when the % of oxygen reaches what number?

26. Identify 4 types of extinguishing a fire

      Identify these parts of the Bunsen Burner
27.   Base
28.   Collar
29.   Barrel
30.   Receptacle
31.   Spud
32.   Name the gases need for the Bunsen flame

33. What is the source of ignition?

34. What is the fuel of the flame

35. When do you get a yellow dirty flame? Clean flame?

36. What is a fire investigator?

37. What incidents are investigated?

38. How is an investigation conducted?

39. Two exams to determine origin of the fire

40. 3 elements in determining fire cause

41. 4 common accidental causes

42. Indicators of arson

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