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									WHO WE ARE
Founded in 1996, Paragon Technology Group is one of the premier custom electronics systems integrators in the nation
with clients in several states. Paragon strives to be the most trusted resource for residential electronics integration needs,
helping clients navigate and maximize their enjoyment of innovative technologies today and in the future.

After solidifying our position in the market as a leading home theater design and installation company, in 1999 we
expanded our corporate capabilities into whole-home systems integration. Our certified and highly trained programmers
create software to provide intuitive, simple and reliable control of all electronic systems, including architectural lighting,
shade control, distributed audio and video, telephone, computer networks, security, surveillance, climate and energy
management in your home from a single, wireless or in-wall touch panel.

Paragon Technology Group is active in the communities where we live, work and play. We support deserving organizations
such as The Buddy Program, Shining Stars Foundation, Roaring Fork Valley Scholarship Fund, Steamboat Springs Board
of Realtors Community Fund, First Descents, Habitat for Humanity, Jazz Aspen Snowmass, Healthcare Foundation for the
Yampa Valley, Eagle River Watershed Council, and Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability.

Along with our community involvement, Paragon is committed to professional memberships with the American Institute
of Architects (AIA), American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) and
Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association (CEDIA). We are also members of the Aspen, Steamboat Springs, and
Vail Chambers of Commerce, and the Aspen, Steamboat Springs, and Vail Boards of Realtors.
integrated control :: project process

                                        Paragon Technology Group’s expertise in designing and programming
                                        simple, intuitive systems, integrating climate, lighting, sound, video
                                        and security allows you total and reliable control of your home from
                                        a single wireless or in-wall touch panel. This inspired, integrated
                                        approach eliminates clutter, mismatched wall switches, and multiple
                                        remotes. Paragon unites all these functions in a personalized, simple
                                        touchpad that even your guests will be able to operate with ease.

                                        Our advanced control systems provide management of your entire
                                        household from one or more touch panels. Adjust lighting, house
                                        music, thermostat, entertainment, hot tub temperature, and more
                                        through one easy-to-use graphic user interface. You can even check
                                        email, surf the Web, and view caller ID information on panels
                                        throughout your home.
Paragon’s project teams oversee every phase of the project from initial conceptual design
to completion. Paragon’s project teams are responsible for all personnel and scheduling
decisions to ensure deadlines are met on every project. Our dedicated project manager
coordinates the architect, system designers, and software developers during the design
phase and the contractors, installers, and system implementation team throughout the build
phase. Upon a project’s completion, the service department is available 24 hours a day, seven
days a week to address any concern. Along with the most comprehensive service plans and
warranty in the industry, Paragon also offers regularly scheduled preventive maintenance.
Seamless integration for exceptional results.
Dedicated home theaters are Paragon Technology Group’s passion. Thoughtfully
and elegantly proportioned to your needs, your dedicated home cinema
is designed in harmonious and luxurious balance, resulting in optical and
acoustical privacy. State-of-the-art electronics featuring top of the line speakers,
dynamic surround sound and projection systems, are integrated and beautifully
contoured to the space, engineered to perfection. Whether small and intimate
or grandiose, Paragon combines innovation with comfort in home theater design
to celebrate the cinematic experience the director intended.
dedicated home theaters
multi-use media rooms
Paragon Technology Group combines art and form to allow you to transform any room
in your home to a state-of-the-art media center. One touch of an intuitive touch panel
reveals the screen and projector, room lighting fades, shades lower and surround
sound is activated. Decorative and architectural integrity is preserved as electronics
return to their hidden compartments when the fun is over. Exceptional and versatile
spaces of comfort, beauty and electronic superiority.
Paragon Technology Group awakens the senses of your home, enriching
its design with complex yet dynamic audio and video systems. The highest
quality speakers, custom configured and positioned for exceptional
listening pleasure, fill the interior spaces. Individual room controls allow
for diverse listening tastes. Televisions appear only when you need them.
Flat panels on uniquely designed mounts allow you to effortlessly position
the screen for optimal viewing from anywhere in the room.

The distributed audio and video central control room of your home
redefines a work of art. Your movie server, custom music server,
Blu-Ray player, satellite and internet radio and other equipment is carefully
harnessed inconspicuously while still functionally accessible via Paragon’s
intuitive control system.
audio and video systems
architectural lighting :: motorized shade systems

                                                    Paragon Technology Group’s architectural lighting systems illuminate the
                                                    warmth and character of your home, awakening color and enhancing the
                                                    mood and design of spaces, intimate and grand, while maintaining a safe
                                                    and secure environment. Paragon works closely with professional lighting
                                                    designers to provide you with distinguished optimal lighting setting of
                                                    enduring quality and incomparable style for differing times of the day
                                                    and night. Pre-programmed lighting modes provide additional security
                                                    and convenience as frequently used pathways through your home are
                                                    illuminated or the whole house turns on with a touch of a button. One
                                                    button control creates dramatic entrances, brilliantly lit but still inviting,
                                                    the perfect blend of space and intimacy.
Motorized shades not only make a home more livable and
comfortable, they also provide UV protection and lower energy
costs. Paragon offers the design, installation and integration
of ultra-quiet motorized shades or drapery systems which are
typically controlled via the lighting system or home control system.
Integration of the shades with the home control system allows
the shades to be automatically lowered or raised at specific times
or under certain conditions such as entering or leaving the home.
Multiple fabric and styles are available and the Paragon team can
accommodate the most demanding size and design requirements.
Paragon has been energy and environmentally conscious for years. The lighting systems we
offer decrease electricity usage by setting the lights to 90% instead of 100% for everyday
function, saving 10% on the lighting energy. The solar shades we install reduce solar gain in any
room, allowing the climate control system to maintain a more consistent temperature. Utilizing
newer technology to control the home’s climate we provide scheduling that not only affects the
room but the entire system. Finally, we can integrate occupancy information from the security
system to cue the Energy Management System.
                            ENERGY MANAGEMENT
                            Providing awareness motivates homeowners to make educated resource
                            consumption choices and proves that conservation efforts make a
                            tangible difference. Using a combination of resources, Paragon’s Energy
                            Management System actively monitors electric, gas and water usage in
                            real time, while automatically calculating your carbon footprint. Based on
                            the system implemented, we can determine energy usage for your entire
                            residence, a single appliance or an individual light. You decide.

                            >> What percentage of water usage is irrigation, pool/spa, laundry, or
                               even my 45-minute shower?
                            >> How much natural gas does my home and overall property use?
                            >> How much electricity is consumed while my home is occupied or
                               while it is vacant?

                            Paragon answers these questions by utilizing communicating sensor
                            devices that capture and store usage data for analysis and presentation.
                            The Paragon system monitors the overall consumption or breaks it down to
                            a specific device in the house, allowing you to make intelligent decisions
                            on how to conserve energy and natural resources.

                            VIRTUAL HOME MANAGER
                            Knowledge is useful only if you can easily access it. Paragon’s Virtual
                            Home Manager allows you to remotely access your home’s settings via
                            the internet. Adjust the temperature or lighting, enable the dormant mode
                            or prior to your visit, wake the house all from a web-based application.
                            Simply use your computer, PDA, or cell phone to access your Virtual Home
                            Manager console from anywhere in the world.

                            Paragon also has the ability to conduct remote system diagnostics, better
                            preparing our technicians if there is a need for a service call, or completing
                            some minor system repairs immediately over the internet.

                            Our overall mission is to provide an eco-friendly solution that maximizes
                            your experience every time you are in the home.

                                                                                                             environmentally conscious systems

WATER                 ELECTRIC                                WEATHER
> Main Service        > Main Service                          > Rain
> Sinks and Showers   > Appliances                            > Wind
> Appliances          > Lighting                              > Temperature/Humidity
> Irrigation          > Renewable Energies                    > Solar Radiance
> Capture & Re-use

GAS                   TEMPERATURE                             ENVIRONMENTAL
> Main Service        > Indoor/Outdoor                        > Indoor Environmental
> Heater              > Solar/Geothermal                      > Living Architecture
> Appliances          > Radiant Systems
                      > Mass Storage
security systems :: video surveillance systems

                                                 SECURITY SYSTEMS
                                                 The safety and well-being of our clients and their families are top priorities for Paragon Technology Group. We design and
                                                 install residential alarm systems to meet your security needs, as well as local jurisdiction requirements. While administering
                                                 fire, intrusion, and environmental protection and notification, the system can also integrate with the home control system to
                                                 provide remote notification and control.

                                                 Security systems also provide a tremendous amount of information about the house which allows Paragon to make educated
                                                 environmental decisions based on the system status. For example, if the security system has been armed for four days, set-
                                                 points are altered and the shades are lowered. Also, if motion sensors are inactive for 10 minutes, room lights are turned off.

                                                 Paragon is always cognizant of aesthetically balancing device placement while meeting functional and code requirements.

                                                 SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS
                                                 Paragon can provide discreet video surveillance systems for your home including interior, exterior, and gate applications.
                                                 These systems may include high-definition (HD), pan/tilt/zoom and network-based cameras and can be viewed from in-wall
                                                 touch panels, televisions in the home, and remotely via a handheld device or personal computer from anywhere in the world.
                                                 Digital video recording and camera playback are also standard components of any system.
                                                                                         telephone systems :: computer networks
Paragon offers telephone systems that provide intercom and business class features.
The systems typically combine both cordless phones and corded phones that allow for
hands-free, room-to-room intercom capabilities. Traditional system features include
caller ID, call history, and voice-mail if desired.

Everyone needs a sturdy home network. Paragon is able to customize a dependable
network based on your needs from a basic system that allows web, email and internet
access to a more sophisticated system that includes site-to-site VPN. Paragon utilizes
professional-grade equipment to ensure the most reliable and secure connections.
               Please contact or visit us at the following locations:

                                  ASPEN SHOWROOM:
                    601 Rio Grande Place, Suite 101, Aspen, CO 81611
                                    [tel] 970.920.3167

                             STEAMBOAT SPRINGS OFFICE:

            2620 South Copper Frontage, Suite C, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
                                    [tel] 970.870.8709

                                  TELLURIDE OFFICE:
                            PO Box 3215, Telluride, CO 81435
                                   [tel] 970.618.0848

                                      VAIL OFFICE:
                         910 Nottingham Road, Avon, CO 81620
                                   [tel] 970.845.7850

                                  NASHVILLE OFFICE:
                    2550 Meridian Blvd, Suite 200, Franklin TN, 37067
                                   [tel] 615.469.7820

                     3766 Highway 82, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
                                  [tel] 970.544.8494

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