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									        Poplar Tree PTA Newsletter
March 10, 2006             PTA & Poplar Tree ~ www.fcps.edu/PoplarTreeES                                    Vol. 16 Issue 7
www.vapta.org                 “What we believe is what we achieve… so, SOAR”                                www.fccpta.org

        President’s Message
                                                                         Calendar of Events
        As I write this, it feels quite a bit like
winter outside, but I know that spring is just                                  Tuesday, March 14
                                                                          Officer Chambers Visits 6th Grade
around the corner. Springtime at Poplar Tree                                            ~~
ushers in a great many fun activities for the                                 Wednesday, March 15
kids and the community. The Spring Carnival,                               Just Say No Club, 3:45-5:00 pm
Science Night, and the Spring Social are all                                             ~~
                                                                                Thursday, March 16
opportunities for us to have fun, learn, and                       Rising 7th Grade Student Orientation, 10:15 am
support our kids as a community. I hope you                                     Franklin Middle School
will join us for some of these great events.                                    Saturday, March 18
        Further in the body of this newsletter,                           School Carnival, 11:00 am-3:00 pm
you will find information about the people                                       Monday, March 20
identified by the Nominating Committee to                      Parent Resource Center Movie on Social Skills, 10:00 am
                                                                            Upstairs Multi-Purpose Room
serve as PTA Officers for the 2006-2007                                                  ~~
school year. I am very excited to have these                                    Tuesday, March 21
                                                                FLE Video Viewing for 5th & 6th Grade Parents, 7:00 pm
very talented and committed ladies take on                                       Language Arts Room
leadership roles and bring some fresh ideas and                                           ~~
                                                                                 Friday, March 24
continued enthusiasm to the PTA, helping us to                               Principals’ Coffee, 10:00 am
achieve our goals.                                                               Language Arts Room
        New PTA Officers will be elected at the                               Wednesday, March 29
General Membership Meeting on Wednesday,                    5th Grade Field Trip, (Farouki & Baldwin), 9:30 am – 12:00 noon
                                                                                 Oakton HS Planetarium
April 26th. At that time, we will also present
any revisions to our current budget for                                     Science Night Exhibit, 7:00 pm
approval. The P.E. Department will once again                                             ~~

be providing us with an exciting student square                                  Friday, March 30
                                                            5th Grade Field Trip, (Dorsey & LaCroix), 9:30 am – 12:00 noon
dance exhibition that night. I hope you will                                     Oakton HS Planetarium

join us for a lively performance.
        As always, if you have questions,
concerns, or ideas to share, or are trying to
find a way to volunteer and support the PTA
and its activities, please call me or send me an
e-mail. I’d love to hear from you.
                                                                            Newsletter ideas or suggestions?
                                                       Call  Rosanne     Arnold,  Editor,   703-263-9271,    send e-mail   to
                                Elizabeth Nelson       rosannearnold@cox.net, or drop a note in the PTA Newsletter mailbox in
                                  703-266-0867         the front office.


                                                        School Carnival March 18
                                        Counselors’ Care Gram
                                    By Carol Hoffman and Shari Hirsch


The Student Council Association would like to thank all the students and parents for your recent contributions to the “Share
the Love” food drive. Thanks to your generosity, we delivered 19 huge boxes full of food items to the food pantry of
Western Fairfax Christian Ministries. This food is used to help those in need within our own area of Fairfax County.

The next SCA Spirit Day will be Friday, March 24th. The theme is “March Madness”.            Come dressed in your favorite
college basketball team shirt, or if not college, then favorite sport team.

                                                   Just Say No Club

The Just Say No club’s next meeting is Wednesday, March 15th at 4:00 p.m. Parents, we are in need of assistance in
coverage and supervision during the meeting time, as many of our sponsors are currently unavailable due to other
commitments on Wednesday. We have a planned 30-minute program, plus 30 minutes of recreational activity. If you can
assist us, please contact Carol Hoffman.

If you have any questions about our guidance programs, please feel free to contact us.

Carol Hoffman                                   Shari Hirsch
Counselor                                       Counselor
Grades K/1,2,4,6                                Grades 1,3,5
carol.hoffman@fcps.edu                          shari.hirsch@fcps.edu

                      PTA Nominating Committee Announces
                           2006-2007 PTA Officers
   The following individuals have been nominated to hold office on the PTA Board for the
   2006-2007 school year:

                                            President – Donna Baker
                                         1 Vice President – Heather Cox
                                      2 Vice President – Clare Loxtercamp
                                           Treasurer – Carol Cleveland
                                           Secretary – Page Imperial

   We thank these dedicated people for stepping forward to lead the PTA next year. The
   election of officers will take place at the PTA General Membership Meeting on
   Wednesday, April 26th at 7:00pm in the cafeteria.
                                                                                Staff Appreciation
         Carnival Update                                    Thanks to the 6th grade moms, we had another successful
                                                            staff appreciation event.        February’s theme was
                                                            “Appetizers” and the staff just raved about everything
One week till the carnival!!!!  We have a lot of exciting
                                                            that was donated. Thank you to Amy Hansen, Denise
new games and activities planned for all.          Please
                                                            Poe, Amy Speed, Barbara Deitz, Karen Johnston, Tasha
remember to bring a "loot" bag with you for all of your
                                                            Virostek, Karen Louis, Stephanie Lutostanski, My Do,
prizes. There are some amazing baskets for everyone in
                                                            Kathy Tribbie, Elizabeth Nelson, Linda Pierce, Cheryl
the family that will be raffled off this year...here are
                                                            Ricci, Stephanie Andrejcak, and Pat Rogers.
some of the themes:
                *Chocolate Lovers Basket
                                                            This month’s event will be on Friday, March 24 and will be
                   *Guilt Free Shopping
                                                            hosted by the 4th grade. The jury is still out on what
                *An Evening at Wolf Trap
                                                            the theme will be, so keep a look out near mid month for
                  *Beach Blanket Bingo
                                                            the flier that will come out in all 4th graders’ backpacks.
                    *Rainy Day Basket
                                                            Or feel free to e-mail me, Heather Cox, at
                    *Ice Cream Lovers
                                                            heatherdale@cox.net, if you just can’t wait to find out
              *Washington Nationals Basket
                                                            the theme!!
             *Here's to Your Health Basket
               *Digital Photography Basket
       And for the Dad's: *Garage Hero's Basket

Please remember to buy enough tickets for the baskets
and for plenty of lunch and snacks!!!

                                                            The PTA is pleased to announce that the Square 1 Art
                                                            fundraiser is now underway!       There have been some
                                                            changes to the program this year – instead of completing
                                                            the artwork at home, your child has had the opportunity
               Principals’ Coffee                           to create a full-color artwork during his/her biweekly art
       Friday, March 24th at 10:00 am                       class. (Many thanks to our wonderful Art teachers, Mr.
                                                            Watts and Mrs. Martin-Pyles, for their invaluable
             Language Arts Room
                                                            assistance!) Using a high-tech, computerized process, this
                                                            artwork can now be transferred to a multitude of
Mrs. Williams, Mr. Pensler, and Elizabeth Nelson invite
                                                            wonderful products available for purchase. These high-
you to attend this informal discussion forum to ask your
                                                            quality items make perfect gifts for family and friends,
questions, address your concerns, share your ideas, and
                                                            as well as memorable family keepsakes. Be sure to check
have a mid-morning snack!
                                                            your child’s backpack for the information packet that
                                                            went home this week, which includes a FREE magnet made
                                                            from your child’s artwork, as well as the catalog and
                                                            order form. The magnet is yours to keep whether or not
                                                            you choose to submit an order. (*Please remember to
                                                            remove magnet from order form before submitting order).
                                                            Be sure to check out the display case in the school lobby
We are in need of new or gently used books appropriate
                                                            for samples of the quality products offered.
for grades K-2, for an after school enrichment program.
Please look through your book collection at home, and if
                                                            All orders must be returned to the school by Friday,
you can help, please send the books in with a note
                                                            March 17th, so don’t delay! Questions can be directed to
addressed to Miss Onder. Thank you.
                                                            Mary Sawyer at 703-830-9643 or Cathy Sanata at 703-
As always, the staff at Poplar Tree appreciates your
                           PTA Newsflash!
             Countdown to Carnival 2006! One Week to Go!
                                March 18th ~ 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
       Carnival 2006 is only one week away and preparations are well underway. On Friday, February
24th, carnival ticket pre-sales began and 50/50 Raffle tickets went home with the oldest/only
students. If you haven’t received your 50/50 Raffle ticket packet, call Lisa Kolb at 703-378-0613.
If you need another ticket order form, they are available in the school office. Filled ticket orders
are going home with your students now, so check those backpacks! A carnival ticket pre-sale will also
be held on Friday, March 17th from 8:30 AM until 9:30 AM in the school lobby.
       By now, you should have heard from your room parent captains about a classroom theme
“basket” being assembled by each class for the raffle. If you haven’t, give them a call. Completed
baskets are due on March 13th. Room parent captains are also scheduling volunteers for your class
booth. If you haven’t heard from them, give them a break and call! Many thanks to all of you for
your support!
       Don’t forget to bake your cakes for the cake walks (non-returnable pans, please) and
individually wrapped goodies for the bake sale! You can drop them off at the school Friday, March
17th from 5-8 PM or on Saturday March 18th, no earlier than 10:30 AM. Remember – every cake
brought in on Friday night is eligible to be entered into a raffle for a $25 Target gift card!

   GAMES & ACTIVITIES          NUMBER OF TICKETS             FOOD                   NUMBER OF TICKETS
     Animal Walks (2)                  2                   Plain Pizza                      5
          Ball Roll                    2                Pepperoni Pizza                     6
       Basket Raffle                   4                 Cotton Candy                       3
      Basketball Toss                  2             Old Fashioned Popcorn                  3
      Cake Walks (2)                   2              Home Baked Goods                      2
        Dart Throw                     2                  Potato Chips                      2
       Face Painting                   2                  Snow Cones                        3
         Fish Pond                     2             Soft Drinks or Water                   3
         Golf Game                     2
      Grid Iron Toss                   2
       Lollipop Tree                   2
        Lucky Ducky                    2
     Matchbox Derby                    2
       Moon Bounce                     4
         Nerf Shot                     2
         Ring Toss                     2

  New For 2006!
  Inflatable Obstacle Course           4
         High Stricker                 2            *Hit the top and be eligible to win a Toys R Us gift card!
          Tic Tac Toss                 2                       tototo
        Treasure Chest                 2
    Principal Fortune Teller           2             * Win a homework pass!
                                   Poplar Tree PTA
                        Carnival Pre-Sale Tickets Order Form

      Carnival ticket pre-sales began on Friday. February 24, 2006. You may purchase your
tickets before the carnival by using the ticket order form located at the bottom of this
flyer. Tickets will be 5 for $1.00 before the carnival and 4 for $1.00 the day of the
carnival. A carnival ticket pre-sale will also be held on Friday, March 17th from 8:30 AM
until 9:30 AM in the school lobby.        In order to avoid unnecessary confusion, tickets
purchased on Friday morning MUST INCLUDE the completed ticket order form below.

      Complete the form below, place it (along with your check or cash) in an envelope
marked “CARNIVAL TICKETS”, and send the envelope to school with your child or drop the
envelope in the ticket box located in the school front office. Once the money is received,
your tickets will be sent back with your child. On the reverse of this flyer is a list of
games and food items and their associated ticket charge for each. Use this to estimate the
number of tickets you will need. Checks should be made payable to Poplar Tree PTA.

       In order for all students who wish to be able to participate, the PTA has agreed to
assist families who may be unable to afford the cost of the carnival tickets. Using complete
discretion, the school counselors, Mrs. Hirsch and Mrs. Hoffman will handle distributing
tickets to families requesting assistance. If you would like to donate tickets to the “FUN
FOR ALL” program, please complete the order form below, designating a portion towards this
program. We thank you for helping to make the carnival “FUN FOR ALL”.

      Please return the order form to the school no later than Wednesday, March 15th.
Purchase your tickets early and beat the last minute rush! For more information concerning
tickets, call Joan Harris (703-378-1629).

____________________________________                 __________________________
Child’s Name                                         Teacher’s Name

____________________________________                 __________________________
# of tickets requested (5/$1.00)                     $ Amount

____________________________________                 __________________________
# of tickets donated to Fun For All                 $ Amount

                       Total $ Amount Enclosed With This Form
                                Poplar Tree Elementary School PTA Presents…

                          “BITS AND PIECES MOSAICS”

Enroll your child in the after-school art classes to be offered on Tuesdays at Poplar Tree
Elementary School this spring. Staff from a local studio will introduce students to the
ancient art of mosaics. A variety of materials will be used to create functional and
decorative pieces. Session B projects will include “A House for the Birds”, “Breakfast in Bed
Tray”, and “Say Cheese” The tray will be completed over two classes periods. These
projects will be completed in time to give as gifts for Mother’s Day if desired.

                                                SESSION B
                                   Course Dates: Mar 28, Apr 4, 18, 25
                                    Course Time: 3:40 p.m. – 4:40 p.m.
                                               Cost: $82.50

Professionals will provide course instruction and materials each week and return completed
pieces to students the week following each class. The class will be conducted in the Wet &
Dry Area located by the Kindergarten classrooms. Class size is limited. All ages are welcome
to participate in the mosaics class.        Contact Sheila Bedford at 703-449-0313 with
questions. Registration is due by March 15 for both sessions.

                             “BITS AND PIECES MOSAICS”

                                    REGISTRATION FORM

Child’s Name______________________________________________________                  Child’s grade_________

Child’s Teacher________________________          Parent’s e-mail   __________________________________

I am registering my child for: Session B: _______       $82.50

Please enclose a check payable to Poplar Tree PTA with your registration form by March 15, 2006.

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