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Granite Statesmenand OverdriveWin District


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  Northeastern District — The Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, Inc.

Volume 41, No. 4                                                                                                                                                   Winter, 2000

Granite Statesmen and Overdrive Win District

 Hard work and an outstanding performance by 72 Granite Statesmen won them the right to                                      Overdrive (Dan Signor, Eric Ruthenberg,
              represent the NED at the International Convention in Nashville.                                               Jason Woolf, and John Sinclair) on-stage.
                                                                                              District Competition photo                                  Photo courtesy of Tanya Royer

District Convention and     To Montreal (.rom Sunrise) Overdrive Takes the Prize
                                                                                                                           The .irst Rung On A New Ladder

Contest 2000 - .ire and Ice And Back                              by Eric Ruthenberg
                                                           best looking baritone in Overdrive
                by Murray Phillips,                                       by Allen McKenzie
             Co-chairman, District 2000                            V.P. Marketing and Public Relations                                  2000 NED Quartet Champs

     Montreal’s regal CP Hotel’s Queen Elizabeth                I’m sure we all have fond memories of our visits                What a wonderful weekend in Montreal! Smoke-
Hotel was the site of the 2000 NED Convention and          to the various convention cities in which the North-            filled hotel lobby aside, it was probably the nicest dis-
Contest. The weekend of October 27-29 was the cul-         eastern District has held conventions. I was especially         trict convention and the most exciting contest I’ve at-
mination of months of planning by the local conven-        looking forward to Montreal because it was where I              tended since I joined the society! Kudos to conven-
tion team, who were using it as a dry run for Interna-     went to University. I would be able to visit old haunts         tion host Steve Wheaton and NED VP for Events
tional 2003. The location was excellent. Most of the       and the memories that they would revive, or so I                Mike Strianese. What a thrill it was for us to come
delegates to the convention were housed in the Queen       thought. I did get to visit Ben’s, famous for its smoked        out on top of such a close contest. The members of
Elizabeth Hotel with the remainder in the Marriott         meat sandwiches. I expected to eat dinner alone at              Overdrive are honored to represent the Northeastern
Chateau Champlain.                                         Ben’s, while I tried to remember the names of former            District as your quartet champions for 2000-2001.
     Friday evening was devoted to meeting old friends     classmates and girlfriends. When I arrived at the res-               We were excited just to be on stage at all, since
and making new ones, and to the semi-finals of the         taurant the smiling faces of a group of Maritimers              Shannon Sinclair, wife of our bass, John, was due to
Quartet Contest. 22 quartets sang, so the evening was      greeted me.                                                     deliver their first child at any moment! He carried his
long, but the pace was quick and the singing was good.          Of course the midnight fire drill at the Queen             cell phone around all weekend, ready to sprint to his
The sound system was excellent. The top ten were           Elizabeth will be fresh in the minds of those who               car at a moment’s notice. [n.b. Their baby was born
announced, and the quartets that were not singing on       stayed there. Were you in the stairwell where the               on November 10 at 9:42 pm. Jack Thomas Sinclair
Saturday had their evaluations that evening.               Barber-shoppers tuned to the sound of the fire alarm            (bass-to-be) weighed 9 lbs, 15 oz. Congratulations,
     And then it happened. At 12:30 AM, the fire           and tried to think of a song that started on that grue-         John and Shannon!]
alarm at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel went off. Nearly        some note? Or maybe you will remember seeing Steve                   As we said afterward, “Thank you,” to our wives
2,000 people were evacuated from the hotel into the        Wheaton of Montreal directing traffic with one hand             and loved ones for being so supportive of us for the
crisp cool air of a late fall Montreal night. A fire in    while holding a Big Mac in the other. Others may                past two years. Thanks also to our coaches: Mike
the chimney of a bakery on the shopping level below        remember snow and bad driving conditions on the way             Gabriella, Joe Connelly, Gail Jencik, and all the
the hotel had released smoke into the ventilation sys-     home.                                                           coaches we had at Harmony College. Your dedica-
tem of the hotel. The fire was put out quickly, caus-           I was sad as I packed up my belongings on Sun-             tion to this hobby coupled with your amazing talent
ing little damage, but it was almost 3:00 a.m. before      day morning. It had been a busy and rewarding couple            helped us achieve our goals.
the firemen allowed           (Cont. on page 16, col. 3)   of days and                   (Cont. on page 16, col. 4)                                       (Cont. on page 10, col. 1)

  Ever Growing . . . Or NOTHING Else Matters!
Page 2                                                                        Winter, 2000

  The Nor’easter is the official publication of the Northeastern District (NED) Association of Chapters of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of
  Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, Inc. It is published four times a year: March, June, September and December. SPEBSQSA is a non-profit educational
  and charitable organization. The Nor’easter’s goal is to promote barbershop quartet harmony by publishing stories of interest to barbershop singers in the NED. We
  welcome articles and letters, but reserve the right to edit or decline submitted material. We do not accept unsigned material. Accepted material becomes the
  property of the Nor’easter. Articles without a by-line are by the editor. Opinions are the authors’, and may not be those of the District or the Society. Articles may be
  reprinted, with credit, please. The Nor’easter is printed by the Beacon Press Corp., Warwick, R.I.

Letters                                          I would like to also thank the staff
                                            of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel and the        Get Ready .or Sing- Top Gun 2001 School
To the editor,
     Hi! We just got back from Montreal
                                            Montreal Fire Department for their role
                                            in making the weekend a most memo-          ing Valentines             by Jim Dodge
                                                                                                              NED VP, Music & Perf., 2001
and the Northeastern District competi-      rable event. Without their assistance I
tion. What a great time we had. I tip       don’t think we could have had as much            It might just be the best activity in        Plans are under way for the NED
my hat to Steve Wheaton and his crew        fun or spent as many hours with our         barbershopping: Singing Valentines de-       Top Gun 2001 coaching weekend in
for the excellent job they did handling     friends!                                    livered by a barbershop quartet.             Nashua, NH, February 23-25, 2001.
this competition. Having hosted last             As I close, I am sure Lowell is hard        Hundreds of chapters across the         We have a great coaching staff avail-
year’s competition in Providence, I         at work to top the festivities afforded     continent have found that Singing Val-       able to share their talents with the NED.
know how much effort it takes to do a       us in Montreal, and I look forward to       entines can fill the chapter treasury, at-   As of November 1, we have:
good job. He and his chapter were cer-      that trip next year!                        tract media attention, showcase barber-           Dwain Brobst (Presentation)
tainly up to the task.                      Brian E. Dill, quartet.com                  shop harmony for new audiences, and               Connie Kiel (Presentation)
                                                                                        most important, spread joy and love               Steve Jamison (Music)
                                                                                        through song.                                     Fourth coach not confirmed
                                                                                             If your chapter or quartet is think-         The weekend is targeted at two
                                                                                        ing of delivering Singing Valentines in      groups of performers. First, it will pro-
                NEDAC                                                                   February, time’s a wasting. The Soci-
                                                                                        ety has a manual that will give you all
                                                                                                                                     vide an all-day coaching program on
                                                                                                                                     Saturday, February 24, for our chorus
                                                                                        the information you need to get started.     representative (Nashua) to the Interna-
             Member Reunion                                                                  Here’s something to aim at. Last
                                                                                        year, the many quartets of the Saratoga
                                                                                                                                     tional 2001 competition in Nashville.
                                                                                                                                          The second group will be three of

                Meeting                                                                 Chapter earned more than $10,000 over
                                                                                        the St. Valentine weekend. Wouldn’t
                                                                                        that warm the heart of your chapter
                                                                                                                                     the top quartets in the district who will
                                                                                                                                     compete in the NED Spring Prelims for
                                                                                                                                     the opportunity to represent the NED
                                                                                        Treasurer? Go to it and do it!               at the International 2001 competition.
                                                                                                                                          The quartet program will begin on
  The Northeastern District Association of Champs will be                                  Beethoven wrote three sym-                Friday evening, February 23, and will
  holding a dinner meeting, and need your active participa-                                phonies: the Third, the .ifth             continue until noon on Sunday. It will
                                                                                           and the Ninth. He was deaf                be an intense coaching experience for
  tion. Get together to share some laughs and conversation                                   so he wrote loud music.                 quartets with a drive to achieve a high
                     with fellow alumni.                                                    Beethoven expired in 1827                level of artistic performances.
                                                                                             and later died from this.                    While this program is underwritten
                                                                                                                                     by the district, there will be a registra-
          When:             January 13, 2001                                                                                         tion fee for each of the participants. The
          Where:            Worcester, MA (location to be announced)
                                                                                        Collegiate Quartet                           district handles the staffing expenses,
                                                                                                                                     facility expenses and schedule for the

           Please complete the below information and mail to:
                                                                                        Contest Season                               school. But each of the participants is
                                                                                                                                     responsible for his own food, lodging
                                                                                                    from Update,                     and transportation. In the past we have
                                                                                                News from SPEBSQSA                   been able to reduce lodging expenses
                             Ralph St. George                                                                                        by having local chapter members offer
                              5 Brigham Road                                                 The contest season for the 2001         housing, and we will seek that option
                            Paxton, MA 01612                                            MBNA Collegiate Barbershop Quartet           for this program as well.
                    Or email response to Sngit@aol.com                                  Contest has begun. It’s again time for            Quartets that are interested in be-
                                                                                        chapters and districts to start the search   ing selected for this program should
                                                                                        for interested quartets. Initial packets     send a letter to Jim Dodge, DVP of
                                                                                        have been mailed. They include the           Music & Perf. (jdodge@tiac.net) or 17
                                                                                        revised official rules, a list of 90 con-    Harmony Lane, Dover, NH, 03820 by
                                                                                        testable songs, a preliminary sites and      December 1, 2000. To help us better
                                                                                        dates list, official entry form, and our     differentiate among quartets, please in-
                                                                                        new poster.                                  clude in the letter your goals and ob-
                                                                                             This information, except for the        jectives as a quartet.
                                                                                        poster, can be downloaded from our                The District Music Leadership
  Quartet Name:___________________________Year Champ_______________
                                                                                        website: www.spebsqsa.org/college.           team will notify the selected quartets by
                                                                                        The list of final sites and dates is not     December 15 and provide logistics of
  Check One:       _______I Will be able to attend the NEDAC Dinner Meeting
                                                                                        yet complete. Updates will be posted         the school. For quartets that aren’t se-
                                                                                        on our website as they become avail-         lected, the NED Music Leadership is
                   _______I Will Not be attending the NEDAC Dinner Meeting.
                                                                                        able.                                        working on additional programs/coach-
                                                                                        Direct questions about CBQC to Jim           ing schools for quartets during the
         Please Respond by: November 30th (Never mind, DO It Now!)
                                                                                        DeBusman at 800-876-7464 x8566 or            CY2001. We’ll provide more informa-
                                                                                        college @spebsqsa. org.                      tion as the programs are developed.

    The Nor’easter is available on the NED website: www.nedistrict.org
                                                                                   Winter, 2000                                                                          Page 3

District Contest                                                                                                                        Who Are the Girls
Recording Halted                                                                                                                        We’re Singing About?
  by Ernie Johansen, Chairman,
Audio/Video Study Committee 2000                                                                                                        Use these clues to identify the girl.
                                                                                                                                        1. She’s the meanest gal in town.
     At the July 2000 NED BOD meet-
                                                                                                                                        2. I wandered to the hills thinking of her.
ing, the subject of NED’s audio/video
                                                                                                                                        3. I’m going to paddle her home.
recording of contests was discussed.
                                                                                                                                        4. If her eyes are blue as skies.
The condition of our district-owned re-
                                                                                                                                        5. She’s my sweetheart; I’m her beau.
cording equipment was reported, and
                                                                                                                                        6. She’s my steady lady, most everyone
the fact that at this time we have no one
to set up and operate the equipment at
                                                                                                                                        7. She was my bonnie bride.
the different contest venues. As a re-
                                                                                                                                        8. You’re my kind of gal.
sult of this discussion, the board ap-

                                              Millennium Appears at “East Coast Summit”
                                                                                                                                        9. He done her wrong.
proved the following motion;
                                                                                                                                        10. If she don’t hear from me, I’m in jail.
     “. . . To inform the HOD in Octo-
                                                                                                                                        11. She has uncles and cousins by the
ber that the district cannot afford to sup-    by Jessika Diamond, Varsity Vocals, CASA East Coast Summit Commmittee                        dozens.
port recording. It will be suspended for                       with additional input from Don Gooding                                   12. No one has a shade on this gal.
2001, and the problem will be studied
                                                                                                                                        13. She’ll be comin’ ‘round the
and reported on at a later board meet-             MBNA college quartet champs,                   So, on behalf of the East Coast
                                                                                                                                             mountain when she comes.
ing.”                                         Millennium, appeared at CASA’s an-             Summit committee, thanks to Brian
                                                                                                                                        14. What ever she wants, she gets.
     One concern is the outlay of sev-        nual East Coast Summit in Boston the           Lynch (of Kenosha) for the idea of send-
                                                                                                                                        15. She’s sweet on me.
eral thousand dollars to purchase suit-       last weekend of October. CASA is the           ing Millennium to the Summit, and
                                                                                                                                        16. Mission bells tell of my love.
able up-to-date equipment that will pro-      Contemporary A Cappella Society.               Crystal Miller and Reed for making it
                                                                                                                                        17. I just found joy with her.
vide quality results. As with most high-           But first, they headlined the Mouth       happen. I’d like to thank the guys for
                                                                                                                                        18. I’m home again without a sweetheart.
tech electronic equipment today, its          of the Charles college show on Friday.         coming and being fabulously easy to
                                                                                                                                        19. Oh, oh, oh what a gal.
value would depreciate rapidly and our        As excited as I was (even bullying the         deal with. I also want to thank bass
                                                                                                                                        20. Why can’t you be true?
initial investment would quickly disap-       other MotC organizers to get Millen-           Sydney Liback, in particular, for be-
                                                                                                                                        21. You picked a fine time to leave me.
pear.                                         nium the closing slot) I was also a little     ing a good sport when I insisting on
                                                                                                                                        22. But society would call her this.
     Another concern is using district        nervous. In the many college shows I           dragging him out onto the dance floor
                                                                                                                                        23. She was the tattooed lady.
funds that belong to all of us to provide     see, there’s little, if any, barbershop, and   at 2 a.m. just so I could say I’d danced
a service that will not benefit our total     what little there is, is usually “barber-      with a member of Millennium.               Answers are on page 17.
membership, or at least, a significant        shop-esque” stuff by octets, not true
majority. There is no question that the       barbershop. The other groups that night
tapes are an extremely useful tool to our     were larger (eight to 16 people) pop
competitors. But there would always           groups from Boston, and the audience
be a fair number of barbershoppers,           was mostly “contemporary” fans or
maybe as many as half of our total mem-       friends and families of the groups. And
bership, who would receive no benefit         we were bringing in a Missouri barber-
from such a program. As a district, we        shop quartet none of them knew.
must do as much as we can to invest                Most of the college audience has
funds into programs that serve all or         had little exposure to real barbershop,
most of our members. In the past, our         so we had NO idea how it would go
beloved members in the Sunrise Divi-          down. But after they finished their first
sion have not benefitted from this ser-       song, Jezebelle, the applause was so
vice due to travel restraints and the         loud, so heartfelt, so vehement, I felt a
regulations of Canadian customs.              physical impact from the energy. Their
     Then there is the issue of finding       second song got a standing ovation,
someone with the time, talent and de-         only the second or third of the night,
sire to store, haul, set up and operate       though they were the eighth group to
the equipment at our distant contest
venues, or to contract these services to
                                              go on. They (forgive the pun) struck
                                              just the right chord, mixing contestable                                 Concord Ad
an outside vendor.                            tunes with covers like Hooked on a
     Most recently, we have been served       Feeling, and showed an amazing ver-
by the generosity of Pat Ulmen and his        satility, talent and creativity.
assistants from the Nashua chapter. Pat            I was sitting in the balcony but I
donated his personal equipment and            have it on good authority that the floor
time to provide A/V coverage at our           was littered with the other groups’ jaws.
2000 conventions, primarily to serve his      I don’t know what kind of conversations
chapter, but also to help assure conti-       they had with the other groups, but what
nuity in the district’s program.              some of us heard were things like, “That
     I have been asked to chair a study       was SO cool!” and “We didn’t know
committee that will seek input from the       that could be so much fun.”
NED chapters and its membership, and               Don Gooding caught a bit of the
bring a recommendation to the BOD             seminar they did with Michael Mar-
next year. You can help the committee         tin, which launched the Saturday events
in its deliberations by submitting any        at 10a.m. “It was really interesting, “he
ideas you have on the subject to me at        said,” to have young a cappella rockers
my e-mail address: ernejo@aol.com.            (spiked hair, many piercings) asking
                                              questions about barbershop.”
Page 4                                                                          Winter, 2000

HOD Rejects Chorus List Your Event on Chapter Reports                                                                                   Harmony .oundation
Champion Proposal Boston A Cappella         by John Rusk
                                           NED Secretary
                                                                                                                                                   by Scott Saladin
       by Greg Caetano
  NED VP, Music and Performance                    One of the biggest problems we              At the Fall District House of Del-             The Fall season always tends to
                                              have is letting the public know of our      egates meeting, the District Secretary,       bring with it a bit of school days nos-
     In the last issue of the Nor’easter,     activities. Here’s a web site we recently   John Rusk, announced that the Chap-           talgia. We remember our own first day
I described a piece of legislation regard-    found that maintains a calendar of a        ter Achievement Report the chapters           of school and the involvement we had
ing the Chorus Champion Standout pro-         cappella activities in southern New         have been submitting for several years        with all the activities surrounding our
cess which was to be considered by the        England.                                    is no longer required. Only nine chap-        education. It also takes us back to the
HOD. The proposal would have sepa-            http://www.egroups.com/group/boston-        ters have sent nine reports so far this       time when we were students, learning
rated the NED chorus champion from            acappella                                   year and only 32 have sent even one           something that would (hopefully) serve
the NED chorus representative to the                                                      report. Here are the results:                 us well in the years to come. However,
International Convention.                                                                           Reports            Chapters         upon leaving school, too many people
     The HOD met in October during                 A virtuoso is a musician                             1                   2           step out of the student role and stop tak-
the fall District Convention in Montreal.          with really high morals.                             2                   2           ing advantage of the learning opportu-
After some very good discussion on                                                                      3                   4           nities that come our way everyday.
both sides of the issue regarding                                                                       4                   1           Sometimes, that opportunity is simply
whether or not this proposal would
work in the NED, spawn the appropri-          Barbershop on the Net                                     5
                                                                                                                                        a new way of doing something which
                                                                                                                                        requires a change in perspective.
ate level of competition amongst the               by Jim Styer, Battle Creek                           7                   5                 The “how-to” of supporting our
chapters, fit our current contest cycle               found on the Internet                             8                   7           charitable mission through the Har-
vs. the four other districts that have this                                                             9                   9           mony Foundation General Fund is one
policy, and uphold the honor of the title         The longest-running barbershop               This response does not give the dis-     such learning opportunity. It is a way
of District Champion, the HOD voted           show on radio is now on the net. Battle     trict enough information to assess the        of seeing how we can be instrumental
this proposal down.                           Creek chapter member Dick Campbell          status of the chapters, which was the         in changing thousands of lives. The
     It was terrific to see the level of      has taped a half-hour program every         original intent of the report. All the        prerequisite is that we are able to ad-
concern by the HOD members. Brian             week for more than 16 years. It airs        chapters that have been sending reports       just our perspective of how we give. In-
O’Leary, L&R chair, kept the discus-          at 7:30 every Sunday morning on             are thanked for their efforts. Your Sec-      stead of focusing our attention on one
sion organized and orderly. Thanks to         WRCC in Battle Creek. It is now also        retary would appreciate receiving cop-        favored service project, we need to be
the delegates for doing the research and      being streamed live on http://              ies of chapter bulletins to provide some      able to step back and see the larger pic-
sharing their opinions of their chapters.     www.battlecreekradio.com/WRCC/ —            sense of what the chapters are doing.         ture. Without support of all our worthy
                                                                                          Some discussion has been held on a            projects, we become short-sighted, ul-
                                                                                          possible much simpler report that could       timately limiting our effectiveness. The
                                                                                          be sent via e-mail, but that wouldn’t         “community chest” idea of supporting
                                                                                          start until next year, if at all.             all of our service projects through gifts
  Hot off the Presses!                                                                         So, thanks to the chapters that have
                                                                                          responded. The chapter secretaries
                                                                                                                                        to the General Fund is simply a broad-
                                                                                                                                        ening of our perspective which will al-
  The Nashua Chapter’s first CD                                                           (present or new for 2001) are requested       low us to have an impact on the lives of

    Ain't That A Kick In The Head!
                                                                                          to send to the District Secretary, John       literally thousands of people.
                                                                                          Rusk (e-mail=jjrusk@aol.com) a good                 The Waterbery-Derby, CT. Chap-
                                                                                          e-mail address or two to provide a con-       ter has already earned high marks in the
                                                                                          tact with their chapter.                      area of our charitable mission through
                                                                                                                                        their support of the General Fund. This
                                                                                                                                        chapter is leading our district in their
                                                                                                                                        donations to the Harmony Foundation
                                                                                                                                        General Fund. With just a few months

                                                                                          New Ad Rates                                  left in 2000, these men are teaching oth-
                                                                                                                                        ers that by working together to support
                                                                                               To bring Nor’easter advertising          the charitable mission of the Barber-
     .eaturing The Granite Statesmen Chorus,                                              charges closer to those of other district     shop Society, we can all continue to . . .
                                                                                          bulletins around the country, we’ve ad-       Sing . . . for life.
            (1999 NED Chorus Champions), with
                                                                                          justing our rates.
      added selections from Northeast Connection
                                                                                                             Old      New
             (1996 NED Quartet Champions) and                                             Ad Size            Rates    Rates                 MUSIC DIRECTOR
        Club NED (1999 NED Quartet Champions)                                             Full-Page          $450     $375                The Scituate Chapter of
                                                                                          2/3 Page           $300     $255
                                                                                                                                          SPEBSQSA is looking for
                                              Cost: CD, $15; Cassette, $10,               1/2 Page           $225     $195
                                              plus $3 Shipping and Handling               1/3 Page           $150     $135                a new Director. We are a
                                                       (U.S. .unds)                       1/4 Page           $112.50 $105                 chorus of 26 singing mem-
                                                                                          1/8 Page            $56.25   $60                bers with an active BOD
                                                                                          Business card       $30      $30                and Music Team. We are
                                                   Please send orders to:
                                                                                          Column (2.25” W) per In.
                                                  The Granite Statesmen
                                                                                                                $9   $10.50               looking for a Director to
                                                        P Box 3880                                                                        join our leadership team
                                                     Nashua,, NH 03061                         These are rates for commercial ads,
                                              Or call The GS Harmony Hotline
                                                                                                                                          and help take us forward
                                                                                          even if placed by a SPEBSQSA mem-
                                                      at (603) 886-SING                   ber. Ads for SPEBSQSA activities or             musically. Interested per-
                                                                                          groups will still be entitled to a 1/3 dis-     sons, please call 508-587-
                                               Send Check or Money Order,
                                              Mastercard and Visa Accepted:
                                                                                          count. Post Office regulations require          6201.
                                                                                          that ads be related to barbershopping.
                                                                              Winter, 2000                                                                   Page 5

The Pype Line                               every age group just waiting to be in-
                                            vited. So......DO IT, DO IT, DO IT. It’s
     by Donald W. Pyper, SBM                as easy as ONE, TWO, THREE.                         MANCHESTER SILK CITY CHORUS PRESENTS:

      Let me first thank you all for your
                                                If you have any questions about                             “TIME IN A BOX!”
                                            what’s happenin’, please contact me at
great hospitality at the fall convention    dpyper@lweb.net or 519-782-4425. Or                                          featuring
in Montreal. I’d like to thank Mike         write to me at 4564 East Road, Port
Strianese for making arrangments for        Stanley, Ont., Canada N5L 1A7
Ruth and me. We had a great time,
topped off by a wonderful outdoor party                                                                                                    from Missouri
on the streets of Montreal that Bob
Guiggey arranged for us all. We won’t
                                                                                                                                           1993 International
soon forget waiting on the 15th floor
of the Queen Elizabeth hotel for the
                                            Society Approves                                                                               Gold Medallist
                                                                                                                                           Quartet Champion
crowd on the stairs below us to clear so
we could “evacuate the building!”
                                            Dues Increase                                                                                  *in their only New
                                                                                                                                           England appearance
     Bob and Gloria, Ruth and I waited          from SPEBSQSA’s Live Wire
in the cold long enough and then scur-
ried up two blocks to the Sheraton to             At its meeting during this year’s
lounge in their lobby. Bob and I walked     Leadership Forum, November 2-5, the
                                            Society Board approved the next incre-
                                                                                               GAS HOUSE GANG*
the streets to the Second Cup coffee
house on Cathcart Street amidst a cowd      ment of dues increase of $5, to be ef-
of night crawlers. About 3:30 a.m. we       fective with December 31, 2000 mem-
ventured back to the Q.E.H. and tried       bership renewals.
to get some sleep before the HOD meet-            The incremental increases were ap-
ing at 8 a.m. the next morning. You         proved in 1998, with the first increment
                                            taking effect December 31, 1998. At            from Maryland and Virginia,
sure know how to throw a party. Well,
all’s well that ends well, and we will      that time, then President Ed Waesche               1999 International
remember this one for some time.            sent a letter to each member explaining          Semi-finalist Quartet
     Later that morning it looked like we   the need for the projected increases.
didn’t have enough for the Joe Barber-      There are two substantial needs: to com-
shopper (mike testing) Chorus so, upon      pensate for increases in the cost of do-
invitation to the crowd just before the     ing business and to offset declining
contest at 11:30 a.m., a large group of     membership.
singers assembled on the stage and we             While no one likes to see costs in-                                                   PREMIERE
winged it to a standing ovation. My         crease, the need is clear for the fiscal
thanks as director to the NEDMEN who        well-being of your Society. But equally                                   also featuring
answered the call to sing once more and     clear is the fact that Society member-
made this a good time for all.              ship remains one of the greatest bar-
     My congratulations to Steve            gains available. No other hobby—and
Tramack and the Granite Statesmen           it is a hobby—offers members such tre-
Chorus for a super performance on           mendous personal growth, camarade-
stage. I guess I know where my sup-         rie, family involvement, and pure en-
port will go in Nashville. Congratula-      joyment for such a nominal annual cost.
                                                  Questions or comments should be                                                       UCONN’s only all-male
tions, also, to the new quartet champs,
                                            directed to Society Board members.                                                          a cappella group
Overdrive. It would seem they have
what it takes to follow in the footsteps    Their names and addresses are listed in
of a great quartet, The Ritz.               each issue of The Harmonizer and on
                                            the Society web site at:
     I have just returned from the an-      <http://www.spebsqsa.org/roster>
nual gathering of the society leadership,
in Racine, Wisconsin. This is the pre-                                                  A COMPLETELY DI..ERENT NOTE
miere event of the year when all 16 dis-
tricts send their boards of directors to                                                                              along with the
learn more about the successes of the
organization. It’s a great feeling to mix   10 ft. Off the Ground?                              MANCHESTER SILK CITY CHORUS*
and mingle with the leadership teams                  by Philip Richards
from all over the continent and sing,                found on the Internet                       Saturday, January 20, 2001 at 1:30 PM and 7:30 PM
sing, sing together and work together.                                                     MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL, 134 EAST MIDDLE TURNPIKE
     The Society Board also meets at             The Westchester Chordsmen re-                             MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT
this time and sets a pace for the next      cently performed at the Windows on the       Afternoon Prices: $12.00 Regular Admission, $10.00 Seniors/Students
few year(s). The sluggish membership        World Club on the 106th floor of the          Evening Prices: $14.00 Regular Admission, $11.00 Seniors/Students
growth is causing us to examine the         World Trade Center, NYC. Has any                                 Afterglow Ticket Price: $14.00
budeting process with a sharp eye. We       other chorus sung further off the           (Orders received by Dec. 15 - $2.00 off reg. prices except Afterglow tickets)
were able to pare down the expenses         ground, not counting airplanes. Of                     .or Ticket order/info, please write, call, or e-mail:
and arrive at a decent budget figure for    course, lots of Western choruses sing
the year 2001. We will survive this         at higher altitudes all the time, but I’m    Write: Silk City Chorus                Call:    860-529-3664
number crunching, with all of us work-      talking about distance above ground                 c/o Pete Arico
ing together on the task of inviting new    level. The only unique part of the ex-              28 Maxwell Drive                E-mail: janlam314@aol.com
people to this great hobby.                 perience save the fantastic view, was               Rocky Hill, CT 06067
     Every year the population stats        singing in the elevators coming down               * Visit us at our web site: www.nedistrict.org/silkcity chorus
show that we have a whole new crop of       and trying to keep the ears unclogged.
Page 6                                                                        Winter, 2000

Mountain Division                            local quartets entertained, and the two
                                             choruses did a joint number. Many
                                                                                           The Great Northern Harmony Workshop will be held on Febru-
                                                                                        ary 3, 2001 at Université de Montréal, 200 Ave. Vincent-d’Indy,
News                                         barbershoppers from other chapters
                                             were in the audience, from Eastern and
                                                                                        Montreal, Quebec. Registration opens at 8:00 am.
     compiled by Carl Phillips,              Central Mass. as well as New York,             Choruses wishing to be coached must have their request to Steven
     Mountain Division Reporter              mostly to hear Platinum—but they said      Wheaton before November 30, 2000. This can be done by phone to 450-
                                             the two choruses were great.               462-3713 or by e-mail to: swheato@ca.ibm.com. Chorus directors can choose
    My thanks to Jerry Walter,                    An Open House later in Septem-        their coach on a first- come first-served basis.
Murray Phillips, John Rusk, Rich             ber brought in eight guests, and two of        For members of choruses being coached, please choose a Half-day Class
Gervais, and Fred Schonenberg for            them returned the next week. Since         and Chorus Coaching. A form for each member of the chorus must be sub-
providing the chapter inputs below.          then, we have performed several times      mitted with registrations.
                                             for the local Elder Hostel group, and          For quartets from choruses being coached, please choose both Chorus
Burlington Chapter: The Burlington           are preparing for the fall contest in      Coaching and Quartet Coaching. This will give quartets a chance to be
Chapter continues its expansion and has      Montreal. Our schedule for the rest of     coached with their chorus and have two sessions of their own. Quartets must
added nine new members this year.            the year includes more Elder Hostels,      register before January 1, 2001. All quartets will have at least one session
Activities included several paid pack-                                                  with a member of Gas House Gang as time permits.
                                             three nursing homes, the Red Lion Inn
                                                                                            For registrants not registering with a chorus or quartet, please choose
age shows and two appearances at Ver-        in Stockbridge, MA, and Pittsfield’s
                                                                                        two half-day classes.
mont Expos baseball games, where we          First Night.
sang the national anthem. Fall events                                                   Karen Rourke: How to Sing Better - Advanced
were highlighted with our 17th annual        Schenectady Chapter: The Electric               Karen is the director of The Sounds of Concord chorus. She is among
retreat weekend at the oldest continu-       City Chorus has taken great pride in en-   the top vocal technique specialists in the northeast and has a degree in Music
ously operating boys camp, Camp              tertaining audiences around the Capi-      specializing in voice. This is an interactive class with some one-on-one work.
Keewaydin, with guest coach Jay              tal District Area. Our summer pro-         This class is limited to 15 students in the morning and 15 students in the
Butterfield.                                 grams at various outdoor venues were       afternoon.
     Our contest chorus grew by 20%          well attended, and the audiences,
to 35 members, as we retained our sev-       whether on a library lawn or in a public   Chris Arnold: How to Sing Better
enth place position in the recent Dis-                                                      Chris is from The Ontario District and has taught many times at the Ontario
                                             park, showed great appreciation for the
                                                                                        District School. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Music and Education. This is
trict contest.                               chorus’ efforts. The chorus quartets
                                                                                        an interactive class with some one-on-one work. This class is limited to 15
     End of the year events will include     added to the entertainment and were al-
                                                                                        students in the morning and 15 students in the afternoon.
several singouts, the fourth annual joint    ways busy spreading “barbershopping
Holiday Barbershop Show with Har-            good-news.” With the Holiday season        Mark Lewis: How to Sing Better - Advanced
mony Incorporated choruses, The              fast approaching, the chorus is busily          Mark is well known throughout the Northeast. He has a Bachelor’s de-
Champlain Echoes and the Barre-              preparing for our seasonal sing-outs.      gree in Music, specializing in voice, from Concordia University. This is an
Tones, and a performance on Vermont               A highlight of the chorus concerts    interactive class with some one-on-one work. This class is limited to 15 stu-
Vocal Foundation’s concert, RAISING          has been our annual collaboration with     dents in the morning and 15 students in the afternoon.
VOICES, December 9, featuring sev-           the ladies of the River Valley Chorus.
eral local a cappella groups.                                                           Michael Martin: How to Sing Better
                                             This concert is always a treat for both
                                                                                             Michael is the tenor in the Management. He has a Master’s degree in
                                             choruses, and the audience especially
                                                                                        Music and, until recently, was a high school music teacher. This is an interac-
Greater Montreal Chapter: The Greater        liked the duet finale, a specially ar-
                                                                                        tive class with some one-on-one work. This class is limited to 15 students in
Montreal Chapter has had a busy fall         ranged duet of I Wonder Why and            the morning and 15 students in the afternoon.
and will be having a busy winter as well.    You’re Not Sick, You’re Just in Love.
We were the hosts for the 2000 District      Ethel Merman, eat your heart out.          Club NED: Quartet Experience
Convention and Contest. In addition               The chorus attended the district           Club NED is the 1999 Northeastern District Champions. Tenor Brett
to preparing for the contest, we had a       competition with specific goals in mind.   Penkul is the youngest member of the Club, but he isn’t short on experience.
good time providing the hospitality side     Although our director was unable to at-    Brett has sung in quartets such as district finalists Three Good Looking
of a very entertaining weekend. It was       tend, we still exceeded our goal under     Guys, Pure Style and By Storm. Lead Al St. Louis has sung in various
a preview in miniature of the Interna-       the guidance of Assistant Directors Leo    quartets over the years including 1987 district champion, From The Heart.
tional Convention and contest coming         Mailhotte and Rich Gervais. Al-            Al also sings with the 1999 NED chorus champions, the Nashua Granite
our way in 2003. We can’t promise that       though the chorus had a slightly longer    Statesmen. Bass Ken Kopka has sung in numerous district finalist quartets;
there will be a fire—but there will be a     commute to the contest venue, we got       among them are Potential Favorites, Our Gang, and Men From Earth.
hot time in Montreal! We will be look-       a good night’s sleep Friday night and      Steve Tramack sings baritone, the left over notes. Steve also directs the
ing for your help to make it the best        met the challenge with clear heads and     four-time and current NED chorus champions, Nashua Granite Statesmen,
International ever. Plan now to take a       lungs. The chorus evaluations have set     and has become one of the most respected coaches in the NED, Harmony
week of vacation and spend it with us                                                   Inc., and SAI-Region 1. Steve is the musical genius in the Club and fre-
                                             the bar and the Electric City Chorus is
                                                                                        quently coaches and “re-arranges” from within the quartet. This class is for
making the world welcome to NED              now charged with enthusiasm to meet
                                                                                        anyone who wonders how to get a quartet started, how a quartet practices,
hospitality.                                 new goals.
                                                                                        gets paid, manages finances, coaching and schedules, how to pick music
     Christmas and Chanukah singouts
                                                                                        etc. Quartets will be made up in the class to show how different voices fit
will keep the chorus and quartets in         Troy Chapter: The Uncle Sam Chorus         together and some just won’t fit. It will be a fun and informative class.
good voice. On December 6, the Is-           performed at the 150th celebration of
land City Chorus will be the featured        Oakwood Cemetery, the resting place        Larry Bean: Sight Reading
entertainers at the St. Patrick’s Basilica   of “Uncle Sam” Wilson, and in North            Larry is the lead for The Management quartet. He was a high school
Christmas Show. We are looking for-          Adams’, MA, Fall Foliage Festival Pa-      music educator in Maine and has participated in many youth outreach semi-
ward to it.                                  rade. USC Director Judy Huff will di-      nars. He now works in the computer field. This class is geared toward sight-
                                             rect the Troy Chapter’s third annual       reading barbershop music but the techniques can be applied to all types of
Pittsfield Chapter: We had a very suc-       “Holiday Harmony” show December            music. Participants will learn what all the marks are on a piece of sheet
cessful show in September. The the-          10 at Troy Savings Music Hall,. It will    music as well as basic reading techniques.
ater was sold out and several people had     feature Overdrive and the 20 piece
                                                                                        Chris Peterson: Chorus Directing
to be told, “No Room!” Platinum              Swing Docs band. First Night has               Chris is in his third year at Florida State University as a doctoral student
wowed the audience and the Sweet             booked the Master Blend Barbershop         in Choral Music Education. He graduated from the University of Southern
Adeline Berkshire Hills Chorus sang          quartet into Albany’s City Hall rotunda    Maine in 1988 with a BA in both vocal and instrumental education, and he
like angels. They were in top form. The      for New Year’s Eve.                        taught choral music in Maine for nine years before earning his Master’s De-
                                                                             Winter, 2000                                                                                            Page 7

gree in Choral Conducting from the University of Maine in 1998. This class
is for anyone who has ever stepped in front of a chorus, as well as anyone                 GREAT NORTHERN HARMONY WORKSHOP 2001
who thinks they might like to or be called to get up and direct a group. The                           February 3, 2001
sessions will focus on the effect that conductor gesture has on the sound,
intonation, tone quality, synchronization, and musicality of the singing of a
                                                                                            Complete the registration below and mail with full payment to:
chorus, and the ways that all directors can become more aware of these                                               Steven Wheaton,
effects.                                                                                   4135 Tracy, St. Hubert, Quebec, J3Y 6K8; phone 450-462-3713
                                                                                                     From U.S. you must affix sufficient postage
Linda Janes: The Power of Presentation                                                              Make cheque payable to: Island City Chorus.
    The class will review and analyze both the visual and vocal elements that
                                                                                                Partial payments and deposits will not be registered.
can be used when performing. Using videos of both choruses and quartets,
the group will discuss what was effectively used and what could be done to                   Only registrations with e-mail addresses will be confirmed.
improve the performances. How to make improvements will be addressed                                   Please supply all requested information.
both through coaching techniques and through the development of plans for                               It relates to serving you better. Thanks!
songs. Linda has been Director of two Harmony Choruses: Montreal Chapter
and Barre-Tones, Inc. for eight years. She earned three international chorus                        Full Tuition is $37.00 U.S. / $55.00 Cdn. Per Person
championship medals as a member of Champlain Echoes. She also earned                                  $44.00 U.S. / $65.00 Cdn. after January 1, 2001
an international quartet championship medal as a baritone in Limited Edi-                             No refunds can be issued after January 20, 2001
tion (1995). She has been a certified Presentation Judge since 1990.

Mike Maino: MC’ing and Stage Speaking                                                                                      CHOOSE CLASSES
     Mike, bass of Road Show, has spent almost 40 years of his life immersed
in the world of barbershop singing. Quartetting since his early teens, Mike             Half Day Classes (Select two or Quartet Coaching.
has been in several District Championship quartets: the Four Scores in 1970,            Times will be determined by class size and type)
the Great Chord Conspiracy in 1976 and the 1988 Champs Prime Alli-                      Course                              Instructor
ance. Both he and Mike Gabriella were also in Grandstand Vocal Band                        MC’ing and Stage Speaking            Mike Maino
which finished in the Top 20 at the International level. When not singing
                                                                                           Directing                            Chris Peterson
bass, Mike is often the guest Master of Ceremonies at many shows and com-
petitions around the country.                                                              Presentation Power                   Linda Janes
                                                                                           How to Sing Better                   Chris Arnold,
Steve Plumb: How to Coach                                                                                                       Michael Martin
    This class will cover the general aspects of coaching, short-term coach-               How to Sing Better - Advanced        Karen Rourke, Mark Lewis
ing (Typically at schools, Top Guns, etc.), and the long-term coaching rela-
                                                                                           Sight Reading                        Larry Bean
tionship. Steve joined the Society in 1958 with the Burlington, VT chapter
and helped found the Poughkeepsie, NY, chapter where he was a co-director.                 How to Coach                         Steve Plumb
He directed the Burlington Chapter and the Poughkeepsie Chapter for 19                     Quartet Experience                   Club NED
years. He has been a judge since 1975, certifying first in Interpretation, then            Quartet Coaching                     Gas House Gang & others.
in Presentation. Steve was a Category Specialist in both categories and the                Chorus Coaching                      Director’s Choice
chairman of the Society Contest and Judging Committee. He has been a
member of the Harmony College coaching faculty since 1984.                                                   INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION
   Faculty members on hand to coach quartets and choruses will be:                                       NOT FOR QUARTETS BEING COACHED
Mike Gabriella, Brian O’Leary, Kirk Young, Ken Abbott, Rick Spencer,
David Wright, Sandi Wright, June Dale, Gas House Gang (Kip Buckner,                     Name                                                  Voice part: T            L     Br     Bs
Richard Knight, Jim Henry, Rob Henry.)                                                  Address
                                                                                        City, Prov / State, Postal / Zip
DIRECTIONS TO SCHOOL:                                                                   Chapter / Chorus Name
    From the west of Montreal, 401 east or 417 east to 40 east. Exit the 40
                                                                                        Home Telephone (         )                            E-Mail
at 15 sud (south). Exit 15 sud at Queen Mary/Cote St. Luc (approx. 2 km.).
Turn left on Eduard-Monpetit, the first light. Turn left to go north on the Decarie
service road. Turn right on Côte-Ste-Catherine (the first light). Follow Côte-                                   QUARTET REGISTRATION
Ste-Catherine to Vincent-d’Indy (approx. 2 km). Turn right on Vincent-d’Indy                                   NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL CLASSES
and go to the top of the hill.
    From New York, take I-87 which becomes 15 nord (north) in Canada to                 Quartet Name                   Chapter(s)
the Champlain Bridge.                                                                   Tenor’s Name                      Lead’s Name
    From Vermont, take I-89 which becomes 133 nord (north) in Canada to
                                                                                        Bari’s Name                       Bass’s Name
35 nord. Take 35 nord to 10 ouest (west). Take 10 ouest to the Champlain
Bridge.                                                                                 Who is Contact Person? T L Br Bs Contact Phone (  )
    From Maine & New Hampshire, take I-91 which becomes 55 nord (north)                 Contact Address
in Canada to 10 ouest (west). Take 10 ouest to the Champlain Bridge.                                                      E-Mail
    Common Directions from Champlain Bridge: Take the Champlain                         What Experience Level?    None  Novice     Int.  Adv.
Bridge (15 nord) and continue on 15 nord. Take Exit for Cote St. Luc / Queen
Mary Rd. Turn right on Côte-Ste-Catherine (the 3rd light after Queen Mary).
Follow Côte-Ste-Catherine to Vincent-d’Indy (approx. 2 km). Turn right on             8:00 - 9:00 ............................................................................. Registration
Vincent-d’Indy and go to the top of the hill.                                         8:30 - 9:00 ................................ General Session, Welcome and Warm-up
                                                                                      9:00 - 12:00 ................................................... Chorus Coaching & Classes
ACCOMMODATIONS:                                                                       9:00 - 10:30 ............................................... Quartet Coaching First Session
    We have arranged rooms at the Chateau Royale Suites at 1420 Crescent              10:30 - 12:00 ........................................ Quartet Coaching Second Session
Street, Montreal, PQ H3C 2B7, Canada, (514) 848-0999. They are $81.00                 12:00 - 13:00     ................................................................................... Lunch
CDN per suite with 2 double beds.                                                     13:00 - 14:00 ................................................................... General Session
    From the hotel to the school, turn right on Réné Levésque Blvd and then           14:00 - 17:00 ................................................. Chorus Coaching & Classes
right on Guy. Guy becomes Côte des Neiges when it crosses Sherbrooke.                 14:00 - 15:30 ............................................ Quartet Coaching Third Session
Continue on Côte des Neiges until Côte-Ste-Catherine and turn right. Follow           15:30 - 17:00 .......................................... Quartet Coaching Fourth Session
Côte-Ste-Catherine to Vincent-d’Indy (approx. 2 km). Turn right on Vincent-           17:00 - 18:00 ............................ Wrap-up & Parade of Quartets & Choruses
d’Indy and go to the top of the hill.                                                                                                               Three Societies’ Theme Songs
Page 8                                                                      Winter, 2000

Who Sings Lead?                           C: I’m not asking you what is the name
                                             of the guy singing lead.                 Granite And Pine Doings                         To use this tool, go to: http://pages.
          by David Rooney                 A: No, What is the name of the guy                    by Roger Arend,                  Then using the circle of keys, click on
                                             singing tenor.                                      Staff Reporter                  the fundamental tone (Bb works fine),
C: Hey, A! Do you know any Barber-        C: I don’t know.                                                                       then use the shift key and click on the
   shop groups I could sing with?         A: He sings bass.                                The big news from Granite and         third (D), the fifth (F) and the seventh
A: Yes I do—the Baseball Chorus.          C: You got a baritone?                      Pine Division is how well our entries      (Ab/G#). Next, click the repeat button
C: Do they have any quartets?             A: Now how could it be a quartet            did at the District Convention in          below the circle to get continuing rep-
A: Sure! Their best quartet is called        without a baritone?                      Montreal.                                  etition. Then choose the type of tuning
   the Infielders.                        C: The baritone’s name?                          As most of you know, the Granite      by clicking on one of the selections in
C: Can you tell me their names?           A: Tomorrow.                                Statesmen repeated as District Cham-       the left column (Even, Just,
A: Sure. Who sings lead, What sings       C: When?                                    pions and will represent the NED at the    Pythagorean, etc.).
   tenor, I-don’t-know sings bass . .     A: When ‘what’?                             International Convention in Nashville           Listen carefully to the sight waver-
C: Can’t you tell me their names?         C: When tomorrow are you gonna tell         this summer. This is the third NED         ing in volume that is the beat frequen-
A: I am telling you. Who sings lead,         me who sings baritone?                   championship in the last four years for    cies. Ignore the slight change in over-
   What sings tenor, I-don’t-know         A: For the last time, Who does not sing     the chorus from Nashua. The most           all chord pitch; that is just the way the
   sings bass . . .                          baritone, Who si—                        improved chorus award went to the          site works. Note that there is essentially
C: Look, I want to know their names       C: If you say ‘Who sings lead,’ I’ll        Yankee Clipper Chorus from Ports-          no wavering for Just intonation, some
   so I can say Hi when I meet them.         break your arm.                          mouth, and the Portland Downeasters        for the Even tempered, and lots for the
A: That’s what I’m telling you.           A: I can’t change the singers’ parts.       did well by finishing in the top ten.      Pythagorean.
C: Then tell me the name of the guy       C: Then what is the name of the guy              In the quartet competition, Over-          I don’t think anybody has ever hit
   singing lead.                             that sings bass?                         drive, with representatives from Con-      a barbershop chord with Pythagorean
A: Who.                                   A: No, What is the name of the guy          cord and Nashua, finished first by 26      tuning on purpose. They may try to do
C: The lead singer.                          that sings tenor.                        points over Minor Adjustments. Mi-         that to get the third tone sung high
A: Who.                                   C: I’m not asking you who sings tenor.      nor Adjustments hails from Laconia         enough, but all that does is get to the
C: The lead in the quartet!               A: No, Who sings lead.                      and Nashua. Look for these two quar-       Just intonation third that works so well
A: Who sings lead!                        C: I don’t know.                            tets to provide strong competition for     by counteracting the natural tendency
C: Whaddaya asking me for?                A&C: Sings bass.                            Northeast Connection and Club NED          to sing flat.
A: I’m not asking you, I’m telling you.   C: I’m a pretty good bass myself, and       at the spring competition. Aren’t the
C: Then what is the name of the guy          I’d like to sing with the Infielders.    Granite Statesmen represented on both
   that sings lead?                       A: Well, I might be able to arrange it.     of those quartets, too?
A: No, What is the name of the guy        C: So, the Infielders quartet is per-            Hanover has had a busy fall with      Reminiscence—
   that sings tenor.
C: I’m not asking you who sings tenor.
                                             forming, and I’m singing bass.
                                          A: Okay.
                                                                                      shows in Waits River, Windsor, and
                                                                                      Springfield, Vermont, and Hanover and      Christmas In Tokyo
A: No, Who sings lead.                    C: The first song is ‘I’ll Fly Away.’       Lebanon, New Hampshire. The show                 Here’s another story excerpted from
C: Look, do you know the names of            I do the intro, then hand the melody     in Springfield featured Minor Adjust-          Love, Laughter and a Barbershop
   the guys in this quartet?                 off to the lead; so I sing ‘Glory hal-   ments and was presented as part of the         Song, Fred Gielow’s book of nostal-
A: Yes.                                      lelujah, brother.’ Then who gets it?     Southeast Vermont Council on the Arts          gia from the first 40 years of organized
                                                                                                                                     barbershop. It’s by Carl Hancuff of
C: The lead’s name?                       A: Now that’s the first thing you’ve        2000-2001 Concert Series. Mark
                                                                                                                                     the Salt Flats quartet.
A: Who.                                      said right.                              Woods has been chosen as Hanover's
C: The lead in the quartet.               C: I don’t know what I’m saying!            president next year.                            One Christmas season [during the
A: Who sings lead.                        A: But that’s all you have to do–sing            Portland’s Bill Gramley was on the    Viet Nam War] the Salt Flats went to
C: That’s what I wanna know!                 the intro and hand the melody off        stage at the Internationals in Kansas      Tokyo to entertain servicemen in the
A: And that’s what I’m telling you.          to the lead!                             City when he received his 50-year mem-     G.I. hospitals. On Christmas eve, I was
C: Then what is the name of the guy       C: And who gets it?                         bership pin. Congratulations, Bill. The    invited to a party at the home of a mu-
   that sings lead?                       A: Naturally!                               Downeasters have a series of five          sic teacher.
A: No, what is the name of the guy        C: So I sing the intro then hand it off     Christmas concerts scheduled this year,         Everybody there was Japanese ex-
   that sings tenor.                         to Naturally.                            that they hope will help the chapter re-   cept me, and they were all fine musi-
C: I’m not asking you who sings tenor.    A: No you don’t, you hand it off to         cruit new members. As part of the          cians. After we were all served cake,
A: No, Who sings lead.                       Who!                                     chapter’s December 4, meeting, there       each guest performed. It was a terrific
C: Let’s try this again. When the In-     C: Naturally.                               will be an intra-chapter quartet contest   array of talent—pianists, singers, vio-
   fielders quartet performs, who         A: Then say it that way.                    which they use to encourage new quar-      linists. Then all eyes looked expect-
   sings the lead part?                   C: So I sing the intro and hand it off      tets. Ed Poitras will serve as chapter     antly at me. “Now we would like you
A: Every note of it.                         to Naturally.                            president next year.                       to perform.” they said. But I was there
C: Who does?                              A: No you don’t. You hand it off to                                                    alone, without the rest of my quartet.
A: Yes. And he’s always in tune.             Who!                                                                                     “I can’t,” I apologised. “I harmo-
C: Who is?                                C: Naturally.                                                                          nize with other singers in a barbershop
A: Yes.
C: All I want to know is what is the
                                          A: Then say it that way.
                                          C: So I sing the intro and hand it off      Comparative Tuning, or                     quartet. I don’t sing solos.”
                                                                                                                                      The guests exchanged puzzled
   name of the guy that sings lead.
A: No, What is the name of the guy
                                             to the lead—and Who gets it?
                                          A: He better get it! Who’s the lead         Does Pythagorean Work?                     glances. Several collected in a corner,
                                                                                                                                 and after a brief whispered discussion,
   that sings tenor.                         carrying the melody. What’s the                  by Philip Richards                 four of them approached me.
C: I’m not asking you who sings tenor.       name of the guy singing tenor. The              Westchester Chordsmen                    “You will harmonize with us,” they
A: No, Who sings lead.                       baritone part will be sung by To-                                                   said, “and in your honor, because it is
C: I don’t know!                             morrow, and it ends in an e-flat             Stash Rossi of our chapter has dis-    Christmas eve, we will sing Silent
A: He sings bass, we’re not talking          chord.                                   covered a new site on the web that al-     Night.”
   about him.                             C: The next song is ‘Mame’. Why?            lows you to hear the differences be-            There I was, in a foreign country,
C: How did I get to the bass?                I don’t know, he sings bass, and I       tween “Just intonation” tuning (that       harmonizing with four, not three, Japa-
A: You mentioned his name.                   don’t give a darn!                       makes chords ring), “Equal Tempered”       nese singers. We sang Silent Night in
C: If I mentioned his name, who did I     A: What’s that?                             tuning (like the piano), “Pythagorean”     english. Tears flooded down my cheeks,
   say is the guy singing bass?           C: I said, I don’t give a darn!             tuning (which some believe is right for    and I thought, “Oh my God, this is the
A: No, Who is the guy singing lead.       A: Oh, that’s our director!                 singing chords), and several others.       way it ought to be all over the world.”
                                                                                   Winter, 2000                                                                  Page 9

Bolton Landing. . .                          reography. (It helped that there was only
                                             one other competing chorus, a small             We’d Like To Thank
My Story                                     group of Sweet Adelines who sang
                                             great).                                         The Academy . . .
    by T. J. Barranger, Director                  Saturday night brought another
   The SomerTones Somerville, NJ             great show, and the appearance of Re-
       Found on the Harmonet                 vival, the 1998 Champs. They brought
                                             the house down. Then it was on to the
     What images stick in my mind af-        Afterglow at Frederick’s for food and
ter the Bolton Landing Barbershop Fes-       tags, and scraping quartets together for
tival? First, being wowed by the ener-       the Sunday open quartet contest. By
getic performance of Le Dixie-band on        the end of the night, I was in three quar-
Friday night. But probably the most          tets, including one with the festival’s
memorable barbershop experience of           very own Bruce Checca (self-pro-
my life came not in a chorus or quartet      claimed “Chief lackey and bottle
or even while singing at all...              washer”). After that, I actually slept in
     Friday night, after I helped put up     a bed in the motel room for which I’d
the sides of the main tent (the Harmony      spent big bucks. It didn’t smell as good
Dome), Andy Pratt (who founded the           as Andy’s truck, but that’s neither here
event and organizes it every year) told      nor there.
me that there was no one to watch the             Sunday morning brought a sur-
million dollars worth of audio and light-    prise. Without my knowledge, I had
ing equipment overnight. He persuaded        been entered in a fourth quartet. I was
me to spend the night as watchman in         bothered at first, but it was another en-
                                             try in the drawing, and a chance to com-            Overdrive quartet, in gloat mode, surrounds their new district
the tent in his pickup truck. I agreed to
                                             pete in all four parts, all on the same                                 championship trophy.
do it, because 1) I’m stupid, and 2) It
was worth two front row seats to the         day. How many chances do you get to
Saturday afternoon show. I was all           do that? During the contest, we bribed
alone in a big top, in a strange town, in    the judges with a generous quantity of
a strange (but new, and comfy) truck.        liquor, supplied by the tenor in one of
The wind picked up in the middle of          the quartets. I brought along a couple
the night, ruffling the sides of the tent,   six-packs of beer, for added insurance.
and knocking over chairs. I was awak-        We didn’t get the Best Bribe trophy
ened several times that night, but prob-     (Yes, there is one!), but it was still pretty
ably got more sleep than I did the rest      good. That quartet finished highest of
of the weekend.                              my four. We sang Irish Blessing, and
     I woke up early enough on Satur-        not too shabbily, I might add.
day morning to get to the cruise on time.         In my last quartet of the day, two
With a little help from Andy, I was able     of us took fully-loaded water bottles and
to scoot on board the first boat, but not    drenched the illustrious Ed Waesche at
before directing the waiting crowd in a      the judging table. He had targeted one
polecat. The lake was beautiful, but the     of my quartet buds with his water gun
sky was overcast, the wind was blow-         earlier, so revenge was in order. The
ing, the air was bitter cold, and I didn’t   look of helplessness on his face was
know a single person on that boat. Kind      priceless. But the gem of it all was
of a bummer, but the quartets didn’t let     catching one of the judges (who will
it get them down. There was lots of          remain nameless) red-handed, empty-
great singing.                               ing the contents of his water bottle, and
     The Saturday afternoon show was         refilling it up with Smirnov Vodka, left
great. I had my front row VIP seat, as       over from an earlier bribe.
promised. I sat with the likes of Ed              Sunday night brought another awe-
Waesche, David Wright, Tom Felgen,           some show, with ear-tickling perfor-
Hal Purdy, Walter & Marjorie                 mances from Le Dixieband, The Non-
Latzko, and a “Who’s Who” of Soci-           pareils, 4-Star Collection, Reveille,
ety personalities. I was warned that I       Metropolis, Saturday Evening Post,
would be recognized for tent-sitting the     Cornerstone, Power Play, Marquis,
night before. Sure enough, Mike              and Revival. I know I’m forgetting a
Maino (who may not be the world’s            few, but there was just too much good
greatest MC, but is pretty close to it.      stuff to remember everything. A mil-            Steve Tramack, director of the Nashua Granite statesmen, jubilantly
Ya gotta love Freddie King) pointed          lion apologies to those I missed.                          holds the chorus’ trophy high for all to see.
me out to the crowd in the middle of              On we went to the Sunday night
the show and embarrassed the heck out        glow at Frederick’s, where a quartet that
of me by saying, “Stand up and take a        included my friend Jeannie Garrett
bow, TJ.” Ah well, only at Bolton
                                             won the grand prize drawing for the trip
                                             for four to Hawaii! After Frederick’s           Musicians’ Quotes                      Lauritz Melchior: “Regard your voice
                                                                                                                                    as capital in the bank. Sing on your
     After a wild thunderstorm, and the      closed, we moved to the House of                      from Scoops and Swipes,          interest and the voice will last.”
rest of the show, I competed in the cho-     Scott’s, and, with two of my friends,                St. Petersburg, FL, Chapter       Alexander Borodin. “Respectable
rus contest as a tenor in the Harmonet       closed the Bolton Landing Barbershop                                                   people do not write music or make love
Chorus (comprising members of the            Festival at 5:00 in the morning, walk-          Robert Merrill: “When in doubt, sing   as a career.”
Harmonet, the official barbershop e-         ing up the vacant road back to the mo-          loud.”                                 Gustav Mahler: “If you think you’re
mail discussion group). Lo and behold,       tel. Not bad for a Bolton Landing               Donovan: “The softer you sing, the     boring the audience, go slower, not
we won, thanks to some innovative cho-       Rookie, huh?                                    louder you’re heard.”                  faster.”
Page 10                                                                         Winter, 2000

Overdrive             (Cont from page 1)                                                                                               federate Army.
          The year ahead already looks                                                                                                      The following morning, the heart-
busy. It will be great fun coming to sing                                                                                              broken father asked his superiors if he
on your chapter shows over the course                                                                                                  could bury his son with full military
of the next 12 months. We have even                                                                                                    honors despite his enemy status. The
been asked to come sing on the Quincy,                                                                                                 request was denied. The Captain then
Illinois Chapter show next fall! We                                                                                                    asked for members of the Army band
have done a few appearances already                                                                                                    to play a funeral dirge. That request
at high schools, and would love to do                                                                                                  was also denied. But out of sympathy
more. The quartet very much wants to                                                                                                   for the bereaved father, he was allowed
encourage young men to sing. If your                                                                                                   one musician. He chose a bugler and
chapter is just getting started with the                                                                                               asked him to play a series of notes he
Young Men in Harmony Program, con-                                                                                                     had found in his son’s pocket.
sider having us do a school visit.                                                                                                          The wish was granted and the mu-
     Overdrive also wants to share with                                                                                                sic was played at the burial. It the haunt-
as many of you as possible the things                                                                                                  ing melody we now know as Taps.
we have learned over the past couple
years. We want to come help you, your
quartet, or your chorus to sing better and
perform better. The NED offers some
wonderful educational programs. I en-
courage you to take advantage of them.
                                               Apparently caught by surprise, Ray Gross (R) receives Mid-coast
                                               Maine Chapter’s Barbershopper of the Year Award from Chapter
                                                                                                                                       Hiding In Plain Sight
At the society level, Harmony College                President Harvey Moody (L). Congratulations, Ray!                                           by Nick Clooney
is an amazing experience. Our quartet                                                                                                       narrator, Can’t Stop Singing
owes much of its improvement to the                                                                                                    excerpted from the Cincinnati Post of
coaching we got there. It’s now time                                                                                                        8/30 (found on the Internet)
                                             (wedge-shaped symbols) in the Hurrian        of the SPEBSQSA, Inc. The Founda-
for us to give back to you some of the       language, and there is an exact corre-       tion accepts direct transfers of capital
tools we acquired while in St. Joseph,                                                                                                       Isn’t it interesting how entire en-
                                             spondence between the syllables of the       assets such as stocks and bonds to any
MO, learning from the society’s great-                                                                                                 terprises thrive within the larger Ameri-
                                             text and the musical notes.                  of its funds, and can assist with these
est.                                                                                                                                   can culture without the rest of us even
                                                  The find was especially interesting     transfers. If you would like informa-
     This is an exciting time in the NED.                                                                                              being aware of their existence? Not tiny
                                             because it overturned conventional           tion about making a direct transfer of
A renewed interest in good singing and                                                                                                 cottage industries, mind you, but major
                                             views of ancient music, showing that         securities to benefit SPEBSQSA, please
good performing is starting to take our                                                                                                endeavors involving thousands of
                                             the diatonic (seven-note) scale and mu-      contact Development Director Larry
quartets and choruses to a higher level.                                                                                               people and millions of dollars. They
                                             sical harmony were in use more than a        Gilhousen at 1-800-876-SING, exten-
Our district and society leaders are giv-                                                                                              do not wish to hide their light under a
                                             thousand years earlier than was previ-       sion 8448.
ing us opportunities to get to the next                                                                                                bushel. Far from it. They’re surprised
                                             ously thought. Listen to the song and             Working, together, we can help fu-
level. The Young Men in Harmony pro-                                                                                                   their efforts are not on the front page of
                                             read about the different interpretations     ture generations to Sing ... for life.
gram is planting seeds for our future.                                                                                                 every paper and the lead segment of
                                             at: http://members.aol.com/jazzdd/
Overdrive is proud to be part of the                                                                                                   every newscast in the country.
                                             index.htm/westhuri.htm. There’s more
scene during this wonderful time.                                                                                                            The barbershop quartet phenom-
                                             about it with drawings of the tablet at:
     Backstage, after we had been                                                                                                      enon is an enormously popular en-
                                                                                          How Taps Began
awarded our prizes, I was looking at all                                                                                               deavor that draws thousands of people
the names of the past district champs                                                                                                  to exhibitions and competitions every
on the trophy we received. We were in                                                     from Douglas Storer’s Encyclopedia           year, but which the wider culture knows
awe (and we still are) that our names                                                          of Amazing But True Facts               very little about. Last year I narrated a
will be on the same trophy as The Four                                                     via Ballyhoo, Crescenta Valley, CA          PBS special that followed several quar-
Statesmen and The Boston Common.
If we never even hold a candle to those
                                             Stock Gifts Can Help                              In 1862, during the Civil War,
                                                                                                                                       tets through various competitions, cul-
                                                                                                                                       minating in a huge convention and in-
guys, may we help some of you to give
it your shot someday.
                                             SPEBSQSA and You                             Union Army Captain Robert Ellicombe
                                                                                          was with his men near Harrison’s Land-
                                                                                                                                       ternational competition in Atlanta.
                                                                                                                                             The barbershoppers have what I
                                                    by Larry A. Gilhousen,                ing in Virginia. The Confederate Army        consider a fine idea. Teams can com-
                                                     Development Director,                was nearby, and there had been intense       pete year after year, aspiring to be the
                                                   Harmony Foundation, Inc.               fighting during the day.                     best. But once they have won the title,
The Old Songs                                                                                  That night, Captain Ellicombe           they can never compete again. They
But Is It Barbershop?                              Do you have some stocks or bonds
                                             that have grown in value over the past
                                                                                          heard the moan of a soldier who lay
                                                                                          wounded on the battlefield. Without
                                                                                                                                       can and do perform exhibitions, but they
                                                                                                                                       are then and forever champions. No
             by Jen Miller                   few years? If you directly transfer some     knowing if the soldier was Union or          one can ever win their title from them;
          from the Harmonet                  of these appreciated securities to a char-   Confederate, the Captain decided to risk     it is theirs for life.
                                             ity like Harmony Foundation, you may         his life and bring the stricken man back           Look around. There are champi-
     In Ugarit (modern Ras Shamra) in        be entitled to a charitable tax deduction    for medical attention.                       ons of every stripe in our midst. Wood
Syria, an ancient tablet was discovered      for the full market value of the securi-          Crawling on his stomach through         carvers, auto mechanics, rose growers,
in the 1950s dating back to 1400 BC.         ties and avoid the capital gains tax. This   gunfire, the Captain reached the soldier     stamp collectors, glass blowers. We sel-
The oldest known musical score, it           could be an easy way for you to pro-         and pulled him to back the Union en-         dom know what special person might
takes the form of interval names and         vide a generous gift for SPEBSQSA            campment. There, he discovered that          be in the next cubicle.
number signs, and even has lyrics. The       and obtain a nice tax deduction for this     the soldier was a Confederate. He also             The prim lady in the glasses and
text is identified as a hymn to the moon     year. Depending on your individual cir-      discovered that the soldier had died.        business suit, the one you pass daily on
goddess Nikkal.                              cumstances, certain restrictions may              The Captain lit a lantern, saw the      the way to the coffee machine? You
     There is some controversy among         apply, and we suggest that you obtain        face of the soldier, and went numb with      should have seen her Saturday night in
ancient musicologists over the proper        professional counsel before making           shock. It was his own son! The boy           a ballroom dancing competition dressed
interpretation of the notes, but all agree   such a transaction.                          had been studying music in the South         in a form-fitting black dress with slit
that it is a genuine musical score. The            Harmony Foundation, Inc. was in-       when the war broke out and, without          skirt, hair in a chignon, head high, do-
markings were made in cuneiform              corporated in 1959 as the charitable arm     telling his father, he had joined the Con-   ing a fiery tango. Wow!
                                                                               Winter, 2000                                                                         Page 11

The View From A Younger Branch                                                                                                        The Songs We Sing
of The Family Tree
                                                                                                                                      The Story of
Wow Me!                                                                                                                               Amazing Grace
         by Tovah Burstein
     daughter of Sandy Burstein                                                                                                             excerpted from the Internet
      Bass, Granite Statesmen
                                                                                                                                           John Newton was born in London
     In the last weekend of October, I                                                                                                on July 24, 1725, the son of a com-
went to the Northeastern District Con-                                                                                                mander of a merchant ship. His
vention of SPEBSQSA in Montreal.                                                                                                      mother’s death when he was seven em-
My father was performing, and as a sup-                                                                                               bittered him, and he began a “decline
portive daughter, I went along to watch.                                                                                              into rebellion and degradation.”
Honestly, I wasn’t all that excited, but                                                                                                   As a young adult, Newton became
then again, do you know any really ex-                                                                                                captain of a slave ship. What kind of
cited fifteen year olds?                                                                                                              captain was he? “He was so wretched
     I love my dad. I love him even                                                                                                   that even his crew regarded him as little
                                             More than 80 high schoolers participated in our Harmony Explosion
though he sings while shaving, sings at                                                                                               more than an animal. Once when he
                                               weekend and performed admirbly in the Saturday night show.
breakfast and sings to my friends when                                                                                                fell overboard, his ship’s crew refused
they’re over. I love him even when he                                                                                                 to drop a boat to him. Instead they
turns off the top forty countdown to play    Harmony Explosion 2000                                                                   threw a harpoon at him, with which they
polecat tapes. I love him in spite of his
atempts to get me to sing a tag. So when     Wish You Had Been There!                                                                 dragged him back onto the ship.”
                                                                                                                                           Then one day his ship was caught
he asked me if I wanted to watch him                                          by Paul Arnone                                          in a gale so severe that all the livestock
perform in Montreal, I said I would.                               Past President, NED; HX Coordinator                                were washed overboard. The crew tied
     My family and I sat down about 20                                                                                                themselves to the ship to keep from fol-
rows back and waited for the show to                                                                                                  lowing them. As Newton tried to steer
                                                  The Harmony Explosion Camp             that we will need a “for-real deadline”
begin. I sighed and checked my watch.                                                                                                 the ship through the storm, he experi-
                                             (HX 2000), an intensive weekend that        with a total student enrollment capped
11:30—sigh—two hours of men who                                                                                                       enced what he later referred to as his
                                             introduces barbershop singing to high       at 85. We may have to limit the num-
sing while they shave. I was prepared.                                                                                                “great deliverance.” He recorded in his
                                             school boys and their music teachers,       ber attending from any given school to
The MC came out, set out the rules and                                                                                                journal that when all seemed lost and
                                             was held early in August at Westfield       get a good cross section of young folks.
told some jokes that I couldn’t help but                                                                                              the ship would surely sink, he had ex-
                                             State College in Pittsfield, MA. It was     We will be able to accommodate more
smile at. Then out came the first cho-                                                                                                claimed, “Lord, have mercy upon us.”
                                             a great experience for them and a suc-      music educators, but the faculty felt that
rus, fully equiped with tuxes, corsages,                                                                                              He believed that God had answered his
                                             cess for us. Here’s a short list of facts   85 students is the most they can work
and two lively songs. I waited in an-                                                                                                 plea, rescued him and his ship from the
                                             concerning the weekend: 1) 80 young         with on the risers.
ticipation for chorus number two. They                                                                                                storm and that grace had begun to work
                                             men attended. 2) 12 music educators              That means you will have to get to
came out and sang; they even did some                                                                                                 for him. This experience transformed
                                             attended. 3) There were ten chaper-         work earlier next year to entice students
dance moves. They had me laughing!                                                                                                    him. For the rest of his life, he observed
                                             ones. 4) There was a faculty of six men.    and music educators. It also means that
Chorus three sang a slow, sweet melody                                                                                                the anniversary of May 10, 1748 as the
                                             5) Two countries, seven states, 68 cit-     means your chapter will have to bud-
of love lost. Chorus four—already?                                                                                                    day of his conversion.
                                             ies and towns were represented.             get some money to support the 2001
     Who wouldn’t enjoy watching this?                                                                                                     For a time after his conversion, he
                                                  Dr. C.M. Shearer of Kent State         HX Camp outreach. I will serve as co-
A bunch of men up on stage, all suited                                                                                                continued in the slave trade; however,
                                             University and Jay Butterfield, a mu-       ordinator once again, (I had a great
up (make-up and all), ready to sing.                                                                                                  he saw to it that the slaves in his charge
                                             sic educator from Pennsylvania, served      time!) so send any questions to me via
When they start, they take you by storm,                                                                                              were treated humanely. But by 1755,
                                             ably on the faculty along with the Des-     the following methods; 781-324-7874,
making a wall of harmonized sound that                                                                                                he had given up seafaring.
                                             perado quartet from Cincinnati.             arnonep@worldnet.att.net, or 22
suddenly hits your unexpecting ears.                                                                                                       During his days as a sailor he had
                                                  Once again, more than 22 hours of      Hancock Rd, Malden, MA 02148.
They dance up there like I do when                                                                                                    begun to educate himself, teaching him-
                                             rehearsal produced a terrific show on                                                    self Latin, among other subjects. He
nobody’s watching; but everyone’s            Saturday night. The show combined
watching them! They sway and step,                                                                                                    became a minister and accepted curacy
                                             the young men in the HX2000 camp
                                                                                         Singing In The Mask
they boogie and bounce. You can feel                                                                                                  of a church at Olney, Buckinghamshire.
                                             with participants in the Harmony Pil-                                                    Newton’s church became so crowded
the energy radiating from their risers.      grimage, an instructional weekend for
The more fun they have up there, the                                                                                                  for his services that it had to be en-
                                             barbershoppers which was held simul-                by Ken Hatton, Lead                  larged. Composed between 1760 and
more fun it is to watch—men of all ages      taneously. As the youngsters per-                 Bluegrass Student Union
pouring out their hearts in every note                                                                                                1770, Amazing Grace was a descrip-
                                             formed, more than 225 parents and               1978 Int’l Quartet Champions             tion of his remarkable conversion and
and gesture. Their love for the music        families in the audience whooped and          from The Offbeat, Boston, Mass.
really shone through.                                                                                                                 was possibly one of many hymns he
                                             hollered in enthusiastic approval.                                                       wrote for weekly services.
     And then I really appreciated all the        The work ethic of these young men           Place your index fingers alongside
times I woke up to my father singing                                                                                                       At 82, shortly before he died he
                                             was amazing to watch. Prior to the          the upper part of your nose and hum.         said, “My memory is nearly gone, but I
My Wild Irish Roooose while trimming         weekend, they had received the music        Experiment with your mouth position
his mustache. I understood all the time                                                                                               remember two things: that I am a great
                                             for seven songs along with tapes for two    and mixture of mouth versus nose and         sinner, and that Christ is a great Sav-
he put forth dancing in the kitchen to       of them. The students universally ap-       exhale until you can maximize the vi-
music that no one else heard, learning                                                                                                iour.” He died in London on Decem-
                                             plauded the tape method of learning.        brations you feel in your index fingers.     ber 21, 1807, but left his executors in-
the choreography. Those Wednesday                 You of the NED rose to the occa-       Now you are singing with resonance,
nights when he wasn’t home to help me                                                                                                 structions for his epitaph. It reads in
                                             sion by donating enough money to sub-       or “in the mask.”                            part, “John Newton, clerk, once an in-
with homework didn’t seem lost. It paid      sidize all of the students and music edu-        Remember how this feels and
off there in Montreal, to see him so to-                                                                                              fidel and libertine, a procurer of slaves
                                             cators—more than $14,000. We thank          sounds. Conduct the same experiment          in Africa, was, by the rich mercy of our
tally happy, letting it all out in every     the 18 chapters and many private do-        in different parts of your vocal range
single note—performing to wow his au-                                                                                                 Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, pre-
                                             nors for their wonderful outreach.          and on different target vowels and sing-     served, restored, pardoned, and ap-
dience. Looking back at all the quar-             Our success in reaching our num-       able cosonants. Do this exercise daily
tets, all the choruses, and especially his                                                                                            pointed to preach the faith he had long
                                             ber goals will mean some adjustments        and you can memorize the mask posi-          labored to destroy.”
chorus, I know I was definitely wowed!       for next year. The main adjustment is       tion for each note and each syllable.
Page 12                                                                      Winter, 2000

                                                           I Beg Youah Pahdon?                                    The Origin of The Old Songs
                                                                  from Quarternotes, Cape Cod, Mass.              from the Devil Mountain Despatch, Walnut Creek,
                                                                                                                                   Calif. Chapter
                                                               One of the problems NED chorus directors en-
                                                           counter is the New England accent. Here are a few           Ever wonder how old this old song about old
                                                           samples.                                               songs really is? Read on.
                                                                                                                       “The old songs, the old songs, the good old songs
                                                           Ah         The letter between “q” and “s”              for me...” was composed by Geoffrey O’Hara, who
                                                           Ahnt       The sistah of your fatha or mutha.          was born in Chatham, Ontario in 1882. He moved to
                                                           Bah        A place that serves beah and hahd likkah.   the U.S. in 1904. He was a banker and a professional
                                                           Bayah      A ferocious brown or black animal.          musician. At some point in his life he received an
                                                           Beah       A malt beverage                             honorary doctorate degree from Harmony College.
                                                           Bawn       As in: “Where were you bawn?”                    O’Hara was also an author and composer who
                                                           Bizzah     Strange or odd                              wrote songs for Al Jolson and Enrico Caruso. His
                                                           Chahlz     The rivah                                   better known songs include K-K-K-Katy and Your Eyes
                                                           Chowdah    Clams, millk and buttah                     Have Told Me So. His spirituals included There is No
Vin Zito (L) and Steve Dickinson (R) at the Pre-           Cawn       Starchy veggie that comes on a cob          Death and I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked.
sentation of a Lifetime Membership Citation                Cawnnah    Where streets intersect                          It is not known whether he wrote barbershop
                                     Photo: Vincent Zito   Fah        Not neah heah                               songs, although he was the founder and first presi-
                                                           Fawk       What you eat pahster with                   dent of the Manhattan, N.Y. Chapter. The Old Songs
Newcaneweng .ounder,                                       Fyah
                                                                      They tore it down a couple of yeahs ago
                                                                                                                  was really an introduction to a more complete work
                                                                                                                  of 14 pages entitled A Little Close Harmony, which
Steve Dickinson Dies                                       Hahbah
                                                                      Where they dumped the tea in 1773
                                                                      Country day school in Cambridge
                                                                                                                  was a glee club type number with banjo and other
                                                                                                                  instrumental background.
                  by Vincent Zito                          Hahf-ahst  Done without regard to details.                  In the early days of our Society, Geoffrey O’Hara
                                                           Heah       Done with the eahs. “Listen, my children    gave permission to use this introduction as a theme
     On September 14, D. Stephen (Steve) Dickinson,                   and you shall heah of the midnight ride     song. We use it as a rallying call at chapter meetings
passed away after several months of failing health.                   of Paul Reveah.”                            and just about every other barbershop function.
Steve’s barbershopping career spanned more than fifty      Khakis     What you staht your auto with.
years with the Central CT Chapter.                         Nawtheastah    What youah reading
     During his early barbershopping days in the fif-      Noo Yawk Sinkhole 240 miles south of Bawstin.
ties, he sang with a popular quartet, The Silvertones.     Owah       Sixty minutes                                           CRA.TILY YOURS
Steve served as NED District President from 1956-          Pahk       Cahn’t do it in Hahvid yahd. Not in
1958. He was also an International Judge serving in                   downtown Bawstin eithah.
the Arrangement Category, Secretary and Chairman           Pahster    Spaghetti, ziti, etc;
of Judges. Steve was one of the two remaining found-       Pahty      A place to eat, drink and socialize.
ing fathers of Newcaneweng.                                Pastah     The rectah of a church like St. Mahgrits
     Two weeks before his death, Vin Zito, the other       Pitchahs   They throw fast balls at Fenway Pahk.
founding father, had visited Steve to present him with     Rawjah     He now pitches for the Yankees.
a lifetime membership citation and pin to the honor        Reveah     He rode through Ahlington on a hoss
club. Vin, Doc Sause, Dave Chapman and Wayne                          shouting “To ahms, to ahms.”
Paul had planned to visit Steve two weeks later and        Shuah      Of course
bend a few chords with him. But the night before,          Shawt      Not tall
Steve suffered a stroke and passed away soon after.        Wawf       A peah jutting into the hahbah.
     At the funeral service, Vin, Doc, Dave and War-       Wawteh     H20
ren Kortum sang a hymn in Steve’s memory.                  Yeah       365 days
                                                                                Winter, 2000                                                                        Page 13

Your Vocal Cords, or                                         Midcoast Maine’s Annual Show

.rom A Cough to A Chord
                by Chris Wethered
                 from Valley Vibes,
              Boise Valley, IA, Chapter

     The vocal cords (vocal folds) are a set of parallel
muscular bands that close off the vocal tract. They
perform the same basic biological function in all air-
breathing creatures. They keep food, drink and for-
eign objects from falling into your lungs. Once such
foreign substances are arrested, the vocal folds allow
you to “blow” them out of your airway. This is done
by holding the vocal folds tightly together and build-
ing the sub-glottic air pressure (sub-glottic is the tech-
nical term for the airspace below the vocal cords).                                     The Windjammer Chorus Sports A Nautical Theme
Then, like a pop gun, you open the folds and the air
pressure “explodes” the offending item from your
throat with a cough.
Pressurizing Pulmonary Air
                                                             ful than this sub-glottic air pressure and so the folds
                                                             return to their closed position, and the air pressure
                                                                                                                         Waves of Harmony
     The vocal folds also allow you to trap pressur-         increases again. This action constitutes one cycle. The             by Kathy Chamberlain, Director
ized air in your lungs. This establishes a stable skel-      process continues as long as the sub-glottic air pres-            Windjammer Chorus, Midcoast Maine
etal structure to support lifting, pushing and pulling.      sure is elevated and the focal folds are closed with a
When you exert yourself lifting, pushing, or pulling,        medium pressure. On average, the tone of a man’s                 On September 23, the Camden Opera House in
you create a sound (grunt). This sound results when          voice consists of approximately 135 of these cycles         Camden, Maine, was the stage for the Windjammer
the positive air pressure that develops in the lungs to      per second (CPS); this frequency is also referred to as     Chorus’ Seventh Annual Waves of Harmony Show.
stabihze the skeleton, overcomes the closing force of        Hertz (Hz) or pitch.                                        The Windjammer Chorus (Midcoast Maine Chap-
the vocal folds. The escaping air vibrates the vocal         Volume and Vibrato                                          ter) is directed by Kathy Chamberlain, with Assis-
folds, producing the grunt sound. In such activities,             Using a consistent air pressure, variation in vocal    tant Director, Granville Ames. The show’s music
with the vocal folds closed, the air in the lungs is com-    fold characteristics produces changes in pitch and          reflected this year’s nautical theme, as seen by the
pressed by tensing the abdominal muscles, pushing            breathiness. The key to controlled singing (i.e., vi-       enclosed picture! The “crew” were told to come up
up the guts to further elevate the diaphragm. At the         brato and volume) is this balance between the sub-          with something creative and nautical, and they
same time, the elevated ribs are pulled down to in-          glottic air pressure and the muscular tension holding       achieved just that.
crease the pressure on the air trapped in the lungs.         the vocal folds together. Volume is easy; you just force         Besides the Windjammer Chorus, music was also
Lifting Experiment                                           more pressurized air between your vocal folds.              provided by the Coastal Chordbusters and Starboard
     Using both hands, try to lift a heavy object. With           Vibrato (wavering pitch) is a bit more tricky. It is   Watch quartets, from the chorus; the Nor’easter Cho-
your hands on your stomach, feel how your abdomi-            an interesting quality for individual performances.         rus from Brunswick, Maine, under the direction of
nal muscles tense to pressurize the air in your lungs        However, it interferes with the close harmony required      Jay Wiley; the Camden High School Chamber Sing-
(stabilizing your skeletal structure). Note that your        to make and keep chords ringing. Vibrato is an im-          ers, under the direction of Kim Murphy, and last but
vocal folds are closed. You will feel muscular ten-          balance between the sub-glottic air pressure and vo-        not least, Minor Adjustments quartet from Laconia
sion and air pressure in your neck. The main differ-         cal fold tension. Generally, the balance is so close        and Nashua, N.H. who did a wonderful job for us.
ences between lifting and singing/speech are that the        that it produces a surging quality. Recall how your         Thanks, guys!
abdominal tensing is less intense and the vocal folds        car lurches when you do not press down hard enough               Kathy Chamberlain took over the chorus’ direc-
are not locked shut.                                         on the gas pedal. Usually, the imbalance is due to          tion in October of ’99 shortly after last year’s show.
     Vocal fold vibration as used in singing/speech, is      insufficient sub-glottic air pressure or fluctuating mus-   Their director had quit six weeks before the show,
the same as that employed at the lips in making the          cular tension at the diaphragm or vocal folds.              and Granville Ames took the reins, teaching them the
“raspberry” sound or in “bubbling.” Air passing be-               The solution is to slightly increase and maintain      music and taking them through the show in an admi-
tween constricted lips or vocal folds sets them vibrat-      sub-glottic air pressure at a consistent level when driv-   rable fashion. However, in the show’s program, there
ing. The frequency of their vibration is the pitch of        ing the vocal folds for singing. If this does not work,     was an ad for a new director, with the question posed,
the sound produced. This pitch is influenced by the          the individual should tinker with the balance until he      “How about you?” Kathy saw the ad, called Granville,
rate of airflow together with the tension, thickness,        gets a clean consistent pitch. The secret to producing      and the rest is Barbershop history.
length, and weight of the vibrating lips or vocal folds.     varied sounds (i.e., pitch, brightness, and breathiness)         The Windjammer Chorus performed Hello/
     In the lifting experiment above, the abdominal          with the vocal mechanism is adjusting vocal fold prox-      Chordbuster March, The Sailor’s Medley, Down By
tensing was easily felt as it was applied against the        imity, tension, length, and mass. These are all things      the Riverside, Honey/Lil Lize, The Navy Hymn and
resistance of pressurized air (enclosed by the closed        that you control on a daily basis; they are under auto-     God Bless America. Starboard Watch performed two
vocal folds). The same abdominal muscles are used            matic control of the brain. All you have to do is think     songs, one of which was Please, Mr. Columbus.
when singing. However, with less resistance, it is less      of the desired sound. Your vocal folds will automati-       Coastal Chordbusters also did two songs, including
noticeable. The following experiment should help you         cally make the adjustments required to create that          Row, Row, Row. The choruses combined to do The
to become more aware of this muscular actlion.               sound. As a chorus, we need to consistently produce         Banana Boat Song, Wait Til the Sun Shines, Nellie,
Singing Experiment                                           the agreed sound at every point in a song. By doing         Shine on Me, and Irish Blessing. The grand finale
     In singing, the action of the abdominal muscles         this, we can enhance our ability to ring cords and fur-     with all groups on stage was Teach the Children to
is most easily felt by placing your hand on your stom-       ther convey the message.                                    Sing.
ach while you bubble or sing a sustained ‘Z-Z-Z-Z”                In barbershop singing, it is important to produce           Ray Gross, of both the Windjammer Chorus and
sound. You will feel the strongest muscular action,          a “unit sound.” We must all produce the same quali-         Charlotte County Chapter in Florida, as well as the
as you are squeezing out the last of your usable air.        ties and sounds at the specified pitches. The better        Harbor Buoys quartet from that chorus, received the
Vocal folds vibrate when the air pressure below the          we do this, the better we ring chords. To further en-       Barbershopper of the Year Award. Ray has been in-
closed vocal folds overpowers the muscular tension           hance this ringing, it is essential that we all pronounce   volved with Barbershopping for about 30 years and is
holding the folds together. A burst of air escapes be-       the lyrics in the same manner. The chorus must agree        quite deserving of this award.
tween the vocal folds, reducing the air pressure be-         on the vowels used, when diphthongs will be turned,              Next year’s show date has been set for Septem-
low them. The muscular tension is then more power-           and how consonant combinations will be pronounced.          ber 22, 2001 at the Camden Opera House.
Page 14                                                                        Winter, 2000

Now Accessible on the District Web Site                                                  internet connection, find out who in your chapter DOES have the connection and
The New Members Only Area                                                                ask him to print you up a copy. The information in a printed directory is outdated
                                                                                         by the time it gets into people’s hands. Soon, the Directory will be re-compiled
                       by Rod Rodrigues, NED Webmaster                                   regularly so that the version on the site will have the latest information available.
                                                                                              The Directory will be broken into two parts. The front of the directory will
     Most of you have received email telling you about the New Members Only              contain NED district-level information. This includes district officers, committee
part of the NED Web Site. The same email told you of a newly assigned, unique            chairs, chapter coaches, and the Hall of Fame (history of award winners). Infor-
password for logging in. This article will explain what is there and how you can         mation in this part almost never changes in mid-year. This part will be separate.
use it. To begin with, you have a login screen:                                               The registered quartet listings and chapter officer listings for all the chapters,
                                                                                         will be in part 2. The registered quartet listings are so difficult to get that that we
                                                                                         update them just once per year. It usually takes a minimum of six weeks of beg-
                                                                                         ging, emailing, and telephoning, to get it. The chapter officer listings this year may
                                                                                         also be more difficult since the procedure was changed without informing us in
                                                                                         time to adjust.
                                                                                              Kenosha does NOT allow us to download chapter officer listings. So I must
                                                                                         beg you to fill in the NED Chapter Release Form. This form is available in the
                                                                                         Downloads section of our web site. Please download it, have your chapter secre-
                                                                                         tary collect the required information, and send it to me. It is not enough to simply
                                                                                         send the information electronically, since we must have written signatures (ini-
                                                                                         tials) giving us permission to publish the information for that person.
                                                                                              Getting back to the Members Only Area, the newest feature is the online COTS

    If you forget your password, go to the member only area. There you can
request that your password be sent to you. Have your SPEBSQSA Member ID
handy. Your password will be emailed to the email address on record, which is the
same that is on record with Kenosha.
    Once into the Members Only area, you can:
    · Get your chapter roster
    · Download the NED Directory
    · Register for COTS
You simply need to click on the appropriate button!

                                                                                             By the time you get to this, the computer will already know who you are, so
                                                                                         there is no need to provide THAT kind of information – it will already be on the
                                                                                         screen, including your name, your chapter number, and the email address we have
                                                                                         on file for you. However, it will allow you to change the chapter and email.
                                                                                             The next part of the form is where you fill in the registrant and course infor-

      The Chapter Roster information is based on the address files that we get from
Kenosha. Their system assigns each person in the file to one and only one chapter.
It is my experience that if you are a dual member, it is a tossup as to which chapter
                                                                                              If the registrant wants to take all of the courses, say, for Treasurer, you simply
you will show up in. If you find that you show up in the wrong chapter, that is
                                                                                         click on the Course plan and select Treasurer:
something you need to fix at Kenosha. Kenosha lately has been refreshing the data
files once per month, and we download about once each month. So when your
information is fixed at Kenosha, it will show up on the NED site within a month .
      The same can be said of your address information. If there is anything to fix,
you need to go to the Kenosha site and fix it. Ideally, you fix it yourself by logging
on to Members Only page on the Kenosha site at www.spebsqsa.org.
      The NED Directory, as of this year, will no longer be distributed in hard-copy.
Instead, it will be distributed electronically. This means that you can get it only
from the Members Only site. You can download it and print it. Every chapter has
at least two email contacts, so we know that every chapter, as a group, has the
ability to connect to the web page and download the Directory. Locally, you can
print enough copies for your members who need them. So if you do NOT have an
                                                                                 Winter, 2000                                                                         Page 15

    If the registrant wants to take a Friday evening or an early Saturday morning
class, you can select from those available.

    If the registrants want to pick and choose from the individual classes on Satur-
day, you can continue by clicking on the various individual options.

                                                                                            Melodies & Memories on compete on-stage at the District Competition
                                                                                                                                                       Photo courtesy of Tanya Royer

                                                                                           The Journey                                      The final part of the plan was, of
                                                                                                                                       course, to meet as often as we could,
                                                                                           Continues . . .                             but for sure weekly, so we could hone
                                                                                                                                       our new-found skills. So, after many
                                                                                                  by Leo Ouellette, Lead               hours of weekly and some weekend re-
                                                                                                  Melodies and Memories                hearsals and all of that coaching, we
                                                                                                                                       arrived in Montreal more prepared for
When you are done with this registrant, you click on the Submit button.                         Melodies and Memories had the          a contest than we had ever been. Back-
                                                                                           great pleasure to be on stage for the re-   stage, before David Patterson intro-
                                                                                           cent Northeastern District quartet com-     duced us, we all were calm, at least on
                                                                                           petition held in Montreal on October 27     the outside, but raring to go on the in-
                                                                                           and 28. It was our third trip to District   side. Then we were on!
                                                                                           as competitors and the second in as              The applause as we entered the
                                                                                           many years. Our goal is simple: KEEP        stage was terrific and really energized
                                                                                           IMPROVING! To achieve this, we had          us. Then we tuned up for When You
                                                                                           a planning session during the early part    and I Were Young, Maggie. It’s a great
                                                                                           of 2000 and laid out the steps in gen-      song and it fit us very well. The tune-
     You will get a confirmation screen that will allow you to enter another regis-        eral terms that would help us to improve    up was relaxed and clear. We sang this
trant (without re-logging in) or going to the NED site.                                    in 2000. Those steps included select-       song better than we had ever done it.
                                                                                           ing the right songs that fit the quartet    Again, the applause was loud and long.
                                                                                           for Division and District contests and,     We owned the song and we had deliv-
                                                                                           most important, coaching.                   ered it. Then there was one more song:
                                                                                                We started the coaching in January     Firefly/Glow Worm Medley. We had
                                                                                           at COTS where we had a weekend with         done this one better, but it was a good
                                                                                           Club NED. They provided us with             hit. And again there was terrific ap-
                                                                                           many tools to work with to improve.         plause (We all live for this, don’t we?).
                                                                                           From there, we had many sessions with            Then we were walking from back-
                                                                                           Karen Rourke, Director of the third-        stage toward the lobby area. As we en-
                                                                                           place Sounds of Concord chorus in           ter the lobby, Karen Rourke was there
                                                                                           Montreal. We also needed to improve         to congratulate us.          But Steve
     From here, the process will go to the Webmaster who will integrate your infor-        our visuals, so we obtained the services    Tramack’s comment was the best.
mation into the COTS school Data files. When the form has been fully processed,            of Gail Jencik, choreographer supreme.      With a flair that only he can do, he
you will be notified by email.                                                                  All this paid off pretty quickly at    pointed at us and said, “BOOM!” We
     This is a new venture that puts us on the cutting edge of the District Web            the Division contest in March where we      knew that meant we had put all we had
Pages! In fact, we may be the first district to go online with the registration! Enjoy     qualified for District and placed third.    learned on stage. We had done our best
the convenience of it all!                                                                 More important, we improved on our          performance ever in a contest. What a
                                                                                           prior Division contest score by 43          thrill. Then, people we knew and many
                                                                                           points. Our plan was working.               that we did not know, were compli-
                                                                                                In August, we had a major turning      menting us on our performance. Many

Dem Bones                                   and spent less, but usually never move
                                            a flnger to make these things possible.
                                                                                           point when we went to Harmony Pil-
                                                                                           grimage and participated in the POD
                                                                                                                                       thanks, again, to all of you.

                                            2. Jaw Bones                                   method of training for quartets (similar
     The human body contains a num-         They do the talking. They find fault           to Harmony College). This weekend
ber of bones. So do our chapters. The
chapter bones may be put into three
                                            with all that is done and tell how much
                                            better it should have been done.
                                                                                           made a big impact on our goal. Many
                                                                                           thanks to the POD team comprising           Befriend the Vowels
classifications.                            3. Back Bones                                  Steve Tramack, Matt Kopser, Matt                 Hold them until the music forces
1. Wish Bones.                              They are the tireless workers who as-          Mercier and Dan Washington. The             you to move, then add the final conso-
They wish that the chapter would do         sist by their presence, their ability, their   POD arrangement is definitely the way       nant to the next word. Try it, you’ll like
this or that. They wish that its mem-       contributions and their active service.        to go for any quartet who wants to im-      it; and then listen to how much better
bers were friendlier, wish it earned more   What kind of a chapter bone are you?           prove.                                      your chorus sounds.
Page 16                                                                          Winter, 2000

Collaboration -                               barbershopping? A barbershop perfor-
                                              mance is a superb example of collabo-
                                                                                           .ire & Ice            (Cont. from page 1)
                                                                                           everyone to return to their rooms.
                                                                                                                                        To Montreal . . . (Cont. from page 1)
                                                                                                                                        I did not want it to end just yet. The
Barbershop Style                              ration. We create a performance that
                                              no one else can create. Another quar-
                                                                                                 The House of Delegates meeting
                                                                                           was held early on Saturday morning,
                                                                                                                                        lobby was a very busy place as friends,
                                                                                                                                        old and new, said hurried good byes and
               by Al Bell                     tet or chorus may create a more or less      and no smoky smell could be detected.        boarded busses to airport or home.
      from Barbershop Clippin’s               enjoyable performance, but it is only        The Grand Salon, where the contest was            The airport was also busy. The
         Fullerton, CA Chapter                they who create it in any case.              held, also showed no sign of the fire.       voices raised in song or friendly con-
                                                    While sharing an experience is ca-           The Chorus Competition started at      versation had been replaced by the usual
     This may not, at first, sound like       pable of being highly satisfying, that       11:30 a.m. With 20 choruses singing,         impersonal hustle and bustle of strang-
an article about barbershopping. Be           still falls short of collaboration. As Mr.   it was expected to take forever to com-      ers. I looked at the sea of faces hoping
patient.                                      Schrage again points out, the difference     plete. The convention team did a great       to spot the friendly smile of a fellow
     More and more we occupy a world          is substantial. We may share in some-        job of moving the competitors from           Barbershopper, or even a Convention
of observers. Our lives are filled with,      thing brought to us by the marvelous         warm-up to the stage and to the pho-         Badge. No luck! Well, off to the gate!
not only opportunity, but the pressure        technology that surrounds us—a tele-         tographer. The show was completed on         What a pleasant surprise to see so many
and habit of watching. You all know           vision spectacular, a stirring movie, or     schedule, with Nashua placing first and      friendly faces in the lounge. Perry
the litany of examples, led certainly by      a moving experience such as witness-         earning the right to be our representa-      Jackson, lead of the Seventh Wave, was
the ubiquitous television presence in         ing a space launch. But, as observers,       tive at International in Nashville, TN.      frantically looking for a bass so that he,
our lives, so I won’t take up space with      we don’t create these things.                      The Finals of the Quartet Compe-       Steve and Paul could sing. A short time
them here. Just think for a moment,                 The real thrill comes with creating    tition were held on Saturday evening.        later John Peach, bass of the Peach
though, of how much time you spend            what we share. That is why ringing a         In a marvelous evening of barbershop         Chords, wandered into the lounge. In
watching someone else perform or in-          chord is such a goosebumping experi-         singing, Overdrive placed first, Minor       the meantime, the gate agent announced
form in some fashion.                         ence; why a standing ovation makes ev-       Adjustments second, Road Show third,         that the flight would be delayed. That
     A next level up the scale of involve-    eryone receiving it feel ten feet off the    South Side fourth, and Saratoga Sound        was all that the pick-up quartet needed
ment is to participate as an individual.      ground; why delivering a singing val-        was fifth.                                   to hear. They had a captive audience.
We do that in some sports (golf or ten-       entine to a teary-eyed lady brings that            Sunday morning arrived and, with            Now, the casual observer may have
nis), as soloists (excluding baritones        great lump into the throat. We have just     it, a light dusting of snow. This was to     seen nothing more than four guys hav-
other than operatic), as speakers or de-      experienced the fine art of collabora-       remind our guests that Montreal enjoys       ing a good time singing, and a large
baters, and other endeavors in which          tion. Just as each human is one-of-a-        all four seasons—sometimes on the            group enjoying the entertainment that
one person is the focus of action.            kind, so is each collaboration.              same day.                                    the quartet was providing. However, I
     Then, finally, we get to the team.             Just think of it. We can do that any         We had a great time hosting the        was not a casual observer; I had worked
This certainly must be the pinnacle of        time we choose to, and it requires amaz-     District, and we are looking forward to      in airports for many years. The gate
human achievement. We each have a             ingly little time or expense. No license     International 2003 from June 29 - July       agent was not swamped with questions.
role to perform in combination with           or professional background is needed.        5, 2003. We hope that all of you will        The flight attendants were enjoying the
others who contribute their special ex-       Not only are we preserving a cherished       come to Montreal to help us welcome          music and not being swamped with
pertise to the activity. This highly          art form; we are engaging in one of the      the barbershopping world. Steve              questions. (They showed their appre-
vaunted concept has enjoyed consider-         most deeply satisfying connections men       Wheaton and I thank all of the volun-        ciation all the way to Halifax.) The
able visibility in the world of business      can share. How can you top that?             teers that made this a great District Con-   flight was delayed a little longer and
and industry. Hundreds of books are                 Collaborators, arise!                  vention. Au revoir.                          nobody seemed to care. The passen-
on the market about teamwork. Mil-                                                                                                      gers were enjoying the music and, in
lions of dollars and hours have been in-                                                                                                most cases, clapped to show their plea-
vested in “team building” in one way                                                                                                    sure.
or another. Almost all of this, however,                                                                                                     During a short break between
is in response to directives, initiatives                                                                                               songs, I took a moment to introduce the
or expected results defined by someone                                                                                                  quartet and told the people why we were
else.                                                                                                                                   in Montreal. I explained briefly about
     But that is not really where it stops.                                                                                             our Society, Harmony Inc., Sweet
In his intriguing and challenging book,                                                                                                 Adelines, and the style of music that we
No More Teams, Michael Schrage ex-                                                                                                      all sing. I also invited people to visit a
plores in considerable depth the notion                                                                                                 chapter in their hometown. While the
that our highest form of involvement is                                                                                                 flight was being boarded, I had four in-
collaboration. That is not necessarily                                                                                                  quiries.
the same as team activity, although col-                                                                                                     When we arrived at Halifax, the
laboration may take place in some team                                                                                                  quartet started to sing as we were await-
situations.                                                                                                                             ing the arrival of our baggage. The
     Mr. Webster tells us that collabo-                                                                                                 singing stopped only when John and
ration means the act of working to-                                                                                                     Cynthia Peach had to run for their flight.
gether, especially in reference to liter-                                                                                               I received three more inquiries from
ary, artistic or scientific work. While                         Al’s Pals aboard the Philomena D in Westport, NY.                       interested people.

                                              Cumberland Bay Chorus Sings at Westport
that is helpful, it is far from telling the                                                                                                  No matter where or when we sing,
whole story. As Mr. Schrage points out,                                                                                                 we attract people who enjoy music.
collaboration is a purposeful relation-                                                                                                 Some of these people would enjoy sing-
ship aimed at solving a problem, creat-
ing, or discovering something. In its         Heritage .estival                                                                         ing our style of music with us, if only
                                                                                                                                        they knew where to find us. Public
purest and most exciting form, it in-                     by Rodney Saunders, Secretary, Cumberland Bay Chorus                          Relations and Marketing is a major part
volves equals who may bring different                                                                                                   of Membership. We should be prepared
energies to the situation, but who have            In August, the Cumberland Bay Chorus of the Plattsburgh, New York, Chap-             to take advantage of any opportunity
no particular dominance over the other.       ter, entertained at the Westport Heritage Festival. The first of two performances         that could result in the advancement of
In other words, the collaboration is to-      was aboard the Philomena D cruise boat at noon. The chorus and two quartets,              either our music or our membership.
tally voluntary and entered into because      Al’s Pals and the Lads and Dads, entertained during the nearly one hour cruise.
of a mutual desire by the collaborators.      The second performance was in Ballard Park at 2 p.m. The Champlain Valley
No one else is making it happen.              Sweet Adelines from Plattsburgh also entertained at the two venues, alternating              American car horns beep in
     So, what does this have to do with       with the men. It was a full day of great harmony, and a good time was had by all.                  the tone of ..
                                                                                                                       Winter, 2000                                                                                                 Page 17

                                                        Northeastern District Spring Convention                                                                                                       Harmony .ounda-
                                                            Nashua, NH April 27 - 29, 2001
                                                                                                                                                                                                      tion General .und
                                                                 ADVANCE REGISTRATION .ORM                                                                                                                by Scott Salladin, NED DSC
                                                        Registrations are transferable but not refundable
                                                All Events Registration                                                                           $15.00                                                   This fall, we will kick off the third
                                                Single Event Registration                                                                         $10.00                                              annual Harmony Foundation General
                                                Junior Registration (Under 15)                                                                    Half Price                                          Fund Campaign. This year’s honoray
                                                                                                                                                                                                      chairman is Dyke Van Dyke.
          Complete this form and send it along with a check to the address shown below – Please print neatly                                                                                               This fall, Dick Van Dyke will be
                           Name                                                     Chapter                                                         Registration                                      sending you a letter asking for your as-
      Last                                      .irst                                                                                               All Events Single                                 sistance in supporting the Barbershop
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Society charitable mission. As the Hon-
                                                                                                                                                                                                      orary Chairman of the 2000 General
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Fund Campaign, Dick is proving that
                                                                                                                                                                                                      his enthusiasm for our hobby goes be-
                                                                                                                                                                                                      yond his love of music. He sees the joy
                                                                                                                                                                                                      music can bring to others and wants to
                                                                                                                                                                                                      make sure that everyone has a chance
                                                                                                                                                                                                      to experience that joy. Let’s show Dick
             .or additional listings, use the back of this form or separate paper and the same format as above                                                                                        that we share his enthusiasm by partici-
                                                                                                                                                                                                      pating in the General Fund Campaign.
      Registrations will be held at the NED Registration Desk in the Nashua Marriott. Single event registrations
      may be picked up at the Nashua Marriott or at the door of the contest site.
      Cut-off date for pre-registration is April 13, 2001.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Reasons To Grin At Your Audience
      Check here if you would like to add a $5.00 donation to support Young Men In Harmony
      Clip and mail to:                  Michael R. Strianese                                                    Enclosed is a check for $ ________________
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Smile, Darn Ya, Smile
                                         7 Hurlburt Drive                                                        to cover registrations ordered above. Make                                                    from Le-Hi Notes
                                         East Haven, CT 06512-1109                                               check payable to “NED Spring Convention”                                              Allentown-Bethlehem, PA Chapter

      ….............…...........…............ clip here ...................….......................................….................... clip here ....…................….............…............
                                                                                                                                                                                                      • To take command of the stage and
                                                                                                                                                                                                      the audience.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      • The audience knows you’re at ease
                                                        Northeastern District Spring Convention                                                                                                       and it puts them at ease.
                                                            Nashua, NH April 27 - 29, 2001                                                                                                            • The audience knows you enjoy sing-
                                                                     APPLICATION .OR HOUSING                                                                                                          ing.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      • Smiling makes you feel good.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      • The audience will give you energy
      Headquarters Hotel: Nashua Marriott                                           603-880-9100                        Single                             Double                                     when you smile.
                                                                                                                        $72.00 plus tax                    $72.00 plus tax                            • A smile gives the director confidence.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      • A smile gives the song more inten-
      Arrival Date: _________ Departure date: _________                                                  Check-in: 3:00 PM Check-out Time: 1:00 PM
      Room Choice: Single: ___                                        Double: ___                         Smoking:___                        Non-smoking: ___                                         • A smile helps you stay on pitch.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      • A smile with an eyebrow lift makes
      Name _____________________________________                                                         CREDIT CARD IN.ORMATION                                                                      key changes easier.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      • A smile is the easiest form of visual
      Address ___________________________________                                                        MC____ VISA____ AMEX____ DISC____
                                                                                                                                                                                                      performance, and gives you the most
      City _______________________________________                                                       Name on Card: _____________________________                                                  in return.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      • A smile helps place the sound for bet-
      State/Prov.________________ Zip______________                                                      Card # ____________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                                                      ter resonance and projection.
      Clip and mail to:                  Nashua Marriott                                                 Expiration Date ________________
                                         Attn: Room Reservations
                                         2200 Southwood Drive
                                         Nashua, NH 03063
      The cut-off date for reserving rooms is March 30, 2001. If you register after that, you must identify yourself as
      a Barbershopper in order to obtain the discounted room rate, if additional rooms are still available.                                                                                             Yellow BIC Lighter
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Last seen in lower level of
                                                                                                                                                                                                        the Queen Elizabeth Hotel,
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Answers to the quiz on page 3.
1. Hannah                                                        9. Frankie                                                             17. Lorraine                                                          Used only once.
2. Maggie                                                        10. Tootsie                                                            18. Lida Rose
3. Madeline                                                      11. Maggie                                                             19. Susie                                                                  Contact
4. Peggy O’Neal                                                  12. Georgia Brown                                                      20. Sue                                                                  quartet.com
5. Annie                                                         13. Susanna                                                            21. Lucille
6. Rosy O’Grady                                                  14. Lola                                                               22. Marie                                                                 Brian Dill
7. Kathleen                                                      15. Candy                                                              23. Lydia                                                              1-401-736-8936
8. Caroline                                                      16. Ramona
Page 18                                                                       Winter, 2000

It’s Not About Winning                     peting choruses come after us. But,          in many levels of administration and
                                                                                                                                     Thanks to Three
It’s About Excellence                      surprise—it’s packed! The cheers as
                                           we come on stage are long and loud.
                                                                                        continues to be a terrific motivator. His
                                                                                        ability to get a show, convention, or
        by Marcel Kates,                   The audience has come to see the best        HEP school organized and running
 Nashua Granite Statesmen Chorus           in the district, and we do not want to       smoothly is a tribute to his talent as an                 by Don Flom
                                           disappoint them. I can feel the elec-        emcee. Throughout his membership in
     The Nashua Granite Statesmen          tricity as I face the audience and smile,    the Society, Mike has promoted barber-             This is about three wonderful
competed in the 2000 International         and smile, and smile.                        shopping locally and also on the road        barbershoppers: Jeff Mann of the
Competition in Kansas and got all A             We turn toward the director on cue.     by demonstrating the style in many           Pittsfield Chapter, George (I don’t
scores. We did a good job but “That        The pitch pipes sound; his face becomes      quartets. Thanks, Mike, for showing          know his last name), and a third man
was then, and this is now.” The bar has    serious. The tune-up: “uuuuuu ... Gone       how much fun this hobby can be!              whose name I did not get at all. If these
moved up. Our goals must move up.          is the romance ... What’ll I do ... when          Our NED BOTY award for 1999             three men read this article, they will rec-
We want to go to the International Com-    you have gone awaaaaaaay?” We end            was given to Alan Lamson (Manches-           ognize themselves, and I hope that they
petition in 2001 and do better. In or-     the song and turn toward our audience.       ter, CT). Alan joined the Society in         will accept the sincere thanks of both
der to do that we need to qualify. That    I’m pleased with what I’ve done. I’m         1980 and has been dedicated to this          my wife, Janice, and me for their he-
means proving, at the District Compe-      even more pleased with the audience’s        hobby ever since. We know that we            roic efforts in the incident I am about
tition in Montreal in October, that we     reaction. They like it. We did well.         cannot enjoy our hobby without the sup-      to relate.
are the best chorus in the NED.                 The pitch pipes sound while the au-     port of our family, so we invited Alan             It happened at the recent NED Dis-
     And so in August we begin to learn    dience is still applauding. “Uuuuuu ...      on stage along with his wife Jan, son        trict Convention in Montreal. My wife,
a new song. We listen to part tapes, we    (we turn inwards) Aaaaahhhhh ...” You        Todd, and daughter-in-law Jen for the        daughter, granddaughter, and I were
read the music at rehearsal and we pol-    can feel the audience’s expectation. We      presentation of the award.                   housed on the 15th floor of the Queen
ish at section rehearsals.                 don’t want to disappoint them. “... As            Alan has served his Chapter as          Elizabeth Hotel. We had just gone to
     It’s September. We do the song        sure as stars abuuhhhve...”                  President, Board Member-at-large,            bed when the fire alarm sounded and
without sheet music so we can begin to          We end the final tag and the audi-      Music Vice-president (5 years), Chap-        an announcement was made that we
make music. We go for a weekend            ence reaction is deafening. We are 74        ter Development VP, Chorus Manager,          should evacuate the hotel immediately.
“Advance” and get coached by one of        men on stage—the largest chorus in the       Singing Valentine Chair (3 years),           This presented a problem. My wife has
the Society’s professional coaches.        competition. We probably brought with        Youth Outreach Show Chairman, Show           neuropathy, a nerve condition which
And we do advance. We now sing our         us the largest contingent of supporters.     Production Chair (9 years), Show Tal-        impairs use of the legs, making her
two contest songs better than ever. We     But the entire hall is on its feet for a     ent Chair (6 years). In addition, he has     wheelchair-bound for all but very short
get the moves better and more synchro-     standing ovation—far more people than        received eight Man of Note pins. And         distances. Walking up and down stairs
nized. We learn the fundamentals of        we brought with us. The audience is          somehow during this time, he also did        is out of the question. When we left
singing (placement and air) better than    ecstatic. They came to hear a cham-          some quarteting with Vocal Congrega-         our room, we found that the elevators
before. It’s not good enough. All those    pion. We gave them our best perfor-          tion Quartet (7 years) (Division             had all been shut down. We were in a
techniques must become second nature       mance. We met their highest expecta-         Champs 1986), Harmony Park Quar-             quandary as to how to proceed.
so we don’t have to think consciously      tions. It doesn’t matter now how the         tet (3 years), Chordial Invitation                 At this point, the three barbershop-
about them. What we need to think          judges score us. We have done our job.       (8years) (Division MI Quartet 1993).         pers I mentioned above sprang into ac-
about consciously is the delivery.                                                           For the district, he has served as an   tion. They picked up my wife, wheel-
     The end of September is approach-                                                  Area Counselor and Chair, Gov. Affairs       chair and all, and CARRIED HER
ing and the new song is beginning to                                                    for the 1987 International Convention        DOWN 15 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS. It
sound like music, not just words and
sounds. The other one has been re-
                                           NED BOTY and BOD                             in Hartford. He is currently our DVP-
                                                                                        CSLT, Chair of the Reserve Account Fi-
                                                                                                                                     was an unbelievable effort and one we
                                                                                                                                     will never forget! We were concerned
hearsed so much that we are in a rut. It
lacks pizzazz, rhythm, excitement. We
                                           Award Winners                                nance Committee, NED COTS Coor-
                                                                                        dinator (2 years), Chapter Coach (4
                                                                                                                                     that one of the men had a heart condi-
                                                                                                                                     tion; his wife was concerned also. We
must apply to the old song the new tech-             by Greg Caetano,                   years), and a member of the Harmony          hope that he suffered no ill effects be-
niques we have learned with the new                  1998 NED BOTY                      Explosion Camp Staff.                        cause of his exertion.
song. This is hard. Old habits are hard                                                      For his dedication, Alan has re-              Others, barbershoppers or not,
to change, but change we must. We               Congratulations to our latest recipi-   ceived his Chapter Recognition of Merit      might have helped as well. But the
want to present the best performance       ents of the NED Barbershopper of Dis-        three times, Chapter BOTMonth four           speed with which these three came to
in Montreal.                               tinction (BOD) and Barbershopper of          times, Chapter BOTY twice, and his           our aid made us feel that barbershop-
     It is now nearing the end of Octo-    the Year (BOTY) awards. They were            Chapter awarded him BOTDecade.               pers are truly one family. For this
ber, and time is short. We continue pol-   presented on Saturday evening, Octo-         And he’s a member of the District            thought we will always be grateful.
ishing individual passages. We can         ber 28, immediately following our Dis-       Honor Society NEWCANEWENG.
express the emotion of the new song,       trict Quartet Finals in Montreal.                 Alan has been a member of the
                                                The first award for BOD was pre-        Society COTS faculty for two years.
                                                                                                                                     Music Man Tickets
and we have climbed out of the rut with
the old song.                              sented to Norm Mendenhall (Saratoga          His largest contribution to the COTS
     It’s October 27, 2000—time to         Springs, NY) for his dedication to our       program came via his leadership in the
head to Montreal. We practice in the       hobby throughout his 18 years as a           development of a manual for COTS Co-
afternoon, review all we have learned,     member. Norm has received BOTY               ordinators. He was invited to Kenosha            by Scott Salladin,NED DSC
and make sure every member is on the       awards from both his Chapter and his         to work on the development of this
same page. We want to be just short of     Division. He has taken on the challenge      manual. He met every deadline while               The producers of Broadway’s Mu-
the peak.                                  of hosting many Mountain Division            becoming recognized as the leader of         sic Man at the Neil Simon Theater, lo-
     Saturday, October 28, 2000—the        contests and also the District contests      the group. He mentored four additional       cated at 250 W 52nd St, New York City,
district competition, and we are chorus    held in the Saratoga area. Norm rarely       coordinators. He accepted the respon-        NY, has given the Mid-Atlantic, Sen-
number four. We do some warming up         says no to working on a project, and if      sibility for revising the manual this past   eca Land, and the Northeastern Dis-
in the practice room—not too much.         he does you know he had to think about       year. He finished his work a full month      tricts, two tickets to raffle off in each
We don’t want to peak just yet and leave   it for a long time. His greatest service     ahead of schedule so that other coordi-      of these districts. The Northeastern
the best in the warm-up room. The di-      to the District was his 14 years as edi-     nators could benefit from knowing in         District did raffle off these tickets and
rector reviews the meaning of the          tor of the Nor’easter.                       advance what the changes are.                the winner was:
words. He reviews every step of the             The second award for BOD was                 Congratulations to Alan for his                   Duncan Stephens
performance. We expect the hall to be      presented to Mike Maino (Providence,         dedication to this hobby and a well de-                26 Judson Ave
nearly empty because most of the com-      RI) for his promotion of Barbershop          served recognition of the NED BOTY                     Woodbury, CT 06799
                                           harmony. Mike has served his chapter         for 1999.                                         Congratulations Duncan.
                                                                                 Winter, 2000                                                                         Page 19

Singing A’s—                                 Singing Lifts the
At Your Service                              Heart
      by Jim Dodge, Moderator                           from Ballyhoo,
                                                 Crescenta Valley, CA, Chapter
     We have our first divisional HEP
team in place in the great Northeastern           Scientists have found that singing
District. On May 27, members of the          releases chemicals in the brain that
Singing A’s Team conducted a school          make you feel relaxed and happy, re-
for coaches in Durham, NH. At the end        ports the German newspaper Stuttgarter
of the day, we were able to proudly an-      Nachrichten. Researchers say that sing-
nounce that the Granite-Pine HEP Team        ing gets the “molecules of emotion” in
was in business. Members of this team        the brain moving. Thus, “singing not
will be available to coach quartets and      only expresses emotions but also cre-
choruses on an on-call basis. More on        ates them,” states the report. Music
that later.                                  teachers note that many people today
     And a distinguished group of men        feel that singing is old-fashioned or that

                                                                                           The Power of
it is! Steve Tramack, director of our        their voices are not very good, and they                                                   name is Melanie), she cracked up! She
NED champ chorus, the Nashua Gran-           therefore leave singing and music to the                                                   loved it!

ite Statesmen and bari of NED cham-          media. This research indicates, how-                                                             After some words about the
pion quartet Club NED; Matt Mercier,         ever, that people benefit when they sing.                                                  couple’s courtship, we went into Heart
tenor of NED champion quartet North-                                                             by Thomas Batton, tenor                Of My Heart. The bride looked at her
east Connection; Larry Bean, lead of                                                                the Boston Wailers                  groom, and we saw her tears. It was

                                             Bulletin Editor’s
NED champion quartet The Manage-                                                                                                        really sweet. Then I called the groom,
ment; Dan Signor, lead of NED med-                                                              Recently, a dear friend asked me        Steve, into a huddle with the quartet,

                                             Class at COTS
allist Overdrive and candidate Singing                                                     to be an usher in her wedding. I thought     and told him we wanted to back him up
Judge; Al St. Louis, lead of Club NED;                                                     it would be fun to spring a surprise quar-   in serenading Melanie with Let Me Call
Duane McCarter, bari of medallist                                                          tet on her and her groom at the recep-       You Sweetheart. With little persuasion,
                                                     by Roger Arend                                                                     he agreed. So we turned around and
quartet Minor Adjustments; Matt                                                            tion. I put together a quartet from our
                                             1996 NED Bulletin Editor of the Year                                                       began. Melanie’s jaw hit the floor! I
Kopser, lead of medallist quartet The                                                      chorus, and we decided on some mu-
Night Crawlers; Charlie Mansfield,                                                         sic. I’ve been a close friend of the bride   brought her up with us, Steve held her
                                                 As a part of the January COTS in                                                       hand and sang into her eyes. The glow-
long-time coach and chorus director;                                                       for a long time, but she and I had had
                                             Falmouth, Mass., the NED will offer a                                                      ing bride was totally swept away!
Dick White, tenor of Melodies and                                                          several “spitting matches” in the weeks
                                             class for current and potential bulletin                                                   Everyone’s heart melted. After much
Memories and long-time Assistant Di-                                                       before the ceremony, mostly due to pre-
                                             editors. The two-hour class will be a                                                      hugging and kissing (by the bride and
rector in Nashua; and Jim Dodge, long-                                                     wedding stress. But I decided to hang
                                             vehicle to learn about resources avail-                                                    groom, not us!) we sang Irish Blessing
time coach, quartet singer, and chorus                                                     in there for old time’s sake. Besides, I
                                             able from the District, PROBE, and the                                                     and then exited.
director.                                                                                  was an usher in the wedding. I couldn’t
                                             Society to aid editors. It will also pro-                                                        We blew away the whole reception
     The idea behind this training school                                                  let an old friend down.
                                             vide an opportunity for editors to ex-                                                     and wiped out any hurt feelings be-
is to teach our coaches the skills and                                                          At the reception, I had a friend sit
                                             change their ideas.                                                                        tween the bride and me. “Thank you
techniques singers and ensembles must                                                      the couple together on a couch where
                                                 We encourage chapters without                                                          so much!” she said and gave me a huge
master to produce the highest quality                                                      everyone could see them, in a low
                                             bulletins to send potential editors to this                                                hug.
performances and therefore attain the                                                      ceilinged area that really rang great!
                                             class to learn why chapters should have                                                          This was not only fantastic fun, but
highest possible scores in contest.                                                        That was where we surprised them. We
                                             bulletins and how easy it is to produce                                                    amazingly rewarding. It also saved a
Thus, the name of our group, Singing                                                       started with the Hello Intro, then went
                                             one. For chapters with bulletins, the                                                      damaged friendship (mine and the
A’s. Our plan is to train a divisional                                                     into Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie.
                                             class will provide suggestions on how                                                      bride’s). This simple act of love from
HEP team each year until every divi-                                                       When it says “then the boy drew near...”
                                             to improve them.                                                                           the heart has restored a dear friendship.
sion in NED has its own team. In the                                                       I motioned for him to lean in toward
meantime, the Granite-Pine HEP Team                                                        her. At “...kissed away each tear...” I      To my surprise, we’re now better
awaits your requests for help. We will                                                     stopped it, and we sang that line again,     friends than we ever were before. And
eventually limit our service to the Gran-
ite-Pine Division but, for now, we’ll        .irst Choice                                  staring expectantly at them. This time
                                                                                           they got the message and did. Every-
                                                                                                                                        all it took was a song. I’ve always en-
                                                                                                                                        joyed Barbershop, but I never realized
help in other divisions as much as ge-
ography allows. In that regard, we will      to Relax                                      one cheered. When we hit “Wait till
                                                                                           the sun shines, Mellie...” (the bride’s
                                                                                                                                        till now how truly rewarding it can be.

be using coaching help from Dan                         from Ballyhoo,
Washington and Steve Plumb, mem-
bers of the Singing A’s team.
                                                 Crescenta Valley, CA, Chapter
                                                                                                                                          DIRECTOR WANTED
     How can you get this help? Con-              In a recent study, 1,000 people in                                                        New London, CT
tact me, Jim Dodge, at jdodge@tiac.net
or by phone at 603-749-2084 and tell
                                             30 countries were asked which activi-
                                             ties they favor to minimize or release
                                                                                           .rom the Internet                                  SEA NOTES
me what you need: Your quartet needs         stress. Worldwide, 56 percent of those            How many barbershoppers does it
coaching, your chorus needs coaching,        interviewed indicated that music is their     take to change an old light bulb? Five.        An established and active
you’d like to put together a coaching        first choice, reports Reuters news            One to change the it and four to sing          chorus is seeking an en-
                                                                                           about how great that old light bulb used
weekend with another chorus or two in        agency. In North America, 64 percent                                                         thusiastic music director.
your area, you’d like to run a general       ranked music first, compared with 46          to be.
school for quartets and choruses in your     percent in developed Asia. Overall, TV                                                       Please call Jack Clewell at
immediate area. No matter what the re-       watching came in second. “When you                                                           860-848-0694 or e-mail
quest, we’ll do our best to meet the chal-   think of music’s cost and its availabil-       RISERS STILL .OR SALE                         him at ejclewell@aol.com,
lenge. Now it’s up to you!                   ity,” said Tom Miller, director of the          Eleven 3-step portable risers,
                                             study by Roper Starch Worldwide, “It’s                                                       or call Doug Cassie at 860-
                                                                                             $100 $90 $81 ea. or best offer.
                                             not surprising that more than half the           Call Ed Dunn, 978-369-1456                  388-9011.
 My favorite composer was Opus.              world listens to music to relax.”
Page 20                                                              Winter, 2000

                    Nor’easter Staff                                                               Nor’easter Policies

Editor                          Granite/Pine Div. Reporter    Changes of Status or Address                       Advertising                          To Submit An Article
  Ed Dunn                         Roger Arend                     Please do not send changes                Ads must be barbershop-                  Anyone may submit an ar-
  81 Kenney Lane                  23 Woodmore Drive          in members’ status or address to         related. Those with art work must        ticle. Naturally, barbershop activi-
  Concord, MA 01742               Hanover, NH 03755          the editor of the Nor'easter. Since      be to size, in black & white, and        ties in the Northeastern District are
  978-369-1456                    603-643-2273               the Society supplies the members’        camera-ready. Please observe the         our primary interest. Submit your
  edunn68@aol.com                 rarend@terramap.com        mailing list to us, such changes         deadline. Payment must accom-            article to the editor by:
                                                             should be sent to the International      pany the ad– a check in U.S. funds
Business Manager                Patriot Division Reporter    Office at:                               made out to “NED-SPEBSQSA.”                1. e-mail, with article included
  W. Jon Lemoine                  Frank Charbonneau                                                           Advertising Rates                     or attached, to edunn68@aol.
  138 Piedmont Street             3 Hampton Avenue                SPEBSQSA., Inc.                     Ad Size         Mbr.1    Com.2                com. We prefer Word, but
  Woonsocket, RI 02895            Brockton, MA 02401              6315 Harmony Lane                   Full-Page       $250     $375                 we can read other formats.
  401-766-7666                    508-587-6201                    Kenosha, WI                         (9.75” Wide x 12” High)                    2. mail on a floppy disk.
  barbershop@home.com             fcharbie@aol.com                53143-5179                          2/3 Page        $170      $255             3. mail, typed (10 pt. type).
                                                                                                      (7.25”W x 10.5”H)
Distribution Manager            Yankee Division Reporter       Non-member Subscriptions               1/2 Page        $130      $195                 Include your name and iden-
  Dan D'Ambra                     Bob Bartley                     Non-members may subscribe           (9.75”W x 6”H / 4.75”W x 12”H)           tification as you want it to appear
  40 Plum Point Road              190 Whisconier Road        to the Nor’easter—U.S.: $4/yr,           1/3 Page         $90      $135           in your by-line. Also include your
  Sauderstown, RI 02874           Brookfield, CT 06804       $15/4 yr; Canada: $8/yr; Else-           (7.25”W x 5.25”H / 4.75”W x 8”H)         address, phone number and e-mail
  401-294-3941                    203-775-9317               where: $12/yr. Please send your          1/4 Page         $70      $105           address so we can contact you if
  logcabin@home.com               bbartley@snet.net          address and a check made out to          (7.25”W x 4”H or 4.75”W x 6”H)           we have a question. The editor’s
                                                             “NED-SPEBSQSA” to the editor.            1/8 Page         $40        $60          address is in column 1.
Sunrise Division Reporter       Mountain Division Reporter        We’re sorry; with our mail-         (4.75”W x 3”H or 2.25”W x 6”H)                 We like photos, but identify
  Paul Offer                     Carl Phillips               ing system, we’re unable to notify       Business card $20        $30             the people and the activity on the
  The Doctor’s Inn               112 Birchwood Drive         a subscriber when his subscription       Display ad in 2.25” W column             back of any you submit. They will
  PO Box 92, Tyne Valley         Colchester, VT 05446        is about to expire. Please keep          per In.          $7     $10.50           be returned if you ask and your ad-
  P.E.I., Canada, C0B 2C0        802-878-8232                track and renew in time to keep              SPEBSQSA Activity/Group              dress is on the back.
  doctorsinn@pei.sympatico.ca    kc1wh@hotmail.com           your Nor’easters coming.                     Commercial

    Northeastern District Officers                                                NED Barbershop Events for 2001

President                       VP, Events                          If you know of an event that should be included in this list, please send the information to the editor.
Bob Guiggey                     Mike Strianese                                           First, be sure to clear the date with the District Secretary.
978-887-5304                    203-467-1143
rguiggey@worldnet.att.net       mikstrspeb@aol.com                  DISTRICT AND SOCIETY EVENTS                           SPRING DISTRICT. COMPETITION – April 21
                                                                                                                          No Further Information.
Executive VP                    VP, Member Services          CHORUS DIRECTORS’ SEMINAR – Dec. 1-3, 2000
Art Lively                      Roger Martin                    Mont Marie Conference Center, Holyoke, MA                 GRANITE & PINE DIV. COMPETITION – April 27 -
603-744-3755                    603-357-0338                                                                              29. No Further Information.
                                                             DISTRICT BOARD MEETING – Dec. 9, 2000 at 8:30
natart@aol.com                  rmartin@top.monad.net        a.m. Marriott Hotel, Nashua, N.H.                            HOUSE OF DELEGATES MEETING – April 29
                                                                                                                          No Further Information.
Immediate Past President        VP, Music & Performance      CHAPTER OPERATIONS TRAINING SEMINARS
Paul Arnone                     Greg Caetano                 (COTS) – Jan. 5 -7 at The Sea Crest Resort & Confer-         SUNRISE DIV. COMPETITION – May 5
781-324-7874                    603-424-3425                 ence Center, Falmouth, MA                                    No Further Information.
arnonep@worldnet.att.net        gjcaetano@worldnet.att.net   GREAT NORTHERN HARMONY WORKSHOP
                                                                                                                                           CHAPTER SHOWS
                                                             February 3 at Université de Montréal, Montreal, Que-
Society Board Member            VP, Marketing & PR           bec. Featured on faculty: Gas House Gang, Club NED           MANCHESTER, CT – January 20; 1:30 & 7:30 pm at
Don Pyper                       Allen McKenzie                                                                            Manchester H.S. Featured: Gas House Gang, Premiere,
519-782-4425                    902-861-3575                 TOP GUN – February 23-25 Nashua, NH
                                                                                                                          A Completely Different Note (UConn male a cappella
pyperd@info.london.on.ca        mckenzie@kayhay.com          See article on page 2.
                                                             DISTRICT BOARD MEETING – Feb. 24, 2001 at 8:30
Secretary                       Manager, Sunrise Div.                                                                     HALIFAX, NS – February 10
                                                             a.m. Marriott Hotel, Nashua, N.H.
John Rusk                       H. Duncan Mugford                                                                         No Further Information.
413-442-7293                    506-449-4185                 NH Youth Festival – March 4
                                                                                                                          CONCORD, MA – (Date Changed) April 7; 2:00
jjrusk@aol.com                  dmugford@sprint.ca           No Further Information.
                                                                                                                          & 7:30 pm at Sun Bridge Auditorium, Concord.
                                                             YANKEE DIV. COMPETITION – March 31                           Featured: Gotcha
Treasurer                       Mgr., Granite & Pine Div.    No Further Information.
Larry Nunes                     Roland Lindahl                                                                            CENTRAL CONN, CT – May 11
860-886-8035                    603-352-0449                 RI Youth Festival – April 6 - 8                              No Further Information.
larrylpjn@aol.com               rel@monad.net                No Further Information.
                                                                                                                          ENFIELD, CT – May 18
                                                             MOUNTAIN DIV. COMPETITION – April 7                          Featured: Road Show, After Hours, NE Connection.
VP, Ch. Supp. Lead Training     Manager, Mountain Div.       No Further Information.                                      No Further Information.
Alan Lamson                     Don Flom
860-647-9523                    518-399-0156                 PATRIOT DIV. COMPETITION – April 21                          BEVERLY, MA – May 12; 1:59 & 7:59 pm at Beverly
janlam3l4@aol.com               flom@acmenet.net             No Further Information.                                      High School. Featured: the Nonpareils.
                                                                                                                          NASHUA, NH – May 19; 7:30 pm at Elm St. Jr. High
VP, Contest & Judging           Manager, Patriot Div.                                                                     Featured: FRED.
Jim Nolan                       Frank Charbonneau
860-646-4955                    508-587-6201
jjnln@aol.com                   fcharbie@aol.com             If you’ll send information about your event to the editor, he’ll replace the “No Further Information.”

VP, Chorus Director Devel.      Manager, Yankee Div.
Position Vacant                 Position Vacant
                                                                Deadline for the Next Issue: February 16, 2001

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